Kagaz Ki Kashthi Luv tht Sacrifices Life Part 54


Part 54



Its being 10 days the party and geet was really happy with her life,, maan being the perfect romantic hubby started singing for ONLY his 2 angel, his queen and princess…. Love can’t be more peaceful than this,, geet had followed maan was gelling good with shiv after the party night, both didn’t argue much still to some point they will almost ready to murder each other with whatever in their hand,, geet found it amusing, how lovely must be there teenage was… then aniee had explained and showed some pictures of maan and shiv in their childhood,, shiv is only 4 month younger than maan but both were always best of frnds…. From the age of 10 they were frnds and geet now knew that no one understands maan in terms other than shiv and herself…. Somewhere where she can fail to understand him basically in business but shiv had sharp mind who knew what exactly can be in his mind, the 2 had made an impact on media and business world…. Everyone thought in the project there must be some fireworks,, but all become fuss….. as maan and shiv both gave their 100% to the work and they are the best in business especially when both are together doing something,, but it doesn’t go unnoticed by some of their rivals,, those rivals who had been taking advances of their enimity,, now as both are together other business men are looking for loops….  But maan and shiv care a damn about them…. But in the mean time maan and shiv’s enimity come to an halt,, they had stopped bickering or threatening each other,,, geet knew its because of her and she stays like that only,, geet and shiv’s friendship is also growing with time,, unknowingly both are becoming inseparable frnds,,, sujal was still out of country and meera and jay’s love story was moving at least fast from snail speed…..


In everything one thing that didn’t change was maan’s possessiveness towards geet and mahika,, he still didn’t let anyone touch mahika for very long,, once mahika was in office with geet, whole staff was dying to touch her for once but maan being the perfect dada shoved all of them with his angry glare,,, in this one person was there who was really cursing him under the breath. That was none other than Shiv. Like others he also wanted to hold mahika as her doe shape eyes always invited him to touch her for once at least which was impossible n front of maan. geet sensed it or rather say shiv had cribbed in front her to let him touch mahika but geet was helpless. She even tried to convince maan that shiv will handle her good. But maan was hesistant. He shoved the idea by his romantic torture on her. sometime geet felt irritated with his possessiveness but she knew how much he loves them.


Just like another day in KC with mahika, geet was sitting in maan’s cabin when shiv entered the cabin, maan was in meeting so geet was playing with mahika. Maan had called her to come with mahika as he was missing them but he was stuck in his meeting so geet told him to carry with his work and she n mahika will wait for him, maan was busy in meeting for his another project when shiv came there to talk with him, now a days shiv had shifted in KC for the project.


Seeing shiv mahika clapped her hand catching his attention. Geet turn to see shiv,her eyes narrowed to his head to toe, he is in his casual t shirt with v shape neck and faded denim, look like he just come to a park.

Geet: can’t believe u r a business tycoon. Shiv looked at himself.

Shiv: kyun isme kya burai hain? I m a normal human before a business tycoon, not like ur stylish husband who love to wear those tight fitted shirt, I wonder how can he work in those attire… he made a weird face thinking something and then shrug his shoulder.

Geet: because his hard work reflect in his presence and he love everything need and clean not like clumsy and she said looking at his fata huya jeans,,, looking her staring at his stylish jeans he gave a murderous look to her to which mahika giggle and geet gulp hard looking away giggling with mahika….

Shiv: geet yaar say ur hardworking husband to let me carry mahika for a little while, he always behaved like a total obsessive psycho father when it comes to holding mahika… now its time for geet to fume. No matter what happen geet still can’t hear a word against her lovable hubby…. Shiv made a baby face looking at mahika,, in dono ko ghurne ke bina aur kuch ata hain kya….

Mahika made some giggling sound. Shiv smiles at her, geet sense his craving to hold the bundle of joy so was mahika, she extent her hand to shiv, he was overjoyed to see mahika want to come to him.

Geet: shiv she also wants to come to u, why don’t u take her.

Shiv looked at mahika with sad eyes where a smile of pain was there: maan will never let me touch her geet, he kind of afraid that if I touch her,

But geet cut him: nothing will happen, maan kuch nahi kahenge, just hold her once. And don’t tell me u r afraid of Mr MSK.

Shiv looked at her with raising eye-brow but chuckle at her try to evoke him.

Shiv: I still remember when I was tried to irritate him by faking of putting his fav guitar in the pool, he nearly broken my nose. Geet recalled the CD and laughed at him, but then saw his painful face. He still thinks I may harm his fav thing.

Geet felt a lump in her throat seeing the unsaid pain in his heart: shiv, u and me both know that maan still loves u. he still feels u as his best frnd who can never harm anyone, his heart knew u had done nothing but its his mind who is manipulating, u have to clarify everything in front of him, only then he will be able to forget his past and accept his present. Trust me he still craves for his friendship. I know both of u trying but try hard. Sorted everything soon shiv. Yes maan will shout or maybe fight with u but eventually he will break the wall he had built around him. he deserves happiness don’t u thing so?

Shiv nodded with smile: he is very lucky to have u with him.

Geet smiles at him: don’t worry soon god will send someone to hold u in ur every path.

Shiv: god had sent someone, I just pushed her away from me, now I feel the emptiness which can’t he fulfilled anymore.

Geet can see the sadness and now she knew her thinking was right, whoever their frnd was shiv loved her but he never acknowledged it and when he comes to that he lost her.

Geet wanted to change the topic and mahika help her being a perfect daughter, her gargle broke their trance and the saddy atmosphere.


Geet knew shiv will not hold mahika without maan’s permission but she have to do something to make him realize his importance in their life.. she put mahika down on the couch and then without seeing shiv dialed meera’s num, meera took the phn but geet cut the call… meera felt awkward and as expected she dialed geet’s number again….

Geet took the call….

Meera: geet wo maine

Geet cut her her: kya meera? what happen,, helloo helooo… ek min ruk,, here is no signal…. Meera was confuse but thought maybe there is no signal…


Geet looked at shiv: shiv I m going out of the room for the call, pls keep an eye on mahika. Before shiv could utter a word she stomped out of the cabin, shiv looked at mahika who was lying on the couch giggling and throwing her chubby legs in excitement.

Shiv tried not to look at her and concentrate on a file, but after few min he found mahika trying to rolled on her other side, his eyes widen as the realization she can fall on the ground if she constantly rolled down…

And yes she was going to fall any moment… but there he ran towards her like his life was depending on it. he scooped crying mahika in his arms and started patting her back to stop her cry. She cried holding his t shirt, her fat pearls were slitting shiv’s heart, instantly he cocooned her in his embrace and started patting her back with soothing word….


Shiv; rote nahi mahika, ur shiv uncle is here, how would he let anything happen to u,, stop crying shone….

Mahika still cried on top of her lungs missing her mother’s warmth…

Shiv panicked seeing her like that, he kissed her forehead: chup hojao angel, I can’t see ur tears… shhh, mumma abhi ajayengi… bas shona just wait a little… he kissed her chubby wet cheeks and the her nose…. Scooping and swinging her in his arms…. mahika stopped crying…..

Shiv: mahika u know if ur hitler dada come to know u r crying he will never wait a sec to punch me without knowing I m at fault or not….. mahika smiles listening about her dada….


Geet’s heart bleed to see her baby crying without her but she need it,, she have to control her motherly love for a little time, she trust shiv, he will do anything to make her happy and she smiles seeing shiv’s smiling and tickling mahika, and mahika was finally giggling with him…. but then geet’s eyes switch to worry and covered by horror as she saw maan standing on the door with fuming expression… she hit her forehead with panic….

Geet: mar gayi abb kya karenge?

She was in sam’s cabin and looking everything through the glass partition, sam was out of the town an that’s why she can easily entered the room…. Maan’s cabin is soundproof so she can’t hear anything but by looking she can guess what is happening.


Maan was enraged to see shiv holding mahika,,, but seems like shiv was too lost in mahika to notice maan. maan was ready to punch his face and turn it black and blue when he heard his talking with mahika, don’t know why he stopped there, didn’t have the real intension to punch him, or rather say he swallowed the sensation to hit him. then he heard his talking about their childhood. A small smile came on his lips hearing about the day when he pushed shiv on mud but when his dad asked about who was at fault he said it shiv, the smile doesn’t go unnoticed by geet. She felt relief. Maan heard shiv saying about the day when to get his revenge shiv had placed a living frog in their teacher’s tiffin box, such a devil he was, the smile on maan’s face spread wider, shiv laughed and then kissed mahika’s cute chubby hands seeing her giggling with her full gummy smile… he wiped all the tears and now mahika was giggling throwing her hands and legs to show her excitement. she held his face in his cute palm, for a monet shiv maan n geet was confuse what she want to do, and then maan’s face burnt in jealousy to see mahika kissing shiv’s cheek… geet was nearly fainting, seeing that. 1st mahika never showed her love except her dada and now seeing the fuming maan she knew world war 3 is going to happen.



Precap: maan n shiv behind mahika, oops baby ko fever aaya,, na hain mummy, na hain baki ke ghar wale, abb kya karenge shiv and maan bechare?


Sorry for no maaneet moment, will be in next part. Thanks a lot for all the love u showed on the ff guys, thanks from the bottom of my heart. Lots of thing will going to happen in the next track, just enjoy now cute cute fight and mahika’s moment with everyone.

And guys I will cut the length from next part to give u this ff along with K2HY more frequently….


I really think this ff will not end so soon,, a very long way to go, I wish u don’t lose ur interest in it, if u feel its boring let me know pls.


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  1. loved maahi
    n maan’s reactn wen she got along so well wid shiv

    shiv s pain is evident fm his words!!
    precaps interesting
    waiting 4 more!!


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