Kaisi Kashish Hain Yeh Part 33



Part 33



Geet’s heart paced high as she saw a beautiful girl leaning on her husband kissing his cheek near the lips,, his hands were on her bare waist and a delight smile was on his face…. She never saw this kind of expression in the whole month…. Like 1st time he is really relieved for something….


Maan: finally u r here ha? Welcome back Miss Samiksha Malhotra……

Ohoo stop it, its SASHA ok, I hate that long name….

Maan: but sasha u were suppose to come 2 days later then here in this party?

Sasha: just wanted to surprise u maan, but I m surprised with u,, I thought u have changed but nope, u r the same maan I knew, my maan… she hugged him tight and he too reciprocate by engulfing her a bear hug,,, but over her shoulder he looked at geet who was just looking at him, he smirks seeing the confusion and anger…. Yes he knew it will work, and he is thankful to sasha for coming early,, in all these days he was dying to see anger on geet’s face because only anger can destroyed a person, so here she is fuming in anger… but the thing he forgot he is destroying himself in his anger only…..


Geet was confuse at 1st but she knew its not any fling ar so called his GF that he had brought to make her jealous,, she knew he is happy to see anger 1st time on her face but the reality is she is afraid, fear of losing him slowly started working on her with the presence of sasha…. She knew something is really wrong with the girl because the vibes are really not good…..

Then her eyes fell on a figure,, her eyes widen and instantly spot the person she was waiting for… PARI….


Her ear got alert with the change of music which is now on a peppy num and then her heart pained to see maan doing salsa dance with the new girl, but its not ordinary dance, he is enjoying so did the girl, she was laughing and cringing him close to her, her body is rubbing to him and his hands were on her bare back… she was wearing a short dress upto her thighs and her back is fully bare….


Jacqueline Fernandez as Samisksa aka Sasha


The girl was really beautiful according to maan’s other flings,, she is tall, milky white complexion and the look is saying maybe a model or film star or atleast high class business profile she belongs….  Geet clutches her fist to control her rage because now she need to concentrate on someone,, and her eyes caught pari was talking with someone,, she instantly took her cell and started talking to someone….


Geet: I want to know who is the person talking with her and what she want,, I need her full information in 24 hrs,, got that?

She left a sigh and then continue to see pari who was now walking out from the party,, but geet was enough fast to catch up…..



After few mins maan turn to see geet but was baffled not finding her,, she was nowhere in the party, he thought maybe she is enough hurt so she can’t bear the sight of him and sasha, but still he is not satisfied…



Pari was stepping in the lonely corridor of exit when geet came before her…..

Geet: is that u pari?

Pari was frozen in her road, she hesitantly look at geet who was smirking…. Geet came close and looked at the sweat beads on pari’s temple……

Geet: are pari what happen, why u r sweating in the ac hall…. Everything is ok na? I haven’t seen u in past months, where were u yaar?

Pari thought maybe she still doesn’t know about her, because if she knew till now she would have busted…..

Pari: wo geet, I, I was in dubai for my work…

Geet: but pari why u suddenly flew away that time, do u know how difficulty I had been facing from then, now u come here so everything will be alright… u can help me to punish maan, right?

Just the name of maan shivers her, what if he comes to know about her all deeds,, she will be dead till then, everyone knew the terror MSK is and if he woken from the sleep she will burn to ashes….

Pari: geet I need to go back in few days so

Geet cut her: don’t worry we will case file very soon…. How about tom? U r here atleast for some days na

Pari gulp hard: yeah it will be good….

Geet: Ok then give me ur num,, before pari can say anything geet snatched her phn and then dialed her num from pari’s phn so that her num will be feed in her own cell….

Geet: there u go,,, ok then c u tom at XYZ café,, bring the dairy of shekhar with u,, and the snaps that was in the dairy….

Pari sweats profusely : dairy…..

Geet: yeah we didn’t find the dairy and maan doesn’t have it so I think its with u only,,

Pari: yeah yeah, ok I will bring that… now need to go

Geet: bye dear…..take care of urself pari…. She said with a smile and pari gave a nervous smile….



Geet(st): now u will see what calls trap miss pari bose…..





Geet had been informed that maan went to KM as she was not there,, with a sad smile she went to get a cab but then her drivers stops the car right infront of her…

Driver: mam sir sent the car for u, he is already there…. Geet understood maan thought she had gone to Mansion and when he got to know she was not there he must have enquired about her to her PA and sent the car with driver… she smiles at him and went in the car…..






As she entered the outhouse,, she had been informed maan is in KM so after freshen up she went to KM…. the sight was enough to burn her alive…. Maan and the girl was laughing where meera was giving a force smile, as soon as meera’s eyes met with geet worry covered her face…. Geet just gave a small smile and assured her she is fine… meera smiles at her and stood up to hug her… she made sit beside her….


Meera: hey sasha meet my bhabhi geet,, maan bhai ki beloved wife….. geet and man’s eyes met with the acknowledgment….. there was hurt pain love and hatred between them… their revere broke with a voice….

Sasha: ooohhh maan u didn’t tell me u r married now? And I was thinking u r my old maan… she smiles at them where geet felt uncomfortable with her words maan looked straight towards geet….

Maan: common sasha u know me,, dadima wanted someone to be called Mrs MSK so it was just for that,, and ur maan is still the same u left 9 month back….


Just then geet’s thought get a vision, she remember ridz saying about some sasha,, means samiksha is sasha and she was there in Mumbai with maan…. maybe she can help her….

Geet smiles at sasha: yes sasha maan is the same just his priorities changed… but r u guys frnds or just umm u know his another fling?

Meera tried to suppress her laughter on the other hand maan was stunned with her audacity and the person who was bewilder still tried to compose that was sasha… who just gave a fake smile….

Sasha: geet I guess maan didn’t told u but I m beyond his frnd or any fling….. we know each other from childhood and

Maan; and sasha was there with me when I started KC on my own,, I needed support sasha and her father helped me…. and I think everyone should think twice before acknowledging anything…..

Geet smirks: yeah I can see that,, but I m sorry the relation beyond frnd and fling doesn’t enter my mind….

Maan; u don’t need to put ur small brain in that geet,, be happy whatever u have around….

Geet: yes I m happy… she said mockingly….

Maan ignored her: ok sasha be comfortable in KM,, I will ask my servant to get ur luggage from the hotel tom… geet looked at him with confuse eyes but maan smirks on that….

Meera: bhai ye yaha?

Maan: yes meera, she will be living with us, how can I let her stay in the hotels…

Sasha interrupt: seriously maan u shouldn’t have think that, I will manage and I m here for a 2 weeks only so it will perfect….

Maan: shut up sasha go and and take rest, I will escort u tom in ur visiting the lands for ur new venture….

Meera: land?

Sasha: wo I came from London yesterday just to see the land for my new venture, u know I have started my own company with dad and maan’s help,, we got a contract from india so here I m for the project only, just 2 weeks then my staff will handle everything….

Maan: yeah and I will be there, so go and sleep well…. before he can go sasha held his ahnd…

Sasha: where r u going? Geet saw the hold, something pained in her but she looked away….

Maan: we are living in outhouse,,

Meera: sasha they need some privacy u know,, she winked at sasha making her red in anger… but she composed herself and smiled at them…..




Precap: trap and torture……



now officially u can call this story a ff as it already reached 30 above 🙂


One response to this post.

  1. sasha s entry.. i guess is gonna spice thngs up!!
    feelin bad 4 geet!!
    maan in his revenge is hurting her
    wonder hw much she can tolerate!!

    waiting 4 geet to trap pari
    maan shud learn of d truth soon hopefully!!


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