Love for You Part 47

short part, one more tom… pls remind me from morning itself, pressure always work 😉

part 47

Next day maan met geet who was drifting to sleep sitting in the canteen.. her head rested on karan’s shoulder and she was drifting to sleep… maan chuckle to see that…. as soon as she saw him she made a baby angry face but then his eyes went on arohi who just winked at him letting him know everything is fine now… as the GS maan has to looked about the fest arrangement and geet is assisting him in that, so he took the opportunity and called her…

Geet was following maan through the corridor irritatingly….. when suddenly maan pulls her in the dark alley,, geet gasp at sudden contact…

Geet: maan…

Maan: shhhh, not a word,, i had seen enough last night, nothing anymore.

Geet pouted her lips: maine kya kiya, it was u who was dancing with that chipkali. She tried to shove him but maan pinned her hands above her head on the wall and leaned on her with a smirk.

Maan; but I had suffer a lot last night when u were torturing me dancing with others and that too so sexy number, don u know how wild my thoughts were running. Her face flushed with the intensity his voice held. She tried to look away not to fall on his cheeky smile but failed as he suddenly smashed her lips with him, she was shocked, never realize she is holding her breath in it. her eyes are widen in shock but maan was sucking her bottom lips slow but passionately,, he knew she is holding her breath so didn’t deepen the kiss,,, but gave numerous peck. See what u did to me, I was dying to have u in my arms, to kiss ur sweet lips but u were so angry didn’t even let me say anything upar se wo dance, do u know how hard time I faced controlling my desire.

She couldn’t say anything, her red face gave up but then remembering his dance with another girl in collage made her furious and she madly tried to free her self, maan was confuse but left her hand but as she was trying to push him he held her hands firmly…

Geet: leave me maan, u r really bad, ek to khud uske sath yaha dance kiya and then disc me bhi, u doesn’t love me.

It made maan urious, he tightens his grip: kya kaha tumne geet, I don’t love u ha? Geet can feel the pain in his voice.

Geet: maan mera matlab wo nahi tha, but before she complete her words he pressed himself on her.

Maan: never ever say that geet, u don’t know how precious u r for me. I was just practicing with her as her partner was not present and the night club I,

But geet placed her palm on his mouth: I m sorry maan, wo main gusse me thi, mujhe arohi ne bataya that that was her plan only,, u wanted to apologize to me but things went worse as I was drunk.

Maan kissed her palm: I m sorry for behaving like that

Geet looked at him with sadness written on her face: do u really think that me n rudra

Maan rested his finger on her plum lips: no geet, I know u 2 are just frnd. That day I wanted to say u that it was my jealousy and insecurity seeing u crying on rudra’s shoulder, something burnt in me but that doesn’t mean I was mistrusting u. it just a time of weakness and Jealousy, common I m a human only. I know the depth of ur love geet, when u can accept me knowing my all past and those relation, how can I let those thing shade our love.

Geet: maan. u don’t have to repeat that, I love u and accepted u the way u r.

Maan: and that’s why I love u so much geet, with that he sealed her lips with an eternal kiss….


Things were going fast and smooth, but in rudra’s case it was worse. Rudra was really feeling bad not giving any time to maahi,, as his concerts and rehearsals were keeping him busy. But in all that one thing was good that he actually felt that his life is incomplete without maahi’s cribbing, her jealousy and claiming him as her made him sense how much she craved for him, in this world he also has a family, no matter how much he is busy maahi never stopped calling him to remember him about his meals and appointments. In all that geet was working as fuel as whenever rudra get some free time geet deliberately made maahi busy in work, at 1st rudra didn’t understand why she was doing it but later he felt the differences, in all this yrs maahi had waited for him, without saying anything she just waited for his one glance when he want it now geet was making maahi busy so that he can miss her and get to know what exact place maahi has in his and yes it worked. He started missing her nagging, her questions, her dreamy looks that only waited for him, but in al this also maahi never missed a chance to be with him in his free time. rudra wanted to propose mahi on her birthday but it didn’t happen. He wanted to propose for marriage because he was sure that maahi still has the fear of being parted, maybe still she couldn’t believe that rudra loves her now.

But in all this rudra realized that yes he is deeply in love with her, maybe maahi was not his 1st love but who cares 1st or 2nd in love, it just a person’s quality that how easily they can make their own place and yes maahi made the place in his heart, though she was same but rudra’s priority changed, he now immensely in love with her and there is slight fear to lose her, because he doesn’ want to lose that person who only loved him all her life. So with geet help he had managed to think a surprise for maahi, and now he want to propose not to shut her insecurities but he is in love with her so much that he can’t stay away from her anymore.

In all this geet is the most happy person, her best frnd is going to propose his love for marriage, and now she is planning their special date, rudra thought it was same few yrs before the day she was arranging everything for them, but the feeling changed, now he knew what maahi was feeling that moment. Then it was all his taste now its all maahi’s taste. But he frowns seeing the person who still couldn’t make a clear entry in his heart. MAAN. he saw maan helping geet in eth special arrangement in the deserted restaurant. It was maan’s idea to book the whole restaurant and give a good surprise to maahi, though rudra was reluctant, and why not everything maan did ofcourse have to be wrong according to him but geet made him agree to give a chance and here they are, decorating the hall.

The wall was decorated with maahi’s name and orchids, maahi’s favorite. The purple curtain and candle light dinner table with rose petals all over the floor, its like  fairy tail.

Rudra:geet maahi aati hi hogi tum jao rest karo.

Maan: why rest she is leaving with me

Rudra: no, he said firmly

Geet: rudra its ur date not a double date. I m going, but please tell her today only please I m begging u, maine bohot muskil se ye sab kiya. Kachra mat karna. She literally beg to him. maan chuckle at them and rudra gave murderous look to him.

Rudra: but how will u go gudiya?

Maan: I think u r becoming maan blind, can’t u see the 6 feet tall man standing infront of u, I will drop her home, no need to worry.

Rudra: tum ho issi liye to dar hain, he muttered under his breah but geet heard it and gave him angry glare. Rudra sighed, ok go but be careful. Geet noded and maan gave a teasing smile to him to which he just rolled his eyes…

Maaneet went from the place leaving rudra alone but soon his eyes fell the person he was waiting for so long, Maahi clad in white tight fitted suit with her hair neatly tied in a pony, his breath stuck in his lungs to see her beautiful shy smile.

Precap: same.

Sorry guys for short one but need to sleep as tom have to go somewhere early in the morning, I only have 4 hr to sleep. Bye now.

Lots of mistake, couldn’t recheck them and good news is that I will update it tom as well.

today i had updated K3, K2HY, DDP and LFU pls check my wall or page Tich’s Maaneet Fictions, didn’t tag anyone on other ff and need to go now, will wait for comment.


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  1. nice one!!


  2. Posted by tabby on July 4, 2012 at 6:52 am

    really nice ,i love this ff and always wait for u and wanted u to update it more frequently .love this part waiting for next today plzzzzzzzzzzz


  3. loved it


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