Blessed to Have You Part 6





Sorry I know it should have been the last part, but it was so big that I had to cut it in 2 part,,, next part will be tom as I don’t have any stock for tom.



Part 6



Now I m sitting in the flight waiting for my it to land,,, I know I made a blunder by letting her go,, but she also didn’t once tried to stop this marriage, in fact its because of her I was stuck,, without saying anything she get me stuck in that place…. But now I know how selfless her love was. I know I can never match the height of her love but staying without her I can’t imagine my life…. Still I wonder,,,,

Why it should been like this? just a mistake and I lost her.. why couldn’t I understand my heart… why I did the blunder and lost her forever,, why??

I don’t have any answer it was my fault and I m regretting it… God and SHE is punishing me….  will I lose her forever?


No I really can’t survive without her,,, now I know how miserable those 17yrs for her… she was just loving me, waiting for me and I was so busy in my life that it slipped out,,, no one tried to get me remember her and being a child fading a memory is normal but I wonder how did she manage,, yes her family had always portrait me as her life but being a young girl she had never dreamt of anyone…. She just selflessly loved me without seeing me, without knowing me….. her love is so great sometime I feared will I be ever be able to match her passion….


She loved me and my love also,, to bring me back from my miseries she came here leaving everything behind her….  knowing it will ripped her heart she brought Avanti in my life…. How can she give herself in this love without any expectation…. Now also she gave me my happiness and left me without knowing my happiness is she herself….


I know maybe my love is not so great like her,, but I really love her,, I can’t see her tears,,, knowing somewhere she is still waiting for me I can’t let her slip away….yes it could be sounding like how can I fall in love in just 45 days claiming I was in love with someone else for past 6 yrs, but the truth is now I get to realize what is love,, she taught me what is real love…. Its not her physical appreciation or sacrifice it just the way of love she had for me,, that taught me….


Maybe everyone will call me mad that I m taking things so fast but I will say,, when Avanti was going from me 6yrs back I didn’t stopped her,, all I did was waited for her,, I said I love her but truth is if I ever loved her I would gone to any extent to get her back in my life,, I would have been gone behind her. I couldn’t do that simply because my love was not so stronger,, but now thinking of parting away from geet just ripping my soul,,, I will go to any extent to get her back in my life…. Now also I can’t sit and wait for her to come,, I just want to grab her and lock her to my heart saying never go from my life,,, now in few hours I will be at her place to take her back… if she want she can hit me, shout at me, be mad at me but I will beg her not to walk away from me…..


*fastening ur seatbelt we are about to land……………………*


The announcement brought me back from my revere…






My heart is beating so violently,,, never in my life I felt something like this…. standing over the entrance of her house I m feeling top of the world but very anxious,,, what will she say finding me here? I can’t wait to see her…..



(from now it will be my narration)


As he going to ring the door bell and elderly lady comes out from the small bungalow… she was looking really sad,, maan tried to ask her about geet but she interrupt him….


Lady: maan sir…..

Maan: do u know me?? he asked little reluctant….

Lady: sir I m kathey,, geet’s baby’s care taker u can say,, she smiles broadly….

Maan: care taker???????

Lady: brij saab had sent me here to take care of geet baby and this house,, u know she is so alone here at least finding me by her side she would have feel like homely so I came here,, and anyways I don’t have anyone except geet baby… thank u for coming sir,,, she had suffered a lot in these years,, I can’t see her so alone,,, and when she came back yesterday I had seen her gloomy face and last night she was so worn out, it shaken up me…. then brij saab told me u r coming but he informed me not to told that to geet baby, I had followed his order. Now as geet baby also wanted to stay alone for sometime and I m going to market for some hours….. look after her sir,, in these yrs I had seen her feel alone but she covered up…. I don’t know what happen in these days in india,, but she looks really worn out,, I m scared for her now….


Maan: aunty,, how do u know me, I mean how did u recognized me as maan?

Kathey smiles: go inside u will know everything,, there is nothing hidden in her life…..


Saying so kathey took a leave leaving maan astonished but torn by heart…..



As he entered the hall he was blown away seeing the decoration and the sweet home…. Its classy but according to HIS TASTE….. his heart filled up seeing his picture all around the house,, in the main hall a master wall full plaster with his pictures,,, paper cutting about him, pictures of his awards,,, anything and everything about him was there,, maybe he had forgotten but she took everything by her heart…. He saw the large painting of him,, and in the lower side a small sign of geet made him sure its her work…. He felt over whelmed but then infront of her love he felt timid…. His love felt timid….


Just then the bedroom door clicked open and the sight was enough to freeze him on the spot….. geet comes out from the room wearing a baby pink top with lower waist off white color shorts…..seems like she hadn’t noticed him yet,, she is going in the kitchen and took a box of ice cream…. the creamy white bare legs were utterly delicious for his eyes….  But then his eyes went up,,, and captured her red eyes,, messy hair…. His heart shudder thinking what had happen in those hours,, she had been crying all night….  He wanted to engulf her in his embrace forever but found himself froze on the spot….


She sat on the chair placing the ice cream box on the dinning table then took a spoon and started licking it….. she didn’t noticed him as he was leaning on the door side by and her side was on the door, more over she was so depressed to see anything.

And then started blabbering herself…..


Why it happened with me babaji,, I was ur fav child na, still u ditched me,,, she pouted her lips and again licked the chocolate ice cream,,, but i think because I m ur fav child u love put me in so many miseries…. Do u know how difficult it was seeing maan and controlling myself…. I was having so wildest dream seeing him….. she smiled sheepishly……


(maan’s eyes widen as she revealed her all secret)


The 1st time I saw him checking me out gosh my cheeks were burning,, do u know how difficult it was for me to hold back… in the room also his gaze was enough to burn me still I managed to control that with my smartness….. she smiles cheekily and maan also smiles a little,, he leaned on the door beside but still geet still didn’t saw him,, she was lost in her world….

Babaji do u know I was stammering,, can anyone blv the great  psychiatrist was stammering,, but he is a person anyone will lose themselves na….

But then when we met Avanti di, I saw pain in her eyes… I know our closeness effected her, but it was unknown and heavenly for me,, those small moment is enough for me to live my life… Alone tear came out from her left eye,, maan felt his heart is crushing but then she again jerks up and put full spoon of chocolate icecream with chocolate chip and syrup in her mouth licking her lips making maan lose his patience and those moan from her mouth was giving him a hard time….

Ufff last night session of crying is not enough kya? My head is throbbing enough now…. She again drifted to the moment of maan’s closeness….


U know babaji everytime when maan came close to me it was so hard to control my emotion,,, I saw something on his face, I know its hard to control over self seeing Geet Handa but he is MSK after all. Many time I saw something on his face, some time I felt its love but then everytime Avanti came and I saw guilt and pain on his face, I can’t bear it.  I think he was attracted to me….. a new glow was on geet’s face a sweet smile played but then it faded…. But he was attracted to my physical appearance….. maan makes a fist in his palm knowing what she thinks for him,, did he really behaved so desperate that she thinks something like this,, ok maybe sometime but still didn’t she ever realized his feeling for her,, but he blame her knowing she loved him still he thought she will forget him and he tried to search something on her and now he knew he always tried to search love in her eyes….

Then heard next set of words…..


But I knew it was not lust,, my maan can never lust over me,, maybe he was just attracted but I knew if I behaved desperate then I would definitely spilled the beans….. and he would have been regretting coming close to me,, and that’s why I controlled my desire to touch him once…. Her lost tears made way,,, but my dream to have him atleast for some mins never came,, but I m happy to see his love near him…. a whimper escaped from her lips… and that’s why I had to left him,, I can’t see him with her,, hell I can’t…. in these day I had concealed my emotion but seeing him becoming someone else’s I don’t have the strength anymore….


I just want him happy,,, unhe khush rakhna babaji…..


Do u think he will be happy without u geet…. She heard the same voice,, the manly voice that always comes in her dream for almost all her life…. But she couldn’t see him,, her eyes are misty with tears,, she immediately wiped them and then saw him leaning over the door with a smirk…. 1st few mins she blinked her lashed couple a time making his heart flatter and then she twisted her nose….


Ye kya babaji firse sapna,, I guess I will be mad till the end of my life,, everytime I hallucinate him but this time so prominent… she ignored the image and its talk thinking its another of her hallucinated image…. But maan was confuse that why she is looking at him like that….


Babaji firse wo dikhne lage,, jab unse nahi mili at least I can have dreams about him and mark him as mine because he was single,, abhi to unki shaadi bhi hogayi then how can I still imagine him….


Her revelation left maan baffled,, in those yrs she had only dreamt about him, infact her love had gone to an extent that she had made an imaginary maan for her so that he himself can’t snatch away that from her,, he felt his eyes became moist as the  realization of the depth of her love drawn in him….


She said looking lost somewhere,,, abhi to shaadi bhi hogayi hogi,, but I know Vicky will be so sad, not Vicky everyone,, mera letter mil gaya hoga na,,, I m missing everyone…


U r missing everyone or me geet…


Uff firse ye dikhne lage,,, she stood up and came close to him,,, maan I know u r an imaginary figure now pls don’t come to me. u know ur real soul now belongs to someone else….. she said in whispering tone where tears flicked….


He instantly wiped them making her realize that he is real maan with flesh and bones….


Geet whisper: maan

Maan came close to her: yes ur maan.. who belongs to u only, not the imaginary but a real one who only loves to u….

Geet: nahi ye nahi hosakta, apki to shaadi,, and u love ava,,,, before she can complete he smashed his lips on her preventing her to let out the word from her lips…..


She was dumbfounded and didn’t know what happen,, what to do…..


He claimed her lips urgently sucking her both lips and with his leg he shut the door behind locking it with his free hand where his other hand was cupping her back waist….. after few min geet realized what is happening,, this is not her imaginary maan but real maan who is claiming her lips…. Her eyes widen as the thought drown in her HE IS KISSING HER that too ever so passionately… she tried to wriggle but he held her hands and looked at her eyes straightly but didn’t removed his lips,,, which is tracing the lip line and sucking them with his tongue…


It was so magical that she felt drowsy,,, she looked at his eyes which is showing pain anguish, remorse, anger and LOVE….. she closed her eyes as tears trickle down her rosy cheeks,,, his heart tormented seeing her tears but he can’t let her go now, without releasing her he spoke in her mouth….


Maan: will u not love me geet? Will u not respond my kiss,,, my love…. She looked at his eyes surprise but nodded no by shaking her face, he can feel her pouting lips and chewed them making her moan his name,, and losing himself completely….  Please geet,,, respond me…. he groans in her mouth and slipped his hands under her top meeting the sensitive skin below his palm, it sent shiver to both their body and geet gasp in horror…. Grabbing the chance he entered her mouth tasting every corner of her hidden secret making her mad in pleasure…. she closed her eyes finally surrender herself and kissing him insistently …… she held his nape with her palm pulling him close…. He groans feeling her touch… he had never felt this in his entire life,, he never thought her one touch will make him insane… the sudden kiss was not planned but it just both needed that time…  he felt her sort of breath,, he opens his mouth still kissing her open mouth couldn’t let her free with the fear she may flew away again….  He actually forgot she was always there for him,, waiting for him, it was him who needed to step forward and he did that….


His senseless kisses brought her back,, she saw him lost in the kiss giving lip lock kisses again n again with mouth open, licking the lips and then again violently pushing his tongue inside her mouth… she couldn’t hold herself and cried in the kiss…. The bolted heart wanted to burst,, all these yrs she have been in a shell, she had never present her heart her fear, her cry to anyone… she knew no one can see her pain but today she couldn’t suppress them,, having the person whom she can only dreamt off and that too so near making her unbolt the emotion she had suppressed,, and he cried holding him,, she cried. A lot….


1st maan was shocked but then seeing her kissing him madly and crying in the kiss made him realize how much pain she had suppressed in her small heart,, unknown tears made his way to see her pain and love….

He hugged her petite body closely almost engulfing her in him,,, but didn’t break the kiss,, her hands roamed on his back and he touched her every curves of her back,, rubbing soothing her cry…. Almost after an hour they parted,,, her red eyes are puffy now,,, and lips swollen… he cupped her face and locked the curls  behind her ear…..


Maan: bas geet,,, aur nahi…. He kissed her forehead and spoke with kissing her all face,, I m sorry, sorry for everything, he kissed her tears away, sorry for coming so late…. Her cheeks…. Sorry for not seeing ur love… her eyes one by one sorry for hurting u…her nose….  sorry for not loving the angel who just made for me,, who is my destiny….. finally pecking her lips…..


Geet looked at him and then reality hit her,,, gosh this is maan,, but he is married now…. No she can’t do this….. she jerks him away from her….


Geet: I m sorry,, its not right,,, she sobbed miserably… u don’t belongs me but Avanti di, u r married to her… u don’t love me but her,, tears couldn’t stop but maan can’t handle her accusation anymore……


he pushed her on the wall and claimed her lips hungrily…. She pushed him away,, Tears made there way to make her weak on her knees and he scooped her in his arm making his way to the bedroom….. she wriggle in his arm, hitting him on his chest and kicking her legs in the air….


Geet: maan leave me,, I know u don’t love me,, *sob* I don’t *hiccups* need ur *sob* sympathy *hiccups*….. leave me now… go back, *sob* u don’t love me, *sob*


She felt so weak in his grip,, she didn’t eaten anything except ice cream in last 24 hour…. she had been only crying in her room…. And now she is really very weak…..

He had seen her walking out from her room so he went there only,, her protest died and she placed her head on his chest where her hand enter-locked with his neck…. She hide her face in his crook of  neck making him shiver as her lips touched the skin…. He entered the room and shut it with his leg….


Precap: socho socho



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  1. Posted by zakia on July 5, 2012 at 3:21 pm

    awsm awsm part….wating for d nxt nw


  2. superb!!
    feel so bad for geet!! all dese yrs she has been suffering!
    n her self talk abt maan was so cute bt oainful wenevr it involved avanti..
    bt alls well tht ends well..
    waiting 4 d nxt part!!


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