Kurbaan Tere Ishq Mein Part 16




Part 16



Maan: I can’t let u either,,, u r mine geet…. I will burn the world if anyone want to snatch u from me,,, she gulp hard to see a new kind of obsessed in those eyes…. He locked his gaze with her,, I love u… I love u more than anything in this world…. She closed her eyes as he slammed his lips on her in a magnetic kiss…. The kiss that is beyond explainable…..





It was sangeet time and in few mins geet have to get ready for the function but she is so confuse about her dress,, in her entire life she had never gave any importance to her look but now don’t know why she was feeling like she need to take special care of herself because this life is his. she blushed feeling the tickling sensation, their romance, their togetherness.. she wonder how can she be so changed in few days, actually she was like it only but deep hidden. She looked at herself and then her neck that has his love bite, her face turned crimson red reminding those moment with him, maan just brought the girl who was hiding behind a mask of tough self….


She was lost in her thought when two strong and rough arms slides in her waist… 1st she was confuse and then horror occur her, she was ready to smash the hand but the aroma caught her lungs, she breathed hard to feel her Maan’s cologne….


Maan: missing me jaan, he whisper in her ear making her shiver with the closeness… she closed her eyes and felt his lips on her earlobe.

Geet: maan a whisper came out.

He groans and paced a soft feathery kiss on her neck. His hands were busy rubbing her thighs, her eyes popped out thinking what is he doing and her position. She is in the towel and almost bare from upper n lower body part…. She gasp as his palm touching her inner thighs….


Maan groans seeing her like that and her smooth skin was driving him crazy: geettt,,,, do u know how difficult for me to stay away from u and in this attire I m feeling like eating u alive…. She closed her eyes tightly and bite her lips to control the moan. Her wet hair locks was touching his face making him tightening his grip on her and kissing the bare shoulder. Do u know geet how vulnerable I felt whenever I just see u and in this towel, gosh I want u geet. She couldn’t handle his sweet assault and hugged him twirling herself.  I Love You, he whisper in her ear. And kissed her shoulder.

Geet tried to regain herself: maan tum yaha kaise aaye?

Maan smiles and cupped her red face: do u think its difficult for me to meet u in ur room, ha wo baat aur hain ke I didn’t knew I will get bonus, u know seeing u in ur towel,  

Geet hit his chest playfully: u r really besharam maan, jao yaha se I need to change.

Her eyes widen as his hand went on her knot just beside her left breast and she bite her lips and placed her hands on his hand.

Maan: u don’t need to be shy infront of me, I had seen u before remember. He said huskily making her more red. His fingers were playing on the knot. Geet how many time u need to freshen up ha? This is the 3rd time, u were sick last day and, he licks his lips and then lowered his tongue on her neck to lick the water drop, geet clutches his shirt tightly. If this continues I m afraid we have to be in shower all the time. it took few mins to register his words for geet, and then her eyes widen to feel his hands roaming on her back and the knot was already loosen…

Geet: maan, she cried as the over whelming pleasure was making her weak on her knees. Maan instantly sealed her mouth with his lips and his palm cupped those womanly assets kneading them perfectly. Geet can feel his aroused manhood poking on her lower abdomen. She gave up on his demand and pulls him more close to her by holding his collar, but soon his fingers were busy to open the big barrier of their skin, his shirt. When she is almost nude infront of him then he has no right to be fully dressed and then in snapped of her finger his shirt flicked on the floor and her hands were freely roaming on his chest and his abs.


He pinch the hard nipple making her moan and in no time her towel dropped on the floor widening her eyes. She tried to broke the kiss and gather herself but maan held her both wrist and placed  it on his neck, she pleaded him with his eyes but he was nowhere to stop, he roughly squeezed her breast just the way she like, it always melt her inner desire and evoke the wild geet. She pulls him close to her digging her nails in his flesh making him groan. She bite his lips making it bleed then licking it with her tongue playing with his tongue, where he was busy feeling her every inch with his naked palm. Both break the kiss feeling lack of breath but maan couldn’t stop himself licking her mount, and he harshly squeeze her left mount taking in his mouth and almost chewing it. she cried in pleasure. he knew how to make her weak. His one hand was playing with her lower part. She gasp for air as he rubbed her labia lips in her core.

Geet: ohhh maan.

He left her curve after satisfying his thirst and the move to her other curve giving the same pleasure, she rubbed his back and it was encouraging him more and he entered her core with his finger, her moans get louder. He moved his lips on her neck hiding his face in her hair as he increased the pressure on her core, she held him tight where he parted her legs more, she doesn’t know when he brought her to the wall and now her bare back was touching the cold wall. She cried in ecstasy and bite his shoulder to suppress the moan, soon she came out with a shriek and he sealed her mouth with his.

Geet: I want u maan, she spoke in his mouth as he didn’t stopped his pace knowing she will collapse soon, he squeezed her lower part and she bite his neck harshly.

Maan: not now jaan, just a little more wait.

Geet whisper: I can’t.

Maan: neither I, he hoarsely said, but we have to. He kissed her forehead and then scooped her in his arm. I think u need another shower… she shied and hide her face in his neck.

This is the fourth time she is taking the shower, now maan is really very conscious of that, but geet made him relax as they both took a hot shower in the bath tub together. It took every ounce of maan to control himself.

Geet: maan how did u manage to sneak in my room without noticing any one? She said leaning on his chest and he was rubbing her arm lovingly.

Maan: its secret geet, no need to know.

Geet pouted her lips: ye accha hain jab chahe mere room me ajayo aur main kabhi nahi japati. Maan raises his eye-brow where geet bite her tongue.

Maan: so u want to sneak in my room ha?

Geet fumble: nahi aisa kuch anhi hain.

Maan: aisa nahi hain hmm? He asked leaning close to her ear licking it sensually. She knew she is in no position to argue or he will do something she will definitely lose herself, her red cheeks were turning him on, both are bare so his hard manhood was already poking her back making her heartbeat go wild. He again whispers again. Geet I think we should go out of here or I m sure I won’t leave u and do all the wild thing I m imagining for a long. His flat statement was enough to make her jolt, he kissed her cheek from her back only. Ur red cheek always enchants ur beauty.

Geet smiles: and I always loves ur compliment.

Maan smiles teasingly: accha? Then whenever I would have selected anything why u had just rejected it? She can feel the little sadness in his voice, yes its true whenever he liked anything when they were in shopping she just threw that things. Maan felt her remorseful face.. I m sorry for reminding that geet. Geet instantly hugged him and he felt his chest wetting not with the rose water where they are laid but her precious pearls. Geet. He said in concern and cupped her face to see her teary eyes.

Geet: I, I didn’t wanted to show my feelings, I thought u hate me and chosen something that u can laugh on me, she made a baby face telling him that but he didn’t miss the pain on her face feeling his rude behavior for her. they both never said a thing of sweetness to each other.

I m sorry, they both said in unison and then both smiles, maan kissed her forehead.

Maan: form now I will select everything that I like on u and u have to agree that, geet smiles and nodded sweetly..

Her cute face was making him hard and she knew how difficult it must be for him to control, she stammer and said : we should get changed.

Maan: or else I will definitely lose myself, he groans making her giggles. He gave her threatening look but she tried to escaped only to collide with the hard chest, he tightly kissed her lips taking out his vulnerable condition and making her gasp for breath. Then he told her to come out a little later or else he won’t be able to leave her.


After 30 min geet came out from washroom a saw maan was nowhere to be seen and a beautiful dress lying on the bed for the sangeet. She shied and smiled looking at the dress. but as it will show her all bite marks she need to do extra make up for her marks.






Maan was busy attending the guest when a hand poked on his shoulder, he instantly turned to see the person and met with a nervous sid who was petrified to see his angry glare….

Sid: hello,

Maan: what is it sid?

Sid: kuch nahi yaar, tum hamesha gusse me hi kyun rehte ho? He made a pouting face when pari came there

Pari: ha maan tum hamesha gusse me hi kyun rehte ho, pata hain na hamara mitti ka sher sid kitna dar jata hain tumse.


At 1st sid was hapy to see her to his side but next moment saw her teasing him and maan smirking on him, he made a baby face cribbing to geet to come down fast.

Sid: let geet come, she will be on my side only, fir dekhta hu, huh.

Sid was smiling but them got maan’s fierce eyes, he nervously smiled when maan spoke: she will always be my side. Got that. his dangerous tone can make anyone shudder and sid twisted his lips feeling alone.


Who can dare to mess with my frnd, I will be always on my frnd’s side, got that?

Maan pari sid turn to see the gorgeous geet clad in a dark pink ghagra choli, her dupatta drapped on her shoulder like a saree,, and the work of white beats enchanting the look of the dress,, her flat tummy was glowing and giving more beauty to the dress as the dupatta was very thin.


Thanks to Naji di for teh wonderful attire, perfect for my Geet


Geet was smiriking seeing maan’s face who was lost in her beauty, it was his gift that he left few hours back… maan saw the glow on her face, his love has enchanted her beauty more… soon both heard a coughing sound from pari n sid.

Pari: akhon hi ankho mein ishara hogaya,

Sid: u can carry ur romance later as if now u should see that, he pointed something or say someone, maaneet looked at the source, geet smiles and maan’s eyes turned to fury…


Geet smiles to see prem but she can his nervous state and then looked beside her, maan standing almost gluing her and giving prem deathly glare. She chuckle on her possessive lover. Nani and maasi welcomed the groom’s family and then nudge geet to take their blessing, half heartedly she bent and took blessing from prem’s parents. Soon one more feet came infront, geet looked above to see prem’s elder sister who was smirking, from day one geet didn’t like the girl now she is behaving like this only to irrigate her.

Maasi; ha ha bte touch pammi’s feet also, she is elder to prem so u have to take blessing from her also…


Maan pari and sid sensed the tension, they knew the Geet Handa can never tolerate that…prem’s parents denied that because pammi was only pulling her leg but pammi was adamant on her point and said geet have to take her blessing….

Geet smirks making everyone gulp in fear:  u r absolutely right PARMINDER Bahenji (sister)…..


Some laughed at geet’s voice as she make funny voice with the name. maan controlled his laughter but pari and sid giggle with it. prem hide his smile because he too doesn’t like his elder’s sister nagging. And he is with geet.

Pammi controlled her anger and gave a force smile: then bent ur spine geet. She said smirking, geet made a hard face, maan was boiling in rage, he doesn’t like anyone bending his love on their feet, but sid held his hand to go further.

Sid: ahh rehne do maan, hamari sherni kafi hain is chuiya(mouse) k liye

Pari giggle and the maan saw geet bending to touch paami’s feet…


Geet smiles and touched her feet but not touch,, just digging her nails in her feet and pinch it hard making pammi scream.


Maan’s eyes widen but soon he moved his face to control the smile of his face. Everyone showed concern to pammi where geet innocently looked at her

Geet: kya huya parminder bahenji(sister)? Anything wrong?

Pammi stammered don’t know what to say, if she tell that geet pinched her no body will blv her she gave her a dangerous glare to which geet  gave her arrogant smirk.

Geet; I think some ant had bite her. don’t worry it will be ok. she came close to pammi and hug her forcefully just to whisper in her ear: don’t try to mess with Geet Handa, otherwise u will never regain what u will lose just because of ur stupid act.


It was a dangerous tone, making pammi shiver but she soon recover that.



1st Precap: chamak chalo chel chabeli….


2nd precap: dur raho mujhse maan… its not right… tomorrow is my marriage, and before she can complete her words he slammed his lips on her claiming her again but harshly aggressively till then she felt weak on her knees….



Sorry for the late guys, and thank u for showering ur love , sorry I will be late with PM also


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  1. superb!!
    wonder hw dey kept der feelings suppressed for so long!!
    waiting 2 c hw thngs turn out for dem!!


  2. happy to c sherni…


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