Blessed to Have You Part 7




Part 7 (Last Part)


As he entered the room with geet in his arm,, his eyes caught the decoration…. Black bed with black satin bed sheets and mattress,, white walls and red curtains.. Quite unique like her……  and then the wall which again had covered with only his pictures,, paper cuttings and again a new portrait…. He looked at geet who is now hiding her face in his neck….


He gently placed her on the bed and she crawled back looking other way but he came over her….

Geet gulped her saliva looking at his desiring eyes and that too from so near…. Unknowingly she laid down on the mattress and he came on top of her but not putting his whole body weight….

She looked away but he forced her to meet his eyes by holding her chin….

Maan; I m not married geet,, she looked at him shocked…. her throat went dry but he kissed her cheek very near to her lips…. How could I marry her when my heart belongs to someone else… she closed her eye as he kissed close to her eyes… and the moved to her forehead…..  someone who is waiting for me 17yrs… she held his wrist tightly….. but he continued showering his love on her,, making her blv he is her, only geet ka maan…. I know I m an idiot stupid jerk who couldn’t understand his own heart… a smile formed on geet’s face,, but u,,, he whisper coming on her lips,,, u said u can read ppl’s mind,, then why u couldn’t read my eyes geet,, u knew how confuse I was but couldn’t u realize my love for u…. her free hand went on his shoulder digging her nails… why couldn’t u recognize my love geet.. why u left me there. do u know how I suffered in this 24 hrs…. she cried twisted her lips,, she was looking utterly delicious for him…. then he bent down on lips… how can u love me so much geet,,, 17 yrs all the time u were waiting for me,, how can u love me this much geet….. do u know how restless I felt when I didn’t saw u there,, I was mad and then got ur letter…. U liar…. U said u love me and then ran away from there leaving me alone….

Geet: u had Avanti di na.. she cried but not much as he locked his lips with her…..

Maan: dare u say that again… she cutely pouted her lips….. I m sorry,, sorry for making u wait but it was ur fault…. Now geet was looking at him with her cute red nose that is because of her anger,,,

Geet: what do u mean?

Maan chuckle: it was ur fault that u didn’t come before…. My life would had been complete till now…. She lowered her lashes getting his point…  do u know that 45 days was hell but my most precious moment….  I met an angel who sometime turns to devil but,,,, she frown at him but she was desperate to hear his word… but I fell in love with the devil…. I want to spent my whole life with that devil cum angel,, I want some spice with sweetness with her only…. In those yrs I was alone,, and detach with everything but ur 45 days made me forget everything…. Force me to live the life the way I wanted… gave me every happiness,,, but the day u left me,, I got to know what place exactly u have in my life…. U know how annoying u r,, but then I was missing ur annoyance… ur cute antics and mature talks,, ur lovable way to deal with everything,, ur comforting voice.. ur angelic smile that made me forgot my every tension…. Ur absence taught me what u meant for me geet. God gave me the biggest Blessing, it was me who recognized it lately. I thought I m cursed but God again proved me that I AM BLEASSED TO HAVE YOU IN MY LIFE. I had never realized this for anyone in my life but u taught me what is real LOVE….. ur love made me love u,,

I Love You Geet….. And I M BLESSED TO HAVE YOU.



She closed her eyes letting the final tear slipped away….


Will u marry me geet,, I really love u and can’t live without u…. he said in a chocked voice letting her know how much he had missed and her and was feared with the thought he might lose her forever….

But the she jerks her eyes

Geet : but…

Maan: Avanti knew everything,, our families knew everything,, they are waiting for u geet….

Geet: maan u really,,,

He kissed her lips softly….

Maan: I really love u beyond anything….. I know my love is not so great or big like u but I,,, I love You please tum,,,


This time geet shut his mouth claiming it as her… he gave in her demand… they cried and laughed together but lost themselves in the heat of passion…..


He completely laid on her or rather say she had pulls him on her fully,,, her tongue plunged in his mouth capturing it like her life is depending on it,, maan sensed her insecurities and brought her more close to him holding her waist,, his fingers accidently brushes the edge of her waist line and geet moans in pleasure…. without any delay he came in controlled and harshly sucks her lips where his palm squeezes her soft…. He caresses her waist under the top and pulls it above so that her skin can be visible, his hot palm was roaming on every corner of her skin….. geet entangles her leg with his but it made him groans as his hardness pressed perfectly on her core…..

Geet gasp at the contact but he was lost in her sweet essence…. He rubbed her thighs with one hand that can make her lose all her self control but he was nowhere to stop,, it made her extremely wet and she dug her nails in his back…


Geet knew both are losing,, she tried to call him: Maan,, Suniya… maan…. but he came on her throat giving open mouth hot kisses making her eyes close in desire….. her hand slipped under his shirt and felt the toned muscle….


Her touch was like fire in his body,, he bite her neck and she dug her nails in his skin….. he came on her chest and placed feathery kisses…. His hands were busy in her back rubbing and squeezing the skin below it…..


Geet: ohh maan….

Maan place a wet kiss on her abdomen,,, and lifted her shirt more kissing her full bare tummy, licking the belly bottom and biting it… she harshly pulls his hair in her fist but it gave him more power and pleasure….. his hands were on her bra hook under the shirt,,, he bites her curves over her thin shirt and geet snapped her eyes….

Geet: maan we are going too far…. Maan looked at her eyes and came on her lips kissing it sensually…

Maan: u said u had wild thoughts seeing me then,, so I thought making it reality…. He winked at her but geet hide her face in her palm turning beet root… maan kissed her hand and separate them….

Geet: aap bohot bure ho, aap meri baate sun rahe the….

Maan: abb main kya karu tumne dekha hi nahi mujhe,, she bite her lips thinking him as her imaginary maan…. maan kissed her forehead… u loved me so much geet and I,,, geet sensed the choked voice and immediately placed her finger…. Maan looked deep in her eyes…. He kissed her finger and she smiles taking it back….

Geet: it was not ur fault that I didn’t came earlier,, sayad babaji ko ye hi manjur tha….

Maan: I m thankful to ur babaji atleast tumhe bheja to sahi….

Suddenly geet’s face turned pale….

Geet: lekin Avanti di,,,

Maan: geet she knows I m in love with u, infact she knew it way before but I wasn’t sure about it. when I said in front of everyone that I love u,, she broke off the marriage,, I was in dilemma that should I go back to u or not because I felt timid infront of ur love,, I thought I don’t deserve u,, u r too good for me, then Avanti said I should ask that to u only….

Geet kissed his lips: never compare ur love for me maan,, u r the only person for me maan….  maan came on her neck and placed feathery kisses there….

Do u know geet when u entered my life it just felt complete, I know I behaved like a confuse soul and a jerk who just needed to come close to u or drooling over u but then I never knew my feelings were so strong,,, I thought I was living in past the truth was I was living with u,, in my present….  U thought I had come the night to make u agree for the marriage with virat but the truth is, when I heard about ur and virat’s marriage something was breaking in me…. I felt insecure and wanted to talk to u but u left me baffle… maan kissed her ear,, u were looking like an angel geet,, that has descended for me only… I wanted to hold u,, (maan kissed the back of her earlobe feeling her shudder) wanted to kiss u endlessly (he came down on her neck kissing it sensually) but u broke my revere. I wanted to see u happy but not like that, I was not ready to accept my feeling but I just couldn’t help thinking about u,, whole night I was thinking about u only but couldn’t told anything,, the morning when marriage was taking place in an hour, I couldn’t sit there anymore and Avanti sensed my tension,, she told me that I m in love with u, I should have told u… I wanted to run to u and crush u in my arms, but then Vicky reached there and I knew something went wrong,, I read the letter and,,, geet felt a drop of tear on her cheek as maan rested his forehead on her…. then she realized its his tear, the man who had never cried had cried for her.. she held him tightly as her tear made its way… he kissed it away and leaned over her…. The day u left me I felt hollow in me,, I can’t say how I felt exactly but I was dying… geet I can’t live without u….

Geet couldn’t hear his torment anymore and sealed his mouth with her…. the kiss showed passion, longing, completeness and love…

Geet: I LOVE YOU MAAN…… she said in the kiss, it was like a whisper but he heard that and deepen the kiss immediately… he broke the kiss….


He kissed her lips numerous time…. he pecked her lips thousand time showering his all love…..

He felt her limping,, he knew she is tired.. tired of crying whole night, she didn’t slept all night… he kissed her forehead.. and then her eyes….

Maan: catch some sleep jaan….

He can see a tint of panic in her, like a fear, if she closes her eyes maybe he will be not present infront of her eyes…. He held her tight in his arm whispering huskily….


Maan: I m beside u, holding u in my arm to never let go,, now I can’t stay a single second without u geet, this fear should be mine, fear of losing u, I don’t want to lose u geet, I’ll be always with u in my entire life….

Geet: pakka na, aap firse gayab nahi hoge? Maan felt her pain,, 17yrs hallucinating him,, how great her love was, he knew maybe he doesn’t deserves her love but at least she deserves it,,, now this life is her,, she can do anything with it…. accept or refuse him its her decision only,, he will love her standing beside her….

Maan kissed her lips again n again assuring her he wil be with her always….

Maan: kahi nahi jaunga abb jaan, u sleep, I will hold u like this. she smiles and soon drifted to sleep snuggling close to him…..

Maan just admired her in her sleeping form, he himself doesn’t slept a second in those 24 hrs,, he also pulls her close to him and dozed off…..




Few hour later his eyes shot opens with the shriek sound of his mobile which was in the hall,, it slipped from his hand when geet came close to him….


He buttoned his shirt with a sweet smile remembering hi wild sherni who accidently opened few button and then rushes to take the phn….


Maan: ha mom main geet k sath hu…

Mom: sab thik hain na bête….

Maan 1st looks at the bedroom door then smiles: ha mom everything is fine,, wo maan gayi…

Mom smiles broadly: shukar hain rab ka….

Vicky snatches the phn: bhai geet kaha hain, phn do na, she is not picking my calls…. Maan’s eyes instantly went on geet’s phn that was lying on the sofa of  the hall…..  his eyes went bigger seeing 112 miscal,, means she haven’t taken her call form last day….

Maan: Vicky right now she is sleeping,, she was tired I guess jet lag,, I will tell her to call u…. and we are coming tom…. Tell mom to arrange the marriage after 3 days….

Vicky: wo bhai u r too fast,, atleast give us some time, wo kahi bhaagi nahi ja rahi hain….

Maan: I can’t take risk anymore Vicky….

Vicky: ohhoo MSK is jealous… he whistle where everyone in the home wacked him for teasing his brother….

Maan: think whatever u want….


Just then 2 soft hand slipped in his broad chest,,, his felt his back was pressing with a very soft thing like a fresh flower… the smell was intoxicating, instantly he knew it can be only his geet….

Maan: ok vicky I will call u later…. Bye…. Without hearing anything he cut the call and turned to see geet holding him tight and fear of losing him in her eyes, but there was some kind of relief also,, he knew it will like that, not finding him beside her she felt insecure…. He instantly crushed her soft body in him and she hide herself in his broad chest…

Geet: maan psychiatrist bante bante sayad main khud pagal hojayungi….

Maan chuckle at his cute adorable would be wife: ho bhi jaogi to I will love u like that u know u r too precious to me…. he kissed her forehead….

Geet: maan aap Vicky se baat kar rahe the?

Maan: hmm geet he called u numerous time but ur cell was on silent mode,, and I told them we are coming back tom, and our marriage will be after 3 days… geet’s eyes widen in shock and tehn surprise…

She broke the hug and looked at him: maan3 days only?

Maan smiles teasingly: u know we both can’t stay away and having wild dreams so it will be better to marry fast… and I can fulfill ur wild imagination…. She turn red and hide her face in her palm…


Then suddenly she felt maan removing himself from her,, she slowly opens her eyes and saw maan kneeling on his one knee in front of her…..

Geet: maan aap ye


Maan: sshhh geet lemme say the word I should told u long back when u were waiting for me but I never knew about ur existence…. Geet the day u entered my life unknowingly I started to live,, I have tried to denied the feelings as I thought that was mere attraction that every man feel seeing a  beautiful woman…. but I can say now that the 1st time I saw u I fell in love with u,, I never knew what is love but if that means having u beside me for my every birth then I m surely in love with u geet….

I had tried to detach myself from u because whenever u see me with ur hazel eyes that shows innocent and purity I felt not worth of u,, I thought u deserve way better person that me but now when I know what love is I can’t let u go everytime,, ur love know how to sacrifice but my love is selfish geet… yes I m really selfish and I can’t let u go for ever in my life, I just want to hold u every second of my life…

When past entered again in my life I thought maybe that is my present, I was confuse and portrait that  only. And u my angel just gave me whatever I thought that I had desired,, u just selflessly gave me what I thought I need but the biggest mistake was I always THOUGHT that the past was truth when the truth is I was in illusion,, I never wanted that desired to be mine but I desired u will be close to me to fulfill my every thoughts,, unknowingly I knew u will be beside me in my every need… I just wanted u always with me,, but when I felt u going away from me, I realized what I actually felt for u in those days…


Yeah its true sometime we take an eternity to know whom we truly loved,, and sometime it just few min we can recognize our real love…. Some say love doesn’t happen with first sight it just mere attraction we felt for each other but now I know love at first sight happen and that incredibly irresistibly happened with me,, I took a lot time to realize it… but I don’t want to take another eternity to know my love for u,, I don’t know what exactly u feel for me geet, but I just want to say,,


This life is incomplete without miss Geet Handa,, and I m insanely in love with u with my heart and soul,, please come back to my life as Mrs Geet Maan Singh Khurana… I won’t be able to survive with u,, but this time I will not let u slip away,, please Marry me Geet….


This Maan Singh Khurana insanely loves u, will u accept this stupid in ur life as ur beloved husband, Will you Marry Me Geet???



Maan looked at geet’s teary eyes with lots of hope,, but she was speechless to say anything, the dream she always had actually comes true,,, she sat on her knees to match his level and hugged him tight….


Geet: yes,, I will marry u, I love u maan….


She broke the hug and sealed her lips with him… he held her close to him and kissed her madly…..



‘Sapne bhi Sach Hote Hain’







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  1. hey awesm updt
    poor geet after all dese yrs of imagining maan by her side, her insecurities have peaked bt glad tht maan can sense dem n comfort n soothe her pain!!
    beautiful os.. indeed ,maan is blessed 2 hv her!!


  2. Posted by zakia on July 6, 2012 at 8:42 pm

    wow wht an update…………lvd it….


  3. Posted by zakia on July 21, 2012 at 3:42 pm

    hey pls give an epilogue…..eagerly waiting for the epilogue….


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