Kaisi Kashish Hain Yeh Part 34


can’t tell u how much happy i feel to see ur interest in this story,, sorry for not sending PMS for any of my story, i hardly get time after the hectic scheduled of mine, but ignoring that u had pressed the likes and saw the amount 170+ i feel blessed to see that and thats why i will say pleas BOOKMARK the thread for ur help. thanks and i will pm once i get some time for myself


Part 34




Geet was lost in her thought when she felt a warm palm on her waist, a kind of jolt passed through her, she looked at maan who’s eyes were spitting fire. They are entering their bedroom when maan grabbed her waist and she collide with his hard torso, the pulls was sudden so she didn’t controlled her body and fell on him almost hugging him, her hands were on his shoulder and chest.

A whimper came out from geet’s lips as his hold got tighten: Maan.

Maan came close to ear almost touching her skin of there: yes sweetheart, what happen? Don’t tell me as I have touched others I can’t even touch u now.

Geet felt something very dangerous cooking in his mind, her heart felt a fear listening his calm but dangerous tone.

Geet: maan leave me please, she felt a sharp pain on her waist, as his nails were digging in her soft flesh making it red n blue.  Ahhh,,, she cried in pain but looked at maan who was smirking.

Maan: its nothing according what I m going to give u geet, u will repent ur all life for coming in my life. For trying to destroy me.

Geet: u don’t know the full truth then how can u,

Maan cut her: even u didn’t knew the real truth yet u came here to obliterate me,

Geet: I didn’t knew its u whom I m going to marry.

Maan left her laughing: Liar.. u were going to marry someone and u didn’t even knew who that was. u r a big liar geet, but this time I won’t fall in ur trap.

Geet: I m not lying maan.

Maan: yes u r. his eyes are spitting fire. She looked at him in helplessness. U r still upto something na geet? She looked at him confused, oh common don’t try the innocent act geet, I saw u with pari. I don’t know where she was, I guess u sent her somewhere that I can’t found her.


Her heart shudder, what he is thinking, did he again assumed that she is with pari, yeah what more he can think. She didn’t said anything because he will not hear any of her words, it will only go reverse if she utter any word. She kept looking at him. but it made maan irritated, he wanted some answer but she just sealed herself. He felt frustrated but the anger was much more, now he couldn’t think what is wrong or right, seeing pari with her that too smiling all the past months came in a flash.


What does that mean? Does she again plotting something for him, he thought maybe that was her mistake to think him guilty, maybe her frnd told something wrong, and she without knowing the truth believed them not him, she couldn’t trust his love when he had open his heart, but now seeing her with pari. Its boiling him.


he always thought geet always believed others not him, when he said he didn’t raped ridz, he opened his heart to her but she didn’t believed him, hearing him also she said he raped ridz, that’s why maan was angry and decided to teach her lesson, his heart was so much broken that now he want to see her broken. He doesn’t knew what pari told her or frnds did but he knew whatever pari or her frnds told her she blvd them not him. now seeing pari he is doubting maybe she also knew he was innocent, its her only plan to destroy him, basically he is blind n deaf in his rage that couldn’t think rationally..


geet: maan whatever I m doing I know u won’t blv me but its for u only, I just need some time. pls till then don’t lose ur trust pls.

maan laughed: trust ha? It doesn’t suit u geet, and mind u whatever u r doing at the end I will return the same to u. means destroying u like u had done to me.  till then enjoy ur helplessness.


He left her to collect her shattered soul, she saw him going in the washroom, a lump formed in her heart but tears refused to came. She stood like statue thinking about her life, abruptly she went towards the bed and drifted to her past days with maan. its almost 6 month of their marriage.. she felt her head throbbing violently, she closed her eyes tightly but only pain and darkness was there,, she sat up on the bed and pulls the drawer took 2 sleeping pills and gulp it with water.


Maan comes out from the washroom and saw geet cuddling  like a ball on the bed with the same cloths, her face showing something, like she is in pain, but soon drifted to sleep. He took the place beside her on eth bed and looked at her back, something is paining in his heart to see her like that,, but soon he shrugged it off saying she deserves it.







Next day geet met pari knowing maan must be watching her from far, but she needed it.


Pari: no geet, its not possible, u know how powerful MSK is,

Geet: he was powerful then also, what happen pari?

Pari: no, I, I mean, it just.

Geet: stop stammering pari, did u brought the dairy. Pari gave her and the photographs?

Pari: umm, that are, wo

Geet greeted her teeth: I said stop stammering and give me the photos.

Pari: they are in my home in Mumbai.

Geet: ohh

Pari: if u want I can go there and

Geet: no need pari, just tell me where the pix is my frnd will search it.

Pari: frnd? And I forgot to ask u how is riddhima?

Geet’s eyes were blood shot: don’t u know how is she?

For a moment pari forgot to take breathe, she felt fire in front of her. but tried compose as it will spill the beans. She still doesn’t know ridz had woken up and now she is perfectly fine.

Pari: nahi wo main, I hope she is fine.

Geet: she is absolutely fine pari, more than fine. Actually whatever ur brother did still couldn’t snatch my frnd from me. now its turn to get a shock for pari. Her sweaty forehead was saying how much petrified she is.

Pari: geet listen.

Geet: I have heard enough pari, now give me the pix, or say where they are.

Pari tried the last card, she knew geet is upto something and if she tells her she can never go back.

Pari: I will tell u once I reached Venice.

Geet laughed: do u think I m a kid. I m not that innocent geet anymore pari. Just then 2 more lady join them in a table, pari looked at them confusingly.

Geet: they are CBI pari, they will take care of u.

Pari was horrified with the thought of going jail; geet u can’t do this? u don’t have any proof to put me behind bars.

Geet leaned on her chair smirking: ur illegal act in Mumbai, u tried to leak information of my company KC in Mumbai, so they will transfer u to Mumbai high court.

Pari: but

Geet: ur illegal work in Venice, I have also that record, faisla tumhe karna hain apni desh ka court me jaana hain ya bidesh ka.(its ur choice, where u want to go? ur own country court or foreign) Geet showed some picture of her illegal work in venice

Pari: how come u know about that? she stammered.

Geet: its none of ur business dear but now, u have only one option, say where is the photographs not only that, I need the forged photographs and ur confession to maan about all ur work behind him, or else ready to get the punishment of Venice Police, and u know they are quiet cruel in this matter.


After a long thinking pari finally agreed, she knew she is trapped. She can’t move from here, they took her to custody and geet thanked them. She took her cell and called armaan.  And informed to him collect the photographs and the man who had made them. But armaan was only worried about her, in these month she haven’t called him, but geet can indulge ridz or abhay as maan is already enraged with them and she is quiet sure he will get to know about her talking with armaan from the phn bills.  But she have to do it.

Armaan: but u need to tell him fast.

Geet: he wil not blv me

Armaan: geet I want to come there

Geet: come here armaan but with photographs.

Armaan: I will be there soon, don’t break urself gudiya.

Geet: I miss u.


She disconnects the call without hearing anything’..




She returned to office at the lunch time but the sight burned her alive. She had entered maan’s cabin to give him a file. But what she saw just made her furious. Sasha leaning on him and wiping maan’s lips corner. She saw maan’s eyes which was looking at her only. Her red eyes can’t be missed by any chance. He smirks at her. and then sasha looked at geet, she gave a forceful smile to her, but geet ignored.


She marched to maan: this file need r signature, if u get some free time for work, at least u can do it then.

Sasha: ohhh I guess something is burning. She gave a teasing smile to maan.

Geet smiles, but maan knew it’s a painful smile: there is nothing to burn anymore, everything is already ash now.


She left the cabin and entered her room, she leaned on her chair and closed her eyes, again those thought and her wobbling head.. she felt like any moment she will blast, but she need more time, if  she lose her control now everything will be shatter, she need to be calm to hold her maan when he will need her. she opens her eyes and looked at the ceiling, today she is missing her maa’ in these month they never tried to call her, why? When the new of maan spread like fire her family also get to know that, but still they didn’t came to meet her. why? Then her mind shifted to ridz, her eyes was becoming moist for the 1st time in these month remembering ridz, she had called her numerous time, geet know how she is feeling, ridz always protected her from this world like a mother nad now knowing she is destroying herself ridz is the one person who is most affected. But geet had kept an eye on her, her health her doctors everything is under her control without knowing anyone.



Her revere broke as aadi entered the cabin.

Aadi: mam this files u needed them.

Geet: aadi can u do me a favor.

Aadi was dumb founded to hear that but he nodded.

Aadi: u don’t need for favor mam, just ordered me.

Geet smiles genuinely after a long time: aadi bhai I need ur help,

Aadi was over whelmed to hear bhai after such a long time, whatever happen he still blvs there is something form geet side also, he can’t agree that she deliberately had done that to destroy khurna name.

Aadi: anything for u.

Geet: I want to know about samiksha. U know everything about maan then u will know about them as well.. what relation they actually shared and what she was doing in Mumbai?




Precap: armaan’s entry and start of the final torture.




I don’t know how many of u understood maan’s POV,,, maan knew that geet did that because her frnds influenced her, but he is angry because she never trusted him with his love, when he told her everything about him, still she thought he can do that. but now seeing pari with her his mind is again shifting here to there, u will know more about his thought in next update, and mind u, he doesn’t heard their convo just saw them, it will clear in next part.


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  1. awsem update geet in paing pari trapped waiting for truth to be out


  2. Posted by saro on July 6, 2012 at 9:10 am

    too painful dear please save geet dear


  3. superb!!
    bt geet’s pain seems 2 reachin beyond limits!!
    n maan seems 2 b destroying himself..
    previously he believed geet was misguided bt seeing her wid pari.. wonder if he’ll ever believe her!!

    only gud thng was dt pari was finally trapped n gt wht she deserves!!
    waiting 4 d nxt part!!


  4. Posted by ayesha on July 7, 2012 at 12:26 am

    oh dear i think ab truth bahir a hi jana chahiye finaly truth out realy awesome updatee realy Wesome keep it up DI:-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-[:-):-):-)


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