Love For You Part 48





Love for you


Part 48





Maahi entered the place and got a sweet shock of her life, 1st the decoration which just took away her breath and then saw the look in rudra’s eyes, for a moment she froze on her spot. She knew the look, after all she had went through this for past many years and after so much waiting she finally saw the love she had craved for.


Her blushy face didn’t went unnoticed from rudra,, as soon she reached him he held her palm ever so softly. He escorted her to the table where romantic aroma was surrounding.

Maahi: hmmm nice decoration.

Rudra: ur choice

Maai: geet ne kiya.

Rudra looked at her surprised: how do u know.

Maahi: she knew everyone’s choice.

Rudra; but I instructed her, he made a sad cute face. I know u won’t blv but I also knew ur choice. He can see dumb founded maahi,, but he knew how much happy she was hearing that, her face glowed and he took her hand.  Dance? Maahi nodded…





Maan: what do u think? Will he propose her?

Geet made a face of thinking: yeah, actually, maybe, can’t say about rudra. I don’t have any expectation from him. u know he looked like strong shell but andar khali hain sab, he is soft like a kitten.

Maan made a weird face: ur example are too weird do u know that. that made geet furious and the look said she can really murder him now, and maan just ran for his life.






Maahi: what r u doing rudra?

Rudra sat on his one knee after the dance and stared at her lovingly.

Rudra: sshhhh maahi, let me complete 1st.


The day I saw u there was no spark in me, but today I know my heart never felt so alive then. Now when I see u every moment, I feel so special. Yeah it took long to realize what is the real love, but still can’t express what is love. Maahi today I m sharing heart to u, I want to share my whole life with u. I want to grow with u in each passing second, I want to hold u in my every success or failure because only u r the person I can feel my joy is laid with. I need u in every way of my life. The every sun rise to every sunset I just want u to be in my arms looking at the horizon just with a smile and feeling my love. Today the mere thought of parting torn my heart and I knew I will be drown in darkness without u. I know I m a stupid who never recognized his love but trust me, today I can say I truly love u,  please don’t push me now.. I don’t know what exactly u feel for me or think about my love but I only want to say I truly Love you and wanna live my life with u…


Will u marry me?



Maahi doesn’t have any words to describe her emotion. Tears couldn’t stop today. The day she always dreamt off finally she got that. her love finally showed the same love she posses from so long. Rudra sensed her emotional turmoil and smiles.


Rudra: I m still waiting.

Maahi: accha hain, maine bohot intezar kiya abb tum karo.

Rudra: I can wait for u till my death.

And it instantly worked as maahi kneeled down and placed her palm over his mouth.

Maahi: kabhi kuch accha nahi keh sakte na? rudra smiles cheekily. With tears and a sweet cry she finally hugged him. jante ho iss pal k liye kitni taras gayi thi main. I love u rudra. I love u a lot.

Rudra: still u didn’t gave my answer.

Maahi: do I need it? yes I wanna marry u. till my last breath I want to be with u. rudra crushed her soft small body in his manly structure.



Life can’t be this sweeter, still they didn’t knew what destiny can play as a biggest game.






Final dance for the student and then rudra’s concert. But the final dance is a competition between boys and girls. And other collages are taking part together. Its not any collage competition in this round, its girl vs boys.

Where everyone is busy to get ready maaneet were busy exploring each other. it’s the darkest corner of the collage where they are hiding. Performance have still 45 mins so they thought about spending time with each other or rather say tasting each other.


Maan’s long fingers where busy feeling the smooth skin of her waist. As her waist and belly is bare so his naked eyes got the chance to feast..  his lips were travelling from her jaw line to her neck.

Geet: maan, kya huya tumhe.

Maan made a face and looked at her: mujhe kya hoga. He again captured her lips in a smooch. After some time they broke a apart and maan again nuzzles his face in her crook.

Geet: sach batao maan, I m seeing u from quite a time, kal bhi gum sum the. Kya huya hain batao na.

Maan sighed and looked at her sadly: geet I have to go London for a important meeting. The name of London was enough for geet to feel restless, maan sensed that. he kissed her cheeks.  2weeks ke liye hain.

Geet: kab jana hain? she asked in a low tone.

Maan can see the sadness in her eyes: 8 din baad.  He caresses her lips with his thumb, abhi time hain and I want to enjoy the time with u. waise bhi 5 month k baad final semester and I will be free from this study. Geet smiles a little again her heart pained to hear that. he cupped her face in his palm and kissed her forehead. Aise udas rahogi to mujhe takleef hogi, u know I hate ur sad face. I will be always beside u. zindegi k harm mor pe mujhe apne sath dekhogi geet. Jab bhi dar lage ya udas lage ankhe band karke mera naam lena, dekhna ek smile in khubsurat hotho pe sabse pehle ayegi.


She smiles hearing his sweet romantic talk. He leaned on her whispering in her ear.

Maan: abb agar aise smile karogi I won’t be able to resist u now. I will take u right here. Her eyes widen as he pressed his body on her. the heat passed in fraction. Her palms touched his chest, the skin burnt her in desire. His white jacket was exposing his perfect toned chest. The bulged biceps and muscle was utterly delicious. Her one small touch set a fire in him. his grip got tighten on her perfect curvy waist and pulls her more close to him. he lips touched her neck with wet kisses.


Geet: maan. she moans his name but it was encouraging him more and he slides her black strap of her left shoulder kissing it madly. He left his mark chewing it, then licking it to sooth her pain. His hot mouth was pleasuring her and she felt weak on her knees. Geet tightly clutches his neck pulling him close to her. his palm rubbed her bre*** above her dress. Maan, no please. We will lose it.

Maan: I want u now.

Geet: no. she smiles as he frowns with baby face then bite her curves over the dress…. maannnnn she shriek and he sealed her mouth.  U r the worst. She mumble in the kiss…

Maan: I know that.





They finally comes to back stage where everyone was waiting for them. Arohi gave a killing look to both where arjun gave teasing look to maan who was giving dangerous glare. Geet left out in this glaring game.

Arohi came close to geet and whispered: kaha reh gayi thi tu?

Geet: sorry yaar wo bas

Arohi: ha ha pata hain maan k sath romance me busy hogi.

Geet looked here and there and whisper back: nahi aisi baat nahi hain wo main

Arohi; abb bakhri mat ban, I know aur ye love bite hawa me to nahi huye, she pointed her neck geet instantly touched the area.. uff abb sabka attention mat le. Hota hain aisa I know. She sighed and geet gave a teasing smile to her then both giggles. Maan and arjun looked at the duo weirdly. But the rudra entered the place. All the other girls from other collages were nearly fainting but he gave a damn. He went to geet and arohi.

Rudra: all the best gudiya.

He gave a side hug to geet who mouted a thank u and other girls only felt jealous with her luck, here they are dying for one autograph he is hugging her.

Maan and arjun made faces.

Maan: I thought u wil be in boy’s team.

Rudra: yes I m in boys team but where my gudiya is my wishes and luck will be there only. Geet shows her tongue to maan who was annoyed 1st then gave a teasing smile looking at her lips. Geet gulp her saliva and looked away. Then something hit her and she looked at rudra.

Rudra sensed her tension and signaled her they will talk later. Maahi walked in and hugged geet tightly.

Geet: oye hoye love birds ek sath.

Maahi whispher in her ear: Thank u Mishty.

Geet smiles and genuinely hugged her tight: I m happy for u both.


Naina came there and inform the dance will start in next 10 min and everybody started running here n there.








the music started and it was boys who started the dance with an attitude. Maan smirks looking at the girl who should been cheering for girls but seeing his charm started clapping for him.


thug le song from Ladies VS Ricky Behl



Ladkon ki ungli pe

Naache hai zamaana


His smirk didn’t go unnoticed but other girls who was cheering for geet. Dev gave a teasing smile to naina who gave a dangerous glare to him. maan care a damn about others, he was just waiting for his jaan who is hiding somewhere, wanted to come at the last moment to blow him with her style.




Ladkon ki ungli pe

Naache hai zamana

Simple yeh funda hai

Kudiyon ko batana

Lute nahi lut jaaye

Jeete nahi pat jaaye


He did the dance step at ease, showing his wrist and then finger tip with swinging his toned body.



Kudiyaan hai jebon mein rakh le


Kudiyaan nu thug le, thug le

Kudiyaan nu thug le, thug le

Thug le thug le thug le


His front bent back and forth in rhythm and his leg were shaking on the beats only….





Kudiyaan nu thug le, thug le


Kudiyaan nu thug le, thug le

Kudiyaan nu thug le, thug le

Thug le, thug le, thug le


Just then he heard sound of whistle and clapping, he turn to see geet entering the place with her team, a sexy walk with cute smile that can take anyone’s breath. She winked at him and stood infront of him.



Ladkon ko lagta hai

Easy jeet jaana


She pushed his chest and pointed to his team with her finger, and made innocent faces looking at the audience. He raises his eye brow she came before him and showed her hand to show the lyrics of the song. She enact boy’s big mouth but 0 balance, her hand went from her waist to hip and she swing in a rhythm to just blown the boys, maan was no exception.








Ladkon ko lagta hai

Easy jeet jaana

Iss baar unko

hara ke hai dikhana

Badi badi haanke hai

Yunhi hawa phaanke hai

Jebe bhari khali hai akalein




Mundeyaan nu thug le, thug le


Mundeyaan nu thug le, thug le

Thug le thug le thug le


she mouthed the song but her eyes were on maan who smirks at her, that clearly said danger.






Mundeyaan nu thug le, thug le


Mundeyaan nu thug le, thug le

Mundeyaan nu thug le, thug le

Thug le, thug le, thug le


Thug le …..

Na na na…


He held her hand then shoved off and showed how nagging girls are by avoiding her and walked away, geet made O and pouted her lips.



Jitni ghaas daalo,


Taarife nikaalo

Utne hai inke

Bhaav badhte hain


Now geet came in front and showed her big eyes to enact how boys drool over girls, she held her own wrist and showed how boys always on a loop to get a chance with girl.





Mauka taadte hain

Chauka maarte hain

Haath pakdaa do

Sur pe chdhte hain


Maan came forward and winked at her with blowing a kiss… she literally forgot her step with that.



Tode inki chaalein


Sheh maat de daale

Yeh maza maza leke chakh le


She soon composed herself and pushed him from her way, and dance on the beat, she did the signature step…



Mundeyaan nu thug le, thug le


Mundeyaan nu thug le, thug le

Mundeyaan nu thug le, thug le

Thug le, thug le, thug le


Maan too joined her and rest of the gang merged together. Both were doing the signature step making the audience crazy.





Kudiyaan nu thug le, thug le

Kudiyaan nu thug le, thug le

Kudiyaan nu thug le, thug le

Thug le, thug le, thug le



Geet and maan faced each other, their hand enter locked and pulling each other close.





Kudiyaan nu thug le


Mundeyaan nu thug le


Ho Kudiyaan nu thug le


Mundeyaan nu Mundeyana nu thug le


Kudiyaan nu

Mundeyaan nu

Kudiyaan nu

Mundeyaan nu

Thug le..




They stopped the dance with a fire work and BANG.. the audience couldn’t help but giving huge amount of clapping.. maan smiles at each other then maan sneaked his hand in her waist. Bothe bowed to the audience and the curtain dropped….



Precap: rudra leaving india, why?



all pix credit goes to Sumi, Sana, and Nalini,, thanks sweethearts and special thanks to Naji di for the merged picture


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