Kagaz Ki Kashthi Luv tht Sacrifices Life Part 55



Sorry guys, this part doesn’t content the preap one, maan mahika shiv trio, this is about something else but the most important part of this new track.


Lots of mistakes are there, didn’t get the time to check it, Pardon for that.



Page 55


he wiped all the tears and now mahika was giggling throwing her hands and legs to show her excitement. she held his face in his cute palm, for a moment shiv maan n geet was confuse what she want to do, and then maan’s face burnt in jealousy to see mahika kissing shiv’s cheek… geet was nearly fainting, seeing that. 1st mahika never showed her love except her dada and now seeing the fuming maan she knew world war 3 is going to happen.


She ran to save shiv but maan had already entered the room. The bang of the door brought both shiv n mahika to the real world. Shiv’s eyes were already wide but mahika clapped her hand in excitement. maan gave a murderous glare to shiv who made a baby face to mahika and started mumbling something, obviously cursing him.


Maan instantly took mahika from him who is now cringing to him.

Shiv: wah dad kya agaye buddy ko vul hi gaye.

Maahika giggle at him and kissed maan’s cheek, soon his all anger vanished with the wetty kissy. He kissed her nose and smiles.

Shiv (st): thank u yaar mahika, u saved me from this ravan. Warna abhi apne gusse ka dus sar bahar nikalta.

Maan: what are doing here at this hour Shiv?

Shiv: ohh,, I just came here to give u this file, need lot of changes, I had marked all, see it  at early hour.

Maan: ok, u can go now.

Shiv really wanted to hit him, he looked at mahika, wanted to hold her a little more, maan sensed his attention.

Maan: u had played with her enough; do u want me to play with ur bone?  Shiv gulps to hear the dangerous tone.

Shiv: dekho its not my fault. Wo geet was here but she got some call and went out of the cabin. Some signal problem,, mahika was on the couch and she would have been fallen down if I was not here. So I took her and then she was crying so I had to narrate some childhood moment to stop her cry. Bas

Maan was 1st shock with his blabbering but then angry knowing geet left mahika alone here and that too infront of shiv.  But then heard how shiv had told their childhood story to stop mahika’s crying, he chuckle at the thought of stopping the cry of a 2 month old child he actually narrated a whole story. Not one but many. He saw the relief on shiv’s face as maan walked passed him and brought a crib for mahika. Shiv was amused to see the setup but what can he say, he knew how possessive maan is for mahika.

Shiv: ok I m leaving. Need to visit site.

Saying so he hurriedly went off without hearing what maan want to say. Maan chuckle and mahika giggle to see the sight, just then geet entered the room. She was hell scared knowing till now shiv had told him all and he will be mad at her.



Maan saw geet entering the cabin, she gave a nervous smile, trying to be show she doesn’t know about shiv and mahika’s moment.


Geet: maan, wo I need to go home, mahika must be missing family na? she tried to give lame excuse to which maan narrowed his eyes.. she tried to take mahika from the crib but maan held her arms and brought her close to him, she looked at his eyes, which was showing anger. She actually shivered with the intensity of his eyes.. now she is cursing her plan. Somewhere her long forgotten fear was coming back. maan sensed that and loosen his grip. He never thought she will again fear him, but the look in her eyes was enough to tell him she was remembering those 7 days when she was away from mahika. Her eyes filled up but she lowered her eyes. The tear was ready to fall but maan took the tear drop in his fingers.

Geet: maan wo main, but maan took a step further to reach her. as a reflex she took 2 step back. he was unsure about what she is feeling but she is sad for sure. He again took a step further but geet took more step back. maan really I didn’t meant to leave mahika like that,, I know I m at fault, I shouldn’t have leave her alone with shiv, I m sor,,,


She hit the file self but maan cut her talks putting a finger on her supple lips. She looked at him with tear in her eyes.

Maan: u still feared me geet? His eyes were showing pain only, pain knowing his mishty still fear him. knowing she still can’t trust on herself that she can take any decision on her own.

Geet: mujhe laga aap

Maan’s body almost crushed her petite form with the file self.

He touched her cheeks with his knuckle: main kya geet? Do u still fear that I may take mahika away? Geet do u think I will repeat my mistake again? I was repenting every moment, do u know how much pain I felt seeing u in pain. I m sorry geet for those days.

Geet: no maan, please don’t say sorry, it just my motherhood is little feared.

Maan’s one hand went on her waist and on cupped her face pulling her close to him.

Maan: I know whatever I did gave u a scare but I want u to forget that, u have more right on anything geet. U have the only right on my life.

Geet looked at him as the last tear escaped from her eyes, but maan instantly sucks it and she closed her eyes. Her hands went on his nape massaging and arousing him further.

Maan: geetttt,,, he groans and she smiles. Geet u just wait for toni8 and see what I will do with u, she gulps her saliva but it was too late he smirks at her.


Soon they heard mahika’s cry and both gave their attention towards her. geet ran towards her scooping her in her arms, maan slides his hand in her waist from behind. Geet jumped with that but maan kissed her cheeks from back, mahika stopped her cry but giggle to see a shock geet. She pouted her lips and maan again kissed her cheek more tightly.





After few days……………..




Maan entered the mansion to see a gloomy geet. He looked at his family who were as sad as geet, he signaled aniee to say what happen.

Maan: what happen, sab itne chup kyun hain?

Aniee: bhabhi ko jana hain Massori. Her aunt wanted to see her.

Maan was also feeling sad, just the thought of geet going away gave him goose bumps; he saw geet looking at him only.

He sighed and went in their room.

Though geet was sad but the reason was only family mahika and maan, but maan knew she is missing her family and she had told him that she missed her massi and sister, though he doesn’t know much about her family but she loves her sister like anything and she always misses her. maan with much difficulty made her relax and taught her the importance of going to see her family because they need her now.






Geet: maan I need to go but I can’t stay away from u and mahika, main kya karu? She made a sad face. Maan made her sit on the lap and started caressing her waist, and nuzzled to her neck, she moans but soon get her control. She frowns and pushes him and pouted her lips. Maannnn


Maan: geet u r going for 2 days, do u know how hell it will be for me? and don’t worry about mahi, I m here na?

Geet: hmmm isika to fikar hain, she murmured. His grip grew stronger on her waist squeezing it seducing her more. he kissed her neck.

Maan: I heard u.. she smiles holding his neck. We will miss u a lot. Please come back.

It made her sad: u know why I m going.

Maan looked at her eyes and kissed her nose: I know and I will be waiting for u. u know I m always beside u whenever u need me for anything. ur family is mine too geet.





Geet sat on the bed remembering last night when maan was consoling her but she was sad to leave him n mahi.. she wanted to come with maahi here but the weather of massori wasn’t pleasant and mahika catch cold very soon, she is thankful to god that mahika can stay with maan for long hours, she is here for some reason and that need only a day, traveling again n again that too in 2 day can be harmful for mahi so she left her with maan. now she is glad that she came here, her family really needs her. her massi came there and caresses her head..

Maasi: geet, (she looked at her) baby ki yaad arahi hain?

Geet: hmm , but I know mahika must be enjoying with her dada, she is more attach to him. geet made a pouting face, maasi smiles at her.

Maasi: sach me tu abhi bhi bacchi hain, sometime I thought how can u be married and that too happily.. didi is lucky to have maan as their son in law. Kash main bhi,

Geet’s eyes became moist: don’t worry maasi,, u will also receive ur son in law and that too genuine and lovable who will love Her more than himself.

Maasi cried: wo to tab hoga jab wo Usse bhulegi, pata nahi kon hain, but meri bacchi ko zinda lash banake chor diya.

Geet: jo bhi hain wo maasi, I HATE HIM, I will never forget him for making my SANJH like this, for snatching her reason for living. For making her a dead soul.. geet cried looking at her Sanjh, her replica.. looking out the window, lost in her own thought.. she was standing in front of the window but there was no emotion on her, her eyes had lost the park it had some day. Her glow had lost. But there is an unknown waiting in her eyes. Like her eyes in searching for something, someone.


Geet came behind her and hugged her from back but she didn’t hugged her or made any effort to show her affection, just staring at the never ending horizon..


Geet: 5yrs Sanjh, 5yrs yrs but u are numb,, do u know how much I m missing ur nonstop chatting, our masti.. please come back to me sanjh, I can’t see u like this. We are meeting after 1 n half yr but there is no happiness in u. Remember whenever we met after every holiday from our childhood u were the one who missed me most. But now I m losing my patience, 5yrs is not a small time sanjh, I missed my sister. My TWIN.  Everybody said we shared everything, our feeling are same but when I m happy in my life why u r so hollow inside, why u can’t feel my happiness.. please come back to me. I need my Sister, my Best frnd. My Di.  I swear di, I will bring u back one day, ur geetu will bring ur rajkumar, ur prince, once u said u will find my prince, but see I have my hubby, and do u know mahika, my baby’s eyes are exactly like u. she needs u. please lets go to her..

Geet couldn’t hold herself and cried… I hate HIM di, I hate those who made u like this, Zindegi me kabhi unse mili to puchungi Meri Sanjh ne kya galti ki thi, sirf pyar kiya tha, aur ye mila usse. Kyun? U don’t worry di, I will bring a perfect prince for u. geet wanted to receive some kind of reaction but sanjh freed herself and went away.

Geet fell on her knees: kyun babaji, meri Sanjh ke sath hi aisa kyun?



Sanjh is Geet’s Twin. sanjh is 5 min older than geet, but they never stayed together as geet’s aunty(maasi) didn’t had any child.. her aunt Rituka is her mother Rano’s twin and both shared a great bond. Their destiny was always together.  When her aunt lost her baby in her womb only and doctor declared she can’t conceive ever in life. rano couldn’t handle her broken state, and gave her one child to her, everyone denied so was rituka but rano was adamant giving her sanjh, knowing maybe she cannot meet her often as they lived in delhi and rituka with her husband lived in massori.  Everybody thought rano will be broken to give her child but she was much stronger than anyone, she declare that Sanjh is only rituka’s daughter and everyone will treat her like that, they parted but geet and sanjh shared same bond as their mothers. Rano never let her call her maa, though sanjh n geet knew everything but they respected rano’s love for her sister. There are very few ppl who can give everything to their love ones. geet and sanjh were like shadow, both of their emotions are same, but taste are different yet similar sometime, both knew they are twins but in front of the world they showed they are cousin sister. Never they let rituka feared or insecure about her motherhood. Sanjh always thought only rituka is her mother not rano and geet accepted it also. But the time geet n sanjh met the world only gaped at them, they were different yet replica. Both loved each other more than their life. They are two body one soul. But the soul snatches by some brutes. She doesn’t knew what happen 5yrs back. she was in Canada when sanjh came to delhi for her higher study, she wanted to come soon but her studies stuck her there, but when she came to know sanjh’s sudden accident she left everything and came here. She never let anyone to know where sanjh is because she was afraid of something, sanjh always shared her everything with geet, they were in touch trough FB, Internet. And sanjh told her about her best frnds and her love but never told her their name as she wanted geet to come soon and that was her blackmailing processer to make her come india. And geet never insisted her as she herself wanted to meet those person. But when she came to know about sanjh accident she was sure its because of those 2 persons.


Sanjh had told her she was in pain, the one she loved the most had never loved her. geet hated the person who made her lively sanjh like a dead body. Before she can come to india sanjh tried to commit suicide but she wasn’t successful. she became a dead soul as she was blank, she was paralyzed for more than 3 yrs, but with geet and family she recovered it which was itself a miracle.  But she lost her speaking ability, she can hear everything but she doesn’t want to put that in her mind, she is simply blank. She doesn’t know about world or its surrounding. Doctors were doing the limited thing because rituka was from a middle class family and so was geet’s they both were trying hard for her treatment but doctors told them sanjh herself doesn’t want to come out from her state. Everything was going same but the problem was sanjh’s mental truma, though she couldn’t talk or react but very often she had tried suicide attempts again n again. And this time was serious when she slits her wrist.. and that’s why they called geet who is her only savior now. She wants her to take away from this depressing atmosphere. Maybe the place she lost everything she will get her everything. Geet wanted to take her to delhi and rituka herself told rano to take her there. And rano was always ready for her. so geet came here to take sanjh to delhi, maybe meeting with maan sanjh will feel better.





Precap: same and the old one.


Actually when I started this fic I never thought I would add this track, so pardon if I took any wrong step. And give some writer liberty.


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  1. dear i didn’t get when geet was in canada???

    she hav seen maan, shiv n their friend photo also rite??? even video she had seen then how geet didn’t recgonise its her sister???


    but trach is mast… i lik ua new track… n i wil tell geet tat those two persons are maan n shiv… n i’m happy tat shiv will get his love back n of course saanjh too…


  2. poor sanjh hope soon shiv alsi love her and waiting for trio masti


  3. wht a twist.. sanjh n geet!! bt i thot geet knew maan n shiv’s frnd’s name is sanjh..? bt.. waiting 4 more..


  4. awesome dear loved it


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