Kaisi Kashish Hain Yeh Part 35




part 35




Geet: I want to know about samiksha. U know everything about maan then u will know about them as well.. what relation they actually shared and what she was doing in Mumbai?

Aadi was sweating but his face was showing sorrow.


Aadi: samiksha mam and maan sir were frnds from childhood, both were together in school and then maan sir did his collage from another Uni, so they spilt. And after their degree they once again met and samiksha mam’s father help maan sir to make KC no1 in india. She was great help for maan sir, but

Geet: but?

Aadi: as because samiksha mam’s father helped him, maan sir respected him a lot so he always kept himself far from samisksha mam. Geet keenly looked at aadi who gave a nervous smile. I mean that kind of closeness he prefers not to be with her like that. they were frnds but he never crossed the limit of closeness with her, but mam somewhere everyone can see samiksha mam was attracted to maan sir, there were gossips about them that they were dating each other. samiksha mam loved him but I know he had clearly said he respect her and her father, his Casanova image will ruin their name only, maybe his honesty made her fall in love with her.

Geet: how do u know she loves him.

Aadi smiles awkwardly: we had seen her almost 3yrs, she can do anything for maan sir and more over she had rejected a good number of good looking men. But the big part was samiksha mam was really possessive about maan sir’s surrounding. She never liked any girl near him for long. And he just obeyed her not to make her angry with his flings. Some thought maybe he also loved her but never showed because of his Casanova image but if MSK loves someone he has the guts to declare to the world.


Geet smiles remembering his declaration of their love to the love, he never felt ashamed to accept his feeling in front of the world.


Geet: thanks aadi for all the information.

Aadi: no need of thanks mam but can I say u something?

Geet: yeah.

Aadi: never point a finger towards his love mam. Once he said something that means its the final truth of the world. And his eyes speak more than words.

Geet(st): yes that eyes was always his mirror of heart, it was me who was blind in revenge and now he had concealed himself so much that its not possible to find what is going in his heart.

Geet smiles at aadi: thank u aadi.






Its already 11pm still maan is no way coming home, her tension is growing with each passing second.


Her heart pained to see him like that,, the state of him was tormenting her, she knew he was trying to forget his pain by drinking and staying with samiksha but inside he was hoping that today atleast he will not hurt her. but alas. Fate doesn’t want that,, again his mind covered his heart and she looked at the scene.


Samiskha was trying to balance him as he was fumbling on his feet, he saw geet and smiles at her. geet tried to touch him but he shoved her and cringed to samisksha.


Maan: sasha, tell her to go away from here, I don’t need her help. Or else she will again accuse me for nothing.

Geet: maan. she said in hoarse voice.

Sasha: please geet, u can talk to him later, let me take him inside the room at least.

Geet forcefully took the charge and make maan hug her almost.

Geet: thank u for ur help, now I can handle it.

Sasha: yeah I can see that, ur interference had done a lot of damage now,

Geet: its quite late and I don’t want any guest to be my door at this hour, thanks now u can leave. She said in a calm voice and took maan away from there.



In the room maan keep shoving her hand and she keep repeating, until he was ready to take her help.

Geet took his coat off then started opening his shirt’s button. But the closeness was creating havoc. He keep looking at her where she slowly opens his shirt. As a reflex his hand goes on her waist pulling her close. Automatically her breath swallowed. She looked at his eyes which shows desire and love for her.


She hates his drinking but unfortunately his drinking only brought her lovable maan. she closed her eyes feeling his finger playing on her waist chain. His thumb was pressing on her naval.


Geet: Maan, she moans. He lowered himself to her ear.

Maan: u always drives me crazy, why geet. Why can’t I forget ur touch? Why can’t I remove ur existence from my life, why can’t I leave u and this game just like that. why? She can see the helplessness and pain there. She just stares at his eyes couldn’t fathom what to say. U know aaj sasha kya keh rahi thi? Geet’s ears become alert. She said I should give u a divorce and start my life again. Huh, usse kya pata my life is already finished. I have gone long way. I can’t take u out of my life. I don’t know why. I can’t. I need u every sec by my side. Geet smiles painfully looking at him. he smirks, nahh not to give love, but hatred. I told u na, u will hate urself. I need to see that myself.

Geet: I m all urs maan. do whatever u want, but be strong after that. we will need it.

Maan didn’t understand what she said but soon alcohol took over him and he passes out. geet carefully placed him on the bed, then took out his pant’s belt, shoes and socks. She kept looking at him long hour and eventually slept without taking any pills.





After few days,


Sasha: maan kab tak aise chalega? Why can’t u divorce her and stop the chaos once n for all.

Maan: I told u I can’t leave her, rather say I won’t let her live in peace.

Sasha: yeah I can see that she said sarcastically. My work is almost done, I will be leaving in few days, till then I want to enjoy ur company and delhi.

Maan was lost somewhere: hmm..

Sasha was irritated with his behavior: how can u let a girl rule over u maan? u only gave her the power and now see she is already on ur heart and mind.

Maan thought for few min, yes she is right, the man who had never gave any opportunity to anyone to know him or rule over him today is helpless in love, that too with someone who had crushed his love under her feet. Though he can see she wants everything like before he simply can’t trust her, but moreover himself. He is afraid if he gave her a second chance and again if she breaks that he will be shatter then, to save his heart he is masking himself again with the old MSK.

Maan: ok sasha this 5 days for u only. Whatever u says we will do that only. She smiled and hugged him tight and that moment some clicked the photographs. Obviously newspaper got something chatpata. The area was deserted place in a night club. Seeing them their page 3 got their next sensational story.



Next day maan entered KM to see whole family was there and tension written on faces. But there was one person who was blank. He saw Geet who stood near the big window staring at the outside with a lost look. He smiles at his dadima who just came from her HP visit with his dad Viren.


Maan: what happen, sab itne shant kyun hain? just then he receives someone  throwing  newspaper on his face. His eyes snapped and rage covered but before he can blast on the person his eyes caught the headlines.

‘MSK found making out in a night club’

‘MSK was busy in romancing with his childhood sweetheart’

‘is Mrs MSK ready to give him Divorce?’



His eyes were read in fury, he wanted to take their life for publishing this stupid news. But then something hit him. he looked at sasha who was tensed but not regretful. And then his eyes went on geet who’s face shows nothing.


Viren: can u explain this maan, he shout.

Maan smirks: what to explain? Everything is in front of ur eyes.

Dadima: maannnn…. How can u do this?

Meera: bhai keh do ye sab jhoot hain, I know u love geet and ye sasha

Maan: not a word against sasha.

Sasha looked at him with admiration and respect, she always did.  maan stood beside her.

Maan: I don’t need to give explanation, when my family isn’t ready to trust me why should I bother.

Viren; its not about trust maan. I know u love geet. But ye sab, u should have clear everything so that no one can point a finger on ur relation.

Maan laughed at him: relation?? What relation u r talking about dad? When press had published those uncertain things no one said to her to clear everything, then why now? There is no LOVE dad, and please u stay out of it, u don’t have any rights to talk about in my matter.

Viren: Maan. he said painfully but maan was least interested.

Dadima: maan hume laga tha aap wo sab vul gaye lekin

Maan: lekin main nahi vula, how can u think I will forget my insult dadi? It was Geet who forced me to become the person I m right now, still u guys are taking her side.. maan clapped his hands, Wow Geet u did a great job. She didn’t even turn to look at the family drama. She was lost somewhere. Just then all heard a voice.

Geet turn to see the person, 1st time a genuine smile formed on her face where her eyes got moisten.


Geet: papaji.

Mohindar: don’t call me that geet, u have lost the right.

Rano: please aap geet se aise mat baat karo na. isme iski kya dosh hain,, her frnds were the main culprit then why everyone is punishing my daughter. Geet looked at her parents blankly. She had been craving for parents love, she thought 1st they will hug her, console her, shower their love on her. Cocoon her and she will finally break the barrier that was holding a world. But her every hope became breaking like a mirror.

Geet: aap dono aaj yaha kaise? She said in a cold voice that can shiver anyone but her father was enraged.

Mohindar: we should come here much before but I didn’t want to see ur face geet.

Rano: please aap chup rahiye. Geet tere darji ko mild attack aaya tha, and its because of ur accusation on maan in Mumbai. Everyone saw the news and darji had to bear insult in the society.

Mohindar: its because of u my father went through so much geet, just like u respect and love ur father I also loved my father, I can’t take anyone pointing a finger on my father’s reputation and because of u it happened, main to aaj bhi yaha nahi aana chahta tha lekin I had to come because of savitri devi ji. Wo Hosiyarpur sirf issi liye aayi thi take sabko mana sake k tum dosi nahi ho, lekin dekho, hum aaye the ye samajh ke sab thik hogaya hain to hume bhi sab vul jana chahiye, but when maan himself doesn’t want to accept u who are we to take decision. Its better not to come between u two.

Geet: papaji. She whisper

Mohindar: but geet remember one thing, if u can’t take care of ur relation with maan then forget about ur family too… we don’t have any place for u in our life. I guess u have lots of friends who can care for u.


Geet takes 2 step back. she can’t handle anymore. she looked at maan who’s face was showing tension, yes she knew he is not happy to hear all this but his ego is stopping to accept he still loves her, his ego is stopping to raise his voice to protect her. she can’t see him in this condition, she can’t see his dilemma anymore.


She smiles looking at everyone, a painful smile. and then walked out leaving a dumfounded family.  She walked away from the mansion walking like dead body…



Rano cried seeing her daughter, she wanted to hold her but mohindar held her hand tightly. Slowly slowly her image faded from the room but then maan felt restless…


Maan: u shouldn’t have said this papaji. Mohindar and others looked at him in confusion, maan looked at him with red eyes, he greeted his teeth. Whatever happened is between me and my wife, u shouldn’t have drag ur daughter in it. after marriage she is my wife and I won’t tolerate a word against her. Everyone was shocked and surprised to hear that.. but maan continued, whatever happened is between us so only I have the right to treat her any way I want but no one has the right to show her place where she deserves or not.

Mohindar: but bête

Maan cut him: kaisa beta, jo apni beti ko apni zindegi se nikal sakta hain wo kisi aur ko kaise bête ka jagah de sakta hain. in my life there is no place for any father for me. I m happy being like this. he stomped away from there leaving baffled members.


He crashed everything of the room remembering her painful eyes, why he is doing this he don’t know, he should been happy to see her breaking, he smirks where a glass pieces slit his hand dipping in blood.


Maan: u deserves this geet, but why my heart is paining for u? no I don’t have any heart, then why its hurting… he remember her looking at him expectantly. yes because I wanted the pain only cause of my words and act not others. I can’t let anyone hurt u because its only MY RIGHT TO HURT U. yes that’s why only I felt bad for u.


But still a corner of his heart know he can’t see her in pain whoever the reason is.


Somewhere she was walking mindlessly. her face was showing nothing, no tears no pain, but some kind of blankness. She reached the deserted temple and looked at the idol of Krishna ji, like asking many question from her eyes still nothing comes out from her mouth, it’s a deserted area where no one came probably.  Her mind was numb, but her eyes were searching for someone. She heard the voice.



She turned and gave a small smile but the person knew how much pain the smile hold,

Geet: Armaan.

He wanted to hold her but the face shook him, he knew how much pain she is holding, his whole existence is just shaking with the thought of her pain.

He came close to her: tune ye kya haal bana di hain geet. his tears came out seeing his little gudiya like that. she didn’t said anything but he engulfed her in his embrace.

Armaan: geet break ur barrier please.

Geet: kuch nahi raha armaan. I m afraid kahi der na ho jaye. She closed her eyes and long tears made her way. she opens her eyes and smiles. Seeing the person she couldn’t hold herself. She broke the hug and ran to hold her soul sister.

Geet: ridz, she hiccups and broke down finally.. sab kuch khatam hogaya. Maine sab kho diya ridz. Main itni buri hu kya? Am I that bad? Please tu bolna unhe, main unse bohot pyar karti hu, I can’t live without him. but he still thinks I will betray him, say him na I had never betrayed him, I loved him always. Please tu jaake bol na maan ko main unse bohot pyar karti hu. I will die without him. I,,, I,,,


Riddhima felt her limping, she shriek in horror as geet slides down hlding her on the floor.


He ran to her but saw her closing eyes.



1st precap: end of torture or new beginning?

2nd precap; She is dead. Geet mar gayi.




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  1. Posted by ayesha komal on July 9, 2012 at 8:04 pm

    plz dude sari sachai samny lao plz phir new beginning karwao plz yar ab sab sach samny any do


  2. superb update… each n everyone’s expression i mean feelings u hav explaines is mindblowing… love u yaar…

    n what a heartbrokin precap??? yaar u told maan’s emotion to us, his insecurity n all to justify his act… s s s it is rite frm his side, but geet knew only tat he still loves her but she missunderstud his insecurity as he don trust her love….

    i wish ke ridz, armaan ,abhay i mean all must come to kno how maan feels…. how he is not able to love or accept his love for her even he wants so… u justified maan’s act, i must say maan s correct but still geet’s blank expression force us to think somewhere geet is more hurt…

    geet ke liye fir bhi pehlese dost the but my maan is always alone… kaise kahu mai kya chahti hu i’m not gud at words yaar… now i don want to everyone accuse him bcoz of his anger n behaviour geet is in this state n blah blah blah… he ll b guilt for sure coz he is jus maskin his love with hatered rite..

    n m too tooo tooooooooo excited for next update… update soon meri jaan… wit love…


  3. tich i forgot to mention last paraghraph its jus awsome the dosti u hav showed b/w them…

    is jus words nai mil rahe taarif karne ke liye.. jus love u..


  4. painful updt.. bt beautifully written!!
    evrybdy s in pain bt no one’s willing 2 budge fm their pov
    maan’s pain n ego..
    geet’s turmoil of guilt n pain!! bt nw atleast she’s got armaan n ridz
    waiting 4 d nxt one..


  5. awesome n painful update
    loved it
    continue soon


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