Kaisi Kashish Hain Yeh Part 36

Part 36



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Riddhima felt her limping, she shriek in horror as geet slides down holding her on the floor.


He ran to her but saw her closing eyes.





Maan looked the room the mirror was broken and shattered on the floor. He looked at his wounded hand, blood was coming out covering his palm. But no pain was in his eyes, his mind was lost somewhere. Just geet’s painful smile is come to his vision; he closed his eyes feeling frustrated.

Maan: it should feel good to see her in pain, then why I m feeling everything is going away from me, why I m feeling the pain that her eyes posses. His expression moisten, does she had only pain, no.. there was a mockery of her pain. She was making mockery her pain only, like she knew it has to be faced. Her smile started haunting him,, he closed his eyes and shouted falling on his knees.


I hate You GEET.. I just hate u for making me like this, he opens his red eyes which shows anger only. But then his eyes soften seeing Her in white saree.. she was smiling looking at him, but it was not coming from her eyes, those hazels were depicting sorrow and pain in it. he reached his hand towards her but she faded away.  But before that he captured her eyes which has no emotion. Yet a tear drop fell on his hand. he looked at his hand but there was no tear drop, his whole palm was covered with red blood. Soon he heard Samiksha’s voice.

Sasha: maan ye tumne kya kiya? She sounds like panic but maan was lost in those hazel eyes. His heart and mind only remember the picture of geet face, he felt sasha touching his face. He looked at her, Maan u r crying? Maan looked at her fingertips which have his tear. But just a tear drop, maybe a beginning of his sorrow. The sorrow he had buried in himself long yrs ago.






Armaan tried patting her face, and then checked her wrist.. riddhima we have to take her to hospital, she is really weak.


In hospital.


Geet was wide awake..

The result is positive.

Ridz looked at armaan and then geet. Her face was showing so many emotions. Where armaan was blank, ridz can say he is in some other land.

Ridz: we have to talk to him fast,  

ridz was the 1st person to break the silence.

Armaan looked at her and then geet, his eyes were spitting fire, but why, that only geet knew.

Armaan : u have to abort the baby geet.

Geet looked at him with wide eyes, tears were flowing effortlessly.

Ridz become furious: r u mad armaan, u r talking about aborting a baby to its mother. No she will not, Maan will accept it. why u r behaving like this?

But armaan didn’t give any look to her, he just stares at geet who was looking at him with tears.

Geet put her hand on her stomach: sab thik hojayega. She whisper. After so many days she actually smiled, forgetting everything she just cherished her motherhood. She knew maan will the most happiest person in the world. They will start their beginning. She is so happy. she tried to stand but armaan held her. she shoved his hand and started running towards the exit.

Armaan: geet please aise mat ja. Meri baat sun, please. Geet.

But she was gone. Lost in her happiness.


Her long lost smile came on her face, she is happy, yes after this everything will be fine, maan will again start loving her forgetting all the past. He will be so happy to find he is going to be a dad. She knew maan loves kid, she remember 3 n half yrs before when she 1st met him, he scolded her for her negligence, she smiles remembering the night when he had showed his emotion in front of a stranger for the 1st time. yes she knew he is not a person of showing his emotion. But his inner concern for the kid reflected in his commanding voice. She smiles imagining his face when he will hear about their kid.


Geet placed her hand on her flat stomach: baby, papa loves u. he will love u like anything.

She stopped a cab and told him to go her address… armaan n ridz came running but they missed her.

Ridz: armaan, why r u looking so tensed.

Armaan: I m worried for her ridz, I can’t trust that man.

Ridz: trust me armaan, maan dil ka bura nahi hain, dekhna sab thik hojayega aaj k baad.

Armaan: yeah I can see that on her face. I just pray she is ok. armaan stares at the direction but ridz couldn’t understand why he is so worried.


Please listen the song Bhare Naina from Ra.One Movie, it will add the main essence for the part.


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Kyun, na bole mose mohan
Kyun, hai roothe roothe mohan yun
Kaise manaun haye kaise manaun


She looked outside of the window, a new zeal had covered her face, she saw a couple crossing the road, maybe the man is angry, she saw him crossing the path in anger and her cab just missed hitting him straight.  The driver pulls the break on right time but it jerks geet, she protectively cocoon her stomach like she can’t let anything touch her baby. She gulp her saliva then the driver ask if she is ok, she nodded. The driver started cursing the man. But geet saw the amusing sight. The wife who was just behind him, who actually pulls her husband from the road now hugging him tight in fear of losing him. a smile came on geet’s face where a tear escaped looking at the husband who was equally frightened and hugging his wife more tightly. He checked her as if she is ok or not. Geet told the driver not to say anything to them and start driving.


Kyun, na bole mose mohan
Kyun, hai roothe roothe mohan yun
Kaise manaun haye kaise manaun



She drifted to past where maan always showed rudeness but inside him he had always cared for her. she remember when some men eyed her sexy body how much jealous he was, her cheeks turned red remembering the moment they made love beside the pool. But suddenly her expression changed looking at an old woman who was sitting on a bench beside park, but her eyes are searching for her hubby, who always sat beside her. geet knew the couple as they lived beside her area. She knew the lady’s husband just expired few days before. She felt a pang looking the old lady who’s eyes are painful but a sweet smile on her lips. Maybe her husband has came to see her. only she can see that because she still loves him.


Unn bin kate na raina
Unn bin aave na ik pal chaina
Unn bin jiyun to kaise main jiyun haye


Tears escaped from her eyes remembering the day she was in hospital and he came to wake her, yes she remember everything. How can she forget her breathing was hard feeling him close, yes maybe that was in fear but again she knew his heart was feeling fear, fear of losing her. but he had masked himself with a shell.


Bahe naina bhare more naina, jhare more naina
Mohe naina sune nahin kehna, bahe more naina
Bahe naina bhare more naina, jhare more naina
Mohe naina sune nahin kehna, bahe more naina



She remembers the time when he said those magical words. I LOVE YOU GEET. She felt goose bumps remembering the passionate time. but then her tears stuck there. I hate you Geet. She remembers his hurtful words,



But then again she remember his painful words

u again want to run away ha?

u always run away from me,, u don’t love me na?

u know how much I loved u then why u did this geet?

I only wanted a person who will love me and u gave me betrayal like ur frnd,,


Geet (st): no maan, I always loved u, I will never leave u maan. now we will be the happiest couple. I know u will forgive me after this news. Ur love is stronger than ur hatred.


When you go when you leave then you take a little piece of me with you
There’s a hole in my soul coz you take a little piece of me with you




She hurriedly went to KM after paying the taxi driver. Who looked at her amusingly. But blessed her only seeing the happiness on her face. Everyone was there in the mansion except the person she was looking for. Everybody saw her and sighed in relief as she was not in home for more than 4 hours and no one knew where she is.




Maan was lost in his thought, for past 4 hours, sasha had tried to cheer him but he was lost in thoughts.

Sahsa: maan I think u need a break, u should back to ur old self, yes I hated ur GFs but still u were happy.

Maan smiles sadly: I don’t think so sasha.

Sasha placed her hand on his knee: why not maan. u need to forget geet to forget her betrayal,  free her maan, do u think caging her will change anything? maan looked at her thoughtfully. Sasha smirks seeing that. she knew maan well.. he is not a bad man from heart and he also thought for other’s emotion. Maybe this trick will work. she came close to him.  try to think from her behalf, she did all this for money na? every middleclass girl is like that.

Maan: she is not like that, maan said and stood up. sasha felt frustrated but she calmed down, maan was giving his back to her. she came close and touched his wounded hand. maan looked at her, and was shocked to see tears in her eyes. Sasha ye

Sasha: maan I m ur childhood frnd, never I had seen u like this, it pained me to see u like this. everyday punishing urself for loving a person who doesn’t know what is love. Maan wanted to come out of her grip but she suddenly hugged him. maan’s hands were on either side but he was lost in thought. He felt his shirt soaking in her tears. His bandaged hand went on to hug her and placed it on her back to sooth her cry.

Maan please leave her maan. I want to see u happy. happy like before.

She kissed his cheat making maan numb. Her hands went on his shirt buttons and in few second few buttons were open.

Maan was dumbfounded but he couldn’t shoved her: sasha

Sasha: please maan, don’t push me away, u know what feel defeated in love and I have felt that in ur love. She whimpers and maan was too shock to react. Yes maan I loved u always but u never gave me any look beyond frndship. He held her arm but she started kissing his neck sensually, I love u maan.






Everyone asked geet what she is looking for and where she was, is she ok or not, but her eyes were searching for her maan. she wanted to share the happiness with him 1st. meera told her he is in the outhouse and she ran towards the outhouse. 


Haan naino ke dwaare, aane ke vaade
Baandhe aise bolo kaahe
Chaukhat pe dil ki, aahat rakhi hai
Taako pe hai tohre saaye
Unn bin unhe manaaye
Unn bin kabhi jo unko rijhaaye
Unn bin chale hai mora yeh jiya haye



Each step was like a mile for her, she ran but soon balanced herself. Her hand was still on her stomach.  She saw the house is so silent, no servant was there. She ran to the stairs. But some kind of tension engulfs her, her heart beat rose. She stopped for a moment, and then composes herself.


She opens the door of her bedroom with a large smile.


But the smile faded as she witness the scene. She looked at the person whom she loved more than her life. Her eyes moved to the person who was underneath him. she flowed his hand that on her knuckle and her face was buried in his chest. They are partly lying. Samiksha.

Geet looked at the girl who was half lying n half sitting and maan on top of her. her hands were on his collar.  Maan saw sasha looking at the door and followed her gaze. His breath stuck in his throat.


Bahe naina bhare more naina, jhare more naina
Mohe naina sune nahin kehna, bahe more naina
Bahe naina bhare more naina, jhare more naina
Mohe naina sune nahin kehna, bahe more naina



She looked at his eyes which is now wanted to say something but geet’s mind stopped everything. She kept looking at him. maan stood up in hurry, his shirt buttons are open and a scratch on his chest.

He saw her eyes which is now expressionless, his feet tremble to go further to touch her, his heart was throbbing so violently that it can come in fraction. He wanted to hear her, what she is thinking but nothing came. She didn’t say a word. Her hands fell either side and she turn her back, going away from his vision.


He stood there lifeless.. his existence is shaken up seeing her like that, he knew how much pain she felt seeing him here. yes he wanted to give her pain but not this, when he is not at fault, no he can’t let her think whatever she want. It was sasha’s mistake that she tripped and fallen on the bed with him, he was balancing both of them holding her hand. but now her eyes are haunting him.


Geet started walking away without any expression. She came out of the stairs and then out of the house. Her mind reminded the moment she shared with him. the way maan had loved her always, suddenly her mind got clouded. The words started echoing.

His words that had pierced her heart many time still she ignored it thinking today will be the last day of her misery. Today finally maan will frget everything and accept her with his heart, least she knew her heart won’t be able to react after this day.. she is feeling her soul has snatched away from her.


We had great sex sweetheart and I can tell u were the best among all my GFS…

She closed her ears. she clutches her heart squeezing it…


I felt disgust coming close to u

don’t trick me with ur words… I can never trust a Sl** like u

u r a farce,, u r an illusion, ur love was fantasy geet… I hate u…..



she looked at the sky as few raindrop fell on her face. Soon many started accompany her. she remember the time he had accused her, she was begging forgiveness but he was lost in his ego. Tears flicked remembering his promise to be always hers. Her lips shivered, eye balls started roaming to search something, someone. But nothing was there.


Haan komal badi hai, saasan ki dori
Roothe se bhi toot jaaye
Baavan tarah se, jee ko manaaya
Khoje arjun tohri raahein




She walked in KM like a dead body or zombie.


Armaan ran to her looking at her state where ridz shivered to see the expression in her eyes. Armaan started shaking her to speak up but nothing fell on her deaf ear. She started walking upstairs. Armaan shouted her name but she was lost. Dadima came to her and hugged her expressing her happiness of being great grandmother. Meera too hugged her. her parents came and hugged her. she didn’t reciprocate anything, just stood there like nothing is going in mind. Everyone get worried and then saw her state. They tried to know what happen but she shoved their hand walking away from them. She was walking in her old room.


Unn bin unhe na paayun
Unn bin unhe main karva lagaun
Unn bin unhe na mora jee lagey haye


She looked at the surrounding, dadima had started settling the room like before. She saw the photo frame of their wedding. She came close to that and started caressing it. tears again flew, a painful smile came on her lips.


She touched the dressing table where her sindoor box was lying. She looked at the image. But she couldn’t see her image there. Only maan with someone else came in front of her….


She couldn’t handle anything and broke the mirror with a flower vase crying loudly.

Kyun kiyaaa,,, kyun kiyaaa aisaaa.. she saw the shattered pieces on the table and with that her sindoor and some other cosmetic, she forcefully shattered with her bare hand. shouting and cutting her hand in the process…


Bahe naina bhare more naina, jhare more naina
Mohe naina sune nahin kehna, bahe more naina
Bahe naina bhare more naina, jhare more naina
Mohe naina sune nahin kehna, bahe more naina
Bahe naina bhare more naina, jhare more naina
Mohe naina sune nahin kehna, bahe more naina
Bahe naina bhare more naina, jhare more naina
Mohe naina sune nahin kehna, bahe more naina



Everybody heard the sound and got scared. Armaan was already on the way of her room. Till then maan also came there. He heard the sound of breaking mirror.


Armaan tried to break the door but couldn’t…


Geet looked at the frames and threw them on the floor shattering them into million pieces. She was in mess.


Maan came to help armaan and both broke the door together. The sight was enough to frighten them. geet was sitting in a pool of blood on the floor.  Armaan literally shouted her name where maan was feeling numb.

Armaan shook her to gain her attention but her eyes lost all color. She was staring the blank.

Armaan: kuch bol geet, please. Geet say something. Dekh maan agaya. Tune usse baby k bare me bataya?


Hearing baby’s name maan’s eyes snapped, he looked at geet who gazed at him. he remember her smile when she had entered their room, tears came out from his eyes seeing his geet iss lost.  He wanted to talk to her, wanted to engulf her, wanted to forget everything and kissed her senseless, but maybe his sin has reached the amount of explore. He tried to say something but geet showed her hand to stop him.



Precap: she is critical.

Mar gayi geer, she is dead.


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  1. omg.. tht was such a painful updt.. dont know hw much more eithr of dem can tk!! plz dont mk it worse for dem..


  2. Nice part dear luvd it ab maan kya karega aur yeh kisne kaha ki geet mar gayi???


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    really painful update….


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    i’m sorry to say this geet agn didn’t trust maan…. she loved him insanely but she lack in trust… where maan is already hurt bcoz of this mistrust of her…


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