Kagaz Ki Kashthi Luv tht Sacrifices Life Part 56




Sorry couldn’t reply anyone, but need to clear some confusion of my readers, here it is.

@ nostalgic_soul, geet saw their videos of teenage time, sanjh was not there in that time

@ Alamelu, no dear geet have never heard sanjh’s name when shiv n maan were talking, she just heard there was a girl and when she wanted to know maan avoided so she left the topic thinking it will hurt maana dn about sanjh, she doesn’t know full thing, she just knew sanjh loved someone and she has best frnd, who are very good, but nothing much they shared.

@ Remya_Pillai, shiv and maan never knew sanjh has any sister because she never told them, and about twin, they partly look like not actually identical. And in this update u will get to know maan has enquired about geet’s sibling and everyone said she is alone.



Part 56



Maan was busy in office but his all attention was on mahika, she was at home with others, but his mind couldn’t rest in peace, he wanted to run to her and cocoon her small form, but this urgent work just caught him, he need to give 2 hr for the meeting and he will leave the office. Shiv was noticing his restlessness, he must be missing mahika, shiv knew him and saw the irritation on maan’s face that now floating on staff members as small mistakes are causing them to lose their jobs.

Shiv; maan stop firing people, mahika will be fine, everyone is at home.

Maan loosen his tie and relaxed on the chair: I m feeling restless.

Shiv: when geet is coming? And why she had gone so urgently.

Maan: she will be at home till tonight, she was saying her sister need medical attention so I offered her that we can treat her here.

Shiv: what happen to her sister?

Maan: idk, don’t know properly, but I guess mental trauma, geet said she haven’t spoke from 5yrs, I wanted to know the reason but saw her gloomy and sad face so I thought its better to avoid or she will feel broken remembering her sister’s pain.


Shiv was quite for sometime, and then he asked something that was enough for maan to froze.

Shiv: maan when u met geet, u didn’t even think she can be Her. I mean they

Maan: it’s the 100th time I m saying she is GEET, not SANJH. To know sanjh I don’t need to see or touch her, the moment I saw her 1st I knew its not HER, and yes that the very 1st thing I hated about her, I hated her to some point because she looks likes her but still she is not Sanjh. When I touched her I knew she is not sanjh. And then I asked dadima that did she have any sister, she said she is only child and sanjh’s sur name was malhotra where geet’s is handa. I thought maybe 2 person same look a like can be found. And more over they are not fully replica. Geet and her eyes are same where their smiles are very much different.

Shiv: their dimples are different. A smile formed on shiv’s face. Maan saw that,, for some unknown reason he also smiles, remembering sanjh’s unique smile, her sound of laugh can make anybody laugh (who had watched DMG, they will know Muskaan’s laughing sound)

Maan: Sanjh was loud and daring

Shiv: Geet is sober, sweet mischievous but emotional.

Maan: Sanjh was tom boy

Shiv: feminist personified with geet.

Maan: her hair was curly and black, a little dusky complexion.

Shiv: Geet’s hair is straight and brown black mix, fair like milk.

Maan gave a dangerous glare to shiv like a warning glare, shiv gave a nervous smile.

Shiv: yes they are very different yet very similar.

Maan: geet is innocent, but can sacrifice everything for her love ones.

Shiv: sanjh was practical, smart and can kill anyone who would harm her frnds and love ones.

Maan: geet can never see what is wrong for her, she can make frnds with her enemy also.

Shiv smiles; sanjh will make plans to get her way, she can do anything to take revenge who will try to make fool of her or try to harm her frnds. Can never forgive her enemy till the point they beg for forgiveness.

Maan smiles: if geet is angry , she is  example of innocent kid’

Shiv; if she gets angry she can make anyone’s life hell, she is a perfect example of devil.

Maan again warned him to which shiv gave a famous smirk, maan smiles but soon his face covered with pain.

Maan: but she couldn’t handle one heart break, she was stronger for other, when its came to her, she was an innocent child who was scared of being alone.

One tear flicked from shiv: but she knew how to punish for ppl’s deed. Here is the difference, Geet will stay with u to give u punishment for ur deed but She left me to burn in my own hell, to burn myself in the heat of regret and remorse. In this sanjh was more self centered. She only thought about her pain, never thought once about her surroundings.


Its made maan angry, its because of u only, she went to talk with u shiv. Now his voice was picking the pitch, but shiv was not less, he too takes his voice high.

Shiv banged his fist on the table and stood up: I told u damit, I don’t know who said her that I loved her, when she came I told her that every time I only thought about her as a frnd but she was adamant like everytime.  She accused me for breaking her heart, I couldn’t take her pain and shouted on her.

Shiv finally broke down, and fell on his knees: I wanted to tell her to give me time, we need time. but she was so adamant that she herself decided about herself, not once gave me any chance to speak and left me to die each n every moment. Do u know how I felt when i got to know she left us because of me. I still couldn’t sleep peacefully knowing somewhere she must be waiting for me.


Shiv looked at maan who was now in tears still couldn’t see him, he stood up and went towards maan. do u know how many times I had tried to go to her because I can’t take the pain anymore. maan looked at him with shocked face. Yes I want to apologize to her, I want to say her that don’t leave me, I will do anything to protect her, to hold her in my life. If any day I get the opportunity to face I will beg her forgiveness.

I, I, really

Maan: u love her. Shiv looked at him with blank face, he isn’t sure what to think, he still don’t know what feelings he has for her. still u didn’t get to know ur heart shiv, 5yrs is a long time, still u couldn’t forget her, i should have make u realize ur feeling for her, maybe we wouldn’t have to miss her now.


Both were quite for some time, till their awkward silence cut by a ring of a phn. Maan picked the call abruptly and his expression change in anger.


Maan: aniee I left her on u guys, how can u be so irresponsible,, maan started collecting his things from the table and closed the laptop. Ok I m coming don’t panic.

He was going when shiv stops him: what happen..

Maan: mahika is crying and she has fever. aniee can’t take care of  her alone.

Shiv: alone? But where is everyone?

Maan was angry on his family member’s irresponsibility.


Maan: all family member had to gone out for their respective reason, dadima went to see her frnd who was ill for some days, mom had gone for kity party and dad was out of the town for an emergency meeting last night, and now prem was having cold n fever so dev and nt both had gone for doc.

Shiv; how can they be so irresponsible, aniee is still young.

Maan: ha but who knew this will happen, mahi is always comfortable with aniee. I have to go now, but this doctor, he tried to punched more num, but no one is reachable.

Shiv: calm down, u go and see mahi, I m coming with doctor.

Maan: come soon then, without more words they started their work.






Shiv entered with the doctor and saw a crying aniee,, he immediately asked her what happen, 1st aniee hugged him crying a little more than explained him that mahika is having fever and maan is hell angry with her, he shouted on her for not taking care of mahika. Shiv knew how possessive and worried maan is for mahika. He consoled her saying sweet things and then he took doctor to maan’s room with aniee.

Maan was relieved to see doctor. After examine doctor said the weather change had an impact on small babies, so mahika caught fever, and on top of that her mother is not close to her for more than 36 hrs, she is missing her mother’s warmth.  Doctor took leave after giving the prescription. Not much of medicine she had prescribed and servant brought all in few mins only. Maan was angry on aniee and he said her not to come near mahika now, though aniee was really sad with that but shiv consoled her and told her about maan’s over possessiveness about his love ones and family, aniee knew about it very well so she smiles and went to her room.


Here in the room maan was patting mahika’s back and trying give her feeding bottle but she was rejecting it. her tears were becoming a pool. Maan was almost on the verge of breaking, to see his princess like this, he can’t tolerate a tear in her eyes but here he is witnessing her pain. Her face was pale and fever was still there.

Maan: geet please ajao,, I can’t see mahi like this, please geet.

Just then shiv entered the room without knocking or asking. He was as much worried as maan.

Shiv; then call her damit. He was frustrated as he also can’t see mahika like that.

Maan: no I can’t, she will be hell worried and I don’t know how will she manage then.

Shiv: ok then give her to me and bring some geet’s dress..

Maan looked at him with confusion but shiv gave a stern look: GO

Maan greeted his teeth, how can he order MSK, but then heard mahika’s cry, he just followed whatever shiv said. He brought a suit of geet which she often wear in home. Shiv tucked the cloth close to mahika, and mahika instantly stopped her cry. She clutches the material in her small fist and started nibbling the corner of the suit.

Maan and shiv both smiles and high fived.

For a moment they forget everything just recall the childhood when they did any mischief and to hide that they had to do lot of fixing, just now they went in the childhood only…  both came back to reality and heard sound of mahika’s grumbling tummy.  They both broke in to laughter where mahika pouted her lips. She pulls shiv’s hair and maan laughed heard.

Shiv: dant mat dikha mujhe chura,, maan with delicacy pulls mahika’s hand away who just slapped shiv’s face because of anger.  uff does ur daughter want to be a wrestler? Always upto something, kabhi hair pul karegi to kabhi beard.

Maan; yeah she will follow her dada.

Shiv: no, she will follow her buddy.

Maan: then definitely will fail in everything.

Shiv felt irritated; Shut up.

Maan laughed seeing his baby face. But again mahika started crying. Now both looked at each other with worried eyes.



Precap: mahika will make their life hell.. LOL


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  1. superb updt!!
    dont think its right to blame shiv..
    waiting 4 more of d trio till geet gets bk!! lol..


  2. superb update maan shiv missing sanjh hope ye idiot shive realise his love mujhe to laga tha only maan is idiot in this matter but shiv ti 10 kadam aage nikla idiot


  3. superb dear


  4. awesome ud dr luvd shiv & maan taking care of mahika…aye haaye..mahika is pulling shiv’s hair and maan is laughing….mahika lage raho yaar….waise shiv bahut samajhdaar hai maan se zyaada…mahika ki ro band kardi geet ki suit dekar….luv ya dr…. 🙂


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