Kaisi Kashish Hain Yeh Part 37

Sorry for not replying any of ur comment, I m regular updates so its become hectic to reply the comment, I hope u will understand me, once again sorry and thanks for the love for this story, today I saw craziness for my this story on my fb wall, a long list of my frnds had decorated or rather say spammed my wall with demanding K2HY, so on readers demand here its the next part.

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Part 37

Hearing baby’s name maan’s eyes snapped, he looked at geet who gazed at him. he remember her smile when she had entered their room, tears came out from his eyes seeing his geet is lost.  He wanted to talk to her, wanted to engulf her, wanted to forget everything and kissed her senseless, but maybe his sin has reached the amount of explore. He tried to say something but geet showed her hand to stop him.

Maan: geet

Geet: not a word maan. I had enough. Abb aur sunne ki takat nahi bachi,

Maan: tumne jo bhi dekha wo sach nahi tha geet.

Geet laughed at him: yeah everything was farce an illusion? She smirks and maan remember his words. Geet goes close to maan and held his collar.

Itne din jab main chillati rahi meri ek baat sunane ke lye, apne suna?? U just walked away without hearing me, then why should I listen to u now? Dis I commit a sin by loving my frnds? Aap meri jagah hote to kya karte maan? u just ruined my heart without thinking why I had done that but do u ever realized if the same thing would happened to meera what would have gone through ur mind.

Maan couldn’t understand what she want to say, but her state he couldn’t handle that, never in his wildest dream he had thought about her anger, he wanted to destroy her and finally she is destroyed without his effort also she is demolished. His hand wanted to cupped her teary face, he wanted to support her fatigue features. He saw her limping and tried to hold her but she shoved off him. his hands were bleeding but the wound her heart got was much more painful. He is successful in his mission. Her destruction is successful.

Geet’s father came to support her as she was tripping but she shoved his hand.

Geet: don’t touch me. u have no right on me now. Ohh rather I say I don’t have any right to be protected by u.

Mohindar: geet see ur condition beta

Geet smiles: beta? What beta? U disown me from ur family na then what relation r u talking about.

Rano cried seeing her princess’s state: geet puttar please shant hoja.

Geet looked at her teary mother, and one tear came out from her eyes.

Geet: itne din shant to thi maa, see what everyone made me. I can’t even rejoice the news of becoming a mother.

Mohindar: geet please calm down, her father was panicking but it was making geet more angry.

Geet: I said na, don’t show me ur false tension. Whatever u said earlier that was only right in my life, hain na? u said go u can study in mumbai, and I went there, u said never cross the limitation in ur life, I have never crossed, everyone said u have to marry, I did that. no one was even bother that I have a heart also. Its my life and I should know whom u r binding me, but no.. maa baap hian jo karenge sahi karenge. U called me with false news and bound me in a relation without informing who the person is. Maine wo bhi maan liya. Without knowing how is the person u just forced me to marry him and I did that because I loved my family. knowing I will have to bear those taunt of marrying a person for money, I did that because of my family. But what I received behalf of that? u finally disown me because of my so called husband isn’t ready to accept me. u gave importance to ur son in law but u forgot the person for whom u r in this relation. Thank u papaji, for reminding me I m a GIRL who doesn’t have any right on her life.

Mohindar shed silent tears seeing his daughter’s pain where rano suppress her cry placing her dupatta on her mouth. Dadima too felt bad for her but was worried and meera felt helpless.

Maan looked at her shocked. That means she actually never knew it was him. he closed his eyes in pain, in his rage he had forgotten every limit.

Mera sach me koi nahi hain, thanks for reminding me that I m alone, alone in this mean world. She broke down in to hard sobs. Armaan ran to her and hugged her crushing her in his arms, he couldn’t handle her pain, tears were floating from his eyes where maan stood there numb. He gulp the lump that was huge. He wanted to hug her but didn’t got the courage to speak, till now whatever she did wasn’t as big as his unknown sin. He knew he had broken her every bit, till now she was taking all his wrath knowing he is her only but today her last hope is broken, she is in pain, the pain he can never handle.

Geet broke the hug and saw ridz, who was in tears standing far away from everyone, she came close to her.

Ridz: I m sorry geet, ye sab meri wajah se huya. I shouldn’t have come between u 2.

Maan saw her, some kind of fear started rising up in his heart. He is happy yet angry to see ridz after so many days, properly after so many months. He looked away controlling his emotion; his knuckle is a fist now. Geet saw that.

Geet: why u r saying sorry ridz, it was not ur fault, its my fault that I trusted u. everyone looked at her shocked, but the person who was dumbfounded was ridz.  It was my fault that I shared my everything with u and see u actually took my life. Ridz’s eyes were blank, maan saw that. he was feeling restless. Everything is breaking bit by bit, what happen that geet is behaving this with her best frnd.

Armaan: geet tu hosh me hain na? kya bol rahi hain tu?

Geet: armaan hosh me to main abb aayi hu, sabke asli chehre dekhne ke baad.  It was not ur fault ridz it was me who trusted u blindly and u broke that trust. Kyun gayi thi usse milne ha? Did I told u to do that?

Geet held ridz’s arms and shook her.

Bol na, did I told u to make friendship with maan? ridz shook her head in denial, then why he thought so? Did I told u to say ur name is geet? Or I have asked any money? Ridz again shook her head in negative, then why he is saying I m only behind his money ha? Tu to sab janti thi na ridz then also u played with me, without informing me anything u went to help him. without fearing that it may harm u. did u ever thought knowing u went through so much because of me I can live in peace ever in my life? U made me a criminal ridz who murdered her best frnd’s sanity. It was because of me u have to bear all this, did u ever thought I will die thousand time when I will come to know it was me for whom u lost ur everything, it was me and maan to save us u lost ur sanity, u had been raped and nearly dead for many month.

Geet cried; kabhi socha tha tune main mar jayungi ye sacchai jaanke ke meri dost ki barbadi sirf meri wajah se huyi, kabhi nahi socha na tune. Geet sobbed and slides down on the floor crying her heart out.

Maan droped his hand either side as the truth slowly entered his mind. Riddhima broke down in to sob seeing her best frnd in so much pain.

Every other member was shocked, they couldn’t fathom with the piece of information, they had never thought a fragile girl like riddhima had been bearing so much in these months.

Ridz sat infront of geet who was in tears.

Ridz: I m sorry, sorry for everything. But trust me, I never knew god will be so cruel on my baby. Maaf kar de geet.

Geet: when I can’t forgive myself how can u ask me forgiveness and for what? it was not ur fault, every fault was mind, I m the main culprit. I m the selfish soul who just used everyone for her own benefits. Dekh na sab kuch kho diya apne swarth me. jisse pyar kiya usko itna dukh diya k wo pyar k naam se hi nafrat karta hain, aur jisko dost kaha usse itna dukh diya k usse khone k kagar pe thi. I m a worthless life ridz, it was better to be dead when I born. Like my father said, I m a scare for everyone.

Geet stood up and started walking from there. In all this maan was the silent spectator. He doesn’t knew what to say. His frnd went through so much he didn’t knew anything, his wife loved him so much still he was blind in rage and thought its only farce. His whole existence has shaken up.

Next moment he heard a voice, armaan’s voice. He looked at the sight, his breath almost stopped with the scene. Geet lying unconscious on the floor with her blood and armaan running towards her.


He looked at her pale face through the glass door of OT. His face was blank. He felt his life going away from him. he didn’t remember what had happen few hours back, he just want his love to be safe. Its not the realization that she loves him or whatever she did was not totally her fault, it just his heart is feeling empty, a fear was engulfing him. a fear of losing her.

Its true when we have everything we never realized its value

And when we come on verge of losing it we realized what it was for us.

An army of doctors were attending her, armaan was sitting on a chair outside the room, he doesn’t have the courage to see his best frnd, he loves her too much and as a doctor he can’t be fare there. S he needed some time alone, ridz was lifeless sitting in a far corner.

Doctors came out and armaan ran to him.

Doc: she is critical.

Armaan slumped on the wall.

Doc; mental trauma has cause to her this state and now we are afraid of the baby, it’s surviving chances are very less.. loss of blood is one reason but her mental pressure which was unstable for many days is the main reason, just hope God will listen to us and she start responding the medicine.

Armaan: what do u mean.

Doc: it happened before also, she never responded medicine too well but this time she is not even trying, her will power is 0% and maybe she has lost her will of live.  Just pray for her armaan, now nothing in our hand.

Maan traces his finger on the glass window. Whatever doctor said didn’t register in his dead ear. He was observing geet who was surrounded with many tubes and electronics devices. His eyes were lifeless, those eyes which was ocean of depth has lost its meaning, his M shape lips which was desirable is not dry. A silent cry came out from his eyes. He was entering the room when ridz held his hand.

Ridz; where r u going mr MSK? Her tone was cold.

Maan: geet, I need to meet her.

Ridz: kon geet? Don’t u know she is no more,  Mar gayi geet, she is dead.

It angered maan, he snapped his hand.

Maan shout: don’t u dare say something like that

Ridz: or else what will u do ha? Jo karna tha wo to tum kar chuke maan, see where she is now. She is losing her life because of u. u r the reason for her destruction, u wanted to see her dying every min na? see she is dying, now u r happy?? go, party hard and u will get a new girl, whats the need of this dead geet now.

Maan couldn’t say anything but he looked at geet with longing.

Armaan; stop it u both, its because of both of u she is here. I will never forgive u both for doing this to her. just get out from here. Ridz cried looking at arman but he entered OT and informed nurses to send everyone back, no one has the right to see her.

But there was one person who stood rooted, maan begged, he want to stay there, everyone was astonished to see great MSK begging to stay near his wife. He stood there watching her from far.

Precap: TRUTH. Ridz blasting on maan

Hell for the culprits

Do u think maan will leave the main culprits who snatched his happiness?

Sorry for all the mistakes, didn’t get the time for check.


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  1. awesome updates


  2. Posted by afreen on July 12, 2012 at 7:54 am

    superb explanation of feeling of geet sadness….

    n who d hell everyone to accuse maan??? n dare ridz to say anything to him… i don think maan is at fault, he may hav wanted to hurt geet but pyaar me jab dhoka milta hai toh aur wo jo kabhi pyaar me vishwas nai raktha, usne pyaar kiya-bharosa kiya… uska bharosas toota hai, pyaar me dhoka khaya hai usne toh usse bahot time lagta hai… aur geet ne maan ko firse galat samjha, kab karegi wo bharosa????

    tich yaara aage episode me mai maan ke feelings, uska dard sabke saamne aate hue dekhna chahungi…. uska pyaar, uska dard kisiko nai pata… woh kis dour se guzra hai woh bhi nai pata kisiko… now i literally want to blast every1 khas karke ridz, uski ovesmartness ki wajah se hua hai ye sab…


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