Kurbaan Tere Ishq Mein Part 17





Part 17


Everyone was busy in the preparation and the atmosphere but geet’s eyes were fixed on only 2 person, her eyes were fuming in rage. She gave a murderous look to maan saying back off from there,  he couldn’t help but chuckling. He knew she will fume to see him with pammi. But what can he do now, it will look bad if he walked out like this, he is the host and he can’t see anyone bad mouthing about Handa’s. he gave his best seductive look to geet but as pammi was in front of geet, she too noticed that. geet saw maan looking at her lips, heat rushed to her cheekbones. Pari started teasing her, but then geet’s eyes fumed to see pammi holding maan’s shoulder. She was tripping right before maan so he held her and pammi held his shoulder for support but at that time geet saw them.

Pammi gave a shy smile to maan wo which he just ignored and walked passed her, he knew if he stays a little more here geet’s gaze will burn him alive.


Geet stomped her foot and walked away from there, she met sid and started cribbing to him about pammi. Sid knew now he can’t handle her as her rage is on high flame. But he obediently hear her full so that her flames would not reached him. geet looked here n there to find maan but he was nowhere to be seen, a fear engulf her, she saw prem talking with pammi and then he looked at her, she smiles fakely but prem understood that, he assured her today both will talk with his father 1st. geet ignored pammi and looked ahead then her eyes automatically locked with his captive eyes. He was leaning on a pillar behind some curtains. Her heart felt heavy just with the look. She controlled her heating cheek’s color. But he smirks at her looking more intensely. She gave her back to him and started talking with her frnds on random things.


After sometime she looked at the same direction where maan was standing but then he was not there anymore,  her eyes searched him for everywhere but he was not anywhere close to her. she excused herself from her frnds and started looking for him. she wanted to go backward maybe he is looking for arrangements there, but he was not there also. Unknown fear started covering her heart, she started walking backward till she hit a hard thing. But definitely not the wall at least.


Before she can say anything a warm palm covered her mouth, her eyes widen in shock and panic started dawning. She wriggle under the grip, a whisper fell on her earlobe making her shiver.

Geettt,,, stop struggling.

She knew this voice, her senses calmed down feeling maan touché. She let him take her with him and he dragged her in a darkest corner. She gasp as the cold wall touched her almost bare back, but the warm body of his pressed her front.

Maan: u were searching for me? He said in a mischievous hush voice, she glared at him and tried to push him but in vein, the structure was too huge for her. you know u can’t push me then why try ha? He said in a husky tone and nuzzles close to her earlobe.

Geet: u were busy with your guest, why should I bother for u. must be having fun. She tried to sound angry but her voice came as hoarse as he nipped her earlobe.

Maan: ohh really? U were not bother when she touch me ha? He instantly felt her struggling and a pouting on her lips. But he pressed himself more on her.  I was just helping her.

Geet: to karo na help, mere pass kyun aaye ho?

Maan: because I can’t see those teary fearful eyes. She looked at him, saw he was looking at her intently. Immediately she removed her gaze, she tried to see the surrounding but not him. its very lonely place some alley in backward.

Geet: leave me maan, koi ajayega.

Maan touched her bare waist with his hot palm caressing its smoothness, her breath caught in throat.

Maan: ajane do. With other hand he capped her back pulling her closer, her hands went on his nape. She closed her eyes feeling his finger on her back spine above the waist line, he knew her weak point.

Geet: I was scared when u were not there.

Maan: I can never leave u alone, I m ur shadow geet, u must think I have left u where the truth is u can’t see me but I m lying in u only. She opens her eyes with his confession, a sweet smile came on her lips but it triggered him to captured those rosy lips. Without any delay he locked his lips with her in a sweet kiss. It was slow, he was busy in nipping the sweet juice from her lips. Her hands were roaming all over his back. digging her nails giving him the power to posses her. he bite her lips, she let out a cry of pleasure but his hands were creating havoc. It was massaging her in a sensual way. he felt her short of breath so left her lips. She breathed in fresh air mixing his aroma. He couldn’t removed his gaze from her angelic voice.  I m feeling like make u mine forever.

Geet raises her eyes brows: papa se baat nahi kar sakte aur ye baate huh?

It made maan worried, geet saw that and asked him what happen maan doesn’t wanted to talk about it but then he knew she needed to know.

Geet:  kya huya bolo na?

Maan: I m trying uncle for past 1 day but I m not able to reach him, his phone is switched off, whenever I tried to talk to him in office the staff informed me he is busy in meetings, and then union is going out of control, I wanted to go there but uncle took my promise to take care of u, I can’t go living u when the marriage is tom. Maan saw the tense on geet’s face. He cursed himself for blabbering everything knowing she will be hell worried now. Ok tum ye sab choro, I have my men there, they will take care of that.

Still geet was tensed, she tried to smile but in vein, he sighed and cupped her face.

Everything will be fine, trust me. she smiles a little,

Geet: I trust u more than myself.  But

Maan: hmm, but I guess u r not happy with my company.

Geet raises her eyes brow: excuse me, what do u mean?

Maan: dekho na, ur face is so pale, I guess u r not so happy with me, isse acchi to wo pammi hi hain, mujhe impress karne k liye kitna kuch karti hain.

It fumed geet and maan smiles victoriously seeing her old self back, far from any worry,

Geet: oye hello. Don’t compare me with that loser make up ki dukan (my fav line for someone)

khud to kisi ke samne apne pyar ko accept nahi kar sakte, bare aaye mujhe compare karne wale.

Maan: ohh really, if I confess my feeling in front of the world with their knowledge, what would I get in return?

Geet: u can’t

Maan: lets see, but tell me what will I get in return.

Geet: anything u wish.

Maan: soch lo

Geet: soch liya….




the light of the hall became dim and a spot light came on the center showing a beautiful girl covering her face with her wrist, the bangles where hiding her eyes and lips formed the lyrics.


Chamak challo chel chabeli
Kehtein hai mujhko raas raseli


Her lips curved into a smile, the dimples were deep now, she removed her hands to show her face but the eye lids were down. Maan skip a beat when she took it up and saw him.


She raises her eyes and winked at him, maan’s eyes were widen as he saw her pulling the dupatta more efficiently and now her waist n belly bottom was much visible, she swing her waist putting her hands there danced on the beats.


Haan chamak challo chel chabeli
Kehtein hai mujhko raas raseli
Bachke tu rehna dildaar sajnaa
Ho mehnga padega tujhko pyaar sajnaa

She put her one finger on her chin and then covered her face with her palm, immediately removing she shows her back but her face was side way looking at him, hinting those words towards him.

Pari came beside her and both walked up to maan and sid. Geet on maan’s side and pari on sid’s side, they shoved boy’s shoulder and giggle showing their tongue when both the boys stumble on their feet with the forced of their push.


Baja re baja re baja band baaja
Arey iska dekho baja re band baaja


Geet again came in front and danced covering her face and again showing her full face with her hand’s movement. Then shows her finger towards boys where maan was standing beside prem, geet tug her forehead a slight with her palm with the lyrics and then looked at maan swinging her hip.


Haan chamak challo chel chabeli
Kehtein hai mujhko raas raseli
Bachke tu rehna dildaar sajnaa
Ho mehnga padega tujhko pyaar sajnaa
Chamak challo chel chabeli
Haan ho..


Geet danced on the beat with efficient movement, her each move was as sharp as her expression, the face was glowing with new zeal. Ofcourse his love was reflecting on her face. Maan was mesmerized to see that. a sweet smiled played on his lips seeing his mishty dancing in full passion just for him. on the other hand prem’s family was praising and thinking she is singing looking at prem. (such a confuse family I tell u)

Prem was happy to see her smiling but he need to talk with his father and he have to face him 1st then only he can drag geet in this matter. He spotted his dad and drag him out from there.


Geet sang placing her hand on her right cheek showing her glowing face and beauty that is not eye catching for every guy in the function.


Yeh roop rang mera jadh hai fitnon ki
Arey niyat badal gayi jaane kitnon ki
Ho yeh roop rang mera jadh hai fitnon ki
Arey niyat badal gayi jaane kitnon ki

Maan knew very well she was showing her attitude with the words, yes its true she can made any one mad for her, but he is mad for her heart, not her beauty but its her soul, her heart, the way she is, that made him fall for her hard.


Haske jidhar main apni nazar uthaadon
Udhar bane afsaane
Haan milenge tujhko gali gali
Mere naam ke deewane
Ho aisi waisi main nahi raja
Tere jaise kitne jaa jaa

She smiles and eyes rolled here and there showing her index finger t the crowd to depict wherever she will point they will go crazy for her.. she was dancing in her own rhythm when she fell on a hard chest, she knew its him. she shows him she is not so interested in him, she can get anyone. But maan was in mischievous mood.


Maan held her hand and locked her body with his, as they were in the middle so other dance troop circled them,, but soon geet pushed him and he stumble behind.


The classical mix beat caught everyone’s eyes, no one thought geet can do any classical step but she was elegantly doing classical dance step mix with western, it was fusion. Contempory mixed Bharatnatyam.

She finished her step with the beat and everyone clapped, then maan came there, but not alone sid and prem too came there.


Teri ada ada lagti hai kaatil
Bade hi pyaar se lootey mera dil

A smile came on geet’s face when he looked at her eyes straight and held her waist pulling her close and then touched her arm with his chest.


Ho teri ada ada lagti hai kaatil
Bade hi pyaar se lootey mera dil
Zid pe agar main aaon
Toh pal mein tujhko abhi uthaa le jaaon
Yeh samajh le gori meri hai tu
Tujhe pyaar se samjhaaon


He showed his attitude and portraits he can do anything if it needed he can take her in front of the world, it was kind of showing her challenge, yes he is declaring his love in front of the world without fearing anyone.

He pulls geet from behind his back holding her hand and then lift her on his shoulder, she gasp at the scene, she was horrifying but he careless.. everyone was seeing that but maan was not much worried, he put her on her feet and pulls her close, their faces are mere inches away from each other.

She lowered her eyes and shied as he warned her that she is only his, and no one can take her away from him.  he looked at her lips singing the last line.


To ease the scene prem and sid came there.


Arey aa naino ke pech ladaa le
Arey mere jaisa rog laga le
Haan banke rahunga tera yaar sajnaa
Ho tujhse kiya hai maine pyar sajnaa
Baja re baja re baja band baaja
Arey iska dekho baja re band baaja


Maaneet broke their revere and danced in a circular motion.

Pari took gee out of boys and all girls together danced on the signature step.


Chamak challo chel chabeli
Kehtein hai mujhko raas raseli
Bachke tu rehna dildaar sajnaa
Ho mehnga padega tujhko pyaar sajnaa


The danced stopped on the happy note but geet saw her family was looking at her angrily. She looked at prem and then maan who smiles at her.

Prem: geet I have talked to my father and he is ready to break this marriage. Geet looked surprised with the piece of information, she looked at prem’s father who is happy to see maaneet together, prem had narrated him whole story and he is a very kind and good person at heart, he wants his children’s happiness only, so he called off this marriage to geet’s nani and massi who are now fuming in anger. All the guest left the place with various gossip. Prem’s father wanted to talk to mohindar handa but his phn was unavailable. Though he was quite happy with the broken alliance because prem told him he loves someone else and that is maan’s sister, he was over joyed. He had slapped prem for not saying this before, they would never come here then but he understood his sweet yet stupid son. But his family was enraged with it, specially pammi who got a new loop to bad mouthing geet.


Geet careless about them but the look her family was giving she definitely doesn’t like it. half heartedly prem’s family left the place and then her family broke the ice.




Precap: none/same


I gave the precap in last part because I thought some of u have forgotten this or may think I have changed it, but no I haven’t changed it, its kind of teaser to tease u. next part is TWIST.


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  1. superb updt
    nw dt prem has broken d marriage.. waiting 2 whts in store nxt?!!


  2. awesome update dr luvd maaneet romance and luvd how u brought d twist but bahut hi chota update tha but luvd d song part also…. 🙂


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