Devil’s Darkest Possession Part 6







Part 6



Rano went to geet’s room and said she will take her downstairs, nandini left her room and geet turned to see her mother approaching her with a smile. geet gave a small smile to her but her eyes become moist. Geet instantly hugged her mother forgetting everything.


Its true u can get solace of ur biggest grief just by the touch of ur mother’s warm hands or placing ur head on her lap, she is indeed bigger than God for her child.


Rano patted her head: ki hoya puttar? (what happen child?)

Geet didn’t said anything just held her closer silently wiping her tears, rano thought like every other girl she is feeling sad to leave her own house, maybe a slight fear to start a new life. She made her seen her face then wiped the tears, kissed her forehead softly.

Rano: pata hain, apne ghar se dur to koi bhi ladki nahi jana chahti, lekin jana to padega na, akhir wohi tera asli ghar hain bacche. (I know, no girl want to go away from their family or home but u have to go na, ur real home is with ur husband.)

Geet: mamma, she cried and hide her face in her chest.

It worried rano: geet. What happen? Why u r crying? are u not happy with it?

Geet can sense the insecurities n fear in her mother’s voice she wiped her tears instantly. Rano cupped her face.

Rano: are u happy with the relation geet? U never said anything about maan. where u met with him, never ever u have mentioned about him, u said I m ur frnd then ye sab, tune kuch bataya kyun nahi?

Geet was going to tell her mother that its all fake, she never knew this arrogant devil, he has just entered few hours before to make her life upside down. Geet wanted to tell the truth to her mother that she had never hide anything from her, she wanted to put her head on her lap and have few moment of solace. But alas it was not in her destiny, her fate has changed the moment the Maan Singh Khurana had entered her life.

geet: I don’t want to marry mamma, wo mujhe


She doesn’t want to leave u,

Rano was shocked with the revelation, bur more confuse with it and then she saw Maan coming in the room with a smile. but geet knew it’s a dirty smirk of him. she wiped her remaining tears and comes out of the hug. Rano saw maan and gesture him to come near. Maan entered the room with his eyes on geet who was looking everywhere but not him.


Maan came close to geet and rano and sat beside rano, as both were sitting on the bed and the whole bed was covered with sarees and jewelries. Rano felt embarrassed.

‘it was so sudden beta so we couldn’t think much and geet needed to get ready fast, so u can understand our problem about the mess.’ She wanted to say something more when maan held her hand.

‘u don’t need to say all this aunty, I can understand.’ It was so soft tone that it click rano instantly, she felt a warmness surrounding him, she liked his sober nature.  She smiles at him. ‘and now when I m becoming a part of the family u should consider me as ur son.’

Rano got tears in her eyes seeing the love, her all doubt about maan was slowly fading, but then she saw geet’s shocked face. Geet was dumb founded with his sudden change of behavior, she knew its his acting. And the smirk proved it. she gave a disgusting look to him but that go unnoticed by rano.  She remembers her talk with geet, she wanted to be sure before this relation take place but maan sensed the danger.

‘ aunty I know u want to know everything about mine and geet’s relationship, but it was me who told her not to say anything about us to u or anyone, we just met few month before and I wanted to know her better, and u know my life is not so easy, she needs time to get along with it.’ 

‘ohhh,, but’

‘still now geet doesn’t want to marry me because she doesn’t want to leave u.’

Rano was over whelmed with his attitude towards geet and her family, she lovingly caresses geet’s face.

‘pagli, u were thinking about me, but geet I want to see u settle and now I can say maan is perfect life partner for u.’ geet tried to suppress the rage holding the bed railing tight and saw maan’s smirks. He was having a very good time and she can see that.

‘ aunty if u don’t mind can I talk to geet for few mins.’

Rano at 1st reluctant because they need to go fast as the time of roka is coming near, but maan said they will come in few mins, so rano left them.



On the way rano met dadima who was listening everything, she looked at maan who also saw her. his face was hard and showed how careless he is, dadi looked at geet and she saw the helplessness.

Dadima(st): did I misjudge their relation, but her eyes is showing the helplessness and pain and maan, how can he be so calm, he had talked to rano so nicely when he had never talked like this to me also, why his face is showing some kind of danger, did I mistook it to be his love, how can he love anyone when his life is full of revenge and hatred.  He was explaining everything to rano so calmly but how it can be possible with maan, he had never given any explanation to anyone. knowing he is wrong, he will never give 2nd words to anyone then what is happening now. But I need time and I have to talk to geet, I can’t trust maan in this matter now, he can do anything. he will never think twice before destroy the whole handa family. Once he had taken anything for him its impossible taking it from him. ohh god please help this poor girl.



‘what was that?’ geet said coldly and walked up to the dressing table where her earrings were lying, she picked it up to put it on her ear but before that he held her hand with the earring, she looked at him, he came close to her back, she can feel his hard chest against her back. he took the earrings and proceeded towards her face. His breath fell on her neck. The exposed neck and back was utterly delicious for his eyes.

‘confuse about my behavior?’ He huskily whispers in her ear, she clenched her fist, he smirks and licked her earlobe and then put the earring on her left earlobe. He dropped a kiss on her neck way down from the earring.  He was placing small sensual kisses around her nape.  ‘I know what u were going to tell ur mother, but how can I let that happen hmm.’ he placed the right earring but a bit harshly making her flinch in pain. ‘What did u thought I will let u say anything so that this alliance can break any moment?’

‘ we both knew this relation will break some day, why u r doing this?’ he slyly smiles and slides his hands in her waist.

‘ let me say it clear to u, see now only I can’t takes my hands away from ur body, if we will be married then I can have u 24*7 all for me. what say?’ He winks at her with a smile. geet felt smashing his face right there.

But something clicked her mind, he looked at him straightly ‘but for that u don’t need to marry anyone, right? U can have anything and anyone right on ur finger tip’ She smirks looking at his hard face ‘ohhooo but u can’t have Geet Handa on ur money, so……..’

She thought she had hit his nerve but he smiles at her splashing all her hope to drain.

‘right sweetheart, u r unique and beside that I need u every time so it’s a good deal’

She felt his hands roaming all over her blouse, her single strap blouse was on his mercy. He squeezed her flesh of back harshly.

‘I told u not to wear these, ur body is mine and only I have the right to see it’

His dangerous tone was making her shiver, without knowing she stares at his eyes.

Maan licks her plump lips and groans.

‘I will be waiting for u another month, it will be difficult to cope up with me darling, so take care of urself. And stop ur all thought right here, u and me both knew, I can’t let u free.’

She gulp hard but doesn’t showed on her face. He left her and tried to go but her voice stopped him.

‘today u stopped me talking to my mother, but after this stupid rituals I will again told her everything, that mean EVERYTHING.’ She said looking at maan’s eyes as he turn to see her audacity.


He smirks at her ‘keep day dreaming dear, but hone to tumhe mera hi parega geet.’

Geet shook her head ‘never’

He smiles slyly and leaned on her ‘do u know ur father is going through a crisis, his small grocery shop is going to be sell really soon. Hmmm then what will he do after that I m thinking. I know u hate ur father but as a daughter u love him also. U can never see him being humiliated.’

A fear crept her heart. yes she can’t see her family suffering in all this. she looked at him unbelievingly.

‘u can’t do this’

‘yes I can, and I will. by the way I brought the place under my name, ur one NO and ur father will be out from the land.’

‘but its not possible, it was on his name’

‘yes, it WAS, not now. Don’t u know MSK darling’

His sly smile was enough to told he had done something and now her back out will be fall out of her family. She cursed her fate to be a prey of this devil. She stood their numb looking at him, he pecked her lips.

‘come soon sweetheart, I m waiting for u.’

‘I will not tell anyone about THAT NIGHT’ she said hopefully and maan looked at her with blank eyes.

Geet continued ‘I will never take ur name, I had forgotten about the night in these 6 yrs. Please don’t spoil my family mr khurana’

‘u still remember that?’




precap: He pushed her on the bed and pinned her hand above her head, blood started oozing out as few bangles broke and pierced her wrist.


Oh forget to tell u this maan can be manipulative and more dangerous.


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  1. night new twist


  2. nice one
    msk at his dangerous best!!
    even daadi knows hw devilish he gets..
    waiting 2 know d mystery abt tht nyt?!


  3. i think geet is making stories bout THAT NIGHT.wating for nxt part of this ff as well as kashish update


  4. aww luvly ud sweety lekin phirse MSK geet ko kamzor banaa raha hai….waise achcha hai au precap ye kya seedhe romance tak pahunch gaya devil maan…. 😉


  5. Posted by ns on July 19, 2012 at 6:11 pm

    its just awesome….read all 6 parts in one go…..continue soon pleaseeeeeeeeeeee……….. waiting………


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