Kagaz Ki Kashthi Luv that Sacrifices Life Part 57



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Part 57



Shiv saw mahika nibbling geet’s dress and he signaled that maan.

Shiv: she is hungry.

Maan: hmm I have to made her milk.

Shiv: then call the servant na?

Maan looked at him with a look like he is talking in alien’s language.

Maan: r u out of ur senses. U r saying to blv on servants in mahika’s matter, I CAN’T.

Shiv felt irritated with his over possessiveness and then mahika’s crying sound goes wild, he tried to give the milk bottle but it has turned ice cold which mahika refused shoving with her plump hand. shiv raises his eyes brow.

Shiv; bilkul baap pe gayi hain, no 1 ziddi. And nakhre to dekho shehzadi (princess) ke.

Maan warned SHIVVVV

Shiv: ohh god go now before ur daughter make me deaf.

Maan ran from there leaving shiv in thoughts, actually maan had showed his trust on him leaving mahika to him. when he couldn’t depend on his own family here he is trusting his best enemy, oops lost enemy who is slowly building the same place he had in his heart.


Shiv smiles and patted mahika’s back to sooth her cry but she was shedding big fat tears.

Shiv: shooo mahika, stop crying shona, dada is coming in a while.

Mahika: wwooooouuaaaaaa,

Shiv: mamma ke pass jana hain?

Mahika looked at him with moist eyes though her crying was subsiding and she was looking here and there to find geet but again not finding her she again started crying making shiv nearly deaf.



On the other hand geet was feeling restless. Her breast was feeling heavy and she knew mahika must be crying for her. geet immediately called KM but due to bad weather signal was not letting her call, she tried numerous time but no signal. Maasi saw that and patted her back to sooth her anxiety but as a mother she knew how it is feeling.

Geet: maasi mahi is crying, I can feel her pain. she must be missing me,she is hungry. what should I do now?

Maasi: kuch nahi puttar, she will be ok, maan must be taking good care of her.

Just then they heard something breaking, they saw saanjh was looking at the glass pieces shattered on the floor. She looked at geet.

Geet was feeling happy to see her reacting on something for the 1st time, her eyes balls are moving and some kind of restlessness was there, she immediately ran to her and pulls her before she step in those glass pieces.

Geet: what r u doing? Mana kiya hain kuch bhi akele karne se, khud chalne lagi ho to ye sab karne lagi ho, u should rest, why u r doing all this work. geet saw the tea cup on the floor, she must be carrying it for her. its being few month saanjh started walking but still her mind is blank. She tried to do household work or something outside but everything found herself lost somewhere.

She looked at geet with expressionless face. Geet instantly hugged her.

Geet: u r really precious to me saanjh, why u r doing this, 1st u r not talking to ur geet and now u didn’t even taking care of ur self.

maasi wiped her tears and caressed both their head. She told geet to take care of saanjh and pack their bags till then she will do everything. Geet half heartedly started moving, she was trying hard to divert her mind from mahika. Her uncle had informed her that they can’t go tonight as the weather is really bad. The sudden rain has changed the climate and they will start their journey on the next day, geet couldn’t inform maan as there is no network, so she silently prayed to god not to make maan restless.





Here in the room shiv was going here n there, mahika’s crying was not stopping and it been 10 min maan had gone downstairs still not come.

Shiv(st): why the hell he is so late, I swear, tortoise will run fast against MSK. He is such a snail.

Soon he found something poking on his chest, he giggle feeling something in his chest moving, actually it was mahika’s hand which was poking his chest close to his nipples, horror stuck him, ahem ahem mahika was chewing his nipple (I can’t stop my laugh typing it)

Shiv literally shouted : OUCH mahiiiiiii

Maahi looked at him with cute pouting face, she is so much hungry that her own she started finding the source of her milk. Shiv couldn’t even glare at her knowing she is such a cute baby who can make anyone deaf with her crying. And top of that her fever was making her more cranky.

He smiles at her and started swing her up n down,

Shiv: na mahi aisa nahi karte. Dada is coming with food baby, just a little wait.

Mahika: uuuaaaaaaaaaa

She again started crying.

Shiv sighed; she can win Olympic in crying.


Soon to rescue him maan came there, he saw his state, his shirt is nearly merged with mahika’s saliva, his hair messy and few scratching mark on the cheeks and mahika had been scratching him continuously. He felt like laughing but seeing shiv’s angry glare he suppress that.


Now the biggest work is feeding mahika who is ready to throw anything that came on her way.


It was more than 20 min they couldn’t put a drop of food in mahika’s mouth. she was pushing everything that they put on her mouth. finally shiv gave up.

Shiv: I can’t, ur daughter is stubborn like u so u have to feed her.

Maan: what do u mean, u know its ur fault, u can’t hold her properly.

Shiv: for past one hour I m holding her, u can’t put that food in her mouth, just forget it MSK, u can’t feed a baby.

Maan: dare u say that, my baby will have her food from my hand,

Shiv: give it to me I will feed her.

Maan: no way


Ok enough. Hearing their fight mahika started crying again. Maan n shiv looked at her worriedly and then finally sighed. Maan took her in his hand and patted her back. shiv placed geet’s dress on the bed and told him to place her there, maan tucked geet’s dupatta close to mahi and she snuggle close to it. shiv put the bottle in her mouth wrapping it with geet’s cloth and mahi took it instantly. Both the boys smiles and left the sigh of relief.


Maan smiles looking at mahika who is slowly drifting to sleep holding the bottle sucking it hard.


Shiv and maan both smiles at her and ran their hands on her.

Maan: some day ago I said geet that bacche paalna baccho ka kehle nahi, now I know its indeed difficult, don’t know how geet manages to take care of her whole day and without any complaints, not only her, she always took care of everyone in the family.

Shiv; that’s why it said that we can never understand women in our 7 birth also.

Both realized they are actually sharing their thoughts with each other after almost 5 yrs. Its feels good. Both felt happy and contended. shiv told him he should take leave, maan wanted to stop him for dinner but couldn’t say anything, it was awkward for them. But the aniee came as a savior. Shiv told maan not to get angry on her and maan also realized his mistake and apologized for shouting on her. aniee told shiv and maan to have dinner together. Aniee was asto nished to see maan n shiv without any hassle sat on the dinning table. She was really happy to see her both brother having dinner together after a long time.





Maan was hell angry with the information that geet was stuck in massori, she was coming last night only but she didn’t reached, he was worried for her. and whole night he was trying to connect geet but her number was unreachable. And then almost at midnight she called him and told him that she will come next day as because of the climate all flight had cancelled. And now maan is hell frustrated, from morning only he had fired 2 persons for their negligence with work.


Aadi was hell scared today as maan’s rage was reaching the sky, he knew geet still didn’t reach KM and that is maan’s anger point. Shiv saw that and wished the staff best of luck. He was going his company for some meeting when he met geet on the entrance.

Shiv: thank god tum agayi, tumhare patidev ne pura company ko kila ke rakh diya, he is hell worried for u, by the way why u r so late, u supposed to come last night then?

Geet: hold on shiv, u r talking like rajdhani express. Yes I was supposed to come early but the climate didn’t approve that. I just reached here, as I knew maan must be hell angry and worried, his phn is switched off so i couldn’t even informed him.

Shiv: I guess u need to give him a new cell, geet looked at him and he smiles slyly.  That is in very bad condition after dancing with the wall. He laughed remembering how brutally maan had broken the phn when her phn was not reachable, geet frowns and then pouted. She looks up to see her babaji.

Geet; babaji bacha lena.

Shiv: best of luck. She ran for her life and shiv turn to say something to her, about mahika of course but she disappeared. He sighed and left the place.


Geet met with the staff who left a sigh of relief. Aadi was bowed to her for handling their boss, she only smiled and told aadi not to say anything to maan, she will surprise him. he still didn’t knew about her coming.


Geet tiptoed in the cabin, she popped her head in the cabin to see the state of the room, she gulp hard to see maan pacing here and there, he was holding a file but his mind was somewhere else.

He threw the file and started dialing some nuber. geet saw her mobile was vibrating, she tried to turn off the buzz hurriedly but it was too late. Maan had heard the buzz and pulls her hand harshly. The door opened hard and then shut with a loud bang. Everyone gulp there saliva in fear, no exception for poor geet. She only tried to give smile to calm him, but he was giving her glare.

Geet murmur: uff I just land here and see what he is doing, just giving glare after glare.

Maan: tum kab aayi?

Geet: maan main sirf 2 din k liye gayi, apko chasma lag gaya kya, I just came now. Infact main to mahi se bhi nahi mili.

With the mention of mahi maan forgot his anger, he knew if he tell about mahi now she will be hell worried, and he need to punish her for coming late here hmm,

Maan: to jao, u could have visit KM 1st, mujhse milne kyun aayi.

He left her hand and started walking towards his chair.

Geet made a O and pouted her lips: dekha, ek to inse milne aayi now he is getting jealous from his own daughter, sach me dusta danav hain.

Geet: maan I m sorry, maine kya karu, the flight got canceled and we had to stay there only, I was coming in the morning only and I wanted to visit here to give u a nice surprise.

Maan: ohh by coming late u r giving me nice surprise, I m so glad geet. He said sarcastically. Now geet is fuming, ek to she came directly here after feeling so tired but here he is ignoring her. she came close to his chair and poked his shoulder with one finger.

Geet: to ye kya meri galti hain?

Maan: nahi nahi ye to babaji ki galti hain.

Geet: maan u r mimicking me?

Maan: I dare that? he gave a smirk which irritates geet too much, she stomped her feet.

Geet: ok if u want to carry ur so called anger, that be happy with it, I m going.

She turned to go from there but a sudden force made her fall on his lap. She tightly clutches his shirt and hide her face in his neck. She can feel the shiver in his body.

Her breath was heavy due to sudden jerk.

Maan whisper in her ear: sorry mishty, I was just pulling ur leg, u know na I can’t live without u a second also and here u were so far from me, I thought atleast last night u will come and I was feeling restless, then got to know about ur flight. But kya karu, I wanted to be close to u always.

Geet saw the sincerity in his eyes and the suddenly she hugged him.

Geet: I missed u maan.

Maan dropped a kiss on her neck and whisper: I missed u too. don’t leave me ever again.

Geet moans his name but he didn’t stopped. 2 days separation was huge for him. he started kissing her neck with soft kisses. Her throat was becoming dry and she tightens her grip.

Geet: maan koi ajayega.

Maan huskily said: u r forgetting jaan, its MSK’s cabin. He broke the hug and dialed his P.A to cancel his all meeting and not to disturb him for few hour. geet just looked at him wide eyes.

Maan: I hope the jet lag wasn’t so much to stop me.

Geet shied and hit his chest: maan mujhe ghar jana hain mahi se milna hain.

Maan: she is ok now, u can meet her later. She must be sleeping.

Geet frowns: sleeping at this hour?

Maan mentally hit himself, mahika was awaked the whole night and he was taking care of her fever so she must be sleeping now and whole family is with her so they doesn’t need to worry that.

Maan: geet she couldn’t sleep last night without u and neither I but now as everyone is with her she can have a good time but think about this poor life. He came on her lips, who is starving from past 2 night just to get his sweet dish. He winks at her and she hide her face in his chest.

Geet: u r so mean maan.

But maan was no way to listen anything he lift her in his arm and straightly made their way to the big couch.





Romance baad me mujhe nini arahi hain, gd night guys. Aur ha precap last wala finally ayega so extra kuch nahi diya… bye.  


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  1. awesome dear


  2. awesome ud dr luvly mahi is giving hard time to two most handsome hunks as dey r trying to feed food to her….lovd how shiv handles mahi….and maan is amused seeing his state..hayee..luvd it dr….. 🙂


  3. yaar m jelous of maahi… he he he..

    bachho ko sambhalana bacho ka khel nai sachiii…. hota hai hota hai… aksar hamari billi humko hi meow bolti hai….

    liked maan n shiv convo n d feel very much… n also shiv teased geet mast… kya bolu loved it…


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