Kaisi Kashish Hain Yeh Part 38


Part 38



Life is too short catch it hold it in your memory

Cherish it with your smile.

Love it with your heart, see it with your soul

Life is too short we never knew where it will lead;

Just to follow dream we forget to look for life

In the mist of crowd we thought its our life.


Life it too short live it fully with a smile,

A small cry won’t harm but relish the sorrow in it.

Life is too short forget the emptiness;

Just to hold the love on u need not to borrow

A simple hug, a simple smile, a simple gesture to say

Life is too short but I will hold u no matter how short it will be

No matter how much sorrow I will feel when u leave me

But still want to just see your face the day I leave my breath

Life is too short catch it hold it in your memory.



                                                                        (poem by me )




Its almost 30 hours and still geet is unconscious. Armaan was monitoring her and others doctors were trying their level best but still she wasn’t helping at all, her body is not reacting.


Another 4 hours armaan and then we will lose the baby.

Armaan: what???

Senior doc: yes, she had lost enough blood and the mental trauma is getting her nerves and u know another stress and her brain, he couldn’t complete as armaan stopped him.

Armaan: stop it doc, she will come in her senses. She can’t die leaving her love ones here, she loved her child and for the baby she have to come. Doc patted his back and left him.

Armaan sat beside geet and caresses her hand, tears made their way thinking of the past, when they met. A sweet smile came when he remember how he tried to flirt with her and she had punched his nose. Armaan touched his nose but more tears comes out.

Armaan: geet come back. ur amy needs u. come back please. U know I don’t have anyone except u, my family my parents all left me but u, u were the one who taught me what is love, a bond of friendship that never existed in my dictionary still u manage to create the word in my pie size brain. He smiles recalling her calling him pie size head. Now u can’t betray me. u can’t leave me. think about the angel geet. Please don’t take it away from me. 1st time I m getting a relation through u. please don’t snatch it from me. he kissed her knuckle and cried like a baby.



Flashback of 9 month back (when ridz met with the accident was geet came to know about the reason)


Armaan: geet we don’t know anything about him, I can’t let u go there.

Geet: I need my answer amy, I want to know everything that occur in my absence, I need to meet MSK. Her face was angry and he knew she can do anything in this rage. He pulls her shoulder in a jerk.

Armaan; listen to me geet, I have lost ridz in this game, I don’t want to lose u.  u r my only family I have, and I can’t let u spoil ur life. We will talk to him later.

Geet: but I want him to know there is still someone who is beside her frnd and I won’t let him stay in peace after committing the sin of spoiling my frnd’s life.

Armaaan: we still don’t know everything, its just we are assuming.

Geet: I know everything. And I will make his life hell.

Armaan jerk her: then go for it, I m not with u. abhay is helping u but mind u one thing, u will never see me beside u in these love hate game.

Geet looked at him with tears, the tears that armaan can never see, his heart pained to see that. he sighed and hugged her.

Geet: please amy.

Armaan: please geet, don’t do any stupid thing, I m with u and I will find everything, just give me some time. we will take further action after that only. For now go to HP ur family needs u.

Geet: but

Armaan: trust me, give me a little time, till then settle ur life, MSK is a big name geet, we need time to get in action. Don’t spoil ur life in this. Wait a little.

Geet finally agreed for it and went to HP forgetting her revenge for some time and then got the biggest shock, marrying her enemy. After a month she called amy and told him everything.

He wanted to come there but his internship and riddhima’s treatment caught him. after 3 month he finally manages to come to geet, he thought geet had forgotten about revenge but got to know abhay is helping her, he was mad and wanted to take her from there and force her to come to them in Mumbai for the sake of riddhima and after the night when maan had forgotten himself in his drunken state that he had gone too much wild to bear. She was heartbroken after his accusing and those words and she left delhi for few times, but she knew this will have an impact on maan and he will come to her. she was not wrong also, he had actually came to her.


Armaan comes out from his revere and saw geet still lying unconscious.

Armaan: kash uss din main tujhe jane hi nahi deta, wish I could stop u to marry him. it was better to take u in Chennai, hamari zindegi itni nahi badalti. It was my fault that after seeing u in hospital 2 month back still I couldn’t do anything, I was so helpless. Maan had almost ruin my career. Abhay was nearly bankrupt and we needed to support ridz who was broke down after knowing u had gone against ur love just for her. she was talking but her speed was so less. We needed physiotherapist to make her properly walk. We tried to come here but again maan made our life hell and I can’t even talk to u.


After coming to delhi maan had manages to overtake abhay’s business where he took more than enough shares of all hospital where armaan was intern. He was major share holder and with influence he had transfer armaan to here n there, sometime ladak to Pondicherry. Some time daman to Vishakhapatnam, only in 2 month he had to run 6 places to save his career. And ridz couldn’t come to geet on her own. Just few days back geet manages to know everything about them and settled her frnd’s lives.


Armaan; please come back geet, I will never be able to forgive myself for letting u go, for not staying beside u when u needed me the most. I m sorry.


He was so drown in his sorrow that he failed to realize one person who was silently observing everything with a safe distance. His eyes were red as he haven’t slept the hours geet was in deep sleep. He just watched her pale face, his heart was numb, he wanted to hear her words, her accusation. Now he knew whatever she did its not matter in front of their love, strange but true.


When we knew our love can’t go away from us we take them for granted,

When they left us we got to know their place in our life.


Now he knew whatever happened wasn’t as big as the fear of losing her, he blocked his heart to grow its love with the fear he may lost it but now knowing its breaking bit by bit he knew it was better to lost than break.        

 Just now also, he doesn’t know anything, any truth any plans, nothing but his heart is crying with the fear of losing her, his love. he knew he loves geet from so long but now with the thinking about losing her forever he know for what extent he had loved her. all the time he had accused her, played with her emotion to protect his heart from breaking once again but the thing he failed to realized, he was cutting his own heart in to so many pieces that now he can’t understand what to collect what to leave. Seeing geet like that he knew his love was much more than hatred, but alas, it was too late to rectify anything.


‘hurt me, break me till the point u can collect my shatter pieces’

Her words rang in his mind, he closed his eyes, tears flowed.

Finally I shattered u geet, and u were right I can’t collect ur shattered pieces. When I myself couldn’t take my burden, my shattered self, how can I touch ur pure heart. I know ur heart is as pure as 1st drop of rain. the heart that always loved me but my blind ego didn’t see that. my brushed heart couldn’t take that. now it not matter who was wrong and what was wrong, it just my destiny only know how to play. it only want to smash me. but how can I blame my destiny when myself only destroyed it.


U were right geet, u were always right, I will be broken when I lose u, I don’t want to know any truth but please come back.


Maan was sitting in a corner of the room, no one was able to take him out from there. It was only armaan who can visit geet as he had strictly prohibited anyone to come close to her, not even riddhima. But he couldn’t refuse maan, seeing his state he can’t say anything. more than 33 hours he is here without food, without sleep. He is just staring at geet, in all sensed he had become next geet, couldn’t respond to anything, armaan knew maan knew nothing about the whole fiasco. He wonder just to see geet in this state he is like this, when he will come to know about all truth what will happen to him. geet was right, he loved her when he hated her, and now realizing his depth of love for her he can never forgive himself for the mental tortures he gave her. he just wished till the time he come to know truth geet will be beside him to hold him to protect him.



Precap: same


Sorry for the boring part but it needed as u can see armaan was never at fault need arman for further track so needed to clarify his character and many of u can think why he is loving her so much, so I can say wait a little and not every relation bound to be with blood or love as a lover, it can be friendship or just name sake relation. Its our heart that decided whom to take with which relation.

 I need to justify maan’s love here because all u might think when he come to know the truth he suddenly become saint, but its not like that, his love was always there but his ego and blindness came in front. U can see he doesn’t want to know any truth, he just want his geet, u can feel the depth of his love here.

Many in our live commit grave mistakes, but we never realized it and when realized it become too late. Same with maan, he took her for granted and now he is breaking from inside.


Now think when he will come to know the truth about the whole past, what will he do to others and himself?



Next update after 15 pages comment only,, hehehehhe I know too much it is, but kya karu I need time to give next update and u guys will be sad if I skipped it, so I gave u a condition, as soon it reached 15 pages and 200 likes I will update. 

FB need at least 65 likes.

Accha hain mujhe time mil jayega I know u can’t reach 15 page no way. 


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  1. geet still not reacting waiting for truth to come now where is that bi… shasha


  2. awesome dear


  3. armaan has a clear conscious!!
    maan’s love is deep n true.. but wonder hw he’ll react 2 d truth!!


  4. i can say maan always loved n dam sure geet is nly love he ever hav… n jab geet evidence dekh ke maan par shak kar sakti hai toh maan ke samne hi geet ne use dhoka diya…

    geet ne socha tha ki maan galat hai lekin maan ke side me geet galat thi.. pyar karna aur bharosa karna alag alag baat hai…

    n i bet agar geet par aisa-waisa ilzaam koi lagata toh maan kabhi geet par shak nai karta…

    is update mein armaan ki dosti ubhar kar aya hai aur maan ka pyaar ka sirf jhalak dikha hai picture abhi baaki hai mere dost correct tich??… loved it…


  5. we can not trust d person whom v love but we always love d person whom we trust….

    n here 1st case for geet n 2nd case for maan.. tich mere maan ko jyada mat suffer karnede…


  6. sob..sob… :’-)..crying dr..reading dis update……


  7. Jaldi torture khatam karo yaar…. 😥


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