Kaisi Kashish Hain yeh part 39



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Part 39



Maan was watching geet’s pale lifeless body for a long hour. his face was expressionless. His eyes were red but only glued on her face, fortunately armaan or any other doctors were not there. He leaned on the wall and remember her smiling face. Their 1st encounter on the wedding day, her smirks, her confidence. She was indeed true, he can fall head over heal for her only. He smiles a little remembering her frowning every time, her presence in the office.


And then he remember her cry when he was behaving like an animal to her, when he heard those accusation from her, he was amd but was his rage so powerful that covered his love for her, she was limping in his arms, he was afraid to lose her but he covered that saying he needs her for his revenge, was his revenge so important that he forget her dignity. He was not going to force her any day but the mental trauma he had given her was just to show what feel when she accused him, but did he ever thought that can be biggest scare for a girl. it was geet who tolerates everything just for his sake, she forgave him for his behavior because she knew it was not his fault, he was enraged, and if he want he would been snatches the little sanity any moment. She always knew he loved her beyond everything, but it was his heart who took long time to recognize its value. And what irony what he get to know what she meant for him he is losing her bit by bit.


It was easy to say Love you

The Difficult phase was to hold you

Close to my heart it was hard to chase you

It was easy to say love you.


Love was not so thorny but I selected to make it worthy

I laughed on your plight, your love was filthy

Now I know how unbreakable your love is,

But I m not worthy,

This soul is greedy

Ur simple love I couldn’t hold beside

Losing you I got to know you r precious.

In a life you r my breathing  

But I m losing u in the battle of my mind

Life will be incomplete without you

It was easy to say Love you.



Maan stood up and stand close to geet, oxygen mask was helping her to breath where many tubes where connected to her body. He touched her hand, her palm is so cold. Her face which had full color once today lost its life. He sat on a stool looking at her only. He touches her face with the tip of his fingers. Some voices came.


‘u wil lost everything in it maan like the way I lost”


Maan looked here n there then remember he is recalling her words, he felt she is saying all this. his tears came out.


 ‘what if I say I m ready to beg ur forgiveness till the point my sleep for destiny engulf me? 

what if I say destroy me till the point u want’. But maan never regret that later’ I know whatever I did was my mistake that can’t be repairable but without knowing whole truth whatever u r doing will shatter u later that I definitely never wanted’.’


its not my breakpoint any more geet, its urs,,’


He closed her ear with his palm still those words insert in his mind.


Break me till the point u can collect my shattered pieces maan’ I will be happy to destroyed by u just like I had been happy destroyed by ur passion’ that made my heart to be ur prey for eternity”


Come back to me geet, u were right, I can’t live without u, I need u now. I need u beside me till eternity. Come back. maan bent and kissed her stomach, we need u. our baby needs u geet, please open ur eyes, see our angel is waiting for u. u were right ur break was my destruction. I know I m at fault but geet what had our baby done? She is innocent geet, I know u love our baby. U love her more than me. I m sorry for giving u the pain that u never deserved. Give me any punishment, hit me, don’t talk to me, throw me out but don’t leave me here. Don’t stop ur fight with me, with my ego. U know ur maan needs u. please wapis ajao geet.


please hear the song Meri duniya me akar from film Tum Bin or


Ishq Ka Dard Hai Dard Hai Ishq Ka
Ishq Ka Dard Hai Dard Hai Ishq Ka
Ishq Ka Dard Hai Dard Hai Ishq Ka
Ishq Ka Dard Hai Dard Hai Ishq Ka
Meri Duniya Mein Aake Mat Jaa Mat Jaa Kahin Mat Jaa
Meri Duniya Mein Aake Mat Jaa Mat Jaa Kahin Mat Jaa
Meri Duniya Mein Aake Mat Jaa Mat Jaa Kahin Mat Jaa


One tear drop fell on her face as he kissed her lips softly. The MSK who had never cried for his own family, today is crying like a small baby for his love. Maan hugged her tight murmuring sorry and please come back.

I will never let u go from me geet, please give me once chance.

He cried bitterly, and soon felt her breathing heavy.


Ur idea is working doc armaan, we need to see her, she is responding.

Armaan smiles through his tears: she always said his love is more powerful than her, and she proved it right, his love, his hatred is always biggest for her. when MSK is crying for his love, begging mercy she can’t leave him like this. she knew she need to hold him close to her.


Doctored rushed to see her, armaan held maan’s shoulder who was petrified to see her breathing heavy.

One doc: get him out from here, armaan tried to pulls maan but he was not budging from there just staring at her.

2nd doc shouting: she is sinking, get out right now.

3rd doc: we need to stabilize her BP.


Armaan pulls him again but maan was standing like a statue.

Not finding any option armaan whisper: itna sab karke man nahi bhara maan that now u r standing to witness her death.


Kya Maine Pa Liya Hai Kya Maine Kho Diya Hai
Shayad Yeh Soch Kar Hi Dil Aaj Ro Diya Hai
Tu Hi To Tha Mera Apna Kaise Phir Yeh Toota Sapna
To Jo Mil Ke Kho Jaayega Jeena Mushkil Ho Jaayega
Meri Duniya Mein Aake Mat Jaa Mat Jaa Kahin Mat Jaa


It angered maan like hell, he straightly held armaan’s collar ready to give few punches.

Maan: don’t u dare say that, she can’t leave me, she have to be back right to me. if anything happened to her I will destroy everyone.

Armaan: u had done that, now move.

Maan looked at geet and the petrified doctors.

Armaan closed his eyes: u have to be out of the room, let them see her, she will be ok.

Maan stares at him and release his hold. He went out from the room still can hear doctor’s shouting. He recall’s armaan’s word.

He couldn’t handle any more, he rushed out from the hospital leaving a baffled family and ridz who was hell scared. She ran to armaan who narrated everything fast, he was also worried for maan.


Ishq Ka Dard Hai Dard Hai Ishq Ka
Ishq Ka Dard Hai Dard Hai Ishq Ka
Ishq Ka Dard Hai Dard Hai Ishq Ka
Ishq Ka Dard Hai Dard Hai Ishq Ka
Ishq Ka Dard Hai Dard Hai Ishq Ka
Ishq Ka Dard Hai Dard Hai Ishq Ka


Ridz saw maan driving in full speed, she held her heart knowing he can do anything in this moment. Abhay came with car and she hoped in, they both drives after maan who was racing with the air.


Armaan’s word was ringing in his ear. Yes its his fault that she is in this state, their baby is in danger, how happy she was when she got to know about her baby, she wanted to relish it with him. her smile, he recall her glowing face fading as she saw him with another girl. ridz was right he was main reason for her condition. Maan closed his eyes and take a sharp turn, in few mins he was speeding the car on a deserted high way. his sharp turn was dangerous.


Yeh Ishq Ki Hai Raah Mein Jin Pe Chal Raha Hoon
Is Aag Mein Na Jaane Kab Se Main Jal Raha Hoon
Main To Hoon Tera Deewana Tune Mujhko Na Pehchaana
Dilbar Mere Aisa Na Kar Chahat Mein Tu Ruswa Na Kar


Ridz and abhay was holding their breath seeing him like that, she was saying him to go faster where her heart was just praying everything to be ok. 


Maan couldn’t hear anything just geet’s teary eyes and choked breath was coming in front of him, all those days he knew she was in pain but he choose to ignore, but not anymore. he want to punish himself for giving those pain to geet and his baby who is suffering without any fault.


Meri Duniya Mein Aake Mat Jaa Mat Jaa Kahin Mat Jaa
Meri Duniya Mein Aake Mat Jaa Mat Jaa Mat Jaa
Meri Duniya Mein Aake Mat Jaa Mat Jaa Kahin Mat Jaa
Meri Duniya Mein Aake Mat Jaa Mat Jaa Kahin Mat Jaa
Ishq Ka Dard Hai Dard Hai Ishq Ka
Ishq Ka Dard Hai Dard Hai Ishq Ka
Ishq Ka Dard Hai Dard Hai Ishq Ka
Ishq Ka Dard Hai Dard Hai Ishq Ka
Ishq Ka Dard Hai Dard Hai Ishq Ka
Ishq Ka Dard Hai Dard Hai Ishq Ka


He stopped his car with a loud screech in the deserted hill top. The car could be trashed in the forest if he had not jerked the break on right time. he sat in the car for few min and then came out from there, standing on the edge of the hill he shouted.





He was about to collapse when felt a sudden jerk.

What the hell were u doing MAAN. ridz shouted on him. she held his collar and jerks him. what do u want to prove by doing this ha?

He looked at her eyes which shows concern and fear.

Ridz: why u always do things in hurry without listening to anyone. WHY damit WHY? Do u know if anything had happened to u what would geet feel? She is dying to be with u and what did u thought by doing all this, by punishing ur self, ur sin will washed out? did u thought geet will forgive u?

Maan: she is leaving me. he said in a helpless voice.

Ridz’s eyes become moist: itna asan nahi hain maan. if u truly love her fight for her. wait for her. its not easy to wash ur sin, I know because I m suffering every min in my sin.

Maan looked at her face which showed only pain, he remember geet saying she had been raped, that’s why she had accused him, but why? did she really gone through that phase, what happened to her. ohh god he felt his mind will burst any moment thinking what his love and frnd is going through.

Ridz release her hand from his collar and gave him a dairy and some photographs that abahay passed her. maan wasn’t ready to see anything but she assured him he need to see that.


Ridz(st): I know u r not in the state of knowing any truth, but its high time, in this 2 month I couldn’t even contact u because of my health and I m repenting it seeing geet in that state, I can’t wait more, whatever will happen we will fight together but now he needs to know every truth of his and our lives.


Ridz saw him reading the dairy’s each page, his face was showing confusion and confusion.


Ridz: the dairy was belonged to Shekhar bose. Ur employee in Mumbai KC and Pari’s brother. She showed all this to geet when I was in coma.

Maan looked at her horrified but she gesture him to read all this. he read all n every pages with concentration, with each page his confusion grew more. and saw those pix, all were in wrong intention. The pix was about when maan was telling ridz to behave as they are couple to save an innocent’s life. Their posture was close but not in that sense. Here its presented as there was something going on between them. His heart shuddered to think what had gone through on geet when she saw this.

Maan: but ye sab?

Ridz: pari had told her we had an afire and showed all false evident to prove that right. She gave her all wrong photographs and no one knew the truth about our relation so whatever they showed with conviction.

Maan: how can she trust all this?

Ridz: she loves me too much maan, maan looked away. But her faith on u was exceptional. Maan immediately looked at her. u always thought she came in ur life because of revenge, but the truth is she never wanted to come there, she knew she had to choose in between love and friendship and she choose friendship because circumstances were like that. ridz saw the shock on maan’s face. She smiles sadly, u though all this started from 9 months but truth is she had seen u apparently 4 yrs ago, when u saved a kid who was with her, the orphanage kid who was playing in the rain.

Maan looked at her with confusion, ridz sensed he doesn’t remember that.


She told him 4yrs ago geet had met him in a rainy night where he had helped an orphan kid, and blasted on her for negligence, and how next day she got all info about him, maan was numb founded with the revelation about her love, geet had loved him so deeply. Without knowing anything she just ran behind him madly, she loved him insanely. But her friendship came between.

Ridz told him how geet was madly working on the project for him because it was profitable for his company and in this work she can meet him, she never told her frnds about her feeling fearing to hear bad things about him. ridz told him about her fear of his image as a Casanova. Her fear for her frnd’s life can be destroyed in this.

Ridz sobbed looking at maan. she narrated him geet’s condition when she get to know about her grandfather got a heart attack, but before going to HP she had told her to talk to him but it was her mistake, she accepted it was her biggest crime to lie to him although it was only for her best friend’s heart and future but she is regretting that decision of meeting him as geet.

Maan heart was sinking thinking what had geet was going through, she wanted to meet him, she had never knew things will go this way, she said her to give the information of her departure but ridz’s one mistake lead them here though maan knew its not fully her mistake.  

Ridz looked at his eyes which was numb.

Ridz: maan I wanted to clarify everything but u got know about me, u got to know I m not geet but u thought geet and i together fooling u for money. I was angry on u and choose not to clarify anything. but then u said u will destroy geet. I couldn’t handle that and blasted on u.

Somebody printed those lines of urs in the newspaper. And pari gave those paper cuttings to geet who thought u were saying all this to me. pari had portrayed u like everything was ur fault. Geet never wanted to believe but all proofs were against u. I wanted to clarify everything to geet but I was helpless on wheel chair, I was paralyzed. I couldn’t move my tongue.

When finally I got my senses I told her everything and she regretted maan, believe me she had regretted every moment she had thought bad about u. I was at fault but she never gave me any accusation. She still loves me like anything.


Ridz fnally sat on her knees couldn’t take the burden on her shoulder.

Ridz; my one lie destroyed so many lives, I never intended to it trust me, how can I think bad about my geet, she is like a small sister to me , and u. u were my best frnd. My sister’s love. I wanted to protect u both. But.


Ridz broke in to sobs.


Maan was standing like a statue, he couldn’t comprehend what is going, what she is telling, what gone through on geet. She was helplessly in love with him. when she though he was at fault still she gave her everything to him, and now he is sure its not for her revenge but because she truly loved him. she was weak in front of her love and showed that but he took it as body pleasure.

Maan saw the picture again n again, the picture can manipulate anyone’s mind and the dairy of shekhar.

His lips shiver to utter any word, he wanted to know about her, how she met with accident and paralyzed?

Maan: tum,

His one word had so many emotions, fear, apprehensive, guilt and concern, he wanted to know about her and she knew it, ridz looked at him with tears. Maan sat beside her on the ground.

Abhay gave him more pictures, he saw those were his and ridz’s, he was confused, he wanted to know about these also. He knew it had sent by ridz but now he is confused. It was the same pix with that he got letter saying he have to give her 1/5 percent of the project or else she will release this and the project will fall in controversies which will be bad for his business..

Ridz sensed his confusion so was abhay, he gave few more pictures which actually shook maan’s existence. His and geet’s photographs but in same postures.

Abhay then told him about ridz’s confrontation with pari and shekhar and he raping ridz.

Ridz: Shekhar was angry with u as u had beaten him and thrown away out from ur company because of me.

 I went to them to warned them not to do all that but they get a hold on me, and shekhar,  he, ridz’s voice tucked in her throat, she couldn’t complete the sentence and felt a warm embrace surrounded her, she saw maan hugging her tight, she broke down.

Maan he snatched my everything. What have I done that he behaved like an animal, doesn’t he ever thought I have a heart too,, my body was all he needed but then why he left me for those monsters, his frnds who took me to jungle, they satisfied their hunger bit by bit scratching my soul, I wanted to die maan, I wanted to die at that moment before anyone touch my body but that never happened, they satisfied their hunger with my body leaving me shattered on the road.


Mana didn’t said anything but held her close to him knowing she is breaking herself again for him. though he thought he doesn’t deserves but her pain broke all barrier for him and he engulf her in his arm to protect her from the world, he cursed himself for letting her along face the world. She needed him and he was nowhere to protect her. he felt himself timid, the power of MKS is timid who couldn’t even protect his frnd’s sanity.


Abhay gave his back to them crying silently, he had witnessed her state then.


Ridz composed herself and maan broke the hug.

Maan got to know they had sent the photos in his conference and how ridz had informed his employee to check those photos and then the car hit her pushing her in coma. She was paralyzed and no one knew the exact story, pari had manipulated things to her favor and told geet everything, all proves maan guilty.


I m sorry maan for all this,

Maan: it was never ur fault I should known this.

Ridz looked at him confused, maan tried to suppress the lump in his throat.

Maan: it was my mistake, knowing u also I trust someone unknown.

Ridz’s face went blank.

Maan: someone called me and showed proves of u being the culprit ridz looked at him confuse and then he narrated how someone showed him recorded voice and he seeing her with the person was in the studio, the photographs he had seen was made in that studio only. He told her the dates.  And ridz looked at him with anger.

Ridz: maan u trusted an unknown person but never thought of confronting me, she stood up and goes near abhay a little distanced from maan. u thought I was doing that for money, can any girl stoop so low for money with those disgusting pictures? I was there because our collage principal said me to handle a program which they were doing for orphan kids. The amount was for a orphanage. I was the only trust worthy person for sir and the money was huge so we met there, the boy was working in the orphanage and we met there its just a co incident.  I can’t blv u trusted someone so blindly that u thought geet and I was playing games.


Just then they heard a voice.


It was not his fault. Someone made him believe that. all turn to see armaan there.

Ridz ran to him but he showed his hand to stop her.

Armaan: and it was not his fault fully. It was u who started all this. ridz looked down controlling her sobs. I know maan did all wrong but he was angry and trusted the thing what was in front of him just the way geet did when she came to know about u n maan in a wrong way.

Ridz understood his meaning.

Ridz: ok I agree I m at fault but today whatever happen wasn’t it his misconception about her love and that’s why she is in this state.

Armaan: yes he is at fault and I can’t forgive him for doing this to my gudiya, my best friend but I can’t help to thank him, because of him geet is alive today.

Maan  looked at armaan with blank eyes who smiled understandingly.

Armaan: ur baby n geet is alive maan, just because of u she had started responding. Ur love is stronger than ur hatred. She loves u madly.


Maan looked at him with tears and then fell on his knees. He sobbed silently, armaan ran to him to hold him but maan broke down.


Maan: no, my love is not so great, neither my friendship, because of me all suffered, geet suffered. Still she loves me, I don’t deserve her. she is way too precious. I, I m the reason for her state. I m not a perfect man, a perfect son, nor a perfect frnd and never became a perfect husband.


Armaan tried to console him knowing how vulnerable he is feeling but maan was not in his proper senses.


Maan: I the culprit who snatched her smile, her reason for live, she was always there to hold me and I was pushing her in darkness. I was torturing her for the reason she was never at fault. I was responsible as much she was then. why I gave her so much sorrow. She never deserves that. I was an impure soul who never deserves an angel like u geet but why u loved me so much. Why still ur heart takes my name. she was saying again n again to listen to her once and I was so blind in my rage that I took her plea as a mask, I  was so worried for my own heart that I forgot she had presented her heart and soul to my feet, I had crushed her innocence still she loves me. I m not worth ur love geet, i m impure.


Why geet, why u love me so much, I know u will never forgive me the sin I had committed, I m sorry, I love u, I really love geet. I m sorry.


Armaan felt tears in his eyes to see the broken maan infront of him. ridz hugged abhay to subside her cry, she can’t see her best frnd like this, no matter what happen she still loves him as a frnd, he is still close to her heart, and anyway he was not at fault, the circumstances made the situation like this. but now all is in geet’s hands.


Maan was repeating the one line only, he is not worthy, armaan hugged him to console his broken heart, but he knew only one person is there in the world who can crush this guilt and impureness from his heart, who is lying on the bed but with what expectation, that only she knew.


Today he is feeling himself impure infront of her love, knowing both were at fault today he is only cursing himself because he had stretched it till this point, she had tried to make everything normal but his ego came in between, he had crossed a line between them which is now become so visible that it will take a long time to erase it, maybe. Maybe not.



Precap: none


who was behind all this? pari or someone else? What do u think?


Gosh u guys are really crazy, in one day only less than in 24 hr u fulfilled my wish, now again I m giving a small condition.

I will update in next thread only so fill the page, that means 20 pages of comment and likes 210+

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I know its huge for u and u can’t do this for me, still I will be waiting with an update, fulfill my wish and the moment u will do it I will be  ready with update, till then bybye.




8 responses to this post.

  1. awesome ud dr luvd and luvd maan’s guilty blabbering waise kuch log toh hote hi aise hai yeh nahin sochte ki kya baat huyi hai jo doosre un par galath inzaam lagaa rahe hai…lekin yeh sochte hai ki unki ego hit hogayi..toh think of killing d person mentally ..dey don’t even know how much others suffer becoz of deir behaviour….itni andhe ho jaate hai ki apnon ko khokar aise hi suffer karenge….Tich Mg i want more suffering fm MSK….itni jaldi mat chodna….i want another two updates which is filled with MSK sufferings…..


  2. don’t deny my advice dear it will give u more likes too am sure…


  3. Posted by ayesha komal on July 16, 2012 at 5:53 pm

    di u r great


  4. tich uuuuuuuuuuuuuummmmmmmmmmmmmmmaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa………

    i don hav words to describe the beauti of this episode.. it jus stole my heart…. kitni bhi taarif karungi toh bhi kam hi lagega… d way geet responded to maan,

    d way armaan thot for geet, d way ridz console maan, d way maan felt pain of his fren, d way armaan cleared d situation of maan to ridz, how armaan understood maan’s pain… how they respected geet’s love for maan…

    how maan broke down, realisation…. all in to say sssssssssssssssuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuppppppppppeeeeeeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrrbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbb…………

    wit load of love….


  5. maan already suffered a lot…. so ab aur nai.. but lekin kintu parantu agar wo “paschatap ho raha hai mujhe” ya “mai prayaschit karna chata hu” ya “i wanna regret it” bla bla bla mat bole lekin apne kaam me aur care me dikhaye… maan na bole fir bhi geet ko pata chalna chahiye ki maan pachata raha hai….

    and undoutedly i want my MAAN SINGH KHURANA back with full of ATTITUDE n ARROGANCE… jalta hua maan mujhe jyada pasand hai…


  6. tich y maan said he s not perfect son??? confused…. maan never misunderstood geet’s love he jus more over angry on her he said many more very wrong things but never meant it… but geet actually didn’t believe(trust) him… and if she nt misunderstood him in case of sameeksha then y tat outburst??(afrin thinkin???)…

    geet without confronting him accused him and after maan confronted her directly then started his torture… kya karu yaar mai isme maan ko galat nai dekh sakti lekin mai yeh nai keh rahi geet galat hai… mai bus difference bata rhi hu… galati dono ki nai thi but circumstances hi aise the toh wat to do… still i’ll be at maan side…

    and tich ye ridz bach gayi warna mai usse chodti nai mai agar wo maan ko kuch ulta silta ilzaam lagati tho….


  7. finally truth out geet responded


  8. awesm updt..
    finally d truth is out b4 maan..
    geet’s love for him was too deep for nythng 2 ruin it bt ridzy one unintentional mistake coupled wid maan,s mistrust ruined evrythng!!
    beautiful updt
    lukin fwd 2 d nxt one..


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