Kagaz Ki Kashthi luv tht Sacrifices Life part 58



Kagaz ki kashthi part 58



Maan listen to me please, we need to go home and u have meetings.

But maan was in no mood of hearing her words, 2 days of separation had made him enough hungry for her that he forgot everything.

He placed her on the couch but she instantly tried to run from there giggling to see his desperation, but it was making him frustrated, he is in one jerk pulls her on his lap. She closed her eyes in fear of falling but soon felt his breath on her lips.




Maan: if u try to run again it will be dangerous for u geet. His whisper made her shiver. He noticed the red shade of her cheeks and a smalls smile on the lips, he groans inwardly and then licks those delicious red cheeks. Her heart thumped loudly and she held his shoulder for support. Do u know how much I missed ur red cheeks, it always turned me on.

Geet couldn’t take his teasing words and frowns a little but it didn’t help her cheeks to turn more deep shade,

He slides his hand in her waist pulling n teasing her more. his hot palm was creating havoc. She felt her heart will burst any moment. She was reacting in a different way, like her every cell was begging for him to touch. She tried to subside her moan because it will turn him more wild. he was lost in his own world of discovering her again. He licks the supple lips making it wet with his saliva but it didn’t quench her thirst and she arched her chest more, it pressed on his hard body which was like set on fire. He grabbed her back with one palm and smashed his lips on her, nipping it wildly.  She was always delicate but today she had missed him like eternity. Geet encircled her hands on his nape pulling him more close to her and capturing his lower lips when he was busy with her upper lips. Both kissed like their life depend on it.  maan slides his hand on her hair and took the pin which was holding the bun above, it falls like curtain, so smooth and intoxicating scent mix. He throbbed his tongue inside her mouth tasting every hidden corner, she felt dizzy with the pleasure. her hands went to his shirt’s button playing with it and tracing his adam apple with her finger. Her fingers went to his face, rubbing the rough stubble and pulling him more close if that possible. He bite her lower lips making her winch but it didn’t stopped him, she felt bliss to have his touch. His hands were busy to touch n feel the smooth skin, he rolled his knuckle on her bare tummy, rubbing the palm to feel her each cell. Soon it found its place above her blouse. She moans in the kiss as he pinched the ni****. He squeezed it above the dress and pulls the pallu down harshly.


She felt short of air bt soon he finished the long passionate kiss and came down on her neck placing feathery kisses.

Maan: ohh I missed u geet, never leave me again. Dare u miss my calls or come late again I will not leave u.

Geet closed her eyes feeling his dominance on her body. His pain of living 2 days without her was reflecting in his sweet assault.  He started placing wet kisses around her jaw and neck, she bite his neck in anticipation. He groans with her wildness.

Geet: maannn.. she moans his name again n again.

In a swift maan made her laid on the couch, he threw out his waist coat tie and shirt in few seconds  and hovered her body with his.

Geet starts at his desiring eyes: I missed u too, she peck his lips softly. Maan took the small remote and locked his cabin door. The blinds were already closed.

He kissed her bosom and with other hand took her saree plats out from her skirt. She pulls his hair in a fist and arched her back. he took her palm and kissed her fingers one by one, she smiles at his gesture. He kissed his way up to her arms and unhook her blouse. She closed her eyes feeling his stubble tickling her abdomen. He kissed her naval and way upto her curves. Her breath was heavier. He kissed the valley between her curves kissing his way to her neck. His lips touched the soft area of her earlobe. She hissed in please where he placed a deep wet kiss on her neck just bellow her earlobe.

Maan: I was dying every moment without you. Geet tighten his grip on him. he bite the area mercilessly making her moan in pain. He came down and sucked above the cleavage making it red. He was biting her every skin of neck and her bosom.

Geet: sorry. he looked at her face panting heavily, she kissed his eyes, his nose, slowly his cheeks one by one, and then capturing his lips in a slow kiss. She spoke in the kiss. I m sorry for coming so late. I m sorry for not staying close to u for so many hours. I know u missed me and trust me I missed u too. I can’t live a single second without u.

Maan couldn’t let her complete her words and deepen the kiss. After few mins he broke the kiss and whisper huskily.

Maan: ok then ready for ur punishment? For coming late? Geet looked at him amused but saw a naughty glint on his face.  Maan pecked her lips. I m not going to leave u so easily jaan.

Geet smiles shyly: I m all yours maan.


It made maan more hard, her shying face always took his breath. He kissed her plump lips more strongly where his hands were kneading her breast above her bra. She moans in the kiss. They broke the kiss and maan placed his hot tongue mixed with sweet saliva on her cleavage, with his teeth he rolled down the bra strap and kissed her arms. then in a sec he pulls out the thin material from her body taking those beautiful full mount in his awaiting mouth, kissing it hard already making it red with his assault.

Geet touched his back digging her nails in his toned skin. Her breath was going higher, she is all wet down but he was busy in torturing her breast chewing it with his tongue and teeth and the other one kneading between his fingers. He sucks the nipples hard. Teasing biting making it red. He did the same with the other curves making her scream in pleasure. she tried to hold her moan but his wildness was making it difficult. Thank god the room was soundproof and no one has the guts to knock on his cabin when he had informed not to disturb him for few hours.

She felt his hardness poking her abdomen. Her face flushed with the thought of making love in the cabin but he didn’t gave her much time to think it. she felt his hand going between her thighs and soon found their barrier had long gone on the floor, her skirt and his pant was piled up on the floor. He lifted her body a little and went down on his knees. She holding his shoulder and all the time eyes close. He licks the smooth velvety thighs making her gasp for air. He went down to her inner thighs kissing it biting it. she wimped in pleasure, he touched her damp core with his finger teasing her. she bite her lips to control the moans. Long fingers makes their way inside her dampness making it more wet.

Geet: maan I want u now please. She beg him for mercy but his punishment for making him wait was much more than this. he bite her abdomen and coming on her cleavage. Her hard nipple was poking his chest when he came on her lips kissing it sensually. He came down and took those mount again. His fingers were not stopping going deep inside her making her moan louder. Thrusting more n more in spilt of sec he sensed her coming close and without waiting or saying he entered her core with his hard p****.


She screamed when he went deep n deep with hard strokes showing her the ecstasy. His sweat was coming on her face his kissed her face numerous time still not stopping. he nuzzles close to her neck hiding his face in her hair and groans loud with her. his each thrust was hard and long but didn’t lasted long in her. the movement was so quick she felt her lungs will burst. He sensed she will come any moment and increased his pace. She shriek in sheer ecstasy when both reached their climax. It took few mins to catch their breath. Maan made her laid on him. both panted and closed their eyes. Geet kissed his chest.

Geet: love u so much.

He crossed his hand on her back and kissed her forehead: don’t u dare leaving me again. Love u more. she smiles and felt contended.


Soon he felt her breathing is soundless and found her sleeping on him. he stokes her cheeks and played with her hair.

Maan; sorry mishty I know I was wild.

He felt sorry for going so wild, she was tired still manages to comes so close to him, she didn’t complaint even for once, he knew how much she need rest but still his love and separation for 2 days made him greedy for her love and here she was fulfilling his every wish. She loves him too much. He held her tight and drifted to sleep because he was also tired  because last night he was awaken.


After almost 3 hours maan opens his eyes and saw his beautiful wife sleeping on him, a sweet smile came on his lips but then a thought stuck his mind, oh god they are in the office. He slowly made geet laid on the couch and covered her with a sheet that he always kept in his cabin. He dressed himself and called aadi. Aadi informed him that he is at a meeting as he(maan) can’t come at that moment. Maan was thankful that aadi took care of the meeting which was important. Then he called the receptionist but she was not taking it. he found it odd. Till then geet stirred from sleep. Her cheeks went red thinking what they were doing in his office, then it stuck her maan was fully dressed sitting in front of her staring at her teasingly. She hide her face in the sheet. He walked up to her and make her laid on his chest as he himself seated beside her. his hands were itching to run it above her body but geet tied the sheet around her body. Some how she manages to run in the washroom with her dress..


Geet saw maan on phone but his face was showing irritation. She placed her hand on his shoulder, just the moment he saw her face his all irritation misplaced with mischief. Geet saw that and slapped his hand playfully.

Geet: maan don’t look at me like this, maan made her sit on his lap as he was sitting on his cozy chair. I need to go maan. its more than 4 hour I m here, everyone must be waiting na. she made a baby face but maan wasn’t ready to leave her, he nuzzles close to her neck.

Maan: maine bola tha late aane ko?

Geet pouted her lips: yelo ek to inko surprise karne ko yaha aayi aur ye hain ki,

But maan cut her: main kya ha?




Geet saw the mischievousness on his face, he was looking at her lips only.

Maan: but I love the compensation, she shied and hide her face in his neck, he groans, Geetttt, don’t do that u will pay high. She giggle seeing him restless. No matter how much they made love he still can’t keep his hand off from her. just then his phn buzzed and he took it.

He was trying the receptionist for god knows how many times but no one was taking it. and now she is calling.

Maan: where the hell were u? he roared nearly making geet jump. Geet glared at him and he mouthed a sorry. then nicely spoken to the bechari receptionist. I was calling for the past 10 mins where were u?


If u were busy romancing with ur wife what is the fault of the receptionist.

Maan looked at the phn and then again put it on his ear.

Maan: Shiv?

The name forced geet to straighten her state, maan chuckle at her and again made her sit on his lap showing the phn, she was confuse.

Shiv: yes shiv. Abb tum to busy to 4 hour se, bechare office wale kya karte yaha, so I thought of making the place more privet and I gave them a day off. shiv smiles cheekily. Maan greeted his teeth knowing he is chuckling now.  Now can u open the cabin so that we can talk on a project if u r free from ur busy romancing schedule.

Maan: when the office is on leave why u r expecting me to work. maan smirks, geet sensed something is fishy, she tried to poke in but maan silenced her with a kiss on her lips. She slapped his chest and walked up to the sit in front of him.

Shiv: oye MSK just show some eagerness to the project also, it needs some changes, I m coming to ur cabin, baki romance ghar jaake karle mere bhai.

Maan chuckle at his comment but could help smile genuinely. Shiv actually thought for their privacy, if he tell this to geet she will surely kill him with glare.

Maan: ok come in.


Geet looked at maan suspiciously which maan just gave his famous smirk, she felt irritated.

Geet looked around the blind was open but no one was there.

Geet: maan where is every one?

Maan: shiv sent them home for our privacy.

Oops geet’s cheeks turned red. But she didn’t miss to give glares at him.


Shiv entered the cabin.

Shiv; thank god u r finally open for some work. I was waiting u too call the receptionist but u took 4 hours. And I had no choice to roam the cafeteria. He gave a cheeky smile to maan who gave him daggers which said he will kill him, shiv narrowed his eyes and felt the second presence of a human who’s cheeks are red. He looked at maan and sighed.  Hey geet, hows ur journey from massori?

Geet smiles: it was nice, my sister is finally at home.

Shiv was curious to know about her sister

Shiv: sister ha? So kab mila rahi ho?

Geet raises her eyes brow: kyun flirting karne ka irada hain kya?

Maan coughed with the statement, he was amused with the comfortableness of them but he never felt any negative vibes with it. he knew both are like same, still kids.

Maan: shiv u wanted to discuss some work.

Geet: ok u guys work on it I m going to meet mahi, I m missing her.

Shiv: ohh how is she now, fever nahi hain ab na?

Maan cursed him mentally and shiv saw the confused geet, then it hit him she doesn’t know about it, he mouthed a sorry to maan who gave him a glare.

Geet; fever?

Maan: geet she is fine now, last night no one was at home only aniee was there and mahi was missing u so she cried a lot, but doc said she is fine now.

Geet made a face like:oh-finally-u-told me.

Without any word she zoomed out from the room. Shiv and maan saw her worriedly.



In KM everyone welcomed her with a smile, she told them she want to see mahika, and they give mahika to her. geet had showered her all love on her kissing her full face, palm and toes. She had missed her like hell. Without her she had cried a lot now finding her mother’s solace she is sleeping soundlessly.


Aniee told her that how maan and shiv took care of her together. For a moment geet was glad that she was not there, because of mahika they both came so close. She kissed mahika’s nose.

Geet: mamma ki samajhdar beti. She kissed her forehead.


Dadima: geet u said ur sister is coming, where is she?

Geet’s face fell: dadima she is with mamma and papa. I will take her to the specialist tomorrow.

Aniee: bhabhi u should had brought her here, u said she need to speak her heart, but she is silent from past 5 yrs. Its long time.

Geet felt tears coming out from her eyes and that time maan entered the mansion, he saw geet’s gloomy face.

She excused herself and went to their room, aniee told maan she had asked about her sister and now geet is upset.

Maan went to their room and hugged geet from behind. But he felt her whimper. He turned her, shocked to see geet was in tears, she hugged him tight.

Maan: geet kya huya? Why u r crying mishty?

Geet: maan I can’t handle anymore, till now I was so strong but I want her back. I can’t see her like that.

Maan: shhhh, 1st stop ur crying and tell me what happen. Is it related to ur cousin, geet only nodded her head. Why don’t u bring her here 1st, u said she need to talk and u know our family can help her in this matter. I don’t know what happen to her exactly but

Geet: she had trusted someone who had betrayed her and now she lost the reason for live, she didn’t even saw her family is depending on her one smile, she just think about the person who didn’t loved her but her whole family who loved her dearly she had never thought about them. Now also we are waiting for her one word but she is mum, she isn’t ready to say a word to us. I want her back maan, I need her.

Maan felt a pang in his heart, somewhere he was feeling sad and guilty, don’t know why, maybe geet’s pain he was feeling, actually maan is consoling his heart with the thought. He engulf her in a bear hug and kissed her forehead to sooth her crying.

Maan: everything will be alright mishty. I m here for u na, we will fight with fate and bring her here. Geet wiped her tears.

Geet: Promise?

Maan: pakka promise. She smiles a little, geet why don’t u bring her here tomorrow, dadima wanted a family get together and shiv is also coming.

Geet: u invited him, she said amusingly, she felt happy and maan can guess that.

Maan: yes I asked him. now u can bring ur sister here after visiting doctor, what say?

Geet: it will be great. She hugged him more cozily, I love u maan.


Maan instantly lift her and made his way to the washroom for an another love making session of course.

Geet only gave in his demand.



Precap none



Ok this update was specially for my sweet spicy lovable kamini frnd Tanu, happy wala Happy Birthday to u, yeiii I m the 1st one to wish u…


Love uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu and I hope ye shiv sanjh n family deducted part with only romace tujhe pasand aaya hoga, next part se romance vul ja kisi ki entry hone wali hain, LOL



Now I need a good amount of likes and comment, IF 190+ and FB 65+

Then only I will give next part of this one and Kaisi Kashish Hain yeh.

Its my another wish which my frnd gave me the idea heheehhe.


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