Kaisi Kashish Hain Yeh Part 40



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Part 40



Armaan tried to drag maan to the hospital but he was fearing of rejection by geet, he knew she will never forgive him for his deeds. Whatever he did wasn’t a small thing to forget n forgive and she has the right but he is not so stronger to take that rejection. Now he knew what felt geet when he had accused her with his words. Though she was at fault but not much as his. he had broken her bit by bit and now he is afraid that he will lose himself to see those broken pieces.


Armaan: maan u need to see her. he was sounding panic but maan was numb.

His heart was full of remorse and bitterness. He was not ready to face her but his heart wanted to see her face for once. He wanted to feel his baby for once but alas he couldn’t collect himself for this. he is fearing of something.

Ridz: u should meet her maan. he looked at her blankly, she nodded with tears but suddenly something occurred his mind. He need to know who had done all this. he need to rectify his mistake of leaving everything then, he had never tried to reach the person who portrayed geet and ridz at fault but he has a feeling of knowing the person, ridz said she had informed a person of his office who changed the cd but why he had never informed about it, he had never knew something like that had happened. Why?

Maan: riddhima.

Ridz looked at him shocked, 1st time he is taking her name, she didn’t know what he want to talk now but definitely something is disturbing him.

Maan: I need to know who is behind all this. he asked straightly. No one had expected him to say this now but when he said it everyone felt scare, like something is going in his mind.

Ridz: pari and shekhar her brother who is dead now.

Abhay; but why u want to know that maan, u should meet geet 1st, she must be awaken till now,

Maan: I need to know it before I face her, I know she is angry on me, she thought I had betrayed her with sasha but that was not right, I had always loved her. even in my rage I couldn’t cross my limit, I was showing I m happy being the same Maan but I was not. Now knowing everything I need to grab those monster who destroyed mine and my loved ones life. They had played with MSK and I need to show them what MSK is in real sense.


The trio was dumb founded, they thought maan will be broken and he will run to geet and beg her forgiveness least they knew what maan is by heart, he need to punish those culprit who had played with his love’s life, he want to face geet only after punishing those monsters who didn’t think once before playing the big game, but now he want to know where is pari and why she did all this. only for revenge she can’t do so big think. Only to satisfy her ego she couldn’t plot all these think and that too against MSK. It can’t be possible for a girl like her.


Maan: where is pari?


Abhay looked at ridz who was as much confuse as him, but they didn’t know where is she.


Maan got to know they didn’t know anything and then he called aadi who was with geet 24*7 in the last month, he informed him that geet had asked him to track pari who was in Venice for past one month. And now suddenly appeared in india for some work, though geet had tried but some unknown reason was also there.  He told him right now where is pari no one knew but geet had called Mumbai CBI to handle her case as she had done a lot of gamble in Mumbai KC branch.


Maan: I want to know where is she aadi, try to track her location hurry.


He hung up the phone and ran his hands in his hair, something is fishy, why she is here and how come a simple worker go to Venice for holiday or anything, she is not from so rich family.


Just then armaan spoke.


Armaan: she is in XYZ police station. Geet had specially requested the commissioner to take her for few day,, after this they can transfer her to Mumbai branch, I was coming with the proofs and she had agreed to confess her all crime and those manipulated pix infront of u, so geet couldn’t let anyone know her whereabouts but she told me as I insisted her.


Without any words maan ran to his car. Armaan ridz and abhay took their respective cars and followed maan who was in a mess.


In few mins maan reached the PS and asked about pari’s whereabouts, though it was not possible to meet her but he is MSK, who has the power to stop MSK? Geet had specially instructed not to infrom anyone about pari still the police failed to stop him because they knew his one word can destroy their life.


Pari was waiting for the day to come and she will be out from this hell, she cursed geet for trapping her here and now she can’t move also. She is sitting in a corner when the cell marked open with a bang and her soul shivered with the sight of burning MSK standing right in front of him. her hands were all sweaty and forehead shows the beats of sweat. She stood up to call anyone but nothing came out from her mouth, she was petrified to found him infront of her. she knew when MSK is in anger mood he can burn her alive and now the final example is here. She feared has he come to know the truth or he is thinking how she helped geet to send him jail, in both side she will be hang.


Not much she thought and found her neck in hurting. Maan grabbed her throat in his palm squeezing it. she choked for breath. Ridz abhay armaan came to the sight. Ridz gasp seeing the scene and armaan rushed to hold his hand. the inspector and female constable were so shaken with it that they chose to be far from MSK’s wrath.


Armaan: wo mar jayegi maan chodo use.

Maan: why? He only asked one question looking at pari but she was feeling short of breath.

Maan left her and she fell on the floor coughing and chocking for breath. But it had no effect on maan, he sat on his knee and pulls her hair.


Pari: I was angry on u and need revenge so I did that. I m sorry.

He left her hair.

Maan: do u think ur sorry is enough for the damage? Whatever u did u are still not affected. Why u did that, only for revenge. U can’t do this, u don’t have enough brain for that, if u have u wouldn’t come again in india. Who is behind all this.

Pari: trust me I m saying the truth, in all this I had lost my brother also, this riddhima killed my brother. I won’t leave u. pari said in a disgusting tone but soon felt a sharp pain on her cheeks as ridz slapped her hard.

Ridz: just for revenge u destroyed so many lives. U and ur brother had finished me, almost killed me still u r talking about this.

Pari: it was not in plan, but bhai loved u and u ditched him.

Ridz: I m not. I never loved him, he was psycho can’t u understand that. he had tried to forced me and maan saved me but

Pari screamed: he still loved u.

Ridz: he was mad, and for him u made all story and those photographs. It was ur plan, u morphed everything.

Pari laughed: yes I did, she was smiling like she isn’t afraid of them, she need to take her frustration out and now she is doing that.

Yes I did that, I morphed ur picture with maan and then with geet, I had placed those picture in bhai’s dairy, all the writing was mine but with his name, I had changed my hand writing and I misplaced that. that record maan heared about u and geet’s talking was my plan,, I did that with false voice, some artist was doing that for money. We did all this to make ur life hell.

Maan: just SHUT UP. maan finally blasted, he couldn’t take all that any more.  it can’t be ur plan to set all that.

Pari smiles: yeah maybe, try to find the person.

Maan: I will make ur live a living hell..

Pari: the way u made geet’s life?


She knew it will work and it perfectly did, maan instantly left the place feeling angry on himself. But his heart is saying something is fishy. He suddenly recalled ridz’s word, she had talked to someone.


Maan looked at riddhima: u said u had talked to someone in my company who was it.

Ridz suddenly recalled the name she had told geet also: yes sasha, some sasha, actually I had talked with other person who connected me with this sasha, I don’t know much, I just told her to check the cd, its not the correct one, and I asked her to connect u but the person disconnected.


Maan: Sasha? But

Abhay: what happen maan?

Maan: I need to ask her, I need to talk to her.

Armaan: maan stop,


But he was long gone,


It was 40 min and maan reached his outhouse. Sasha was sitting in the same room.


As maan entered the room sasha ran to him and tried to hug him.

Sasha: maan where were u, I was so worried for u.

Maan held his hand to stop her come close to him

Maan: did u plot everything against rddhima and geet?

His one question left her baffled.

Sasha: what- r- u- talking about maan.  she stuttered.


 Maan shouted on top of his lungs making her jolt in fear.

Sasha: maan i

Maan broke the flower vase beside him and again shouted: YES OT NOT SAMIKSHA?

Sasha: yes.

Maan looked at her with unbelievable eyes. Sasha was trembling to see his rage.

Maan: why? She didn’t said anything. WHY???? He shouted making jump few feet away.

Sasha: because I hate riddhima. I hate every girl who came close to u, before riddhima every girl was just a time pass for u but she was ur frnd and I was afraid someday u may fall for her.

Her disclosure left him dazed. He looked at her with blank expression.

Maan: just because u thought we are having something u did that?

Sasha came close to him and held his hand, maan didn’t let her touch him and shoved her hand.

Sasha: maan I m sorry. I always loved u but u never came close to me, I wanted u but u were just going far away and when u found riddhima whom u knew as geet u became good frnd of her. u were praising her in front of me, I was jealous. 1st time u were talking about a girl being ur frnd apart from me, I couldn’t handle that. I wanted rid of her. but u were nowhere to listen me and then I met pari.


I had learnt she is riddhima not geet and I gave pari enough money to make those photographs and sent u. I knew u hate liars and I used that. I send u those photographs with note. The project was worth of 1500 crore and I made the note to asked money so that u can think how greedy riddhima aka geet is.  But all went wrong when she come to know about it, I had send someone to make u blv that riddhima was giving a handsome money for the photographs as pari informed me about it.

There was no CD or anything like that. how can I destroyed ur dream project, it was worth for billions. i just wanted to threat riddhima but that stupid shekhar messed my plan. When riddhima called me for CD and photographs I was shocked and cut the call, and never informed about it to u. u were going USA and I wanted u to go so that u can forget this geet chapter. And it did well.. but just few days before I got to know u married geet. I was angry, I wanted u and then choose to come here, and then saw ur love for geet. Though u were angry with her but I knew once u get to know the truth u will kill those who had done that. and again geet will get u and that I never wanted.

I m sorry maan I just loved u.


Maan looked at her with shock and angered eyes.


Maan: u can never love anyone.


He whisper. Guilt and disgust was on his face. What should he do now. His frnd whom he always respected did all the wrong think to his love and best frnd.



Precap: none


Sorry guys for not stretching the open up part as I was not feeling it necessary, once he never knew anything and doesn’t feel the necessity of knowing anything but now as he is eating up in guilt he should know the fact that done behind him. ok now I can concentrate on MAANEET n BABY only, lets see what had destiny store of Maaneet.


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  1. superb so my guess was correct shasha was behind all this


  2. awesm.. so twas sasha!!
    bt wonder hw geet will react to d entire situatn nw!!


  3. wow dear luvd d ud nd so amny twists aur woh bhi aise…yaar is samiksha ko toh dafaa kardo maaneet ke zindagi se jaldi….awesome part dr aur ab maan kya karega apne bigdi huyi zindagi se….i want maan’s guilty trip dear as he truly repent d mistakes….waise he’s not at fault too but am sure geet’s gonna help him come out of d guilt….awesome ud sweety luvd it to d core luv ya muah….:D


  4. guess was rite… i had dbt may be shekar still alive… mind-blowing update dear…. it jus remind me how it feels wen ua dear ones whom u respected had back stabbed u…

    n now i kno maan mar-mar ke jiyega ya yun kahu jeeteji marta rahega… lekin hamari geet hai na.. pehle wo do dhoke asli me dhoka nai tha par dard bhot hua tha aur firse dhoka????

    yaar tich mere maan ne kya kiya hai jo har koi use dhoka deta hai… shayad wo casanova hokar bhi honest tha… u written it so nicely tat i’m feelin d pain he s goin through… feeling lik cryin… loved it… n love u loads…

    next part please…


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