Devil’s Darkest Possession Part 7



Part 7


Geet sat next to maan with bowed head, her face was numb, and so was her heart. Dadima placed the red chunri on her head and then she placed some jewelry on her lap, then gave her dry foods and sweets, geet gave a weak smile bent to get her blessing, dadima blessed her by kissing her forehead.


Same with geet’s parents, they gave shagun ka sikka. Then feed him sweets. Maan was least interested in all this, his eyes were only glued on geet. He was just staring at her with intense eyes. Geet dare not look at him. she ignored his presence or shall say tried to ignore, but his every breath was reminding her about his possession filled words.


Everyone was happy except the soul who was lost in her thoughts, anjali came and hugged geet, who mechanically hugged her. and then nandini and brij too congrats her and then hugged her. she saw her parents were taking care of everything happily, both were talking nicely. As a child she had been seeing them only bickering, she never shared a normal family life which she craved always. Now seeing them like this she felt happy and contended but she knew it will be short live, when this alliance will broke her father will accuse her mother again.


Geet’s eyes met the dark desirable eyes of her devil, they are speaking volume. A shiver ran through thinking what happened in the room. She closed her eyes and looked away. Dadima informed everyone that they need to go, but she would love to have geet beside her in anjali’s function. Geet didn’t wanted to go on any function after the fiasco but she have to. Her mother promised she will go and she have to take that. maan gave a intimate glare and left the place.




Its already 11pm still sleep is far away. Maybe if it happened within normal situation the girl would have been the happiest person and this time she would been probably blushing hard. But geet’s uneasiness was creating havoc. Then she felt something crawling on her toe, she looked at gulgule who was trying hard to jump on bed but with his small creature he couldn’t, geet smiles and took him beside her. gulgule snuggle close to her and slipped in her blanket. Its unusual his coming at this hour. he prefer his own small cozy bed which is in a corner of geet’s room only. But toni8 he is feeling lonely. Maybe the event is telling him his geet will leave him soon.

‘so ja gulgule, I m with u and don’t worry I will never leave u’ geet console him and gulgule licks her cheeks showing his affection, and then drifted to sleep.

(guys my pet liza do the same, the difference is she love my mom more than me.  she always sleeps with my mom in her blanket, if I tried to sleep with my mom liza would kick me out of the room, such a pathetic doggy she is)


But sleep didn’t came on her eyes, she only drifted to those moment staying in her room.


‘so u remember that night’

‘I, I, m not’

He smirks and came close ‘u r not ha? And that’s why u are trying to blackmail me.’

‘I m not blackmailing u, try to understand, I just’

But he blocks her way and pulls her hair harshly, ‘remember geet, u and ur family is living on my mercy now, one wrong movement and u will regret it’

She tried to free her hair ‘leave me, I m not blackmailing but’

He came on her lips and spat in anger ‘but what? but what geet, do u want to say u were reminding me about the night?’ he whisper huskily. He licks her lips sensually and pulls her face closer to him. ‘then u must be knowing what can I do if u denied for this marriage right? U still remembers the sight geet? Then mark one thing that can be happen to ur family also’


Geet looked at him shocked, her eyes were spitting disgust and rage ‘u only know that, u r a monster, u just came here to destroy my life. How cruel u can be? Maybe God is repenting to made u. if dadima comes to know about ur true face she will be ashamed. I hate u mr maan singh khurana, ur mere existence disgust me, how can be a person like u can talk something other than murder, u are a murdered, u r a bloody pathetic killer and I hate u for that, u can never have me. like a murderer can never touch me. I will prefer die before that.’



That’s it, she couldn’t talk anything else. He smashed her soft lips with him and kissed her till the point she screamed in his mouth. He freed her hair and held her waist tightly squeezing her soft skin. She cried with the pressure but she herself had woken the beast in him. He was trying to be nice but she had made him demon who just want her. He pushed her on the bed and pinned her hand above her head, blood started oozing out as few bangles broke and pierced her wrist. She cried but he bites her lips more harshly. Blood oozed out and he relish it like it’s the best thing in the world. He broke the kiss after few second and attacked her neck nibbling the skin.

‘Leave me please’geet screamed but her voice stuck as his hands went to her blouse snapping it open.

Geet’s eyes widen in shock, she had never imagined something will happen to her. She closed her eyes and hot tears made their way as she felt his palm squeezing her back.  The one strap back was holding her blouse, now it was coming down; he nibbles her shoulder and bites it. She whimper in pain and disgust. He breathed on her ear.

‘It will not take a moment to destroy u, still I want to make u mine forever. I don’t want to play with ur body but to mark this body as mine, and that’s why giving u the last chance. Forget everything and be mine forever.’ He said huskily, and kissed her earlobe. She tried to free herself but he pressed her firmly with his body. I want our 1st night special. Be ready for it. and then I won’t leave u like this.’

He left her there and straightens himself. Geet crumbled on the bed and covered herself with a sheet. He again leaned on her and took her lips in a smooch.

‘Come fast, I will be waiting for u, and clean ur face. I hate this.’ he roughly wiped her tears and kissed her cheeks.

Geet only looked at his retreating form, petrified with his behavior. What he exactly want from her, it’s not that he love her, its completely lust, then why he is leaving her? Why he want to marry her? Why he never talked about the night? Why he never want to know her opinion on him? And the biggest question WHY it’s her?


Geet jerks for the fearful moment and looked around, she sighed feeling no one was there, she snuggle close to gulgule and held him tight and slowly drifted to sleep.






On the other hand a hot body trying to calm himself with cold water, but it was least calming his senses. The water fell on his rough face,



he welcome the chill sensation hoping it will cool down his heating senses. But the only thought came on his mind was her tear stricken face. But not the few hours before their encounter, it was yrs before when he 1st saw her. Numb fearful, shaking and her eyes, ohh how can he forgot those almond hazel eyes which speaks the persona of her. He still remember her tearful hazel and fearful face. Her trembling body, white anarkali suit clinging to her body showing how perfect her slender body is. Her angelic face and the shimmering glow of her skin which was reflecting in the moon light giving him a feeling of raw desire. But those fear in those eyes, he hates that. He wanted her but she was scared. Before he can touch her she ran away from there and he remembers that guy’s touch on her body. Maan ran a hand through his wet hear and opens his eyes only to see the scene in front of him, he was looking at the mirror where the past played unintentionally making him the beast.





6yrs back.


No one knew a beautiful place like Bikaner can held a merciless act that changed a life. A girl of full of life wanted to spend a time of her life in those beautiful art and history of her country. Geet a sweet bubbly innocent girl just came with her school trip at Bikaner Rajasthan to enjoy her little teenage group. Her parent would never give her permission to spend a day like this but her school was a blessing for her. What can a girl in her 16 ask for more? But she never knew this trip can change her life forever. This trip snatched her teenage and forced her to come to the real world.


She was roaming freely on the street of Bikaner with her friends, its sunset and the whole city was looking beautiful. She ran here and there and her team met and best friends tried to catch her. she giggles and hide behind a pillar of a fort. She was waiting for her friends to come and she will make them scare with horrible sound, she knew her friends is pathetic trusty on horror film, so it will be nice to scare them and have some fun. But she never knew her life will feel the scare but with a real devil.

She heard a sound and it was painful mourning. She peeped from the pillar but the sound was not clear, she followed the sound and hide behind a pillar again. Then peeped from there. The sight shook her entire existence. She looked horrified and her voice stuck in her throat. She wanted to scream for help but nothing came out.


She saw the painful mourning of a woman who was trying to save herself but the merciless man shoving a knife in her stomach again n again, like some kind of demon was high on him, she can’t see his face as he was having his back to her. The people surrounded him shivering with his rage but no one is trying to save that woman who is looking nearly 40. Someone tried to say something but the man showed his index finger to stop him. he put the finger on his lips.

‘SHHH, not a word. Can’t u see she is going sleep, Gd night’

The lady looked at him with fear and then fall on the ground. She mourns in pain but he laughed mercilessly and then she closed her eyes.

‘see if she died or not, if she is alive then take her to doctor and then make sure she will be fine to get my torture again and if she died make sure no one get her body’

Just then geet stumble and the man heard the voice, he turned to see who it is, geet looked back and then forth to see him.

Their gazed locked. A handsome guy in his 22 or 23 age looking ever so hot but dangerous for geet looking at her fearful face with great concentration. Tear escaped from her almond eyes looking at him, she covered her mouth with her dupatta to suppress her scream and ran for her life.


‘Sir we need to get her’

‘what u r waiting for’ he said calmly but it has a storm inside. ‘make sure nothing happen to her’


His guards were dumbfounded with the order but choose not to say anything and ran behind geet.


After few chase maan himself arrived the place and saw his gaurds were approaching her, he stopped them and saw her going back. soon she hit someone and saw her friends. Yash hugged her and she hide herself in his embrace.

Maan clenched his jaw, his knuckled turned white in anger and eyes spit fire. Geet looked at him staying in  yash’s embrace. Only fear and pain was there in her eyes.


kya huya geet, why u r looking like this, kisine kuch kaha ya kiya? Bol na?’


But geet was lost looking at the beast. How can be someone so cruel? Her friends keep repeating question till she fainted in yash’s arm.


They took her to their teacher and maan came back to his haveli. Whole night he was pacing in his room, he is not afraid that someone saw his act but he is angry to see someone touching her, her innocent face had marked him. He want her, the scene of touching her an another man was feeling like killing the world now. Why he is feeling so he didn’t know, maybe he need some hot chick to cool his senses.


He had his raw sex nearly killing the girl with his rough touched and sex. But still it doesn’t satisfy him. He was just thinking of her face, he wanted to feel her. He smirks tom I will get u. whoever u are, u will be mine.


Next day geet told everything to her friends and they took her to the place, teachers were also there. geet told them the place where she had seen murder but there was not a single traces of blood or any living creature. They thought she is hallucinating, but her best frnd pari and yash believed her. They feared about her safety and then make agree the teachers to go back immediately and they did so. When maan came to in search of geet he didn’t get a clue of her, because she was living in pune he had never met her again, but from past 6 yrs he wanted her. Slowly it hidden some corner of him but made him beast in desire.


Geet opens her eyes in jerk to saw the same nightmare, but the difference is it was haunting her dream for past 6 yrs now its reality. When she 1st saw him she couldn’t recognize but the close encounter and his name send shivers, she somehow recalls all past memory and that why couldn’t go against his wish, though she never wanted to be his pray but she can’t let him harm his family. She knew he is more dangerous that anyone can think. she is not afraid for herself but her family. She would never want him hurting her family. But now she have to do something because she knew he desired her only and he will never rest in peace before making her a dead soul, maybe its his way of shutting her. when she was 16 she didn’t knew about world, she doesn’t knew who he was but with insistence of yash n pari she never talked about the incident to anyone, she hide the truth in her heart and lead a life of reality and cruelty. After few yrs she got to know it was Maan Singh khurana, how can she forget his face and in business world he is king. And now she knew how cruel he was and is. She choose to kept mum because no one will believe her ever and with it Maan will come to know about her existence that she never want.


On the other hand maan opens his eyes to see his bathroom mirror showing the past, the haunting eyes which shows pain and then someone touching her and hugging her, he shouted and punched the mirror making it shattered in pieces. Blood oozed out from his knuckle, eyes were full of anger.




Precap: anjali’s wedding and glimpse of the devil’s possession.


One more think forget to tell u, this geet believed in reality, and in reality we have to choose real thing over any fantasy or morality.


What do u thing about this devil’s obsession. Yes its just obsession, possession yet to be revealed.




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  1. awesome update dear so geet has seen maan murder a girl..aur woh bhi after having s** with her….am feeling disgust for maan…but it was gud update dear…


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