Love for You Part 49



Part 49



Geet was pacing right n left in her room when rudra knocked in. she felt relieved to see him.

Rudra: itni pareshan kyun lag rahi ho?

Geet made a hard face: whats going on rudra? What r u hiding me?

Rudra stares at her: what r u talking about mishty?

Geet: don’t try to fool me, I know u better than urself.

Rudra sighed: he is here.

Geet: WHAT? but

Rudra: yeah Mohnish Raizada is here in India, and he can meet maan any moment. I was worried about it only. I wanted to talk to u but u were so happy that I couldn’t told u. it would made u sad.

Geet: u should have told me rudra. Abb kya hoga, if he met maan, he will be hell angry. Main kya karu?

Rudra: it high time for u to say him the truth.

Geet: he is going in 3 days,

Rudra raises his eyes brow: going? Where?


Rudra: what and u r telling me now.

Geet: sorry, wo u were busy with mahi and she was really happy. after so many yrs I was seeing u both in so much love so meri himmat nahi hui kuch batane ki.

Rudra: god geet, I know u always worry about others but think of urself also. But its good that he is leaving, Mohnish Raizada cannot meet him then.  geet looked confused. Rudra smirks. See he came india to meet maan only, I m sure about that but if maan is leaving for London in 3 days how can he meet him then, after it I will make him busy here. But for how many days maan is leaving.

Geet: 15 days. (2 weeks and 1 day extra in travelling J)

Rudra; ok then it will be easy to handle him for 15 days. But u have to do something.

Geet looked at him confuse: kya karna hoga?

Rudra: I hate to say this but. He gave a big sigh, u have to spent this 3 days maximum time with him, don’t let him meet anyone. Geet looked at him with widen eyes. I know I know I hate him and it will be the worst decision but right now we need diversion for him and what could be more innovative than u.

Geet raises her eye brow and a sweet smirk was playing on her lips: are u sure?

Rudra gave a murderous glare: I m warning u mishty, if he tried to hurt u I won’t leave him.

Geet chuckle: I m safe with him. Don’t show over protectiveness, she laughed but rudra was bit worried. He shrugged off everything and gave a quick hug to her. and then left the place.





So where u want to go madam,

Geet; maan lets go for farm house.

Maan raises his one eye brow and gave a mischievous gaze that rose geet’s heartbeat.

Geet: maan I m just missing sun shine. She said covering the red cheeks but too late. Maan pulls her close by holding her waist. She was sitting right next to him on passenger seat. And now almost on his lap. She gasp as he entered his hand in her top. Maannn.

He caresses the skin of her back and nuzzled in her hair smelling the intoxicating scent of her body and hair.

Maan: missing sunshine ha? But u know what I m missing? He placed a hot wet kiss on her neck. Being close with u.

Geet: maan. she breathed heavy and held his shoulder for support. He caresses her waist chain. His lips touched the hollow of her neck and licked the skin. I will miss u.

She sounds sad but soon moans his name as he bite her neck.

Maan: I will not. She looked at him shocked. he pulls out his face from her hair and gave a peck to her lips. How can I when u will be always in my heart. Whenever I close my eyes I see u geet. Geet looked at the undying love in his eyes and hugged him close.

Geet: u will always love me like this na? u will never leave me na? I will die without u maan.

Maan become stiff with it and pulls her harshly.

Maan: never say something like this understood? U r my life geet, how can I leave without u. he took her lips in a scotching hot liplock.


They drove to farm house in an hour and geet excitedly came down from the car. She ran to the ground and saw sunshine was getting training. She looked at maan who came behind her and hugged her from her back.

Geet: maan ye sab kya hain.

Maan: geet she is behaving good with everyone after u visit here so I thought she can take part in upcoming racing.

Geet’s face fell: but maan it will be difficult for her na. For making money why u r using my sunshine? She asked feeling sad and hurt. Maan was amused to see her attachment with sunshine. And so was sunshine who was showing her happiness to see geet by showing his best performance.

Maan kissed her plump cheek: geet dekho she is so happy to see u here that her energy is double. Do u think staying in the stable makes her happy? geet broke the hug and looked at him curiously. Maan slipped his hand in her waist and brought her closer. Geet she is the faster horse anyone can imagine and staying here its defeating her ability. She want to talk with sky and we are giving her that. she need to show her strength to make her perfect. And by the way I m not making money with her. the earned money will go for a charity for orphan children.

Geet’s face lit up: sacchi?

Hayee maan just lost himself: mucchi. He kissed her nose tip.

Geet saw the mischief in his eyes. And before she can say anything maan scooped her in his arm and took her inside. Geet knew no other servant will be there as maan would have informed everyone a day off. he needs his privacy.

Maan: so what my princess want to eat?

For a moment geet drifted to past, she remember maan often said her this line. But maybe he doesn’t remember now.

Geet : grilled cheese sandwich. She said happily and maan chuckle at her choice. She frowns at him and he made his way in to the kitchen.

Geet: maan I want to make something for you.

Maan: no geet, I will do it, u don’t have to do any work, just be my princess.

Geet smiles and looked at the person who never knew what is love, actually he had often made fun of love but now how affectionately making something for her.

Maan dropped geet in front of open kitchen and told her she can have a sit on the chair or sofa and he will do it. she half heartedly agreed.

Geet sat there and opened the tv, after a lot of changing the channels she couldn’t found anything interesting so she moved her eyes to the most interesting thing ever in the world.



Her sweet hot Maan. who was busy grilling the cheese for her. she saw him struggling and chuckle. After few moment went to the kitchen. She poked his shoulder and he looked at her teasing face.

Maan: what r u doing here?




Geet: I think I can help u.

Maan: no thank, wait for 10 min, it will be ready.

Geet: yeah I can smell that. maan looked at his cheese which is burning. Geet laughed and he hurriedly took the bread out. maan hatto main banati hu.

But maan turned and gave dangerous glare, geet took 2 step back. but he blocked her way, now she is blocked between him and kitchen slab. His hand on the slab either side of her waist. Her breath quicken with the closeness.

Maan came close to her ear slowly sucking it: I told u na, I will make it. then how dare u come here hmm?

Geet’s voice stuck in her throat: mmaannn.

Maan placed a kissed on her cheek: hmm. He can see a deep shade of red color adorned her cheek making her more angelic. He held her waist almost stopping her breath and then lifted a little, then made her sit on the counter top. She opens her eyes astonished. He smirks. Be here and see me doing this for u. she shied and shook in yes.


Maan removed his apron as he was feeling suffocated with it. and then opens 3 buttons of his shirt, all this facing his back towards geet. But her eyes were widening in shock seeing his hand movement, she gulp her saliva and pacified her little heart. He was busy making grilled cheese sandwich and she was busy in checking him. after few mins he was ready with her sandwich a sweet smiles played on his lips and he turned to gave that. geet’s eyes got filled with the love he showed. The happiness to make her happy was showing on his face. He saw that and got worried.

Maan; what happen geet?

Geet smiles and shook her head in denial.

Maan: tell me something is bothering u. he came close to her and held her face with one palm. Kya huya jaan.

Geet: I love you, I love you more than anything. she said suddenly making maan surprise, and then he got it. she is thinking of his love as he was making her favorite.


Maan kissed her tears away and then gave a peck on her forehead.

Maan: love u too. and now tell me how it is?

Geet took the sandwich and started eating, her eyes widen in surprise as it is the best sandwich she can ever ask.

Geet: maan its mind blowing, u r the best cook. Try this?

She shoved her eaten sandwich in front of his mouth but he denied and pulls her close.

Maan: I want to eat from here, he licks her lips that had cheese smudged.

In no time geet moans his name but It has another effect on maan. he slides his hand in her top and started caressing her waist and abdomen. She gasp and getting the chance he throbbed his long tongue inside her mouth. she moans harder and he pulls her closer. Her legs locked him between her and the slab. He opens her hair and it fell over her shoulder smoothly. He started caressing her lips with his tongue and chewed the last bit of sandwich from her mouth.

Maan: its taste yummy. He said in the kiss. His hands were rubbing her bare thighs making her week. She can feel his throbbing manhood pressing on her core perfectly over the dress. he left her lips and came on her neck. She was wearing a white low waist shirt.  In few moment he snapped opens her shirt’s buttons. She shivered with the intensity and excitement he was building in her. her eyes were droopy. She bite his neck in anticipation where her hands were busy in unbuttoning his shirt. Her hard nipples poked on his chest through the thin material. He rubbed her breast over the bra and squeezed them with his palm. She moans uncontrollably.  He hissed in pleasure when her soft lips touched his chest. She licks his skin thoroughly. His hand went in her shorts pulling it out of his way. she bite his neck and then licks to pleasure him. her tongue tasted his taut chest. His chiseled chest was attracting her eyes and she kissed every inch of it. he took out her shirt and now she is in her bra and short only. Soon his shirt joined her dress. his hand slipped in her wet core making her moan louder. He started massaging her warm v***** she pressed her lips together firmly to control the scream that was ready to be out. but he sealed her lips with him. he kissed her strongly and opened the short for his palm.


He slowly entered her with his finger letting the warm juice come out. her teeth pierced his lips mercilessly.   He thrust his finger deep, and with that kissed her full mouth. he broke the kiss and felt she can come soon. Without any delay he lift her on him, her leg enter locked on his waist and she hugged him tight.  He placed her on the couch and took out a small packet from his pocket. Her eyes were droopy but she knew what they are heading but she can disagree with him. she happily gave in to the sensation. He took out her bra and kissed her curves hungrily. Sucked it bite it till the point it became sore. She rubbed his manhood with her knee making it more hard. He couldn’t control more, taking out rest of the dress he hurriedly slipped the condom on his manhood and entered her with a long hard thrust making her scream in pleasure. he keep rocking back n forth deeply till both reached the final orgasm. He fell on her chest and she engulfs him with her arms.

Maan: I love u.

Geet: love u to.

Maan: r u tired?

Geet raised her eyes: why?

Maan chuckle: not for love making something else is in the plan.

Geet smiles: hmm I m hungry.

Maan looked at her and the lowered his lips on her:  me too

Geet wacked his shoulder: lets go 1st eat something then ur plan, and I want to meet sunshine.

Maan: that is the next plan. Riding on sunshine.

Geet smiles broadly and maan took her to the bathroom for freshen up.

After the freshen up session which turned another half love making they finally made way to the kitchen and ate some fresh sandwich which geet made for them but with some naughty play of maan of course and then they headed towards sunshine for a ride which sunshine welcomed with a shriek sound saying how happy she is.


Precap: riding on sunshine.

Sorry for not giving the last precap, need this part to refresh my mind 😉 LOL


And I will carry few part with sweet lovey dovey maaneet and their sexy encounter. Any one have objection please restrain ur self from this because I don’t want to have the blame of bigraoying ur nanha sa mind.

Ok time for confession, I m soooo sorry Asthu, for late gift, I know u were really angry and sad, pata han firse koi saddy sa comment degi but I love u re, muaahhh belated happy birthday gift.


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  1. superb update


  2. Posted by Meena on July 20, 2012 at 3:44 pm

    awesome update


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    till part 49
    awesome story dear………..
    finally finished reading all updates…………
    how will Maan react when he come to know the truth?
    cont soon dear……….

    Deepa (spvd)


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