Kaisi Kashish Hain yeh Part 41




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Part 41



What is life we can never understand, sometime we thought it’s so easy and beautiful and the 2nd moment it teach us how cruel it can be. There is a riddle called life, not everyone is perfect to solve it.

Just like him, who’s life became a riddle only. Who thought no one can betray him or break him but here life itself betrayed him. He don’t know what to think or do. Everything is a mist. The person he had respected or thought as a friend had betrayed him. Because of her he had lost his love, his friend went through so much because of her wrong judgment and jealousy. She said she loved him. Is love so cruel that she never thought before playing with anyone’s emotion? Is love so hollow that just to get your love u go beyond sanity. No it can’t be. Love can be selfish sometime but can never take anyone’s life in it. And here his life is in stake. His heart throbbed as he walked to the hospital corridor. His one wish to see her love will get success? His one wish to ask forgiveness is reminding of his guilt. But the previous accusation was running in his mind.




U can never love anyone.

Sasha: why maan? why can’t I love anyone? Just because shekhar did wrong with riddhima u r saying this to me. yes it was mistake to trust shekhar because for me it’s always u who should be in priority list, I care a damn about others. For me it’s always u but what u did ha? U never looked at me knowing I like u, knowing I have weakness towards u. u never tried to see my love. I did that because I wanted u and I can’t see anyone near u. I hate that riddhima and I hate geet. I just can’t tolerate her near u, it’s better she stayed there only or otherwise,

Maan roared: SAMIKSHAAAA. He was fuming in rage. His anger was on highest level,  he wanted to smashed her face right there but the little humanity of not taking hand on woman is controlling him, and beside that she was his friend. NOT A WORD AGAINST GEET.

Sasha smirks: aaj badha pyar araha hain, where was your love when she was begging for one chance ha?

Maan’s face instantly fell, she knew how to use his guiltiness for her.

Sasha: u said u love here then why didn’t u see her love ha? Today u came to know all was done by me so u came here to shout at me but whatever I did was for my love, but what u did to her was that love? U were always a Casanova still she was with u but what u did to her, broke her faith on her love. The thing I couldn’t do u did for me, now whatever u say she will never trust u the way u didn’t trust her love.

Maan: I did the mistake, but I love her. Love her beyond anything.

His voice was like a whisper. His eyes full of remorse and pain. But the love for geet didn’t lost from there.

Sasha: then why don’t u forgive me maan? I also love you.  Then why don’t u accept me maan? once geet also came to take revenge if u can forgive her then why not me.

Maan’s eyes changed in to fury.

Maan: don’t compare yourself with geet. Whatever she did only for her friend and what u did, betraying your friend just for the sake of your so called love? Yes I did a grave mistake and maybe she will never forgive me but for that I will give my al love to get her back. my mistakes can’t forgivable but your was sin. Because of u I did all mistakes, because of u my best friend lost her everything.

Sasha: why u r accusing me for your every deed? It was u who didn’t blv your friend or love what was my mistake?

Maan: I know trusting u was my fault without knowing anything I came to conclusion and I know I will get the punishment for that also. I m ready for her every wrath but trust me I will make your life hell. Till now u had seen my friendship and now u will see my animosity.  U said u love me na, see I m ready to accept my love’s anger now it’s your turn also. Bear my every wrath. Your countdown has started samiksha.

Sasha: maan please listen to me please.

Maan: not now, I had have enough of u, now it’s turn to make u listen.

Sasha: she will never accept u maan, she will never forgive u.


But maan turned his face from her making sasha seething in anger.


Now he is walking alone in the corridor to reach her room, but his heart is throbbing violently. He doesn’t know what to expect? Whatever he did was mistake but he doesn’t knew how to repent because no word can justify his act? Will she ever accept him? His hand shiver to open the knob. With great difficulty he pushed open the door, but his heart was feeling empty. He saw her lying lifelessly on the bed and then saw her friends and family surrounded her. She was looking at the ceiling lifelessly, no tears no pain was on her face only an emptiness a blank expression was there.


Maan neared her and meera hugged him.

Meera: bhai dekho na geet ko kya hogaya. She isn’t responding to anyone, we are trying to hear a word from her mouth but for past 1 hour she isn’t talking anything. maan looked at armaan worriedly who himself was worried and torn out. He looked at him helplessly. dadima was not there because of her health she was at home with dev who is taking care of her. viren and her family was there.

Mohinder: geet beta look at me, please talk to me geet.

Rano: puttar aise naraz mat reh. Please kuch to bol.

Viren: what r u doing here maan? Can’t u let her live in peace for some time. Maan looked at her father with pain, but he shrugged it. u had proved maan that u r my son. U always hates me and accused me for your mother’s death and now u proved as a son of mine u were doing the same. There is no difference between u and me. it’s just I loved your mother atleast but u, u can never change maan. so now u must be happy to take your revenge? What r u doing here now, ohh must be waiting for her final good bye.

Maan: dad.

His one word held so much sorrow, the pain was reflecting from his eyes now got the voice. Viren saw that and shed silent tears. He knew his son finally loved someone but one misunderstanding changed everything. Hope he will get his love.

Viren: if u don’t want to see her like your mother, bring her back. bring our geet beta. 1st time maan saw his pain of losing his beloved wife. Yes he was Casanova but when his wife left him he got to know what she was for him. he doesn’t wanted same future for maan that why he always supported geet knowing she is the one who loved him immensely.

Maan went close to geet and reluctantly touched her hand. armaan send everyone out from there to give them a little privacy. Maan stares at her but she was least bother. She was blinking her lashes and understanding everything but her mind is blank. She doesn’t know what to say or do. She is a empty shell now who doesn’t have any emotion. She looked out from the little window. Maan kissed her knuckle.

Maan whisper: Sorry. He felt her shudder and next moment she took out her hand from him. still in this situation her body reacted with his touch. He looked at her blank face painfully. I know sorry will not be appropriate whatever I did but, he looked at her eyes which was looking somewhere else. Can u give a second chance. Please?

May be long confession or painful word, cry won’t suit this moment, because both had enough of words, both knew what went wrong, both knew there is not a place of explaining anymore. but the problem is her heart is too numb to feel anything and his mind is too numb to say anything. he just want her to see him and give him a second chance.

After a long pause, he thought she will not talk to him but again he was wrong.

Geet: did u gave me a second chance? Her voice was so cold that it feared maan to the core. He felt something sharp pierced his heart to se the hollowness in her eyes. Her blank face looking at him with great concentration and then it smiles. Time over with your GFs? He couldn’t comprehend what is going on her mind. Her face again changed the smile to blankness. I m tired, don’t have enough time to hear your nonsense any more. Could u please leave. She said all straightly.

Maan: geet please.

Geet: sorry mr khurana, I think I decided whom to meet and for how many hour. if your family’s drama is over I need to rest. Saying so she pressed a buzzer. In few min there are nurses and one senior doctor. I need alone time, take him out. she said coldly and laid giving him her back.

He was blank for a moment. Then saw doctor saying him to go out but he was staring at geet only who was least bother.

Then it hit him, he need to talk to her. he asked few min to talk to her and doctor couldn’t say no to see the helplessness in his eyes, they again left them alone. Geet saw all that with disinterested face.

Maan: geet please talk to me, if u want give me any punishment but please

But geet laughed at him: maan tum thakte nahi, everytime u only talk about punishment. But what for? I don’t need to give u any punishment. I m no one to u and u r no one to me, and beside that we have done it. this games, punishment, bickering. I m fed up of it. I did mistake and u punished me, u did mistake now u r saying to punish u and then after it I will do something then again u will punish me, ufff is this a life or a ground of punishment punishment game. Give me a break now. I had have enough now I want some piece. Do whatever u want. Jiske sath rehna hain, jiske sath jana hain, aur jiske sath jo karna hain karo, I m least bother with u.

Maan: geet meri baat sunlo ek baar.

Geet smiles sadly: sunti to aayi hu.

Maan cupped her face: mujhe maaf kar do geet. She looked at his face, she had never seen tears in them,just once for his dead mother, when he told her about his mother he shed his tears but now it’s for her. His face is showing pain n pain. The lost love was there on his face but she lost the ability to think. I was yours and will be yours. I really love you. There was nothing between me and her. I had never crossed my limit after u came in my life geet. No one was there. It’s just the illusion I created to hurt u, never thought this illusion can break the beautiful love between us. Sorry isn’t enough I know. When u were saying to give u a second chance I denied but u always said whenever I will broke my shell of hatred u will be always beside me to hold my brushed self. I need u now geet, please come back. come back geet, this life is nothing without u. don’t leave me.

Maan kissed her forehead softly. She didn’t said anything but stares at him blankly.

Geet: I m tired, please leave me. she said bluntly but it has no emotion, not hatred, not mocking ot pain, neither plea.

Maan left her. he knew she need time to think. He comes out from the room where geet laid on the bed but looking at maan’s retreating figure. Her mind had blocked her to think anything. he saw saw her staring outside of the window and he broke down leaning on the wall he cried. Armaan consoled him and he hugged him tight. No one can say it’s the same MSK, ruthless shrewd businessman for whom there is nothing right or wrong in business but he lost the battle of truth and illusion of his life.



Precap: I don’t want the baby.


This part I didn’t indulge baby part because it needed for next part. So bear this and please suggest me some nice punishment for sasha.

If u r thinking why maan didn’t slap sasha or did anything then let me clear one thing, kaheko apne hath gande karne, for him she is a filth now whom dare not he touch it. and mind u MSK’s word, She will see hell for destroying so many lives and so will pari.

But for now, need to show maaneet more. there punishment will be in msk’s mind and my words. But what regret and punishment for MSK?

Well geet will not punish him, yaar kab tak ye punishment ka game khelte rahega. But yes his remorse will eat him. this pain will carry for few update and after that a twist.

Don’t worry ALL IS WELL. or ALL WILL BE WELL hhehehehehe


No condition for today but will be waiting to see u guys breaking last update record.

thanks to all silent reader who is commenting and pressing teh like, it always motivates me.

Sorry for all the Mistake, Grammar and Spelling, didn’t check at all. 


2 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Meena on July 21, 2012 at 8:23 am

    awesome tich as always


  2. very nice update tich… so sasha knew his weakpoint… but she forget weak point of some1 is their most strong part… her punishment seeing maneet together happily forever… n she cann’t do anything, i wish she shud go through d pain maan went… lik she feels d pain wen her trusted 1 ditch her…

    now maan must not oppose her any decision watever it may be… n i want to make it clear he never betrayed geet he had hutr, accused her but never ditched… even after so much haterd n pain he always loved her n trusted her… in my opinion still geet s at fault she didn’t trust him this fact haunting me more… she tried may she understood her accusation pained him a lot… but she didn’t realise how would hav felt him… his nly love betrayed him this fact is not coming in her blocked mind…

    n tich u want punishment for sasha na… den shasha should say geet the fact tat he never crossed his limit n his hurt feelin.. not to clear misunderstanding but to hurt geet which results in reverse… now shasha kno ki she cann’t do anything wit maan so she wil try to hurt geet to create distance…

    isse do fayide hai 1 geet ko maan ka dard samajh aayega aur sasha ka asli chehra… ke usne uske maan ko geet ke maan ko iss tarah dhoka diya aur dard diya… aur saath saath ridz ki aisi halat ki wajah yehi hai…. wat say…

    aur frankly maan bar bar gid-gidaye ye mujhe bilkul manzoor nahi… chahe wo geet ke saamne hi kyun na ho… aur geet kya keh rahi hai wo maan se door jana chahti hai koolllll.. tich tu apne style me bata maan ke door jaane se sirf maan ko takleef hi nai wo almost zinda lash ban jayega… aur geet ne sach me pyaar kiya hai toh use dikha maan kaise jee raha hai….

    aur ek request agar maan ko tadpana than hi liya hai toh geet usse tadapte hue dekhe… par maan ko yeh pata nai hona chahiye… i hope meri baat aap samajh gayi… next part jaldi update karo…


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