Kaise Kahen Epilogue


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i m so thankful guys, u took ur time and read the ss and many big thanks to the commenter, love u all.





Dosti aur pyaar ki hai ye baat purani

Uljhan aur dard se bhari likhi hai ek kahani…


Chote se the ye jab huyi inki dosti

Kaise kahen kitni shararat bhari thi inki masti…


Ek duje ka wo khayal khud se jyada rakhte

akad thodi thi to kaise unki kamjori dikhate…


Yu inki dosti ka silsila chalta raha

par fir dost ko apni gudiya se pyaar hua…


Pyaar se jyada uske liye wo maayine rakhti thi

Kaise kahen use uske liye gudiya uski jaan thi…


Aage ka safar alag alag tai karna pada

Kuch saal ke liye inhe juda hona pada…


Gudiya ko mile naye dost nayi duniya mein

Par wo waha akela gujarta din uski yaad mein…


Gudiya ko fir kisi se pyaar ka ehsaas hua

par wo to kisi ko pane me iske karib hua…


Ye sache dil se usse mohobbat karne lagi

kaise kahen kaisi fir uski duniya badal gayi…


Gudiya ka dil usne aisa toda ki wo tut gayi

Uska dard dekh ise bhi fir bahaut taklif huyi…


Gudiya fir humesha ke liye usse bahaut dur gayi

apne dost se mili par kaise kahen wo kyu udas thi…


Dost ne fir use apnapan aur pyaar diya

uske pyaar se uski zindagi me diya jalaya…


Kisi ki khushi ke liye unhone ek hone ka faisla kiya

par Kaise kahen aaj bhi ye dil unhe bhul nahi paya…


Honi thi jab nayi shurwat ateet se fir koi aaya

saamne aake usne fir apne dil ka izhar kiya…


Waqt laga par gudiya ne fir use apna liya

par dost ko kaise kahen usne dhoka nai diya…


Ek taraf pyaar aur ek taraf dosti thi

kaise kahen kaisi uski halat thi…


Dost ko chod nahi sakti aur pyaar ko bhula nahi pati

Kaise kahen kaisi kashmakash me aaj wo hai tadapti…


Pyaar ne fir use dost ko chunne ke liye kaha

Zindagi mein use khush aur aage badhne ka wada liya…


Dost to abhi bhi is sab se anjaan hai

Kaise kahen uski dosti pe pyaar kurbaan hai…


Is kahani ka anth kya hai ye to rab jane

Kaise kahen dosti aur pyaar me kise wo chune…!!!


                                                                (Poem by my sweet friend rituja/mishtiritu from IF)

Thank u sooo much sweety for the poem u dedicated for the ss




So badhe paa aur badhi maa got married because of dad’s master mind.

I told u my dada is angel.  He loved mamma so much still he got papa n mamma married. Such a selfless love.

But badhi maa was princess for him na, so her happiness was everything, just like ur happiness is everything for me princess.

But I will never leave u.

But if u got ur prince just like badhi maa got maan paa then?

Buddhu no one can be like my papa. He is the best and one n only for mamma so now be happy, I will be always urs Maanvi

And I will be urs Garv.


Garv , son of Udayveer and Ayesha. 10 yrs old the sweetest boy who can make the world upside down for his princess Maanvi.

Maanvi Geet and Maan’s daughter. 9yrs old Sweet but very very naughty. She can make anyone’s life hell if they tried to mess with her best friend Garv.

Both are inseparable soul. Sometime geet thought they are repeating her and veer’s childhood but its not like that. their relation is more sacred and deep than veer n her. Apparently in childhood geet hated veer and maanvi is just lost in garv. Both are declared to be in love at the tender age of 5 n 4, though garv stayed in Udaipur and maanvi in Delhi, their bond never broke or stretched. It just grew stronger with time. both can’t stay away from each other, most of the time of their life they spent together, either in delhi or in Udaipur. 

And the loveliest part is children never treated their respective parents to be more precious. Both loved both the couple equally. Maanvi called maaneet as papa-mamma and veer Ayesha as dada-choti maa. Where garv called maaneet as badhe paa-badhi maa and veer Ayesha as dad-mom



Maanvi Garv where r u?

Maanvi: Oops choti maa arahi hain.(Ayesha)

Garv: if mom get to know we are reading her dairy she will definitely kill us, please princess save me.

Maanvi: nothing will happen to u garv, choti maa loves me more than u, she can never scold me.

Garv: ha ha, she will never say any word to u but mera kya hoga?

Maanvi: jo choti maa chahegi. Hehehehee.

Garv made a puppy face and just the Ayesha entered the art gallery.


Ayesha: what u r doing here ha? Pata hain aap dono na dekhe to hamari jaan chali jaati hain. don’t u guys have any better place to play ur games?

Maanvi: choti ma we were reading ur dairy.

Ayesha’s eyes widen: what?

Garv: wo princess wanted to know about badhe paa and badhi maa’s love story I we read it.

Maanvi: sorry.

Aysha smiles: isme sorry ki kya baat hain, their love story is an epic. Where love, bonding betrayal sacrifice and passion every single thing which need for a love saga was presented.

Maanvi: but I think veer dada loves her very much.

Garv waited for his mother’s reaction. Ayesha again smiles.

But before she can answer it someone engulfed her in his strong arms by sliding them in her waist from back.

Yes I had loved ur mamma very much but do u what ur choti maa’s love was much bigger than us. She only taught me how to sacrifice herself in love, whenever I needed someone’s solace she was there as my best frnd, as my wife, even like mother. She was always there for me, and in few yrs I fell for her hard that still now couldn’t repair.

Ayesha: Uday

Uday: u know guys love is not a game that we have to come 1st, its life that teach us growing with love. I saw the world in these 14 yrs with ur mother garv and every time I fell for her innocence and love. The way she loved me no one can love anyone ever, without expectation she gave in only that made our bond much stronger.

Garv: don’t u love choti maa now.

Ayesha: he loves her, she was his 1st love and we can never forget our 1st love, we saved them in our memory, that can never hurt us because that is sweet time we can cherished our whole life. 

Maanvi: and papa, he also loved mamma sooo much

Veer: ur papa loved her more than me. veer comes close to mahika, u know when ur mamma couldn’t conceive for almost 4 yrs he was there for her. he loved her very much, infact their love only increased with time. he never let her feel incomplete. When other said she can never be a mother, she was broken. She thought she will lose maan. but again ur papa made her feel the queen of this world. He loved her so much that she forgot her every sorrow and then after 1 more yr they got u to fulfill their dreamland. Still now ur father is hopelessly in love with ur mother.

All giggles with it. and then garv gave Ayesha her dairy.

Veer saw the letter engraved on it KAISE KAHEN


He looked upto her face which showed contentment and love for him. he gripped her waist close to him and kissed her forehead.


Garv: ufff chalo princess, in dono ka romance fir se suru hogaya. Lets go now.

Maanvi: they are so romantic na? will u be like this when u will grow up

Garv: I will be like badhe papa.

Maanvi: huh, lets see.

Garv: u can see, 1st grow up. u didn’t even know how to settle ur room, every day I have to do it.

Maanvi: its because u didn’t let anyone enter my room.  She said with a cribbing face.

Garv: how can I let anyone see ur personal thing, only I have the right. Now lets go badhi maa n badhe papa aate hi honge.


They keep fighting, loving cribbing to each other. its their life.


Veer smiled at them and ayesha’s eyes were only at him, just then something hit her.

Ayesha: Uday let go of me, maan bhaisa n geet didi aate hi honge, I have to do so many things. Its 3 month they had come here. I need to settle their oom, kal holi hain and u know geet didi will do eth arti so everything,

But veer cut her by placing his finger on her lips: shhh. How can u talk so much Ayesha. Ayesha made a baby face. Veer chuckle at her. maan n geet are coming at night only, maan changed the planning, he need to finish his work and they will be staying for a month with us so u have lot of time to spent with geet, now let me spent few moment with my beautiful wife.

Ayesha blushed hard: veer aap bhi na. she hide her face in her palm but veer sensually removed it kissing her fingers. She saw the same love in his eyes that she is watching for past 14yrs. She is thankful to god for sending veer in her life who loved her without any condition.

Veer kissed her lips softly: u r the 2nd best thing happened in my life Ayesha.

Ayesha: and I m happy being the 2nd one because the 1st place will be always geet didi.

Veer: I m sorry Ayesha I know its not right

Ayesha: why not? She is ur best frnd and ur 1st love. That need to be specially keep in ur heart.

Veer: and u, doesn’t u get insecure with it?

Ayesha smiles: why to insecure when I know u r only mine, and I m thankful to geet didi, because of her I m living in ur life. She was the one who made me realize my real feeling for u. I still can’t believe u didn’t touch me for 3 yrs after our marriage just because u wanted me to adjust the atmosphere, u always made me feel special and she was the one who made u realize u have moved on without ur knowing u started loving me.

Veer: but the place only made by u. u were the once who made me feel loved with ur innocence love. I was too mature for u and I need some immaturity. Veer said with a smile where Ayesha frowns at him. but ur love was devine like heaven and I felt again love entered my life. But Ayesha u never said me those words I always craved to hear. Its 14 yrs but still

Ayesha: aapne bhi to nahi kaha.


Its showed a pain in her eyes, and veer felt guilty. He thought he can never say those words to her though he really love her but he always ment those words for someone else. But now nothing matter. He know the person also knew his love now belongs to Ayesha only.

Ayesha smiled and freed herself.

Ayesha: niche ajaiye sab intezar kar rahe hain.



She was moving when veer said


Kaise Kahen Kitni Minnato se aapko paya hain

Bohot mushkilo se abb hamara jahan basaya hain

Mohabbat ki Gali se ye dil jab guzra tha

Chahat thi hamari nazro pe kisi ke pyar ka

Aapne nor banake usse apne dil me sanjoya hain

Kaise Kahen Yeh Dil abb konse naam pe dhadakta hain

Nazro pe sirf aapki madhoshi abb chahi hain

Kaise Kahen wo shabd jo dil ne aaj Dhoraya hain

Ha yeh Sach hain

Hume Mohabbat aapse huya hain.

                                      (poem by me)


I LOVE YOU Ayesha.


She turn with teary eyes and hugged him tight.






Maannn let me go.

Umm geet its just 10 o’clock, we are going at evening na.

Geet: mr khurana don’t u have any other work to complete rather than holding me like this. sudden a big gasp came out and next moment a sweet moan. Maan please

His hand roamed on her nude body and in second he pinned her to the mattress. Both covered with white satin sheet.

Geet: maan.

Maan kissed her throat, and dipped his head in her hair smelling the intoxicating scent. He groans as her soft breast touched his bare taut body. His palms caught her waist rubbing it sensually.

Maan: u still taste like before. He said as he planted a hot wet deep kiss on her shoulder. She breathed heavy and held him tighter. And I still affect u after numerous time making love.

Geet: maan please don’t tease me. she said in hoarse voice. That was enough for him to make him hard. He kissed her arm coming on her back of the palm. he kissed her each finger tips sucking them in his mouth hearing eth sweet moans. His other hand was busy roaming on her full naked body under the duvet. He rubbed her breast, cupped them and squeezed it harshly making her moan louder. He came on her lips taking them in his sucking every sweet nectar from her juicy lips. He can’t have enough of her sweetness. She opens her mouth to take some breath and he throbbed his tongue in it kissing her deeply. After few mins they broke the kiss and he came on her chest kissing his way down. He threw the duvet out from their way and attacked the soft flesh which is utterly delicious for his tongue. He tasted her every corner like its some kind of treasure. he took her hard sour ni****** in his hot mouth. wetting her full breast with his saliva he tasted it. she arched her back to give him more room. Her hands were massaging his nape and back to shoulder and then his waist. Her touch always ingested to him to go beyond everytime, and he adjusted himself between her leg thrusting deep and deeper. She moans louder with each stroke. They are hard and pleasurable. His mouth was busy pleasuring her chest but not stopping the thrust that was becoming harder every time. she panted and held his shoulder digging her nail. Loud groans echoed the room making the room hotter. He fell on her chest with final thrust and both panted heavily. He kissed her chest and came on face whispering huskily.

Maan: I m falling for u every second geet. I m incapably in love with u. all my birth I just want u to be with me. be with me geet for every life. 

One drop of pearl slipped from her eyes.

Geet: thank u for coming in my life maan,  thanks for accepting me with my incapability. If I can accompany u in every birth it will be blissful for me. life can’t be more beautiful than this.

Maan kissed her forehead and rolled over other side taking her on his chest.

Geet: maan why u love me so much? 4yrs after marriage also I couldn’t conceive but u never pointed anything on me.  Knowing I can’t conceive after maanvi u never let me feel I m incompetent. By the end few tear drops makes their way. why u love me so much maan? m I worth for it?

Maan become stiff and jerks her to him more close: dare u say that again. Umpteenth time I had told u not to say that but still. Why can’t u understand u were never incomplete for me and not now also, u were more sacred then god’s blessing for me. u gave me the beautiful gift of my life Maanvi, what I can ask for more geet? Why can’t u understand I loved u. ur sanctified heart. How can say that why I loved u. did I ever asked after doing all that u chose me above everything? When I gave u so much pain still u loved me immensely, did I ever asked why u were there for me when I myself lost the ability of getting u back in my life after doing that. why u loved me so much geet.

Geet kept her palm on his mouth

Geet: I m sorry maan for asking u the question. I’ll never ask this promise.

He removed her palm and sealed her lips with his.

Maan: I love u geet, never compare ur love. I love u beyond anything.


Kaise Kahen Hamesha Zindegi se kitna Shikwa Kiya

Fir bhi Zindegi hume tumse milake sabse badhe wafah kiya

Kabhi rushwai tumne na hamari hone di

Na jane kitni galtio ke bich humse mohabbat ki

Kaise Kahen abb Zindegi se hain Mohabbat kitni

Bandegi ka silla itna khub mila ke ab kate yunhi zindegi

Kaise Kahen abb tumse kitni hain ishq-e-jonoon

Mohabbat to hame naseebo se mila

Bas Kaise kahen

Ye Khusnassebi kuch lakero se mila.


                                                Poem by me






Maaneet reached Udaipur the place that played the game of destiny and once again they met for never separate. Geet was really happy to meet Veer Ayesha garv and maanvi. She chuckle thinking maanvi is here for 3 months but she never missed her mamma and because of maan, geet was always busy with him, she had joined him in business also.  though she missed the kid but she knew its only vacation for them, after one month KM will be full with maanvi and garv’s chaos. Garv, her garv, she had named him on veer’s brother. She was really happy when she get to know Ayesha was expecting. Veer always kept his promise to take care of Ayesha. Life is blissful for her.


Maaneet met with veer and Ayesha. And then took blessing from dadisa who had enquired about their health and dadima’s health after some talk she retired to home. Ayesha hugged geet tightly. Geet chuckle thinking Ayesha is still a child herself, after 14yrs of marriage and mother of 2 kids no one can say she is matured queen of Udaipur. But when she comes on her real form infront of the world, she is the perfect example of elegant. Veer hugged maan warmly. They met with children and garv was more happy to see his badhe paa n badhi maa.

After few moment veer escorted maaneet to geet’s room.

Maan hugged geet from behind placing his chin on her shoulder he said

Maan: now u r happy to see ur garv and maanvi?

Geet: ha main to khuhs hu but did u see maanvi didn’t miss me. ye to mera garv hain jo mujhe itna pyar karta hain.

Maan: hmm he loves me too.. geet smiles and his cute scribing.

Geet: more than me.

Maan kissed her cheek happily.

Geet: lagta hain maanvi and garv ki shaadi jaldi karni paregi, they can’t live without each other, geet laughed and maan frowns.

Maan: but where they will live after marriage u know they can’t stay without us or veer n Ayesha.

Geet: hmm I know it’s a big problem. But veer and Ayesha can’t move delhi nor we then?

Maan: I hope it will not be the same 1 month here and one month delhi. Abhi to schooling so garv wanted to stay at delhi but he have to take care of the state then?

Just then veer knocked their door

Veer; abhi se itni fiqar, 1st let them grow up, give maanvi some space, let her decide whom to marry, they will decide their own.

Geet: but veer did u saw their bonding? I seriously wish them to be together. Kitne sweet lagte hain dono sath me.

Geet smiles dreamly, maan veer chuckle at her and then they heard a sweet chirpy sound.

Badhe papaaa

Maan: Meghaaa

Now its veer and geet chuckle as veer and ayesha’s daughter megha made a dashed to everything and then jumped on maan who frantically catches her and sprung her high. Megha is 5 yrs old princess. An apple of everyone’s eye. And specially for maan she is his heart.

Megha: badhe papa megha k liya kya laaye aap?

Maan: jayda kuch nahi, bas 2 boxed of chocolates and one big box of strawberry and then a doremon of garv’s bhai’s size.

Megha made a big O,, she is really happy. her cute antics are exactly like geet.

Megha: itna sab megha ke liye?

Maan: hmm but megha will get it with one condition. Megha made a questioning face. U have to give the special gift to badhe papa.

Megha smiles: ohh ilni choti si baat (itni choti si baat)

She gave maan big big kisses on his rough cheeks wetting them with her saliva. Geet laughed at them but maan loves it like this. he kissed her chubby cheeks.

Maan: lets go, we will have fun, we will not inform garv or maanvi. Megha made a face.

Megha: but we should share things na?

Maan raises his eyes brow: kisne sikhaya ye

Geet and veer looked curiously.

Megha: mom ne.(Ayesha)

Everyone smiles at her and maan let her in children’s room.








sonam and kushal who get married just 7yrs before came with their 5 yr old son vicky, they couldn’t come before because of kushal’s business. after 7yrs of dating both decided to get married. dev also got his life partner nainatara and settled in business, they couldn’t come because naintara is expecting her 2nd child. and aadi finally got pinky, though both are settled in delhi but they had gone for their 2nd honeymoon per insistence of geet. dadima was with naintara as she is in her due date.


All did the arti where geet did the maha-arti of lord Krishna. She is fasting of course, but this time not for veer only but her whole family’s well being.


After puja all applied color on everyone.  Geet lovingly played holi with everyone. Few yrs before this day snatched her love, she had lost her smile her love, and only dead soul was living  and after few yrs again love knocked her heart with the same person, guilt, pain, was the thing they felt few yrs back. and now after more than 14yrs they finally found their love and it’s the same day where they are living and loving like anything.


But is the same day where a new story will written?

Garv and maanvi. Do u think they will find their love in this day?


Maybe something good to be set free, maybe only time can answer the question and we should let time decide that.



A happy ending or a new beginning?







Ok sorry for not replying those big big comment, I m feeling really bad, because of my tight schedule I can’t reply back,

@Gcs-girl awww dear, u asked me about season 2.  I trully respect ur feeling but I guess no one would like to read again a sad ss and everyone will kill me if I again come with veer geet maan trio,


i know maybe u won’t like veer’s presence in teh last but what my heart told i went on that path, i felt it incomplete with veer n ayesha so add them and the small little brats and new bonding love need to acknowledged

Sorry for all the mistakes.


Tich’s Kaise Kahen Singing off from Thread but hope it will live in a small place of ur big heart.


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    will miss this ss


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