Kagaz Ki Kashthi Luv tht Sacrifices Life Part 59



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Part 59



Maan stirs in his sleep and saw the beautiful sight of his loving wife and baby, geet was feeding maahika. Sun ray was highlighting the angelic view making it more sacred and heaven. He slipped in his track pants and went close to them, maan slipped his hand on her waist. She was startle with the sudden pull but then he mouthed a good morning, and kissed her forehead. Maahika was full, she kicked her chubby legs to show her enthusiasm.

Maan: is she fine now?

Geet smiles: when her dada was here what can happen to her? she is absulately fine, and doctor had checked her. maan narrowed his lashes and saw the time, its 11.30 am. His eyes widen in shock to see that.

Maan: god geet, main itni der so raha tha?

Geet: u didn’t slept for 2 nights maan. I know u were awake for maahika the whole night, and when the doctor came I got to knew u have already booked her for 2 days, she has came here frequently. With ur insistence she was coming here in every 2 hour. do u know how much worn out the doctor. Geet giggles as maan scratches his hair. U r the best father maan. and best husband. Maan held her close, geet put her head on his chest. U kept me busy last day so that I can’t worry about maahika. I knew when her father was near I don’t have to worry for her. she kissed his chest above his heart.

Maan: geet don’t do that.

But she giggle and maahika gurgle showing them she was also there. Maan took her in his arm and started tickling her.

Geet: maan get ready, u have to go office also.

Maan made a face and smiled mischievously at mahika who giggles at him showing her gummy smile. he placed her on bed and started playing with her. geet was looking at them suspiciously.

Geet: maan aap abhi tak nahi gaye?

Maan:I have taken a day off, aadi will manage everything.  geet I m thinking of taking bath together.

Geet’s eyes widen and stutter: ky-kya matla-bb

Maan chuckle: me and maahika. Hain na baby?

Geet felt embarrassed and started leaving the room, maan laughed but soon his laughed caught in his throat as he saw geet hitting her foot with a stool, she shriek in pain and fear of hitting the ground but maan was fast to catch her. he held her close to him and she hide her face in his chest.

Maan was in panic: r u ok geet? Tum thik to ho na? did u hurt ur feet? Say something na.

Geet sensed his tension, he seems like very much in fear. She hugged him.

Geet: maan calm down, I m fine. See. U didn’t let me fall so I m safe in ur arms. she said affectionately but still his hold didn’t lose instead he hugged her more closely. Kya huya maan? itne dare huye kyun hain aap?i m perfectly fine.

Maan: don’t know why geet today I m fearing something. Like I may hurt u in some way. or u will get hurt that will break me. geet was startle with his new behavior.

Geet: maan why r u saying this?

Maan: don’t know, but I just want to hold u close to me, I have a fear of losing u and I can’t survive without u.

Geet: sshhhh calm down, I will be always close to u, just like this, in ur arms. she kissed his chest and he lowered his face to match her. without hesitation she captured his lips, the kiss was slow and tender but affectionate. Trying to feel each other close, the fear of losing her was taking a toll on maan and he deepen the kiss, geet happily gave in.






In the afternoon few family and friend came at KM, dadima introduced geet to them. But it was showing they surely doesn’t like her. aniee’s frnds were bickering about geet among each other without letting that know to aniee because she was really particular about her bhabi, she loves her dearly. Naintara’s parents also came along with arjun who gave geet and warm hug and gifted her fav flowers. And then took maahika from her, aniee also accompanied arjun so that they can spend some time. geet teased them like hell but both was deeply in love so take her teasing blushingly. Meera jay also came and geet’s eyes fell on sujal. A broad smile came on her face to see her complete gang. Sujal was really happy and a nice glow was on his face. Geet welcomed them with a group hug that again caught some elder person’s eyes and started bickering.


Lady 1: paraye mardo ke sath itni kareed rehna shoba nahi deta.

Lady 2: savitri ji try to teach her something call value, she is not a teenager, a grown up woman with husband family and a child.

Nikita: bilkul sahi kaha aapne, she is not a teenager. Geet heard all and lowered her lashes. She felt bad to show her excitement in front of everyone. But nikita smiled. She is a perfect example for blender of every age. U know she behaves teenager with nt and aniee and that’s why they are so close to her. she behaves like a kid to make prem that he has a company with him. she develop herself as a loving girl who maybe at any age but her love towards her family have no bar of age. She transformed as a matured lady to understand her family’s value. She can be a business woman who can handle a whole empire along with her family.



And she can be a sincere yet sweet lovable mature girl who can make Maan Singh Khurana fell for her deeply, she can make the rude MSK a lovable family man, she can make him understand not everyone is behind his money and who can love him without giving importance to his wealth.


The heavy voice of maan shut their mouth instantly. He slipped his hand on her waist pulling close and smiling at her, geet lowered her lashes, though her lips were smiling but maan didn’t miss the tear that came in her hazel eyes. Maan gave an angry glare to geet to which she smiled only, the dimple said it all. It was not tear of sadness, its her love and joy. Maan gave a smile to her.


Then a manly voice filled the atmosphere

I guess everyone got a beautiful answer by a lovable husband, so can we get out afternoon back with a joy and happiness?

Everyone turn to see shiv standing there with a smile, geet gave her full smile to him and he walked up to dadima. Took her blessing.

Dadima: hume to laga tha aap nahi ayenge.

Shiv whisper in her ear: Dost ne bulaya tha kaise na aate

Dadima smiles broadly and looked at maan who understand why she is smiling he avoided them and went up to see his employee.

Dadima: really shiv, u both had sorted ur problem

Shiv: kind off.


Just then geet came there.

Geet: dadima I think I would take a leave for few hours, wo I told u na about my sister, she can’t come alone. I have to go there.

Shiv: geet how can u go there leaving everything here and mahika.

He looked for mahika but mahika was busy with others in the party.

Geet smiles: u see she is very busy jumping one arm to other and I will come in few hour. not more than 2

Maan came there: no need of that, I called mamma papa. They are coming with ur cousin.

Geet looked at him surprised: but papa was having a meeting with his colleague

Maan: he cancelled it. he wanted to meet mahi.

Geet was glad that she don’t have to leave the party then (guys it’s a small get together for few relative and frnds but its more like a party)


Meera called geet and she left the 2 men for having a good time with each other. maan can sense a restlessness in him. Dadima excused herself so that they can get some time to their new bonding friendship.

Maan: what happen to u now. he handed a drink to him and took light drink for himself.

Shiv: don’t know I m feeling restless. Something is gonna change.

Maan drifted to the morning scene where he was feeling the same.

Maan: nothing is gonna change, just the weather. He smiles and looked away to check the people.

Shiv gave him a sharp look: not funny.

But then he saw the color of maan’s face changed drastically, he looked at the way he was staring.

Shiv: Sam.

Maan: what is she doing here?

Shiv: she was coming after a week na?

Aadi came there: si-sirrrr. Maan gave him a deadly glare. He stutter. Sooorryy sirrr,, we couldn’t keep her there for much time, she handled all the meeting very fast and just returned few hour before, as ur father is her fathers frnd so she came here I guess.

Shiv: don’t worry I will take care of her.

But then they saw her approaching geet who was enjoying with her friends and mahika. All were engrossed in mahika who was happy to get everyone’s attention.


Meera: geet she is like u. her dimple and complexion even nose, how cute…. Meera was adoring her from so many hours, every time she met mahika she just want to hold her and caresses her feature, mahika is really a lively and cute baby who always get ready to jump anyone.

Geet: but her eyes and lips are like maan.

She said smilingly, sujal caught the glimpse of her happy face, he felt contented to see her happy. he took mahika in his arms carefully. He was seeing her after 1 n half month, she was really small so he couldn’t take her in his arm then, now also when he took her he was very conscious, geet helped him to take her carefully.

Sujal: thanks geet. I m really scared, she is so tiny.

Everyone laughed and geet smiles

Geet: see she is happy to come on ur lap. She want all attention for her.


Sam clapped her hand near them: wow x-GF ke baby ko godhi me le rahe ho sujal, so sweet. Waise geet u both look good together instead of maan and u.

Geet: samaira tum yaha guest ho, it will be good if u behave like a guest and guest should not comment how a couple look or with whom they will look good. I m glad u come here as ur parents and our family are friends and its good to see u here. But please be in ur limits. Do not comment in my relation because this time I won’t tolerate anything.


All the people gaped at them, specially geet who was firmly standing on her place and a pride on her face, maybe maan’s few words were enough for her to motivate her self esteem,


Shiv to maan: WOW, u don’t need any bodyguard to save u from sam, Geet is one woman army, she can protect u efficiently. Aadi suppress his laugh and shiv gave a cheeky smile to fuming maan. he gave a dangerous glare to shiv which was enough for him to shut his mouth but as soon as he approached geet shiv n aadi broke in to laughter.

Aadi: geet mam is great

Shiv: akhir MSK ki biwi hain.

Shiv mouthed a all the best to sam to tease her but it fumed her.. she stomped her foot and get away from them.

Maan held geet firmly and she calmed down very smoothly. Sujal was a bit upset with all hat but maan made him comfortable. He talked with meera jay and sujal very comfortably and soon shiv also joined them. Maan introduced them with shiv.

Maan: meera sujal jay this is Shiv Kappor, my co partner for next project and,  maan looked at shiv who was surely expecting something else but shrugged it smiling. But the smile was having pain inside. Maan completed his sentence. And my best frnd. Shiv looked at him with wide and surprised eyes. Maan couldn’t meet his eyes so he carried looking at sujal my one n only frnd but we couldn’t meet in these yrs so,

Shiv: so there was some distances, but it sorted now.

Geet looked at them happily and slipped out from there.


Sometime true Friendship find there own way to reach each other’s heart

There is no need of clarification or words to speak for Friendship.



They were so busy in talking each other that they didn’t saw geet slipping from there.

Shiv; geet kaha hain.

Shiv was the 1st person to spoke about her, maan saw she was nowhere to be close, mahika was playing with meera so meera didn’t knew where she slipped out.

Shiv: maybe mom ki help kar rahi hogi

Then their eyes figured her. she was talking with dadima and nikita but a figure was tagging beside her. shiv’s heart flutter to see the back of the person. Without knowing maan and shiv went to there. Maan was feeling uneasy but he didn’t showed. Maybe geet’s sudden disappear was the reason. He saw the person clad in a white anarkali suit. Her curly hair hiding her full back. he saw geet side looking. She was really happy that can be seen with her facial glow. They reached her and just then geet turned.

Geet: maan aap yaha, I was coming there.

Maan: achanak kyun chali aayi? I was searching for u whole mansion.

Shiv: correction we

Geet smiles at the cute cribbing. Sorry I told u na my cousin is coming so when she came I couldn’t hold myself and came here.

Geet held the person’s shoulder and slowly make her turn.


Shiv and maan got a shock of their life, maan was blank and that showed on his face where shiv was shocked and pain was in his face.

Geet: maan shiv meet my cousin, Saanjh. My massi’s daughter.

Dadima: but she is like u geet?u never told me that u r twin. (geet told her few mins before)

Geet smiles: we never lived as twin for the world and our family we are cousin only, I will explain everything later. She was very happy but her happiness replaced by shock when she saw saanjh smiling but her eyes were full teary.



credit goes to Uploader. its not mine so whoever is teh man uploader, thank u so much, thanks priyanka for tag.


Saanjh whisper: MAAN. and next she faints. But maan and shiv was both enough fast to hold her at right time.



Precap: abhi mujhme kahi baki thodi si hain zindegi.


Past starts



Pardon for all mistakes and I m telling u again that when I started the ff I didn’t thought I will come so long so this new track was not pre planned, I m indulging it now, trying to. But I need ur support in it. and u can see sanjh a little bit of geet, heheheh this is choti dd when she was maybe 17 18. I didn’t find more pix, thanks to priyanka, she tagged me and I found my saanjh.


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  1. superb update maan called shiv best friend ans nitika and maan gave good answers to ladies and geet reply to sam and shiv adi comment on geet finally sanjh ki entry ho gayi maan shiv shoked sanjh faints


  2. lovely update dr loved maaneet romance aur geet aur sam ki tug of war aur maan & shiv getting d shock of their life as saanjh loved it dr..waiting for past to start…


  3. awesom one ………..geet is too good to shut that Bi*** Sam …..
    shiv n maan 2gether …..shiv’s comments are really a cherry on top …
    finally saanjh is here …..wanna know more about the tro bond n hw geet will react knowing maan n shiv as saanjh’s frndz …
    past kya hai ……..grrrr thr is soo many questions playing in my mind plsssssssss update soon 🙂


  4. haaayyyyeee… do dost aur do behen this is title for ua new track he he he…
    i’m happy wit geet’s reply to sam… n shiv’s comment for tat jus laughed holding my stomach by jus imaging his smrike n MSK’s glare…

    new track seems really interesting… keep it up… very good job…

    n whole update is superb loved it..


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    awesome dear as always


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