Kaisi Kashish Hain Yeh Part 42





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Sorry for all the mistakes, didn’t recheck at all.

And bear this pain a little more. please……


Part 42



Never thought my life will turn 360 degree in few months, exactly 11 month and 2 days. I was ruthless arrogant Casanova Maan Singh Khurana but today destiny made me MAAN, only maan by which word my mom called me. I had missed my mom till the age of 15 and after that I drowned myself in my pleasurable life. I never looked back from the time. relationship never matter after that, but meera my sister and dadima was there whom I loved dearly and then enter my frnd supposed to be geet. Only 14 days and had so much impact. And then fate snatched the friendship also, again I drowned myself in my life. Work and pleasure was hand in hand. I never regretted anything, life gave me everything I desired and this fate gave me my GEET.


Na jane aisi kya kashish thi usme I felt my whole world around her, I couldn’t keep my hands off from her. never in my life I felt so. I had never looked back to a girl for 2nd time sex but geet made me lose all my sanity. Again n again I came close to her, whenever I touched her I felt bliss. I would have never believed but she was completing me. The emptiness that I tried to forget staying close to different woman, she alone took my all concentration and soon I found surrounded by her only. The hollowness was gone and replaced by an attraction. Attraction towards her body. Or so I thought. Kaisi Kashish thi wo nahi jaan paya bas ek dhundlasa sparsh hamesha dil pe dastak deta tha.


Lekin aaj jana wo kya tha, I had always named that as Kashish. Lekin hamare bich ki kashish kab pyar me badal gayi pata hi nahi chala.  Jab zindegi ne samjhaya kya hain ye kashish tab taqdeer ne cheen li ye pyar ki Kashish.


Don’t know what this life will lead me next but in every path I will be urs Geet, maybe I can’t touch u or ur heart ever but the way u have fulfilled me no one has the right to touch me like that way. I know now my life is empty shell and its have to see u like this, far from me, but at least u will be in front of my eyes. I can never let u go from geet. Maybe its my destiny to see u like this but I can’t feel u close to me, u will be always in my soul, in my every inch of cell. Only I know how this 2 month went. Only I know what pain I felt when u moved away from me, in this 2 month I had died thousand time seeing u close yet so far that I couldn’t reach u. i have made ur soul so much hollow that now I can’t filled with my love also. In this 2 month there was not a single day I had craved for ur one glimpse but I never got that, yes that is my fate to see u close but crave for ur single smile or single look. I can see u behaving happy with others but u can’t lie to me. I had seen ur empty face alone. For world we are one happy couple but for us it destroyed by us only. Now I know what went through u when u had seen me with numerous girls, I had seen ur sad face, painful eyes but ignored and now I m feeling the same, ur ignorance is just piercing my soul Geet. Yet there is a difference though I had intentionally hurt u but u had never tried an ounce to hurt me.


Her simple confession had torn me so much that its not healing in the time span also. The day when she got discharged from hospital, I was so confident to get her back. but all my hope shattered when I saw her blank face replaced with a hard one. It was mix of hardness and hindrance. She had suppressed herself, her pain, her anger all were suppressed but yet I had managed to break that. I thought maybe she will open after pouring her anger n pain but I lost her. from that day she has become ice. Her words are simple but it deep pierced me every time. I felt so detach from my soul.



Flashback of last 2 Month.


Doctor had informed maan he can take her home after a week of observation. And in this week he was trying hard to talk to her. but geet only looked at the window feeling blank. Her face was nothing but a blank paper. Armaan was worried for her. he had talked to maan about her health that is slowly healing but the mental trauma had an impact on her brain. She have to take out her pain very soon. Otherwise anything can happen. Maan was scared. the thought of anything happening to geet shook his entire existence.


Maan entered the room where geet was sitting on the bed but looking outside, her back was facing him. he had came with her lunch as she might not like the hospital food. He sat beside her. she looked at him and then his hand but again shifted her gaze on the sky. The big window which covered with thick glass making the room comfortable. He controlled his choked voice and very softly called her.


Maan: geet have something but she was still lost somewhere else. He touched her finger and she reacted immediately by pulling it away and looked at him with blankness. He gulp the lump that was forming in his throat. U need to eat. Please have a little portion.


Geet: mujhe nahi khana. She said in a whispering voice.


Maan: baby ke liye bhi nahi? She looked at him for a brief moment and then parted her gaze from him, giving all her attention to the sky. It was tormenting him more. her unusual behavior. Her silence is killing him, her not protesting anything neither reciprocating things were frightening him to the core. Please open up geet, I can’t see u like this. gussa hona hain to ho lo mujh par, but please don’t close yourself in a shell.


Geet: can u please leave. I want to stay alone.


Maan: but


Geet: please. She said in a whisper.


It’s the 7th day and she is going home but her face had not a slight inch of excitement or anger. She had not talked with maan or her friends, ridz like doesn’t exist for her, she had never looked at abhay but only one person was there whom she reacted was armaan. He was monitoring her every minute, maan had made him stay in delhi for permanently of course with his power. Ridz only cried looking for her best friend, she wanted to hug her for consoling but geet refused to meet anyone. But maan had seen her looking at armaan with an unknown emotion. Was it pain or regards? Something mixed. But why. On the other hand armaan avoided her. not that he care less. But he was much more in tension for her recovery. But why no one knew and he never told anyone.



Geet entered the KM and engulfed by a warm embrace. Dadima welcomed her with a smile and for the 1st time she hugged someone with her own wits. She refused to talk to her own parents and after few days they have being forced to leave KM and went back HP. It was dadima who had consoled her. dadima was shedding silent tear and geet was letting her pain away placing her head on dadima’s lap.


Dadima: geet bête, kab tak apne dard ko dabati rahengi?


Geet: dadima I have no pain any more. everything is sweetly numb for me. geet said with a painful smile. dadima caresses her hair and cried silently. Dadima can I ask u something?


Dadima: u never need permission to ask anything from me geet.


Geet: dadima, I did so wrong with maan, accused him for molesting a girl still u supported me. still u wanted to see me. why?


Dadima: because I knew how much u loved him. maybe no one had seen the pain in ur eyes but I had seen. When he was talking to u media was flashing the lights on u both. I don’t know what u were talking but I saw ur painful eyes which was only praying for him. I know maan also loved u but his anger always over shadowed. he was so hurt that he couldn’t see the pain staying close to u also because he was searching something else in it. I know everyone had accused u for that but being his grandmother I knew he won’t let u live in peace for playing with his emotion. If I don’t insisted to see u maybe in rage he went too far. But see here I was wrong thinking he might gave u a second chance, I was wrong. I never knew how much pain u both were living. U both did mistake by not hearing ur heart and both are repenting. But now I can see his love that over shadows his fury. Once again love proved that it is superior from any pain or anger. Yet he had to see all this. whatever he did in these month was really a sin and he is repenting in it. geet I had seen love in his eyes, whenever he had hurt u he went through same pain, yet he covered with anger. maybe I will sound selfish but please bête give him a chance. He is dying every moment to see u like this. u both need to come out from this grief for ur future. Give life a 2nd chance geet.


Geet stood up from her lap and went away without saying anything. dadima called her but she was walking in her room, the same room she had started this life.  she touched her cheek and felt her tears. The one person who stood leaning on the wall hearing their every word shed helpless tears.




Geet was facing the sky in her room when she felt a warm breath on her back, she didn’t move from the place as she knew who it can be, its more than 10 days she had came here but not for once she had talked to him, but still his scent was enough to recognize him in this dead silence. When after 10 min also maan didn’t said anything geet tried to leave the place but this time maan caught her hand, in these days maan had never tried to talk to her forcefully but its high time for her to break the pain from her heart, he knew it will pain him but he want his old geet back.


Maan: I need u geet. He whisper. His voice was having so much pain that can make a stone also melt.


Geet closed her eyes and tears flooded out. her heart felt heavy and all flashback came running, their love, their hatred, their claiming and accusation all are so fresh. Maan hugged geet from back placing his hand on her tummy and his forehead on her shoulder.


Maan: mat jao aise geet, don’t go away so far that we can’t meet again. I need u both.


Geet opens her eyes and jerks his hand from him.

He was hurt with her reaction but composed himself.


Geet: don’t touch me. her voice was soft yet painful. She looked at his teary face. Leave me. geet started going away when maan grasp her wrist and jerks her. she fell on his chest with a thud. He felt her breathing hard. He was amazed to see his effects on her, she still got affected by his closeness then why this cold behavior. He cupped her face. But geet suppress her all emotion once again and came out from his hold.


Geet: what do u want?


Maan: I want my old geet back


Geet smiles painfully: u killed her, u can’t get her the way I lost my maan. the way I killed him.

Her tears began to pour but maan wiped them.


Maan: ur maan is still here, need ur hand to hold him. maan sat on his knees and kissed her stomach. Maan never had lost but a mist drowned him in it. he forgot everything in his rage still his angel caught him from drowning more, yet he lost his most treasured thing his geet.


Geet: u were never mine


Maan: I m and will be. please give me back my geet. I want to hold her close to my heart, our baby, my geet gave me the happiest news, she gave me everything but I want only her.


Geet: she is lost somewhere.


Maan cried holding her waist kissing her belly: baby please say ur mamma that ur papa needs her. say her to come back, say her u need her. she needs to be happy.


Suddenly geet laughed: u need me or the baby maan? Maan stood up and looked at her blankly. U need me to be happy because u want ur baby to be safe.


Maan: geet


Geet: u don’t need me maan. u need ur baby’s mother to be safe to give u a waris of ur family. Just BABY. U were never mine, how can u be. I know I m not worth for u. geet a small town girl how can be worth for the great business tycoon MSK. I m just a garbage who’s own parents thinks it was better to kill her on her birth. Who is responsible for everyone’s misery. Who had hurted so many people that now she doesn’t deserves to be happy. u were right maan. I wasn’t worth for u. it take me so long to understand the simple thing.

Her pain started to flow and maan knew he had to take her easy. He held her before she can break down.


Maan: no geet. It was my fault. U always loved me and I,

His voiced coked and caught in his throat.


Geet: and u didn’t see it. she smiles. How can u see that maan when beautiful girl was surrounding. When u were lost in them, their body how can u see my love or pain.

Now this time her rage was breaking, though it was required to break her inner turmoil but it was piercing his heart. He couldn’t take the words. He thought of past days when she was begging but he was not ready to listen her now thing got reversed.


Geet: kya huya, sunne ki himmat nahi bachi, u wanted to pour my pain, bas itne me hi itna dard mil gaya to sochiye maine kaise kaate wo waqt.  U were right, I was worse than who**. Atleaset who** can satisfy ur hunger but I m useless. But one min, did u want me back because of baby or my body?


Maan looked at her shocked.


Maan: what , words couldn’t leave his mouth


Geet: but I think after baby my body will not be so attractive. Then also u will leave me and find some anisha or sasha or maybe some other girls. Ek kaam karti hu, I will abort the baby. Then u can have it as much as u want.


Maan: Geettttt. He said with great pain and hoarse voice.


Geet: seriously maan, I don’t want the baby. Waise bhi it was the unwanted child coming from our lust. Why we should bring it when there is no love anymore, only lust.


Geet walked away from the place leaving maan all shattered on the floor. He fell on his knees and started crying bitterly.


Maan:  I love u geet.



precap:  love needs sacrifice but I m bound to give hatred to save my love. (who do u think said this?) precap may come in next update or after 2 updates, depend on my mood actually 😦


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3 responses to this post.

  1. so emotional


  2. hmmm… yaar tich i hav a complaint mujhe na geet ki soch janana hai… wo aise kyun behave kar rahi hai… wo hurt hai isliye? ya wo maan ko hurt hone se rok rahi hai isliye??? n mreally sad to say wo abhi tak maan ko achhe se samajh nai paayi…. is update mein usne phir kaha ki maan kisi aur ke saath relationship rakhta hai.. wen maan had once confessed he had left tat habbit(i don kno which word to use using this only)… b4 d whole misery came up… n he also told he jus pretending to hurt her… then y she is agn accusing him for his confession…

    i think maan se kuch nai honewala geet ko wapis sirf hamara MAAN SINGH KHURANA hi wapis la sakta hai… not tat casanova but yes tat full of attitude n arrogance n kisike saamne na jukhnewala…. haaayeeee i love tat MSK veryy much…


    but y no 1 is ready to feel maan’s pain… sorry i m repeating it agn n agn… lekin once maan ka bhi dard bahar niklna chahiye na… pehli bar kisiko dost mana usne dhoka diya(k k jhoot bola), pyaar kiya phir dhoka khaya n jisse trust kiya respect kiya usne use barbad kar diya… wo bhi akele… apne dard gusse ka roop dekar wo aisa ban gaya hai..
    even dadima said she mistaken maan… bahu ka dard dekh sakti hai toh pote ki tadap kaise nai samajhi????
    aur yeh armaan ridz ko avoid kyun kar raha hai?? apni dost pe jo gaya hai he he he…

    yaar tich mujhe mera maan wapis de de… aur precap mai jo sentence hai maan ke hai of course… geet iss baar pathhar jara aur string hoga.. fir b i kno tumhara pyaar usse b pigala dega hai na…

    tich dekh mera comment kitna bada hogaya.. happy??


  3. maan shud force geet to abort d baby… n advise to maan yaar aise hi divorce paper dekar dekh reaction kaisa hoga… not to break up relation lekin jitna tu uske saamne rahega uska dard badtha jayega… aur apko use hurt karna pasand nai na??? waise bhi ye shadi uski marzi puche bina hogayi thi.. toh better uska 1 complaint ka toh solution mil jayega… n u concentrate on work aap jitna khushi dene koshish karoge utne hi taunt sunne ko milenge so better apna raasta pakdo jab tak wo raaste pe na aye…

    reverse psychology!! isse do fayade hai 1 ya toh geet ka blocked mind kaam karna shuru karega ya 2nd one apka mind kaam se full ho jaayega… best of luck..


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