Devil’s Darkest Possession Part 8





Thanks for all likes and comments, truly felt so good to read them. Sorry I was busy exam n then 3 updates back to back, u know I m handling 5 6 ffs so its hard for me to reply ur comment but pls do leave comments as they are my motivation. I read them all


Some fact

guys i will say don’t worry about past because it will need time to open fully, is he a killer? then answer is YES, he is, but why and what happen u will find after few updates.


and one more thing, maan is seriously obsessed with her one look, and why not when she is a pure divine angel who can stop himself being being drown in her, but the urges of the devil is stronger than anyone.




Part 8



It is anjali’s wedding. Geet wasn’t ready to face everyone not at least after that fiasco. maan had made her life hell in these days. Infront of everyone he always behaved so good kind hearted which his dadima was definitely suspicious about, but who cares. Geet wonders is he the same man once she had seen him murdering someone. Is everything the same it looks like. She thought he supposes to be more dangerous but why he is so calm. To some point she feared his intention. She knew what he want, his eyes spoke that. the way he stares at her that sent shiver down her spine. Geet closed her eyes remembering his touch. She felt only disgust and anger but she is helpless. Last day only she got to know maan had really brought the place under his name. her father was delighted with the news that he is offering him one show in the mall. Geet remember the words he said,

Mohinder: geet beta today I m so happy, finally the place will belong to him and maan had promised me to give one shop in the mall. Just imagine how profitable it will be. I was so worried for it. thank u beta. Just because of u I m seeing this day.


1st time she was hearing her father praising and talking to her with his full heart. She was happy but hating herself because this happy moment is also because of MSK who can snatch it any moment and then this praising will turn in to curse. She opens her eyes and saw her surroundings. Man was no where near her. she is relief but soon her relief got disturb as anjali’s husband’s frnd and few his colleague approach her. they were smitten by geet’s beauty. Her red choli and green lahenga and dupatta that drapped on her whole body from front still giving a proper view of her figure. Her angelic beauty can any man lose his all moral.




1 frnd: yaar she is so hot. I wish I could get her for a night maybe.

2nd guy: uff yaar, she is the hottest girl over here, I was hitting on her from the time I came here 4 days back, but she didn’t gave me any look.

3rd frnd: because u don’t have ansh’s charm. See how I trap her and toni8 she will be on my bed.

His other frnd laughed where he was eyeing geet top to bottom with lustful eyes.


Geet congratulate anjali and her husband after the wedding got complete. Anjali hugged her saying a sorry, though geet weakly smiled at her but anjali knew she can never get her old geet back. Relationship binds in a very soft thread, once it breaks it can never be like before. Geet didn’t took any part in any function, she just tagged either with her mother or with dadima, maan was not around the place, he supposed to come at the wedding day but wedding got complete still he was nowhere to come.


Geet was talking to anjali and her husband when ansh and his frnd approached them.

Geet didn’t like the attitude ansh was showing to her, his lusty eyes were roaming on her full body that was making her uncomfortable.

‘are geet tum to kisi se kuch baat hi nahi kar rahi ho, meet my frnds, u will like him. he can be a very good frnd.’ Anjali’s husband said looking at the uncomfortable geet. Ansh was signaling him to introduce her as he had just come today. His other frnds knew who is she and who is she going to be but still they kept mum to get one chance. ‘meet ansh rajvansh. My frnd.’

Ansh looked at her with great attitude and extent his hand ‘hello gorgeous lady, may I have the pleasure to hold ur hand, umm just for formal intro u know’

Anjali’s husband punched his hand playfully and warned him not to go on this way but he was hell bent on flirting with geet. Anjali felt her restlessness but couldn’t do anything as her in laws were standing there who was thinking its just a nok jhok.

Geet looked at the extended hand and the smirk on his face and then folded her hand together.

‘namaste, I m geet, nice to meet u. hope u r getting nice welcome by us’ she said softly but that shows how much disinterest she is, ansh felt insult with that where his other frnd laughed at him.

‘yaha teri daal nahi galne wali’

Ansh didn’t said anything just walked out from there.

Geet was feeling suffocated with the environment, she walked on the terrace to get some fresh air oblivious to the fact someone was watching her every move with lust filled eyes.


She saw the dark sky which was engulfing every hindrance, every fault and crime in its darkness. How she wish it can swallow up her in its wide embrace. Her thought broke with some voices. She turns to see ansh his frnd coming close to her. geet tried to ignore and walked passed them but ansh caught hold her wrist. Geet looked at him with anger visible yes. She was frustrated with his behavior before also and now he had crossed his all limit. She tried to shove him but he gave a nasty smile.

‘what happens babes? U came here for me na then why u r giving those angry glares? But let me tell u, it makes u more sexy.’

She snapped her hand ‘don’t u dare touch me,

‘ohh itna ussa, babes u will enjoy it, u know how many thoughts was running in my head the moment my eyes fell on u.’


She gave a filthy look to him and tried to free her wrist but he grabbed her arms in his both palm then pulls her closer. She was wriggling frantically. And atlast she was successful to come out from his grip, before he can say or do anything his cheeks felt a loud bang and next he found himself thrown away on the floor hard. He looked up to see a pair red fuming eyes that can burn him alive, the place was dimly lighted so the face were blur for him. but soon he felt his stomach got a powerful merciless blow, he spits blood from his mouth and looked at the figure with fear. He saw him bending down on his one knees, ansh’s whole existence shook up as the devil’s face became clear to his view. He knew who is he. The demon himself, MAAN SINGH KHURANA. Ansh’s frnd were already dead lying on the floor as his one punch was enough for them to knock out. ansh was looking at him with fear in his eyes. Maan took ansh’s hand.

‘U dare to touch her with ur filthy hand. do u know who she is?’

Before ansh can reply a painful mourns comes out from his lips and maan broke his wrist bone twisting it tightly. Ansh cried in pain, but maan silenced him.

‘shhh not a word, u know u have touched my possession, now u have to feel the penalty.’ He took his another hand and twist it more,

Ansh looked at him with widen eyes, his lungs were screaming out that can come out any moment but maan smirks at him, he left his hand and stood up.

‘u tried to touch my fiancé huh? Now u need a idea, that if anyone try to touch a feather that belongs to MSK, what he do with that bastard then.’ He said in a hush voice, though it was calm but the venom his eyes were spitting can make anyone shiver. Geet watched him from far corner, he was hitting ansh’s leg with his and he was screaming in pain. She saw maan’s bodyguard standing far away from him bowing their head. No one was trying to stop him, if he murder him also no one is here to blame him. she saw him laughing on ansh’s cry. She closed her eyes when he punched his face with his shoes. Tears comes out from her eyes as she slides on the floor. She hugged herself to see so much violence but it was not affecting maan, he was enjoying his cry. He remember how he was trying to flirt with geet in front of everyone, maan was there only, his blood was boiling and before he can do anything he heard geet’s reply and then ansh’s going away. He noticed geet’s gloomy face and saw her coming on terrace, he so wanted to crush her petite form in his dark embrace, he wanted to devour her right there only but this man came in between. How can he let him glow when he tried to touch his thing, that only belong to him.


Maan was hitting him till he felt unconscious or nearly dead. Still he was not satisfied. He took out his gun and pointed on his forehead but before he can pull the trigger he heard aadi’s voice.

Geet mammmm.

He turned to see geet was lying unconscious on the floor. Her face was pale, he immediately ran to her, aadi dare not touch her because he knew his boss’s wrath. Maan folded her small figure in his perfect masculine body.





Geet opens her eyes only to see a pair of intense eyes staring at her. it has no emotion but a tint of something can be found, she recalled the previous incident and fearfully crawled back on the bed, then look at the surroundings. She was not at anjali’s House. She is in her own bedroom, but how? How she came here and what he said to others? What happen with ansh and his frnds? Lots of question running in her mind, but then it replaced with fear as she saw the red eyes of her devil who leaned on her whispering huskily.


‘no one is here darling, only me n u.’ she looked at him with wide eyes.Her breath was heavy. He placed a wet kiss on her cheek. ‘how r u feeling?’

She knew its just one moment of illusion; he is hell angry with her that can be feel in his tone. But why he is angry it’s a mystery for her.

‘wo main,’

‘wo main kya geet? Did u thought u can enjoy’s other man’s touch on u? no never, I will rip anyone if they try to place their look on u, and that’s what I did to him’ his voice was deep hoarse and dangerous. He was almost over her, his lips touched her ear as he whispered those words making her jolt. She felt his finger gripping her slender waist and pulling her close, her soft white flesh turned red as he dug his finger. ‘I have warned u geet, u r mine. But still u let him touch u huh? Now u have to bear my punishment. So u r ready my sweetheart’ he in the most dangerous and threatening tone that made her fear him for the 1st time.


Next she shriek in horror as his finger snapped open her blouse dori in one sec and she hide her bosom with her hands, she looked at him with tear but he didn’t showed any mercy but threw her dupatta away from her body and covered her with his full structure.



Precap: her tears slipped from the corners but he roughly kissed her eyes, this is mine I can take anything that belongs to me.



Hehhehe how is the devil, I know u didn’t see full devil, trust me it’s just a glimpse of his possession, will come out in future track, of course u will find the obsession same like other devil but something is definitely come very wrong. Just wait n see.


Sorry for the late, I was stuck with my exam.


Lots of mistakes are there, didn’t get the time for recheck.


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  1. maan is really devil dangerous


  2. wohoo ….4 a sec i thought maan will come n knok out whose idiots on the stage it self ……but guess they were at the worst of their bad time also ….
    tich ur devil is more like a monster ….


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