Kaisi Kashish Hain Yeh Part 43


sorry I didn’t got time for sending pms properly. And guys the precap I said will carry next update, and thank u sooo much for the amazing respond, I m feeling so glad to see so many silent reader pressing like and some commenting also, thank u guys. U are the motivation to grow my work. love u all.


Part 43


Flashback continues



Today is 15th day geet had came here and still she isn’t ready to talk to me, I want to feel our baby, I want to hug the small life in her, want to talk to her so much. I had never shared my feeling to anyone, but don’t know why today I want to feel geet and our baby’s presence, I saw her looking at me, but the numbness scared me, but I know there was longing also. Even after showing all her anger on me, she isn’t ready to break her shell fully. What is bothering still is mystery for me. alas, maybe I didn’t tried much to know it. yes I m scared to touch her, to console her. maybe she need me but her reaction frighten me everytime. Meera told me armaan is coming to examine her and a gynecologist also. I need to talk to talk to him.


Maan: armaan how is she?

Armaan: don’t u know maan. His words left me baffled, I saw him closing his eyes in pain. Sorry maan, wo I was tensed so.

Maan: but why, is she ok, or baby. Both are fine na armaan. Please tell me.

Armaan: relax maan, doctor diksha is examining her, and she is fine, but maan I need to talk to u

Maan: I know what u want to say.

Armaan looked at him shocked: u know?

Maan: I m sorry armaan, I can never be a good husband or lover, neither a frnd or a father. Tears spilled in helplessness.

Armaan placed his hand on his shoulder: maan we need to talk about some serious matter. Wo geet

Just then doc diksha came out and told geet want to see armaan. He was annoyed but had to follow. Maan met up with doc diksha.

Maan: how is she doctor.

Doc smiles; mr khurana baby is fine, healthy but u need to take care of geet, she is very weak. I had prescribed her medicine, look after it. 


Maan smiles a little and then made his way in to the room, but stopped at the discussion.


Armaan: geet its not more than 3 months, u can still do it.

Geet: I said it armaan, I don’t need it.

Armaan: why u r doing this. I will tell maan.

Geet: tell him then, I don’t bother about it, waise bhi I will leave him after this baby’s birth.

That’s it, maan couldn’t heard more he barked inside.

Maan: what the hell r u saying geet, I had have enough. How can u think about leaving ha? he came close to geet and held her shoulder making her sit from her lying position.  I told u no one can snatch u from me, and that means u also. U can’t leave me like this. I want u and baby with me geet, do u get that.

Geet stares at him for a brief moment: I was right, u can only think about urself. U r such a selfish man maan. u want baby, ok have it, but forget about me, I don’t want to stay with u.

Maan: I don’t want ur permission. his eyes were spitting fire.

Geet smirks: u never need that, u always snatched it.

Maan left her arms immediately. Geet eyed armaan who left the place instantly.

Maan dipped his head: why u r doing this? I know I m at fault, then treat me like the way u want, why u r suffering in all this? he cupped her face and bring it close. I don’t need ur harshness to know what is in ur heart. She closed her eyes and took deep breath. Don’t close ur eyes geet. I want to read them, I want to drown in them.

Geet: u can never read them maan. u had never read them in past nor in present.

Maan: jitna chahe bol do geet, ye dhadhkan jhoot nahi bol pati, its still beats for me. one long tears slipped out of her eyes.

Geet: and that’s why I hate myself.


Another day,


Geet’s indifference behavior with maan doesn’t go unnoticed my dadima and meera where viren was only praying for his son n daughter in law’s happiness. But geet didn’t give any importance to them, she was lost somewhere in her ownself. Maan placed her medicine and extent her a glass of water, she looked at him then looked away. Not wanted to take anything from him. he felt frustrated. He jerks her hand and brings her close to him.

Maan: why u r doing this geet, I know it was my fault but what did our family, why they are suffering geet? Why our baby is suffering? He said the last line in a whisper. He touched her cheek with his nose. Please forgive me, I m dying every moment with ur silence. I need ur warmth. I want to feel our angel. He kissed the corner of her lips softly where his hand slipped on her bare stomach. He felt her tucking her tummy more. he panicked. Don’t do that geet, it can harm baby. She looked at him surprised. Then remember how every night he read pregnancy book. Both are sharing same bed but poles apart, though she pretends to sleep but his curiousness in books caught her attention and once saw him reading pregnancy book.

She smirk: u only worried for u child maan. u were never concern for me.

Maan closed his eyes in pain: noo, no geet, try to understand jaan please. His voice was full of helplessness. I m worried for u both. I want both of u close to me.

Geet: but I don’t want this baby. Maan looked at her shocked. yes I m keeping this but I hate this. maan loosen his hold on her and back out a little, she look at the gap between them and smiles mockingly. Yes I m hating this fetus because its urs maan. I don’t want this in my life.

Maan cried: geet. Its our love

Geet : lust. She corrected him, only lust. This 12 weeks old fetus is only a result of our lust for that night I spent in Mumbai with u.. And now because of this I m stuck with u.

Maan: but I thought

Geet: what do u thought maan? everytime everyone selected everything for me, can’t I take one decision of my life? But nooo, u and ur khandan want a waris so I m giving it but I have a condition maan. Maan couldn’t make out anything, what she is talking about. He blankly looked at her. u can have this child only if u agreed for the condition.

Maan: why u r doing this? he said bluntly but geet ignored.

Geet: tell me do u want this fetus survive?

Maan: Geet, its our baby, not only a fetus.

Geet: for me it is, u made me a stone maan, now I have no emotion in me like child or mother or relation with anyone. I just hate u and myself.

Maan thought its maybe her another mood swing as she had became so cranky in these days, the soft sober geet had replaced by highly irritated geet.

Maan: don’t do this geet.

Geet: I don’t have choice maan, u didn’t left any choice for me, I can’t stay with u. I don’t want to. Do u agree for my condition maan? she asked hopefully, he wanted to say so many things to her, like she never need to put condition about their baby, he will agree anything she say. But he can’t say it now, so nodded his head.

Geet: I want divorce. Maan’s ground just slipped from his feet. He blinked his eyes to get a proper view of her face, but everything was blur, then he realize his eyes were misty with tear. If u want ur baby then give me my freedom, let me free maan. I m feeling suffocated here. I need to go away from u and this place.

Maan: geet,I, I, I m sorry. his voice got twisted as he felt a lump in his throat. I can’t

Geet: then forget about baby, I still have few days to abort it. if u want the baby then sign the divorce paper, she placed the papers in front of him. he looked at her blankly but she turned her face. Don’t make it difficult, I want to be free from this hell, I need fresh air. I want a new life but not with u. just alone.

Maan fell on his knees and hugged her waist: don’t do this geet. I will die. Don’t leave me.

Geet closed her eyes, she wanted to shove him but couldn’t touch him, he hide his face in her tummy and she felt something wet on her bare skin, she knew he is crying but her mind blacked every rational thinking.

Is he crying for real or it’s a trap for something?

He saw her lost in her thought, he kissed her abdomen.

Maan: sorry baby, papa ko maaf kar dena. He stood up. if it is ur condition, then I m not ready, I can’t let u go, u can do whatever with baby but I can’t let u free from me. our baby is my heartbeat geet but u r my breath, I don’t know how will I survive without u both. If I need to loose any of u I might choose to be dead by then. she stiffen on the position, maan walked out from the room all broken. Geet stares at his back, tears comes out but her lips were smiling, a painful smile.

Geet: u can never change.






2 months went like this only

Still everything is same, he always tried to find something in geet’s face but she was always perfect to hide them, armaan tried to contact him many time but every time geet blocked his way. ridz had tried many time to contact geet but she refused to talk to her. maan was in dilemma what will geet do with baby, but thankful to god she didn’t took any drastic decision in hurry, their love is still in her womb but the fact is, she had closed her heart for the love, she had become cranky in these days, her morning sickness was growing but whenever maan tried to help her she just snapped out from him, he was in pain but he couldn’t say anything. He was thankful to her that she is keeping their baby. He tried his best to support her without knowing, he tried to fulfill her craves secretly, though she never said anything but he got to know everything from dadima who was her alone sharer with whom geet shares her all craves .


Maan is waiting for the day geet will forgive him and maybe the day will be the moment their angel arrive in this world. Maybe geet’s all fear, pain will vanish the moment she will see her baby. But still somewhere his heart feared, what if geet leave him after that, an unknown pain and fear was always in him but he can’t show that. geet is opening her heart but only for dadima, she never showed any excitement towards her baby of the cute bump rising on her tummy, though it not much visible but geet had put on a little weight which enchanted her beauty, but the sickness can be found on her face. Its nearly 4 months now. Maan is waiting for the day he can relish the time being a father and a husband. admiring the little life in growing in her but from so far his heart is really paining, he wanted to touch geet closely to feel his baby but she won’t let him touch her not even in sleep. He shed silent tears but prayed for geet’s happiness, least he knew his happiness will be on stake the next moment.



Precap: Twist.


Sorry for keeping u wait, I was held with exam, and wait for next part. Don’t worry something big gonna come up. and I will update soon, maybe tom night or Wednesday morning.


From now I won’t give any condition, I know how much u gave ur effort in this and I truly respect that, as a reader I read few writer’s who did the same, means put up conditions like need _________ likes and comments, I felt I should not do this. if u like it u will give ur like, yes threats always work but still lets see my threats was having effect or the story.



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  1. very emotional update what armaan wanted to tell maan


  2. Posted by afreen on July 30, 2012 at 5:45 pm

    m really feeling very very very badddd for maan… geet ne yeh kyun kaha he can never change.. kahin geet yeh toh nai soch rahi ke sirf apne zrurat ke liye wo usse nai chod raha??? sry mujhe aise nai sochna chahiye par geet aise bhav kar rahi hai…

    tich wo aise kyun behave kar rahi hai???? mai pagal ho jaungi maan ko aisee tadapta dekh kar… kuch karo tich… chain do mujhe..


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