Kagaz Ki Kashthi Luv tht Sacrifices Life Part 61

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Part 61



Geet felt his shivering under the cold water. She closed her eyes in pain, his tears were saying how much he is in pain. She doesn’t know with what thread he is bind up with saanjh but definitely with her past that she hates the most. But right now he needs her, more than anything he need her embrace to hide his pain, and how could she deny that. she wrapped her arms around his nape and he dipped his face more in her abdomen.


Geet made him sit on the bed and moved to the closet to get a fresh pair of towel for them but maan held her hand, she looked at his eyes blankly but the fear in those deep brown eyes makes her jolt. She assured him with her eyes that she is coming right to him. he left her for few second and she came with towel. She handed him one towel but he was lost in thoughts. She sighed and tried to sat beside him, but maan stopped her. she looked at him questioningly and he made her sit on his lap. She doesn’t wanted to give in so easily. But one stare was enough from maan to melt her, the eyes which always shows immense love and care today is pleading. She couldn’t refuse and sat on his lap slowly. he immediately entangle his hand on her waist with the fear if he didn’t lock her now she may go away from him. she sighed and took the towel to dry his hair. She softly wiped all the water and he only stares at her. she dare not look at his eyes otherwise she will lose herself again and forget her all queries. As she was busy in her work maan was restless to hear her voice. With shivering hands she started unbuttoning his shirt as it was all wet and he can catch cold. But the cologne was distracting her again. Maan very well knew his affect on her which is beyond every rage or complain of her.. he nuzzle in her neck placing his forehead on her neck. She stiffen with it knowing where they can head now but she wanted to know what happen to saanjh that she doesn’t knew but maan and shiv were responsible soul. Before she can ask her question maan hugged her.


Maan: I m sorry. I couldn’t take care of her. geet was confuse but she decide to let him speak. And she continue her work, slipping all the buttons of his shirt she took out the shirt which fell on the floor. She started wiping his muscling body with the soft fluffy towel. Do u know who the person was for whom saanjh, his word stuck in his hoarse throat. Geet gulp the lump and shook her head in yes.

Geet: I heard shiv, that’s it. I don’t know what happened.

Maan: didn’t she say u for once about us?

Geet felt tears trickle down from her eyes: she said she want me to meet with 2 important persons but. Geet sobbed, she never told me anything beyond that, she wanted me to come here early.

Maan started removing her saree as she was as much soaked as him and she can catch the cold too. she looked at him confuse but he lowered his eyes doing his work softly. He wiped the water from her neck and chest with the towel. It was hard for both of them but strangely this time there is pain and they knew solace can be found in each other’s arms only.

Maan: we met her in collage. She was the funniest and strongest girl we had ever seen. Geet saw the sparkling eyes, he is indeed delighted to remember their meeting with her. he continue to wiped her body taking her cloths one by one without breaking the eye contact. And then started narrating their life in past.






Saanjh was a tom boy whom boys were afraid and girls were irritated. She was having a small group of her own and she was happy with it, rashi and soham brother-sister duo was her only frnds. she was happy with them. On the other hand shiv and sam was her biggest enemy though sam more. maan wasn’t interested in all this frndship and enemy game and more over he was busy with study and business. Though sam was junior to maan and shiv but she always stays with them so all collage was envy and frighten with her and she enjoyed the full attention being the only girl in two hottest hunk. Almost everyone knew about her and maan’s afire and shiv who was her brother like. Shiv always take care of her as a loving and protective brother.

Life was going smooth for the both side but one incident took place that changed many lives.


Only 2 month of her joining and everyday she was at the headline of collage, not for bad reason but good in the list more. she had become talk of the collage in juniors because of her good and friendly nature but for seniors she was always a throne specially sam. She always tried to cross her path with different hurdle but saanjh was efficient enough to dodge that.


It was one day when saanjh was lost in her own thought and bumped in to a hard solid chest, her eyes widen as she saw she was going to fall backward but the strong hand held her palm and made her steady.

Saanjh: oye akkal ke andhe dikhayi nahi deta kya?

Shiv fumes in anger with her audacity just then she realized she had bumped to her weirdo. She saw a girl beside him fuming in anger and looking at their adjoining palm, she snapped her hand and started rubbing it on her jeans. Chi chi Krishna ji dekho mere hath gande hogaye, don’t worry I will wash it before coming to ur place. She said looking up ward, shiv also followed her gaze upward and looked at her with weird funny face. Then he heard her cursing him and saying about washing her hand. he was mad at her

Shiv: oye jangli billi rasta tum kanto aur mujhe bolti ho, wah bhai wah.

Saanjh: rasta maine nahi kanta it was u and ur dumb girl friend who was walking lost in each other, isme meri kya galti hain mujhe rasta nahi mila and u bumped to me, she said covering her mistakes. Shiv looked at her with raising brow and then looked at his beside. His one week girl frnd was fuming in anger. He smiles mischievously. In fraction of second he grabbed saanjh’s waist and pulls her closer. She was dumfounded with the event and looked at him with her big doe shape eyes. For a moment shiv couldn’t remove his eyes from her cute frowning face but soon recovered himself as his plan was in action.

She was confuse and looked at him with weird angry face. He gave a cheeky smile to her.

Shiv: I know sweetheart u can’t see me with anyone. I know how much u love me. but u know I have a girl frnd who is not ready to leave me so,

The girl: what? what r u talking about shiv.

Shiv and saanjh looked at her with annoyed expression, shiv was pretending and saanjh was already pissed off with his acting.

Saanjh shiv: shut up

The girl: shivvvvvvv,

Shiv: I m sorry tina,

The girl: mina

Shiv: ok whatever, but I seriously don’t love u, that was just time pass, and yes i seriously like saanjh who proposed me yesterday, so if u don’t mind can I talk to her more privately for sometime?

Saanjh and mina looked at him with fuming eyes, if look can kill he was already ashes with 2 angry girls. Mina stomped her foot.

Mina; don’t u dare to call me again. She warned him with her finger and ran from their cribbing fumingly. Shiv smiles at her retreating figure but he forgot one more angry pairs were looking at him, and he was holding her waist protectively. Before he can realize what is going on he felt a sharp pain in his groin. He looked at her with horrified expression and left her immediately to save him little bit safe ahem ahem. He placed his hand between his leg.

Shiv groans; what the hell?

Saanjh smirks: I proposed u yesterday huh? But let me teach u the right method of that, she was going to hit his nerve again when maan came running and held saanjh from doing that, she was frantically throwing her hand and legs. If maan would not held her waist tightly from back she would have kicked him real hard. He swung her backward (remember in kuch kuch hota hain SRK did with his daughter anjali when she was fighting with a small boy)

Maan: hold on hold on guys, maan looked at shiv with sympathetic eyes but can’t hide his smile. saanjh again tried to hit him and shiv ran a little far from her still lying on the floor crying for his possession. LOL

Saanjh: maan hato yaha se, is idiot ko main impotent banake chorungi. Shiv looked at her horrified where maan hide his laugh. It was not usual for him to see something like this, infact if anyone tried to harm shiv in any way he was the 1st person to knock out the person but here don’t know why he can’t let anything happen to saanjh, who was looking cute fuming doll. He had heard everything and waiting for saanjh to do something but never in wildest dream he had thought off this.

Maan: pls saanjh shant hojao, I m sorry from his behalf

Saanjh: why u r saying sorry, let the person say it.

Maan looked at shiv who was hiding his face: he is not in a position u see. Saanjh looked at him and felt pity. She calmed herself.

Saanjh: aage se isko mere samne mat aane dena other wise I don’t know aur kya kya tor du. She twisted her nose cutely and left the place.



Maan smiles remembering their cute meeting from when both develop a new kind of relation. A funny relation unknowingly.  Geet looked at his smile and felt her heart is in peace for some reason. She placed her head on his chest as he covered both their nude body in the white sheet feeling each other’s warmth. Geet was listening his heart which was dancing in sweet memory of saanjh and shiv.


Precap: more on past and saanjh gaining conscious.


Don’t know why I feeling to explain those funny incident as saanjh had unknowingly took my heart yaar. Don’t worry geet had equal share not equal but more but right now want to give slight funny moment.

If u don’t like it please let me know. I m really afraid of this track. Give honest comment so that I can modify what u r not liking in the track.


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  1. superb past sanjh ne almost shiv ko impotent bana hi diya tha


  2. this saanjh is really something yaar tich ..
    but dnt know y i am feeling like its sam …behind all this fuzz from the 1st time when u mentioned this track ..
    but thankfully maaneet r 2gether to face this situation …
    loving the sweet memories …do reaveal it soon ..
    n thnxx 4 the updates 🙂


  3. Posted by afreen on August 1, 2012 at 4:49 pm

    wonderful track tich… m toh enjoying a lot.. keep it up… with love..


  4. Posted by Meena on August 2, 2012 at 4:17 pm

    awesome loved it


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