Kurbaan Tere Ishq Mein Part 19

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Kurbaan tere ishq mein

Part 19

Maan was searching for geet in the whole hospital when he bumped to pari, she had informed him to come early, with great difficulty he came there leaving his all work. when he went to Mumbai office he got to know about all mishap and mr handa’s health condition also. His informer was giving him 24 hr information about mr handa, he was worried for geet but as he went to the main site he got busy with all the people there and then he got to know about the accident that happened few days back. the raw materials was low in quality and because of it one worker lost his life,many more thing joined it taking a place of big problem. Mr handa knew about it but he thought brij can take care of it, least he knew how much wrong he was. at last he had to come here to take the charge on his hand but it was too late. Workers were already very bad in mood, then one thing changes to other and his business in mumbai branch come to collapse. He was here to see the last chance but his business partner refused to take any responsibility that means it will affect his main business and so it did. then he got an heart attack to which his PA admitted him in the hospital.

Maan wanted to know about the real culprit. In 24 hour he was searching for some clue and all were proving against one person, Brij. Only he is the man who can do this. maan was mad, he need to expose brij soon but then got pari’s call. He had forgotten to call geet, he knew she must be hell worried for him. he cursed himself and took the call then pari informed him to come soon as mr handa got his conscious but slipped in paralyzed. His world crushed under the ground hearing the news but he need to see his geet. He need to protect her.

Now he is searching for geet in the whole hospital after meeting with mr handa who was sleeping due to seductive. But geet was nowhere to be seen, he thought she will be here only as she can’t let her father stay alone here. Just then he bumped to pari.

Pari: where were u maan, I was trying u god know from how many hours.

Maan: where is geet pari?

Pari narrated everything to maan, she had heard brij’s every word but couldn’t say anything to him then, she was waiting for maan only. Maan held his head and sat on the bench beside. He knows how naïve geet is, if she had promised brij that she will marry her father’s business partner’s son she meant it. she can do anything for her father. He remember how he always accused her for being selfish today he knew she was always pretended to be selfish, being that a 10crore car or anything she never wanted her father to suffer because of her.


She held a photo frame of her mother and hugged it.

Geet: I m so bad mamaa, see papa also hates me, and now after this maan will also hate me. he loves me so much but again I will break him. I know how much he will get hurt to see me belonging to someone else. What should I do mamma. I can’t let happen anything to papa. He is expecting so much from me but I m not a good daughter neither a good lover.

Tears rolled down as she kept looking at her mother’s picture. Soon she felt someone’s presence behind her back and turned to see who it is. Her lips trembled to see an enrage maan looking at her with red eyes.

Geet: maan. a small whisper came out from her pinkish lips. Her face delighted to see him safe. Without caring anything she hugged him. Keeping her face in his neck she ran her hand on his whole body. Thank god u r safe maan. I was so worried for u. agar tumhe kuch hojata main to mar hi jaati. She kissed his heart and then looked at his face. Only anger was visible on his eyes. It stuck her then what she is doing. She need to shove him away from her for his better future. He loves her too much and when he will come to know about her promise he will break himself. She freed him abruptly but before she can distanced herself from him he grabbed her waist and plastered her body with him. he looked at her eyes deeply. The intensity scared geet but she tried to put a brave face.

She wriggle in his grip but he tighten.

Maan: what did u thought geet, I will let u free from me? itna asan hain kya geet mujhse dur jana?

Geet looked at him with pain, who know more than her how it feel but she tore the gaze. And again tried to free herself but maan grabbed her tiny fist in one hand and pulls her more close. Her soft chest pressed on his hard one. She placed her palm on his chest. It burned both. The heat of their body was running so high that their heart can feel it but mind can’t reach it. geet closed her eyes as he licked her lips with his hot moist tongue.. she moans his name and clenched his collar in her fist. Her protest died as he captured her lips in a demanding and aggressive kiss. He let her hand go and she slipped it on his nape pulling him more close to her. his hands entered her top from back and started rubbing her all hidden places with his rough manly palm. she moans harder as he bite her lips to open her mouth and entered her mouth with a force. The kiss was hot and sensual to make her weak. She was feeling emotional with his love. Her tears flickered brought them both back to reality. She open her eyes and saw they are in her room’s balcony and he was looking at her intently but didn’t left her lips. Her eyes pleaded him to leave her but he touched her bra hook making her bite his lips very hard.

Maan: ouch geettttt, he groans and she made puppy face.

Geet: u were not leaving

Maan held her waist more strongly: what made u think I will leave u now?

Geet; maan.

But he snuggle close to her neck and ear kissing her jaw softly.

Geet: maan I, I can’t

Maan; u can’t live without me. he completed and kissed her earlobe nipping it slightly. She held the wall beside her to control her raising heartbeats. Pari told me everything geet. Her tears made their way. u can’t leave me geet. He bite her neck and then sucks her skin to sooth the pain. She only closed her eyes to feel him all over her. mysteriously he had become so much to her that now refusing him means refusing her heart to beat for life. He cupped her back more in palm squeezing slightly seducing her in his way. his lips followed a path of her jaw to neck and then shoulder. He rolled down the sleeves and nibbles her skin making it red in his passion. U don’t know how went this 24 hour for me geet, and u were taking decision for life how could u?

Suddenly geet remember her promise to her father, she need to follow his dreams, she can’t let her father let down more. she was right. She don’t have any right to love anyone because only pain she can give to them. She tried to break their body contact but failed miserably as maan was lost in her. after a lot of gaining her strength she finally pushed him.

Geet looked at him helplessly where maan’s eyes were fuming: dur raho mujhse maan… its not right… tomorrow is my marriage, and before she can complete her words he slammed his lips on her claiming her again but harshly aggressively till then she felt weak on her knees….

She looked at him feebly but he was too much in rage to see anything, he kept assaulting her lips till it became sore. As he felt her lack of breath he left her and came on her neck. In one sec he opens her bra making her shock. She was vulnerable in front of him but he showed no mercy. He scooped her in his arms and went in the bed room, thrown her on bed and captive her between him and the bed. She looked away from him.

Maan: why can’t u understand geet ur fathers want ur happiness only.

Geet: he needs me maan. he caresses her waist to seduce him. and it works, she was hyperventilating. He kissed her forehead then coming on the path on her nose and then peck her lips. His hand went in her top cupping her breast and making her moan in desire.

Maan: can u live without me mishty? He asked in a soft tone subsiding his anger. She looked at him painfully. Tears slipped down from corner of her eyes. He licks her lips. Can u forget our moment geet? She bite her lips to control her moans as he kneading her hard bud. He is torturing her in his way to confess her heart.

Geet; maan please. She pleaded him to stop but he want her answer.

Maan: bolo mishty, he kissed her upper cleavage, and bite it. she felt his hardness on her core perfectly over their dress. she gasp as it was impossible for them to hold still he carried his torture. He drawn out his hand and traces her waist chain still kissing her neck with feathery kisses. Can u forget my love mishty.

Geet cried couldn’t hold his painful word: I can’t maan, I love u so much. He smiles and hugged her knowing she needs him. she snuggle close to him embrace and he hugged her ever so protectively,

Maan: shhh geet, stop crying, don’t worry no one can take away u from me. I won’t let that happen.

Geet: u can’t do anything maan, papa is upset and if now anything happens to this marriage he will be broken, veerji ne sab baat karli hain kal shaadi hain mandir me. u can’t do anything.

Maan: geet if I say ur brij bhai is the main culprit for all fiasco and ur papa’s heartattack then. her hold instantly loosen and she looked at him with blank eyes. He expected this kind of reaction. But didn’t thought about her real reaction.

Geet sat up on the bed covering her body properly by pulling down her top.

Geet: what do u want to say maan that my brother is the main culprit, for god sake it was just some business problem and

Maan jerks her: now u will teach me business geet?

Her over confidence on her family was making him irritated. But he forgot what it can lead in her.

Geet: maan I m not saying about business but he is my big brother, my maasi’s son who loves me more than her son.

Maan: geet can’t u open ur eyes she is using u for her own benefits. She wants her son to be a heir of handa so she and ur nani is ding this.

Geet; maannnn. She shouted. He regretted his word just to see the pain in her eyes. He knew geet loves her massi like her mother because she never get a mother’s love and all in one she is very stubborn.

Geet: not a word about my family maan, tum jante hi kitna ho unke bare me. my maasi is like my maa. I can’t let anyone point towards her. and brij veer. he always take cares of papa even when u were not here. U were enjoying ur days in abroad for study but here brij veer ji had taken care of everything alone.

Maan stood up from the bed and jerk geet who was facing the window standing there.

Maan: what did u say? I was enjoying there? Huh? For ur kind information I was doing study which u should have do now. ur father wanted a person who can take care of his business but he knew u r not so capable for it and never would be in any life that’s why he needed me to do study in higher level and it was u because of whom I needed to leave my family behind and went to abroad for it. it was always u geet. Because of ur hatred I couldn’t concentrate on my study as u treated me as a filth. But mr handa knew the potential and he send me there to STUDY. He knew u can never understand him or his need and,

He stopped mid way realizing his words that had hurt her so deeply that she stared at him unblinkingly for a long time. her eyes became mist and tears fell from her thick lashes breaking his heart. What have he done in his rage.

Maan: geet i

Geet; its ok, I know I was at fault. She said softly. He left her hand that had turned red. Maan I think u should go now.

Maan: listen to me geet. But before he can complete brij merged in. and started bickering loudly. Maan only looked at geet who was lost somewhere. But then heard her saying.

Geet; veer ji, I called him for some arrangements, he is going now. no need to shout on him. her stern voice made brij shut and maan left the room dejectedly. Brij also left geet having a evil smirk on his face.

Geet recalled his word,

Did he thought I hate him so much that he left me there alone. Yes it was my mistake to behave so rude with him in childhood, but was that my mistake that I was only a child who doesn’t understand relationship and frndship. The line of status I didn’t knew anytime, it was people who draw that in my mind but did I commit so grave mistake that he left me and never thought to confront me for that, he left his everything because I hated him. he loved me from then and I never recognized that. a painful smile came on her lips.

I m not worth for ur love maan, its better to part away. U will get a girl who can love u more than me, who will worship ur love more than me. u can respect u more than me.

She dropped her lifeless body on the bed and stares at her ring that maan slipped in her finger. Teas began to flow but her lips were smiling, a painful mysterious smile.

Precap: TWIST

What do u think will maan be successful to stop this marriage or geet will left everything to say Kurbaan Tere Ishq Mein?


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