Devil’s Darkest Possession Part 9



Part 9


‘I have warned u geet, u r mine. But still u let him touch u huh? Now u have to bear my punishment. So u r ready my sweetheart’ he in the most dangerous and threatening tone that made her fear him for the 1st time.


Next she shriek in horror as his finger snapped open her blouse dori in one sec and she hide her bosom with her hands, she looked at him with tear but he didn’t showed any mercy but threw her dupatta away from her body and covered her with his full structure.




She wriggle under him but he stopped her tiny effort by holding her wrist tightly and pinned her on the soft mattress. She looked at him with tears. His eyes scanned her arms that has nail mark of that bastard ansh. His blood boiled to remember him touching her arms. he brought his one hand close to her left arm and started rubbing it vigorously.

‘how dare his filthy hand touched u? I will washed it. she cried in pain but he came close to her face. Their faces were inches away. Shhh stop crying, I m just washing his touch. Ur punishment still not started.’

He continues to rub the area but hearing her whimper he stopped.

‘I, I, didn’t do it, it’s it’s him, I said to- to-leave but’

‘why didn’t u call me then? she looked at him helplessly, she doesn’t knew his number, he understand her words, ok u don’t have my number but why u came here alone here knowing how those bastards were staring at u, he freed her hand, she took a sigh relief but next moment she stiffened as she found him nuzzling close to her neck. Her breath stopped and fear covered her face. She closed her eyes but maan placed soft kisses on her neck. ‘I need to wash his smell from u but that will be possible only one way, I have to shower u my smell on ur body.’ He bite her neck and she winced in pain. ‘its ur punishment that u came like this. u know how beautiful u r looking in these cloths. I told u not to wear this because only I have the rights to see u in this. he pulls down the sleeves from her shoulder with his mouth. she clenched the bed sheet tightly in her fist and closed her eyes tightly. He kissed her arm where his marks were printed. He bite the area harshly making her scream in pain but next moment he sucked it. she was confuse with his behavior. She looked at him with tears. He kissed her lips softly. ‘u don’t know how much I have waited for u. I want to savor ur body and’

‘and u will throw me like the way they wanted to, after using my body they would have thrown me in any garbage’ she said with pain but a covered a blankness on her face. He looked at her angrily. His hand slipped on her waist pulling her in possessive hold.

‘do u think I want to use ur body?’ she looked away, his all ways were indicating only that intention. He kissed her cheek, u may right, I lust u. I possessively lust u but this urge is so strong that I can’t let u free after having ur body.’ She closed her eyes in disgust. He kissed her jaw. ‘I can’t let anyone touch u like the way I touch u, its my possession only, u r my possession, I have waited for u for 6yrs geet, do u know how much time it? I wanted u so badly, every night I dreamt off u but with time I thought I should forget u as I can’t reach u’ she looked at him amused and astonished. He smirks kissing her lips in a sensual way, all the while geet didn’t attempt anything, she is too week to protest anything, she just laid there like a statue. She was baffled to know he was waiting for her. he sensed her dilemma and kissed her mouth deeply, she can feel the restlessness in the kiss. He nipped her lower lips making it bleed then sucks it passionately. She became breathless with it, and he left her. she was feeling a like a doll in his hand. but she can’t do anything right now, he is way too strong and her condition is worst, her one wrong move and he will not take 2 sec to think of nipping her sanity.

‘why u left me then? u could have murder me like the way u,’

Her trail of words vanished as he increased the pressure on her waist, she can feel his rage in the hold. He looked at her eyes dangerously.

‘don’t take her name from ur mouth, yes I wont take a min to take ur life if u say anything about it, and what do u thought if u had spoken about me and the incident anybody would have blv u?’ she looked away knowing he is right. He smiles slyly, ‘but one thing, it would have been good if u has lodged a complaint,’ she looked at him curiously, he came close to her earlobe sucking it slowly, ‘I would have catch u earlier, u just vanished from there and I couldn’t find u, do u blv it MSK and didn’t found a girl because she changed her school’

She looked at him horrified. He slipped his hand on her bare back.

‘what do u thought I wouldn’t do my homework? Then I didn’t needed because I thought its just an attraction will pass with time but now. he kissed her neck sensually, now it has became my obsession. I need u geet. I need to feel u. I need to touch u and its just the need because of that u r still alive, ur eyes that haunted me from 6yrs today I want to see one name there, MAAN.’

She gasp as he squeezed her back curves, she unknowingly held his shoulder and biceps for support but it set the fire in him. he nuzzle close in her chest kissing it and pulling eth blouse down. Geet panicked and tried to shove him only to get the hold tighter.

‘but what u did geet, because of ur this beauty others were seeing u when its only my rights. Remember geet I will snatch the life who will try to snatch u from me, I need ur breath to live, I need ur essence to feel the world. And if anyone dare to touch u I will take their life’

her tears slipped from the corners but he roughly kissed her eyes, this is mine I can take anything that belongs to me.

He kissed her neck harshly making the soft skin red. She cried in pain as his palm rubbed her waist painfully.

She sobbed ‘it was not my fault, don’t do this. I, I didn’t let him touch, don’t do this to me maan, if u also try to force me then what is the difference between u and that man’

He breathed heavy on her lips, but she can say the breath was heavy due to anger.

‘don’t take his name, he rubbed her lips, this lips are made to take my name only, MAAN only Maan.’ she looked at him with tears. He smirks, ‘don’t worry sweetheart, I will not cross the limit without ur permission, I want u to enjoy as much as I.’ She closed her eyes feeling relief but next moment her breath stuck in her throat as he started making pattern on her naval coming close to her lose blouse slipping one finger to take off the thin material. ‘but I didn’t said I will leave u now.  I said u have to bear the punishment, but as it was not ur fault fully I won’t be harsh on u, but let me wash his touch from ur body in my way. I need to sooth the burning sensation in me geet which only possible with ur touch.’

She was scared but don’t know why his open confession was telling her he will not cross the limit though she was very much scared but couldn’t do anything in front of a incensed devil, she knew any moment she can lose her everything but she don’t have any choice in this anymore.



She felt him lifting his weight, she was not sure about his intention but maybe he got some mercy towards her. maybe he had changed his decision seeing her tears. She opens her eyes to get the shock of her life. She saw her devil’s bare body, his intense eyes looking at her with most dangerous intense glare. She shivered with it. her breath was uneasy. Some kind of fear embraced her seeing the sight. she never knew this ruthless devil can never repent after committing anything, not even murder.


‘don’t’ her words didn’t comes out as he leaned over her taking her palm and placed it on his chest. She looked at him confuse. He lowered his face close to her lips, she crawled back a little but he caught her waist and pulls her close. He lifted her and she becomes stiff as her bare back again came in contact with his hot palm.

‘I need u now’ he groans that showed desperation. She knew it was his false reason to come close to her, he was not mad or he never intended to give her any punishment but he need to touch her to sooth his own burning desire. She felt scared with those lustful eyes, but is it only lust in his eyes, then why isn’t he forcing her. she is so timid in front of him, he can do anything right now but she felt his promise sincere. He will not cross his limit as he promised, but if this burning desire force him to break any rule? What if he couldn’t control his rising heartbeat and break the barrier of her sanity, she closed her eyes feeling his lips touching her forbidden area. Her palm became fist as he threw her blouse away and touched her cold body with his hot bare body. She felt a jolt crossing her every nerves, she is paralyzed, couldn’t move an inch, just stayed like a doll in the hand of destiny or rather say in the hand of her devil.


He left her deep breath on her shoulder as her soft curves touched his bare chest. He felt her stiffness but ignored as he was too much busy in the sensuous wave.


He kissed her milky white skin of her throat and cherished the sweetness. She was numb, didn’t held him or shoved him, her eyes were closed but something was flashing on her face continuously, but he didn’t saw it. he was way too busy with the sweetness floating around him. he nibbles her skin of shoulder and coming down. His hands undid the knot of her lahenga dori. She curled her toes feeling his hands going in her inner thighs, he squeezed and rubbed her thighs. She felt all this new wave, its the 1st time someone is touching her this way, though she felt something lurching in her stomach but she ignored and covered her heart with disgust for herself. He placed her on the pillow and saw her closed eyes. He kissed her eyes surprising geet. She opens her eyes to stare at the deep ocean but couldn’t find anything. maybe he hide it perfectly or she is so inefficient to see anything. she looked away from him as tears made way from her beautiful hazels, he ignored and came on her chest.


He felt her turning hot, he smirks. Though she is blocking her mind from her body but still his heat of passion were surging in her vein. He so wanted to captured those brownish hard bud but then decided to tease her senses, he kissed her navel and whole stomach where his finger got the perfect place on her buds. He twisted and kneading them between his finger. Geet closed her eyes and bite her lips so tightly that blood came out. he was feeling alive  to cherishing her every hidden corner with his tongue but soon heard her whimper.


He was frustrated to see her bleeding lips because she was pressing her teeth on her supple lips and face full of tears. He felt something arched in him, but he covered it with his anger. His eyes were red in fury to see her state. He didn’t left her body but held her close to him. n all this he was not harsh, he was controlling his desire because of her, don’t know why he doesn’t wanted to frighten her. the innocent 16yr geet was coming in flash in his mind.

‘I m not forcing u geet’ he said with greeted teeth but her whimper came out as loud, she tried to suppress it by holding her mouth but still it unbearable for her to hold back, she cried hugging herself. He saw her hiding her bossom and closed his eyes in frustration. He couldn’t take the tears anymore, and hugged her tight. ‘shhh don’t cry geet, see I have not done anything, ok if u don’t like it I won’t touch u now, I will control my desire till our marriage, see I m doing enough fair. I know u want to give urself to ur husband only so I m fulfilling ur wish but now stop this tears, I hate it.;

She was confuse with his behavior but right now she is happy as she got a small weak nerves. She was happy with the small achievement but all went in vein as he hugged her half nude body. She gulp her aliva but next found his covering both of them with a duvet. He hugged her and took her over him so that she can rest her head on his chest and then covered their body.

‘even if I m leaving u tonight but we can still share the night staying close to each other. she tried to shift her body. But he tighten his grip, only like this geet. U have to stay in my arms only. Don’t worry MSK doesn’t break his promise as he only made it few time.’


Although she was not comfortable in that position but not finding any way she dozed off like that feeling exhausted with all eth event. He caresses her hair happily, he didn’t touched her bare body as he knew he couldn’t hold himself if he touch her back, it was already burning him to ouch her soft curves but he is controlling the pain in him to get her fully with her consent, least he knew what she is in store for him in future.



Precap: spending time with devil but alone. Beware the devil can seduce u, without ur consent he can snatch u from u.


2 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by MsDreamyPrincess on August 2, 2012 at 6:19 pm

    Tich awesum kia sexy update tha…. Hehehehe….
    Kitna sexxy Devil hai…
    Hate to love himas he is Maan Singh Khurana.. Otherwise koi bhi disgust n hate kare ese..
    Just bcoz of name MSK,just tolerating this devil assukts.. Otherwise any gal love to die before touch him but he is super DANGEROUS DEVIL & she is his POSSESSION , OBESSION…
    How he remove marks from her body…
    I knew as maan’s obession seeing Geet in sexy dress burn him…
    Wese kia andaz tha burning desire ko cool krne ka by firing Geet by his assults..
    but at one point he weak by seeing her cry tears.. Which making him weak or now Geet knew that & use as weapon hehehe brillant Geet..

    Precap… Haye can’t wait update soon


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