Kaisi Kashish Hain Yeh Part 44



Happy Rakshabandhan frnds and Happy 2nd Anniversary of Teri Deewani

and Congratulation for winning Geet animated video Contest. wow so many reason to celebrate but still sorry make u cry.

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Sorry for all mistakes.

Its half of the twist, next very soon.


Part 44



Maan opens his eyes with a sound of mourning, he immediately looked beside him and saw geet’s was crying with closed eyes. He got frightened. He immediately patted her face to bring her back to reality, maybe she is dreaming any bad thing. But she held his hand tightly. He couldn’t take the pain her face was showing. He lowered his face and kissed her forehead in tension.

Maan: geet how r u feeling? Open ur eyes geet, please. He is in full panic. He patted her cheeks lovingly with care. She jerks open her eyes and saw his tensed face. Her full face was teary and sweaty. She held her head in her palm closing her eyes tightly, he brought a glass of water for her and patted her back. geet stared at her concerned husband and then closed her eyes. Shall I call the doctor geet? How r u feeling?

She took a deep breath: its just a nightmare. I need my medicine. She said softly. He handed her medicine that she signal him to give, she held the medicine but as soon as she tried to take that a sharp nostril hit her and she ran to washroom to throw up. maan ran behind her and saw her throwing up on the basin. She is really weak and her knees aren’t supporting her to stand properly, before she can collapse maan held her from behind. His one hand went to hold her stomach and one was caressing her back. she leaned on him closing her eyes. Tears comes out from her hazel. She felt a cold hand touching her face. Maan was wiping her face with cold water. She looked at him amusingly but he only cared for her health.

Geet: please leave me for sometime. Her voice doesn’t have the power to hear firm, it was pleading. He didn’t left her but geet tried a last time. Please maan. it was full of pleading, how could he refuse. He left her. she said she will come soon, but as soon as he went out she locked the washroom. Maan was afraid. He leaned on the door and sat there on the floor only waiting for geet.

Geet took the pill and drank it with water. She sat on the other side leaning on the door, she knew maan was waiting for her other side of the door, he is leaning on it only. She touches the door, tear slipped but a smile came on her face. She placed her hand on her mouth to control her hiccups, but her tears couldn’t stop. She had craved for his care and now when she is getting all she can’t cherish it.

After few moment she comes out and maan helped her to settle on the bed.

Geet: u don’t have to do all this maan.  she said rudely. But maan didn’t said anything, it just pissed her. she tried to say something when he kissed her forehead. She stares at his eyes but he lowered his lashes.

Maan: so jao geet, I m here only. She couldn’t say anything but dozed off after few mins because of the medicine.


Geet was getting more irritated now a days, one her mood swing and on top of that maan’s weird behavior. He isn’t forcing anything on her but making sure she is doing good but on her own will. with doc he is giving special attention to her food and exercise, morning and evening walk. And various things. It was making geet frustrated. She wanted to take out the real maan but he is suppressing his all pain by giving smiles to her. with her all rude behavior his love was increasing.


Maan knew however she is trying to sound rude but her every concern shows her love towards him, maybe love is the most powerful magic that give u an extra intuition to see real love. Dadima was worried for maaneet as their relationship isn’t improving and geet is detaching with everyone day by day. Her rude behavior doesn’t end with maan only she is not responding good with meera or her own frnds. She can see a sadness on geet’s face every morning when she was taking morning walk with her. she asked her also but geet only says its her morning sickness. The only person with whom she is not behaving weird is armaan, infact they had become closer. Sometime meera doesn’t liked armaan’s closeness with geet but geet care less. Infact once meera tried to say something to armaan but geet had shouted on her. maan was helpless, he too felt something awkward with armaan but he couldn’t said anything to geet because she simply laughed away his words.


In all this the most was suffering was riddhima and armaan’s relation which had become a knot in thread. A little pull and it will break. Riddhima was going in depression because geet isn’t talking to her, armaan couldn’t give time to her because his most of the time is going with geet.  Maan had noticed riddhima when she came to meet geet but geet wasn’t ready to meet her. she was heartbroken. once maan saw her crying. His heart lurched to see his frnd in so much pain. Now he believes how much riddhima had loved geet as a sister. He can feel her pain. But then what frnds for.


That day riddhima was crying sitting on a bench outside of Outhouse when maan sat by her side. She instantly wiped her tears and shallow the lump in her throat to give him a small smile. he passed his handkerchief, she hesitantly took it from him. she gave a fake smile and wiped the remaining tears from her lashes.

She handed him the hanky and he took it.

Ridz: thanks. She said meekly to which maan nodded only. Both sat in silent for sometime. But ridz broke the silence. How is she and baby?

Maan: don’t u know?

Ridz shook her head: usne kabhi bataya hi nahi, nahi baby ko chune diya. She said with tears.

Maan looked at her: same with me.

Ridz: I destroyed ur life maan. mujhe maaf kar dena. I never wanted this, pata nahi kaise

Maan: I did it with my own hand. my rage my anger everything destroyed in my anger riddhima.

Ridz smiles: u r calling me riddhima for the 1st time

Maan smiles a little: calling u geet felt awkward, u know new name ko bulane me thoda time lagta hain.

Both smiles at each other. after a long time both are smiling, and founding the long lost frndship only gave a peace of happiness to their heart.

Its true that both did wrong but in Friendship we can’t walk away leaving out frnd behind be how wrong he or she was. and here both was wrong n right. So why should they left their friendship behind?


A person was looking at them with great interest. She gave a smirk and leaned on the window placing her forehead on it. she traced the window with her finger tip where the 2 figure was sitting and talking.


Kya soch rahi ho geet?

Geet looked at armaan who was collecting his equipment after checking her.

Geet: jaldi usse shaadi karlo, warna mr Casanova uda lejaye.

Armaan looked at her confuse and then his eyes fell on maan and ridz who was sitting in the garden, talking and smiling to each other. his eyes were red and blood boiled to see the scene. She placed her hand on his shoulder. He snapped her hand. she chuckle.

Armaan: I should leave now.

Geet: kab tak baat nahi karega? Why u r behaving like this. u r always with me but never talk or said anything to me like before. She cutely cribbed to him. but he gave a threatening look.

Armaan: there is nothing to talk geet

Geet: haina. He looked at her with raise his eye brow. Tell her ur feeling armaan isse pehle bohot der hojaye.

Armaan: maan will not do anything,  he said not looking at her but busy with his bag

Geet smirk: u never know. She sat on the bed and armaan looked at her frustratingly. He sat in front of her on the floor kneeling one knee.

Armaan: why u r doing this? she wanted to talk to u but u

Geet: I don’t. armaan please don’t force me to do anything that I m not ready.

Armaan: fine then, I will not tell her anything

Geet: why u r behaving so weird ha? I know u still love her.

Armaan: says who? She gave an annoyed look to him and walked to the other window. Armaan sighed and came on her place. He held her shoulder and make her face him.  I want to be with u geet. Always beside u.

Geet: u r. u always be but she needs u now. she gave a smile and u never know khurana’s devil’s mind. Grab ur treasure before u lose her armaan.

Armaan gave a threatening look: don’t even think about it geet. Till the time I have u with me I don’t need anyone.

Geet: why u love me so much armaan?

Armaan: don’t know, bas love u.

Geet felt tears trickle down but he hugged her hiding her tears from world.


They heard a voice and turn to see riddhima and maan standing over the door. Ridz’s eyes were blank while maan was confuse. Geet broke the hug and looked at riddhima’s face which shows pain n pain only.

Geet: what the hell r u doing here? Oh so old frnd cum enemy become frnds again huh? Or its another game of urs.

Maan couldn’t understand what she is talking but he definitely doesn’t liking her tone.

Maan: geet she want to meet u for once, listen to her at least.

Geet : kyun sunu aur kyun aayi hain hain yeh, ohh let me guess to get ur sympathy.

Ridz: kyun kar rahi hain aisa geet. She comes close to her and cupped her face. U can’t hurt me with ur words geet, why u r doing this? what is it that u r hiding, bol na baby.

Geet closed her eyes and snapped her hands: I m not hiding but I m fed up with this concern of u guys. I m happy with my own life, I don’t want any love or frndship, is dosti ne meri zindegi barbaad kar di.  Ridz couldn’t hold herself and broke in to tears.

Ridz: sorry, she sobbed miserably

Geet: what will I do with ur sorry ridz? I m fed up with all this. I don’t want any past in my life. After this baby’s born maan can do whatever with it, I m out from here and will take u all out from my life.

Ridz looked at her with horrified expression: geet think before say anything, how can u say something like this, its ur and maan’s baby how can u do something like this.

Geet: ohh common ridz, did u ever thought before doing all that, u were only a frnd and did whatever came to ur mind, did I say anything? then why u r interfering in my decision, mera baccha hain main jo chahu karu. Wo jeeye mare tujhe usse kya huh?

Ridz couldn’t take anymore and raise her hand to slap her but stopped her hand in front of her face.

Armaan closed his eyes in pain where maan stood there rooted. Geet looked at ridz with red eyes but then she did something no one can ever think in their wildest dream.

Geet: get lost from here, she tried to push ridz but maan held her before she can fall down on the floor.

Maan: enough is enough, u had said enough geet, I can’t let u touch her when she is right.

Geet: when I was right u never took my side then what happen now maan?

He left ridz and looked at geet with pain.

Maan: jo chahe mujhe kehlo but don’t say anything to our child geet, for god sake its our child.

Geet: ur child maan, only urs and aaj badha pyar araha hain dost pe, where were u when she needed u the most.

Maan: I did a mistake but now I don’t want to repeat it.

Geet: I m not interested in ur frndship talk, please leave with ur frnd.

Ridz: meri baat sun geet

Just then armaan shouted; ENOUGH, out both of u. just get out now. my patient need rest and u both out of the room now

Ridz: u r mistaking armaan, don’t let it happen.

Armaan: please jao yaha se ridz.






Geet broke down on the floor and armaan ran to her.

Armaan: aisa mat kar geet, please chup hoja, think about the baby. It needs u. geet hugged her tummy.

Geet: I m sorry beta, forgive ur mother please. Ur mamma really love u a lot. Tujhe kuch hone se pehle wo marna pasand karegi, I m sorry to say so many harsh words, but kya karu ur papa needs to realize the importance of his frnd in his life. He had lost everyone because of ur mamma, she need to give him back whatever he lost because of ur mamma

Armaan: then give him his geet.

Geet: I can’t. I can’t armaan. I really can’t. for only 2 days happiness I can’t give him darkness for life. He is in pain I know but he have to live in pain for whole life, what will he do then. its better to give hatred rather than pain in love.

love needs sacrifice but I m bound to give hatred to save my love.



Precap; truth of life.


I need to set the base of frndship.. don’t worry bas next part tak sehlo, I know sab jute chappal supply karna chahte ho, dedo I won’t say anything. kitni galiya padh rahi hain mujhe iss ff k liye firbhi ye mera fav ban gaya hain, isse likhne me alag maza aata hain.


4 responses to this post.

  1. confusing geet want maan to happy so why she is doing this and her harsh words to ridz armaan


  2. dont tell me geet’s life is in danger coz of this pregnancy …!!!!!!!!


  3. Posted by Meena on August 2, 2012 at 4:15 pm

    awesome dear
    loved it
    is geet life danger becz of this pregnancy?
    continue soon


  4. Posted by afreen on August 3, 2012 at 3:37 pm

    tich yeh sirf tumhara hi nai mera bhi fvrt hai… many scenes are emotional really very nice… now i don hav complaint to geet coz my confusion gettin answered will wait for next part…

    maan n ridz scene felt really very natural.. d real frens conversation afrt a big fight…

    superb work dear..

    update soon next part… wit love..


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