Love For You Part 50

Love for you

Part 50

After the freshen up session which turned another half love making they finally made way to the kitchen and ate some fresh sandwich which geet made for them but with some naughty play of maan of course and then they headed towards sunshine for a ride which sunshine welcomed with a shriek sound saying how happy she is.

Geet was caressing sunshine’s back and telling her something, few time giggling with her. maan was amused to see her so comfortable with sunshine. And sunshine also showed her happiness through her jumping here n there. His mind was playing about the last moment when he and geet where on sunshine and took the round of the whole ground. He remember how much he wanted to touch her more intensely but controlled everytime thinking about her reaction, he wanted to repeat that because today no one is here to stop him. there is no hurdle in his intensity. Geet was wearing a churidar that maan had brought for her. he wanted to feel the same aroma they had shared few months back. sky blue churidar with deep cut neck and one shoulder sleeve is giving a extra shade of sensuality. He wanted to rub his palm on her smooth arms and back. maan mentally hit his head. Just few hours back they had made love but still the urge to have her near him to too much strong to hold.

He went close to geet and stood behind her. she stopped at her track. A small smile came on her luscious lips. She can sense him breathing hard on her neck. She bite her lips and leaned on him still caressing sunshine.

Maan signaled his servants and sunshine’s caretaker to leave the place and they obeyed. He lowered his lips on her earlobe licking the skin softly.

Maan: don’t u want a ride.

She smiles remembering the same line he said once when they were here but that was so arrogant and now so sensually.

Geet: I will take her, u can have another one. She tried to go away but he held her hand. she looked at him with raise brow, he gave a threatening look to her and grabbed her waist tightly.

Maan: Don’t u dare to think I will let u go alone with her. she was quite comfortable with both of us so,

Geet: maan no

Maan: right sunshine? Sunshine was always happy and geet sighed. She knew how much it will be difficult for her to control him now.


maan pulls her more close to him, geet gulp hard feeling his bare muscle on her expose skin. Maan had thrown away his shirt as the light breeze of sunset was soothing him. but geet knew his real intension. She cutely cribbed to her shiney for safe journey but as soon as she landed above sunshiny he slipped his hand on her stomach making her leaned on his bare chest fully.  She inhaled the air sharply and held his hand to get a support.

Maan; u r looking more beautiful day by day ha. He smiles as he saw her goose bumps on her neck because of his breath falling there. He is happy to see his effect on her. he kissed her earlobe and bite it making her moan. I miss u whenever u r not around geet.

Geet snapped opens her eyes: I m almost all the time with u maan.

Maan; not in night at least. He smirks and she slapped his hand, he chuckle and nuzzle in her neck.

Geet: London jana jaruri hain? she said in a soft tone but it carried a tint of pain in it.

Maan kissed her neck softly: hmm.. some legal problem in a construction site. But I will be back soon.

Geet: rudra is also leaving the country. Maan looked at her curiously. She smiles. He wanted to talk to maahi’s father for marriage.

Maan is happy to hear finally someone is getting his love.

Maan; geet u never told me about ur parents and family member except ur di.

Geet became sad with it and just then maan took a sharp turn, geet hugged maan tightly and hide her face in his neck, she was partly hugging him side way because of the sudden jerk.

Maan: its ok, he kissed her shoulder, she stared his eyes and he saw moisten eyes. He panicked thinking something had hurt her. kya huya geet? Tum roh kyun rahi ho?

Geet:  maan my parents died when I was really young, naina di took care of me. rudra helped her a lot.

Maan: I m sorry for bringing all this. she smiles and looked ahead.

Geet: don’t be I m sure they are happy together. She smiles. He was amused to see her smiling to see the sky, he hugged her more and she took the charge speeding sun shine and laughing like a violin.

Their day out had to come to an end when geet’s cell rang. They were few block away from geet’s house. Geet saw its from naina. Geet turn to say bye to maan but saw his gloomy face. She kissed his lips softly and said bye, but before she can come out from the car maan help her and hugged her tight. Geet was surprised with his action.

Maan: don’t leave me ever geet. Mar jaunga tumhare baiger.

Geet broke the hug and cupped his face: I m and will be always with u maan, why u r feeling sad ha? U know I can’t see u like this. maan kissed her palm.

Maan: don’t know geet I m having a fear don’t know why but something is there always. I don’t want to lose u because of my fate.

Geet: u will not, tum chaho bhi to main tumhe chodne nahi wali. She giggle and maan too smiles, but soon it stopped with a passionate kiss as he wanted a good night kiss and many more thing which was not possible right now. seeing him happy she was feeling lively. She gave the last peck on his forehead murmuring good night and promising to spend the next 7 day with him only.


Maan entered the mansion at 8 pm where he found a gloomy neha sitting on sofa lost in her own thoughts. Tv was tuning on a sports channel which is definitely unlike her. he patted her shoulder but no response. She was busy frowning at herself. She was looking so funny that maan felt pulling her cheeks.

He sat beside her: kya huya choti? Kiske keyalo me khoyi hain. neha stirs her eyes wide seeing her bhai sitting beside her.

Neha: kuch nahi bhai aap kab aaye

Maan: jab tu khoyi huyi thi.

Neha; aisa nahi hain bhai wo , ha I was thinking about exam

Maan: which is after 9 month.

Neha cursed herself knowing her brother can catch her with her single breath

He raises his brow and neha surrender gloomily

Neha: bhai what if geet ignore u for some days what do u think then?

Maan: what?geet mujhe kyun ignore karegi? And tu ye sab kyun puch rahi hain, and what do u know about me n geet?

Neha smiles cheekily: mujhe sab pata hain and I m very happy with it, ok don’t change the topic. Bolo na bhai, what u will do if geet try to avoid u.

Maan: 1st she can never ignore me but if she try I would make her jealous so much that she will come to me on her own. Neha’s eyes widen.

Neha murmured: That’s mean I have to make him jealous.  But wo gussa nahi hoga? She questioned herself and then maan remember what went between them few days back when he tried to make her jeoluse. He bite his lips and tried to say something when he heard her murmuring.

Maan: whom u have to make jealous? He sounded angry and protective. Neha gulp her saliva.

Neha: no one bhai. Main to bas aise hi puch rahi thi, wo ha, actually I was thinking about writing a novel so though about this track. Maan looked at her weirdly. She smiled nervously. Wo aaj kal novel likhne ka trend chal raha hain, mere sare frnd likh rahe hain so I thought about trying it. maan was partly convince but his brotherly intuition was saying not to trust her still he didn’t said anything.


Geet entered the house and saw rudra and naina chatting about something when geet approached them happily. Rudra gave her an angry glare for late which she cutely pouted her face and he melt in seconds, but naina gave a her a long lecture for being so late and she took everything silently knowing her sister over protectiveness atlast she got free from her lecture and entered the room falling flat on her bed. She was remembering the time with maan and their horse riding. Just then rudra entered her room and saw her sleeping. He smiles and tugged the blanket on her. he caresses her face and felt her happiness on her face.  As he was going from there he felt her clutching his hand. he turned and saw her smiling in sleep. She is dreaming of course about maan. but she want her frnd to be close to her always. He felt touched with her love. Because of her he got a sweet life partner like maahi and a family with her karan and naina that he always cherished. He kissed her forehead softly letting her know the gratitude.

Rudra: I won’t let anything happen to u and ur love geet.

Just then he felt a warm hand touching his back. he saw maahi standing with a smile. she too caresses her face.

Maahi: we will not let anything touch her. she is an angel who deserves only happiness.

Rudra: I m afraid maahi, what if mohnish raizada try to do anything to her.

Maahi: he had tried but failed. Don’t worry she will be safe with maan here.

Rudra: still I need to do something for him

Maahi: ok, now let her sleep.

Maahi and rudra comes out from the room but geet was so lost in her dream with maan that she didn’t knew what they have talked. On the other hand maan too wished a happy and cheerful life for geet with him only.


Next day

Geet was waiting for maan in the collage but her face lit up as she saw brij coming towards her hurriedly, she was surprised and delighted to see him here. She looked here and there but no one was there from her gang. Brij hugged her immediately as he saw her.

Geet: kya huya bhaisa? Aap achanak yaha aise aur itne khus?

Brij: geet aap buya ban gayi aur hum chacha.. bhabhi delivered a baby boy.

Geet: kyaaaa

Brij: ha kunal bhaisa wanted to come here, he really want to see u but.

Geet got tears in her eyes: I m so happy bhai sa, bhabhi kaisi hain? aur chote nabab ka naam kya rakkha hain.

Brij: kal hi to janam huya hain, abhi jaldi kya hain, waise bhabhi sa want u to do the honor for his name.

Geet felt over whelmed; sacchi bhai sa? Her voice was hoarse. She took out a pen and paper and then wrote the name and took out her pendant and bind the paper with the gold chain and gave it to brij. Ye unhe dedijiyega, unke buya k taraf se chota sa tofa.

Brij: aap nahi ayengi?

Geet: u know I can’t go against jiji’s wish. And it will hurt her if I go there, I don’t want that bhai sa, aap samajhte hain na hume? She asked in a teary voice and hugged her. he consoled her and kissed her forehead. Then took her leave.

She was so happy to know she had become aunt. She wanted to share the news with everyone but she can’t. she wiped her tears and bowed a kiss towards brij’s car for her nephew. She is really very happy and wished all happiness for him.

She was so happy that forget someone was watching his happiness from far. And clicking some snaps of her moment but not with right motive, not to cherish her memory but to present it as a dark future for her.

Precap: none


5 responses to this post.

  1. Lovely part…
    maan s still insecure and his voice shows that..
    she loves maan and rudra with same intensity..
    who s clicking ds pics!!!but ds will b a gr8 threat to maaneet’s life..


  2. Posted by Meena on August 3, 2012 at 7:35 am

    awesome dear


  3. Posted by spvd on August 3, 2012 at 9:57 am

    part 50
    awesome part………
    who was that?
    cont soon dear……………

    Deepa (spvd)


  4. Posted by afreen on August 3, 2012 at 3:51 pm

    congrats for half century..

    nice update.. this ff s so suspencefull i lik it a lot bcoz of it.. keep it up dear…

    waitin for next update…


  5. my god just read about 30/40pts in one go love it waiting for next update with bated breath


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