Kagaz ki Kashthi luv tht Sacrifices Life Part 62




Sorry for all the mistakes.



Part 62



Maan smiles remembering their cute meeting from when both develop a new kind of relation. A funny relation unknowingly.  Geet looked at his smile and felt her heart is in peace for some reason. She placed her head on his chest as he covered both their nude body in the white sheet feeling each other’s warmth. Geet was listening his heart which was dancing in sweet memory of saanjh and shiv.


Geet was confuse, hearing his tale she got to know saanjh had hated shiv then what changes that made them frnds. She freed herself and sat up covering her body with sheet. Her head was throbbing, the blankness was filling with his words but her heart felt betrayed as no one had shared anything to her, maybe someone will think she is over reacting but how can she make them understand that she is feeling left out, her own sister didn’t tell anything to her but choose to end her life and her husband whom she gave her everything never shared the deepest secret with her when she showed her interest in his pain again n again.


Geet stood infront of the big window letting the cool breeze brushes her silky hair over her smooth skin. She was lost in thought when felt a strong smell over her body. She closed her eyes knowing who it can be. maan hugged her from behind. A single min absent is making him insecure. Though it was never his fault but he should have talked with her at the 1st place, atleast he should told her about his deepest secret of life. He kissed her neck softly.

Maan: I never knew she has a sister. I thought she is alone. And u never told u have twin.

Geet: we decided that we will never told to anyone, but.

Maan: but?

Geet: she said we can told our hubby when we 4 will meet some day. I was happy with that.  she never told about shiv and u.

Maan: u love her very much.

Geet: she loves me more. maan felt her wiping silently and then she turned and hugged him. why that happened to her. she was innocent, why u let all that happen maan. why? She hit his chest vigorously and he let her do whatever she wanted. At last she felt week and broke down crying bitterly.





From the day maan and sanjh started exchanging few smile and an unknown bond, shiv was always irritated with them but the one person who always fumes in anger was sam. She had never likes saanjh and when saw her budding relationship with maan it only ingested her ego.


One day saanjh was practicing in her dance class when rashi came running, she informed her soham(saanjh’s frnd and rashi’s brother) and shiv was fighting in the canteen. Saajh ran towards the, the sight was enough to make her wild. She marged in the area. Where no one was having slight of courage to stop shiv from beating soham, saanjh entered there and forcefully shoved shiv. He stumble a little but not much. He looked at her with fire eyes.  She saw soham lying on the floor all most dead with his brushed face and blood al over his head. Saanjh became mad in anger and turn to look shiv who was smirking. Without knowing anything she slapped him hard. Whole collage become numb with it. her eyes were red in anger but shiv looked at her with a expression that can kill anyone. His rage was having no bound. No one in this life had raised a finger in front of him and this girl had the audacity to slap him in front of the whole collage.

Saanjh: what do u think of urself ha? Are u king of the world. How dare u touch my frnd.

Shiv tried to say something but maan came between them, he saw saanjh slapping shiv and knew very well what can shiv do to her now.

Maan: saanjh the thing u don’t know keep out of it, he said in a deep and calm voice. But anger was visible in his eyes also.

Saanjh: how can I forget, u r his frnd. MSK n SK inseparable soul, if he murder someone then also u will cover his mistake, why can’t u see how brutally he had beaten soham, how could u let him do it maan, I never expected this from u. u rich guys are only for show off. ur friendship is a show off only, ur regards only show off. its my mistake I thought at least u r different but how can I forget u are his frnd.

Maan greeted his teeth but didn’t said anything he was not a man of word but shiv couldn’t take it, he can’t take his frnd’s insult.

He came forward and grabbed her arms: do u know what he had done, bolne se pehle ek baar nahi socha na, how can u blame maan for anything,u don’t know anything, kal ki aayi ho don’t be blind in frndship that u can’t see beyond this relation. And I m not bound to give u any explanation, if he do that again I will kill him. and if u try to say a word against maan trust me I will not take a sec to rip ur soul out from ur body. Saanjh looked at him with wide eyes but didn’t understand his meaning.

With that shiv left the place, maan looked at saanjh who wanted to know everything but he left her also. Then she saw the disgusting face everyone was giving her.  but she ignored and helped soham  to get to hospital.



Geet stiffen with shiv’s word.

Maan can feel her dilemma, he tried to held her tightly but she was lost in thoughts. Just then they heard a knock. A voice came and they got to know its dev.

Dev: bhai bhabhi saanjh ko hosh agaya, come fast. Geet looked at maan with teary eyes. A small smile that touched his heart. They hurriedly got dressed and hurriedly went to meet saanjh.

Geet’s heart was rising each second more frantically. But she smiles, trying to sooth the fear and pain.

As soon as she entered the room she saw shiv sitting beside saanjh who’s eyes were close but some kind of thought running in her face.

Geet tried to shallow the lump in her thorat and gave a force smile


Saanjh opens her eyes and immediately went on geet,

She smiles weakly: ANGEL.


Maan and shiv got a sweet shock as they recalled the 1st meeting with saanjh where she didn’t let sam touch her chain that engraved prankstar on it. it was a gift from geet to her which she always engulfed to herself protectively. And then they remember the lines saanjh said once to shiv and maan.


I have found an angel for him


Maan looked away feeling a pang in his heart, she always wanted him for geet, without knowing anything she tried to bound them but destiny and fate helped her without letting her know.  Such a sweet game destiny played with them. Shiv now understand why he fell for geet’s innocence. Saanjh was always right the day he saw geet an unknown pull attracted him towards her but for her innocence; it was saanjh who bound them in one thread. What an irony the person who always wanted geet with them didn’t even knew god had helped her wish to get fulfilled and then next geet who never knew anything brings saanjh again in their life to fulfill their deserted heart.


Geet hugged saanjh who weakly hugged her but smiles for the 1st time in 5yrs. Geet bite her lips to suppress the tears but saanjh knew her too well, she wiped her tears.

Saanjh: s-so-sorry, she said with great difficulty, geet looked at her worriedly.

Arjun: geet she can talk but can’t stress on that. pathologist will work on her speech therapy and if god is with us she can speak fluently in few month. Geet looked at saanjh happily. Her all pain, all anguish vanished the moment she saw her old saanjh is getting better. She saw saanjh looking at maan with curious eyes.

Geet: saanjh maan is my husband and maahika is my baby. Saanjh looked at maan with happiness in her eyes, at last her dreams came true. Yes it was her dream to see geet with maan and god had helped her in his own game. Maan looked at her with tears and a smile. he sat beside her and she hugged him sobbing hard.

Maan patted her hair: why u left me saanjh?

Saanjh: so-sor, but maan didn’t let her say it

Maan: I m sorry. saanjh shook her head in denial. Geet was observing her comfortableness with maan. 1st time she didn’t felt jealous to share him with anyone, because she knew saanjh live for her only and today is living or trying to living a normal life only because of maan.

Aniee handed maahika to geet and saanjh looked at them with her big eyes. She touched maahika’s cute chubby cheeks with her finger tips and then gulp hard,maan smiles and geet tried to give her mahi but she refused. But who can deny maahika who was throwing her leg and chubby hand in air to be lift in her maasi’s arm. Saanjh looked at her with big doe shape eyes and a cute smile adorned on her lips. Geet saw the bond that grew in few second of their togetherness. Maahika was looking at saanjh with her gummy smile, saanjh slowly took her and maahika instantly kissed her cheeks with her full mouth wetting saanjh’s cheek in the process. Saanjh made baby face but maahika pulls her cheeks, actually tried to hold her cheeks. She was feeling her mother’s warmth, akhir maasi to maa jaisi hoti hain. saanjh hugged her and shed her pearl. Geet hide her tears knowing why she is so emotional. Saanjh had missed the most important phase of geet’s life which was more important than her own life. Just then geet’s eyes met with Shiv. He can feel the pain there but couldn’t find a word to say anything. geet looked away and walked away from the room leaving a remorseful shiv. Just then saanjh felt his presence in the room,  Just then her eyes met with a pair of guilty and moist eyes. Saanjh’s heartbeat raised as she saw his face.

Saanjh: shiv.




Maan was worried for saanjh as her on going frndship with soham was giving him a negative vibes. On the other hand shiv was irritated with it.

Few days passed maan n shiv found saanjh roaming with soham for extra times, not their problem still they are genuinely good boys and never wanted any girl to put in trouble but they didn’t knew saanjh.

Once maan tried to talk to saanjh but she simply ignored him and it hit his ego.

He got her in an alone deserted corridor and tried to talk to her.

Maan: saanjh, what r u doing here?

Saanjh: maan I, I was, ha I was going to the library on the upper floor.

Maan: saanjh I need to talk to u about

Saanjh: soham. Please maan just stay our of it, I will tell u something when it will be right time, I just,

Just then they heard a voice and saw sam, she was fuming in anger. She got furious to see maan and saanjh talking standing so close. She started bickering on saanjh who simply ignored her.

Sam pointed her finger towards her: don’t even think about coming close to maan saanjh, I will make ur life hell.

Saanjh twisted her finger brutally: cut the crap. Tumhara maan tumhe Mubarak, and u want to make my life hell, go ahead, do whatever u want. And I will show what real hell is look like.

Maan: stop it u two, sam get out from here, we were discussing something serious and get over ur jealous matter, saanjh go to ur class now, and stay away from soham. To which saanjh twisted her nose.

Saanjh: u r not my father. And she stomped out from there.


Few days later there was prom, and as expected saanjh came with soham, party was going in full swing but there was power failure. Then a projector started and showed few guys and heard their talk. The issue made everyone gasp. It was soham who was laughing on something with his frnd. He was discussing about some girl and how was she on bed and then he showed them a MMS that he took when they were sharing intimate moment. He told about his numerous girldfrnd and how nave they are to trust him. soham was a handsome and genuinely goodlooking guy whom anyone can trust, no one can even dream about his deed that he did for fun and money. Few girls were in tears because they loved him and he used them. In them there was few who were afraid because if their MMS got released what will they do.


Just then saanjh came from back with a mike.



Precap: maaneet moment, anyone want shiv saanjh’s moment? Few funny past.


I need to set the base of their frndship so needed this track, if u found it not suited pls tell me how to improve it.


Updated Love For You


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