Love For You Part 51

Part 51

Geet wanted to cherish her happiness with maan, but if she tells him about her brother, he definitely will force her to tell everything about her family and if he get to know brij came here to meet her he will definitely gonna make out she is his mithi. But her glowing face and the unbound happiness doesn’t go unnoticed by naina. At last geet told her about brij’s arrival. Naina doesn’t showed any excitement but hearing she had become an aunt a tint of pride took over her face which doesn’t missed geet’s eyes.

Just then she saw karan coming towards them with al gloomy face. She asked him what happened with him but he was highly irritated and pissed off. geet got to know the idea about him, she had seen him looking at neha who was cutely cribbing at him but he ignored. Then she got to know they had a fight over a silly matter. Geet was trying to fix the problem but karan become aloof, he was already pissed off with work and study but then neha’s childish behavior irked him. they both had a fight and then neha took mr MSK’s help, she tried to make him jealous by talking and granting another boy’s offer to go in a prom night. So geet decided to talk with neha alone.

Geet: choti ye sab kya horaha hain? what is going on between u and karan, he seems to be so upset.

Neha made a sorry cranky face: mishty dekh na, maine bhai ki baat maan ke karan ko manana chaha and now he is more angry than me. neha explained her how maan told her about jealousy funda. Geet fumes in anger and mutter curses under her breath.

Geet: neha ek baat bolu? Neha nodded. Relationship doesn’t need jealousy or show off to prove we are in. its just love and trust that bound us together and u need to trust him and give ur love. That’s it. he loves u very much but u have to understand him and his work, his mood. Just give him a little time.

Neha dipped her head: I m sorry mishty, I will ask sorry to him also and I will never do anything in my anger.

Both hugged each other and geet consoled her.

Geet: karan what is it, neha bacchi hain tum to nahi, why u r behaving like this?

Karan: mishty aisa kuch nahi hain its just

Geet: work I know, but don’t u think she deserves a little time from u, she loves u karan and u have her responsibility. Don’t let her slip away just because u r engrossed in ur work.

The word caught his attention and geet knew how much he loves neha, he can’t let her go away. Yes he admit to be in work pressure but he need her love and no way he is going to left in any chance.

Geet finally smiles looking at neha and karan happy face, both said sorry to each other, geet left them in privacy and went out from the archive where they were romancing.


Geet( ST): is mr I m so cool k hosh thikane lane padenge.

She was engrossed in her thought that doesn’t feel the aroma surrounded her, the masculine scent that took her breath away sends a chill down to her spine. As a knowing touch made contact with her bare stomach as he slipped his hands under her top on her stomach and pulls her close to him. she leaned on his hard chest. He back touched and the thin material doesn’t help either. Their cloths couldn’t stop the heat of passion floating in their vein.

A whisper came out from her lips: Maan.

He smiles and kissed her cheek from back: missed me?

Geet felt him rolling the thin strap of her dress from her shoulder with his tongue and started trailing soft kisses on her shoulder and neck.

Geet moans: ummmm

He bite her neck a little hard and that brought her back to reality. She looked here and there to check where they are but relief to see the deserted library corner. She was here to search a book, but maan’s thought captured her and she was taking much time maan got to know geet is no where here but he knew she can be in library so he found her lost in his thoughts, he smiles mischievously looking everywhere but not person was there so he get the chance to corner her.

Maan pinned her to a book shelf and came close to her face



Maan: mere khyalo me khoyi thi?

He didn’t missed the pink blush on her chubby cheeks but she soon recovered her.

Geet: main kyun tumhare khyalo me khoungi? hrithik hain na mere dream k liye. She said looking at his lost color and smirking. But the reaction came that she never dreamt off. maan held her arms tightly and pulls her towards him with force. She winched in pain as his finger dug her soft skin, but she became more worried as his eyes borrowed in her with red eyes which is because of his rage. She gulp her saliva seeing the fury in his eyes.

Maan: who is this hrithik? Geet looked at him confuse, he brought her lips more close and slammed it on her, she was confuse baffled but the kiss was not a gentle one it was harsh. She looked at his eyes which was not close but staring at her angrily. He sucks and bite her lips mercilessly. She couldn’t even response the kiss because of his aggressiveness. He left her lips and held her neck bringing her enough close to touch he breath. I told u I can’t hear anyone’s name from ur mouth and who the hell is he, I swear I will burn him if he dare to come close to u and I will kill u too if u think about other man geet.

Geet: maan. she whisper in fear. She had never seen him in this rage, it kind of scared her. she wanted to tease him but the pain he gave her brought her senses back, but she is not sad because he is caused of her pain but she is the real reason for his rage and pain. She can feel his pain in his eyes. The mere thought of her being dream about other man gave him a sense of killing the world, and she knew in all this he can destroy himself also.

Maan saw her swollen red lips, a cut on the corner of her soft pink lips, her eyes teary and face pale. He closed his eyes in repents and guilt. He can feel her pain but he failed to realize this pain is because of his pain, he is in pain.

Maan: I m sorry geet, really sorry. he said wiping her tears. I can’t hear anyone’s name from ur mouth, it send thousand niddle to my vein. I felt so much rage that I cause u pain. I m sorry. she immediately hugged him.

Geet: sorry.

Her sorry left him confuse, he hugged her with equal passion.

Geet: maan I was just joking but never realize it can cause u so much pain, I m sorry. I did it unintentionally please.

Maan placed his finger on her lips: shhh u don’t have to sorry, I over reacted. I can’t share ur dream also geet, I can’t hear any other name except mine, I don’t know why I have being behaving like this but I can’t tolerate u near anyone. I feel I possess u, u r mine and I can’t let u have anyother man’s name also.

Geet: i m urs maan. only urs, I can never think about any other man when the most desirable person on earth is beside me. she said with red cheeks. Maan felt peace and pecked her lips.

Maan: and this desirable person only desire u. she hugged his hiding her face in his chest. Just then it clicked him. geet who is hrithik?

Geet slapped her forehead thinking how can be she in love with a total dumbo.

Geet: maan Hrithik Roshan. He is my fav hero from bollywood.  Maan then got her point, he was such possessive freak that couldn’t concentrate on the name but it was coming from her lips which only belongs to him. she siles naughtily: tumhe kya laga?

Maan: umm nothing. I don’t like bollywood star.

Geet raises her eye brow and smirk: Kareena and Katrina bhi nahi.

Maan got her teasing and again pinned her to a book shelf

Maan: nahi. When u r around I can never think about them. But yes if u r not around I m free to dream whatever I want. He said teasingly but geet frowns and made a O. she hit his chest with her tiny fist.

Geet: maan go to hell. Leave me, I don’t want to talk to u, jao apni dream walio k pass. Before she can more shout on him he sealed her lips but in a soft sensual kiss.

Maan: kitna chillaogi, sabko bulana hain kya? He licked the corner of her lips and she hissed in pain. He got worried and broke the kiss. He looked at her feeling sorry and told sorry numerous time. geet couldn’t take any more and smashed her lips on him to shut him complete and both share passionate kiss to kisses. Geet completely forgot to talk about neha and karan and maan didn’t let her think about them also, both were busy in each other.


Hello son. Today u called me here in this deserted place?

Rudra turned from his car and saw mr mohnish raizada walking towards him, it’s a deserted place and both the well built men with their car was standing a little far from each other.

Mohnish: I thought u will never see my face, ohh I m so glad son u came here to meet me.

Rudra: STAY AWAY FROM HER. he said in deep and powerful voice. For a moment mohnish raizada stopped at his track, he looked at his face and then smirk.

Mohnish: u know son, for a period I thought u r in love with her, and if u both get married it would have been so good, I didn’t need to do all this, but u wanted to be an idol for her. u r match making ur love with her love

Rudra: for god sake, I have moved on with maahi, why don’t u leave that chapter, and u don’t have any rights on me so better stay away from mine and geet’s life.

Mohnish: son I m doing this only cause of u and karan, see I have made the empire only for u, whenever u want u can take the property after coming back to me

Rudra: I and karan are nothing to u, just go back and leave us everyone, u have enough of damage that I m still repenting, maan doesn’t even know his mother is no more, he didn’t seen her face for the last time, u r such a pathetic human being, u don’t deserved to eb called a brother or father. I hate u and make that clear in ur head.

Mohnish smiles: suna hain maan London araha hain, hmm it will be good to meet my nephew.  Rudra satres at him with greeted face. Only he know how he is controlling himself. If he wasn’t his father, he would have been smashed the face.

Rudra: u have done a lot of wrongs things in ur life, why u r burdening ur death more?

It made mohnish furious: uss 2 take ki ladki k liye mujhe ye sab keh rahe ho

Rudra: ENOUGH MR RAIZADA, NOT A WORD AGAINST GEET. And I m telling to stay away from my BROTHER and his LOVE. Stay away from maan, otherwise u will have to bear heavy consequence.

Rudra left the place instantly without hearing what mohnish trying to say.

Rudra made few calls

Make him stay here in india for more than 15 days, spam his visa or vanish his passport but I need him here and don’t let him sigh in relief for few days, engrossed him in new project here. Don’t let him meet maan. got that? u better be,  I m paying enough.

Rudra hung the phone smirking: I won’t let u destroy a life again DAD.

Precap: staying close but family frnds in picnic. Trouble in romance.


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  1. Posted by Meena on August 4, 2012 at 4:05 pm

    awesome tich as always


  2. hmmm… nice tichu… suspense pe suspense , suspense pe suspence very curious…


  3. Posted by spvd on August 4, 2012 at 7:39 pm

    part 51
    Maan and Rudr are cousins?
    cont soon dear…………..

    Deepa (spvd)


  4. Awesum part…
    So rudra s planning big against his dad..
    Loved his move..


  5. Posted by tabby on August 9, 2012 at 7:39 am

    nice part tich waiting for the nexr


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