Blessed to Have You Epilogue Part A




thanks a lot for your support through out the journey guys, and again this had stretched a lillte more, its already 6500 word and still not complete, yes its part A, and i will try to post part B tom or next day.






strictly for 18+





pyaar bhi kitna ajeeb sa ehsaas hai

Kab kisse ho jaye koi nahi janta hai…


Meri zindagi me wo aaya to dost banke

Sab ne kaha yahi hai teri zindagi ab se…


Wo mujhse dur chala gaya

Par is dil me wo bas gaya…


Pyaar ko janti nahi thi tab se usse pyaar kiya

Na jane kab wo meri zindagi jeene ki wajah ban gaya…


Har pal uske intazar me guzar leti thi

Ankhon me bas uske sapne sanjoti thi…


Jab pata chala mein to use yaad bhi nahi

Dil tuta aise jana jab use mujhse pyaar nahi…


Fir se dost ban gayi pyaar ko dil me dabakar

Pyaar se pyaar ko milane ki koshish ki haskar…


Sab ne kaha wo meri zindagi hai maan liya mene

aaj use kisi aur ka dekh kar sabko rote dekha mene…


Use to pata bhi na tha koi uska intazar kar raha hai

Bachpan se bas usi ke liye duaye maang raha hai…


Kaise usko ye sab kuch bata deti mein

Dur jane ka faisla kar chuki hu ab mein…


Uski khushiyo me shamil hone ki koshish ki

Par use kisi ka hote huye me na dekh saki…


Achanak se wo mere paas aaya

Waqt jaise tab tham sa gaya…


Mujhe to sab sapne jaise laga

Jab usne mujhse pyaar ka izhaar kiya…


Dilo jaan se fir usne mujhe apna maan liya yu

Dil fir dhadkne laga kaha jab usne ” I m blessed to have you”…!!!


A poem by Ritu, thank u deary,





Maan don’t u think its too early? Geet asked feeling lost in her thought, maan sighed. They had reached mansion yesterday but all her excitement somewhere lost when she found Avanti had gone shimla for her new hospital, not only that she will be staying there permanently. Geet felt guilty, though maan tried to lighten her mood but he knew nothing can make her feel better now, he himself somewhere feeling guilty for all this. no not that he is worried about Avanti because he know she is much mature and can take care of herself but he is feeling guilty because of geet’s sadness.


Geet looked at her palm which adorned his name with mahendi. Today was her mahendi and sangeet tom will be haldi and next day is marriage. But she is afraid. Some kind of fear was in her. till the moment she came here she was really happy but as she went inside the KM past memory flashed in where maan was going to marry Avanti. She must have cried when he broke the marriage. Till this point also she is feeling pain for others. But there was something else also, INSECURITIES. Which is normal for any girl in geet’s situation and maan very well knew about it. but he is helpless. He thought to cheer up her mood but all went in vein but he is adamant to make her lively again. He need to show his love that she had missed in this 17 yrs.


She was questioning her fate and the stars when his strong arms slipped in her waist pulling her close. She was stiff but he didn’t left her instead locked her in his embrace. He touched the back of her ear with his nose tip.


Maan: kyun gussa ho geet? Kyun itni gumsum ho? I thought this day will be the best day in our life, I will make ur this moment a memorable journey which we will cherish life time but u r blocking everything. Why? He sounded so low and helpless. Geet knew its never his fault or her also, but a fear is covering her what can she do.


Geet turn and saw his moist eyes and cursed herself for thinking all this. he loves her very much that shows in his eyes then what she need more?


Geet: I m sorry, wo I just,

Maan cupped her face in his pal: kya huya jaan? R u angry on me?

Geet shook her head in denial: bas dar lag raha hain maan, ye sab itni jaldi. I just can’t digest this. I m afraid if history repeat I won’t be able to collect myself again.

Maan: sshhhhhh, he put his finger on her rosy lips. Can’t u believe me geet? Can’t u give me one chance geet. A second chance?

Geet: maan pls. she pleaded him to stop. She can never take his guilty voce when he was never at fault. She placed her palm on his mouth but he kissed it and removed.

Maan: let me complete geet. Today I want to wash ur all insecurities. I know I haven’t done any single thing that can assure u about my love. She shook her head. He leaned on her and kissed her forehead. I know I make so many bundle in life, I never get to know my heart. But kya karu, aisa hi hu main. Till the point I felt I will lose u, I recognize my love for u. yes I felt attraction towards u but never realized that was Love at 1st sight. Geet looked at him astonished. He smiles a little and kissed her nose cutely. I never believed in love at 1st sight but the way my heart felt for u the 1st time I saw I can name it as love at 1st sight. I thought we were frnds but the way my heart felt whenever u were close, it was only love yet I didn’t realized. When Avanti came in our life I felt bad for her not cause I was in love with her. that love lost 6yrs ago when she left me, it was only the frndship, the strong bond between us that forced me to feel that way yet I was confused what my heart felt that time. I thought maybe my heart still remember Avanti and yes it does remember. Geet stiffen and lowered her lashes. He cupper her face, it does because of our friendship. I never wanted to hurt my frnd. Whenever u were around I felt lively but in her presence I felt burdened because I saw some kind of pain in her eyes and I felt guilty. I felt guilty as I was the reason for the hurt of my frnd. That’s it.

But whenever I saw tear in ur eyes I felt my heart lurching away. It breaks million time to see ur sad face. ur smile always made me happy because my all happiness laid with u still I couldn’t make out what was that. I was torn between my mind and heart. Mind said how can I forget my long lasted love whom I claimed not to forget and will wait for life. But this heart said it has already started breathing for someone else. It was breathing for u. when I heard ur marriage with someone else, I felt apart. The mere thought about losing u made me restless. I wanted to know the reason of my restlessness. I knew u deserves happiness but my heart knew ur happiness is only with me. but still I choose to keep mum. Yes that was my fault.

But the time I read ur later, Geet’s eyes widen as the mere thought of his reaction. He kissed her cheek near her lips, she closed her eyes. Something torn away that day in me knowing ur pain. Knowing u left me make me dead geet. Few tears spilled out from her lashes but he instantly licked it. the mere thought I can never reach u again make me feel I m on my death bed.

Geet : Maannnn.. she cried and hugged him. he too hugged her tight running his hand in her silky hair. Aisa kabhi mat kehna maan, I can’t live without u.

Maan: neither I geet. I don’t know how to make u believe but please trust me, my love is not a hollow this time, I really love u a lot.

Geet hugged him shrugging off her all insecurities she just held on him tightly, like her life laid on him only. She regrets her words, she knew maan well still some corner of her heart felt insecure. But his honest confession again took her heart. She can feel his restlessness and fear in his hold. She need to divert his mind. She kissed his chest above her heart softly. It perfectly worked as he groans with her soft touch on his shirt which is really thin.


Maan: geettttt, he groans. She giggles but soon her smiles stopped as he snakes his hands in her bare waist.




She was wearing a green color 2 piece lahenga that was exposing her shoulder and her stomach. She gulp hard as his fingers played on her back waist. She tried to make a little gap but he pulls her towards him again. It made her fall on his hard chest. His exposed skin of chest through his thin cotton shirt was making her vulnerable. Her breath fell on his neck making him shiver. He placed a wet kiss on her bare shoulder. She shudder with his touch.

Geet: maan.

Maan: u had awoken the demon now u have to bear this. he lifted her in his arm and went o the bed. They were in the outhouse alone. With the help of Vicky maan finally manage to sneak in geet’s room. Maaneet are not meant to meet in these days but maan manage yet again.

He sat on the bed taking her on his lap. She entangles her hand with his neck. He kissed her neck softly.

Geet moans: maan please.

Maan: please kya geet, he nipped her earlobe.

She smiles knowing his intension. Both were craving for each other, last night everyone said she have to stay here and maan wanted to spent some time with her. his all plan went to drain when virat and Vicky occupied his place with geet and they were chatting whole night. Maan had cursed Vicky and virat where they were teasing geet like hell and that was not it, in the morning virat’s girlfrnd maanvi met with them and geet’s all time she ate. He had only got few hours with his jaan when she was applying mahendi because there was a ritual bride and groom have to sit beside each other during the mahendi time. maan had gave her teasing smile when the lady ask her the name. and she proudly said MAAN. everyone whistle as she shied but lots of naughty idea was pouring in his head. But then geet receive avanti’s call saying all the best for her marriage life. Geet  became gloomy guiltily.


Maan settle himself half lying on pillow and bed rim where she was between his leg. She leaned her head on his shoulder and he enter locked his hand on her stomach. He brushes his lips on her shoulder. She closed her eyes in sheer pleasure.

Maan: because of me u have to bear so much na geet. I m really sorry. hearing his remorseful voice she instantly held his hand tightly.

Geet: no maan, it was our destiny. It played a cruel game with all of us. Sayad babaji ko yehi manjur tha. I know waiting for so many years god had taken all my life in this but see, he gave me u. u r mine for the rest of the life.

Maan whisper: and beyond that. not only this life but all my life I want only u.

Geet shivers under his husky voice. He kept brushing his lips on her smooth skin. He pulls out her dupatta. She tried to held that but he didn’t hear her voice.

Maan: be with me always geet. Don’t let ur insecurities come in our life. I need u in every path.

Geet: I love you. She slowly whisper. His tongue rolled on her skin making her moans his name.

Maan: love you too.


He touched her arm with his finger tip travelling down. Her breath was rising with his going down speed. She bite her lips to stop the moan. He held her palm and took it above and then slowly kissed it.

Maan: I love my name on ur palm. she smiles and lowered her lashes. He traces her red cheeks. Whenever u blush so much I feel like eating u alive. Her eyes widen and she tried to stood up fearing he will surely do something that make her lose her senses.

As she tried to stood on her knees on the bed but maan pulls her with a force and she fell on him, losing her balance and then both fell on the bed flat. Geet underneath of maan. his breath falls on her skin making her tremble in his passion.

Maan: don’t ever think to go away, ek baar Sydney se le aaya dobara kahi jaane hi nahi dunga.

He looked at her angelic face. he feel complete to see her so close and happy. geet was smiling closing her eyes. She was giggling but as she felt his heating gaze on her she opens her eyes and saw his intense eyes on her. she felt complete to see him happy. his one look is saying how much he need her every moment of his life. Maan leaned on her and she gave in surrending herself closing her eyes. He captured her lips in a smooch but soon it turn to be a hot passionate deep kiss. Both couldn’t have enough of each other. geet sneaked her arms inside his shirt making him groans. He left her swollen lips and came on her neck close to her earlobe.

Maan: don’t do that, u will regret geet. His tone was dangerous and deep. Geet ignored it. she is too busy enjoying his touch and his body. His masculine hard body that is burning under her palm was making her out of the world. He tried to pin her hand but she dig her nails in his skin making him groans in pain n pleasure. she caresses his taut back and he bite her collar bone in pleasure but a little harshly.

Geet scream: Maannnn.

Maan: that what u get messing with Maan. he said teasingly looking at her eyes and instantly rolling his eye balls on her lips.

She shied but soon it changes in to surprise as he captured her lips once again. His hands were roaming on her bare parts of body and slipped in her blouse, she moans in the kiss. He came on her neck placing some luscious kiss. She held his nape involuntary puling him more close to her. he came on her cleavage and sucks her upper cleavage hungrily. She bite her lips to suppress the scream but couldn’t so she bite his neck harshly leaving her mark. It made him more want her. he came on her belly bottom and kissed her naval sucking the skin more.

Geet: ahhh maan.

Maan: I need u now geet. He kissed her every inch, her eyes widen as she found his hand unclasping her blouse. It had on 2 string on back and a invisible bra strap. He threw the material away from his path then squeezed her breast above her bra. She moans in pleasure turning him wild. Her feet was massaging his feet or rather say more ingesting him. his hard manhood poked on her naval through their dress clearing his attention to her. her breath was already high.. this kind of sensation is really new to her. her desired man is touching her soul it’s a dream for her. and finding him so close to her, she felt over whelmed with emotion. He placed feather kisses on her neck. His hot lips and long tongue mixed with his honey nectar saliva is claiming her all senses. She couldn’t handle his tortured and rolled above him. he was astonished with her step but enjoyed her teasing glare.

Geet came on his face and slammed her lips on his. he was dumbfounded with the wildness,, he couldn’t help but smiling feeling content with her move. Her slender finger played with his shirt button where he groans in the kiss. He held her back and pulls her close to him. her cleavage was touching his chest close to his throat as she was slightly above on him.

She unbuttoned his shirt and broke the kiss coming on his throat and kissed his throat going down rolling her pink tongue on his skin. She came on his neck and kissed it hungrily where her nail was piercing in his back. he was half lying and she was above him. she kissed her way down, he comes out of the shirt and grabbed her slender waist. He wanted to take command but she was in her naughty self. She pushed his hand and bite his skin. He gave her threatening glare which didn’t work. she came on his nipples licking it slightly and making him mad. In fraction of second he took command by pulling her hard so she crashed on his hard chest. He kissed her lips strongly making the swollen lips redder. He was going to take her bra out but their intimate moment got disturb with the loud bang on her door. Maan left a frustrated groan in her mouth where she was breathing heavy. Both broke apart and geet closed her eyes. Maan again pulls her in his embrace and kissed her lips one last time. both tried to breath normal. But then they hear the loud bang.

Maan greeted his teeth knowing who it can be: MAANVI, geet smiles.

Oye love birds kab tak aise rahoge, come out soon. dadima is coming to see geet.

Geet’s eyes widen as panic covered her. maan tried to sooth her tension.

Maan whisper: go and freshen up, I will see Maanvi.




Maanvi: kya kar rahe the aap jo jitni der laga diya, Vicky se to kaha tha bas 1 hour see its more than 4 hour u came to meet her.

Maan: none of ur business he said sternly, but didn’t miss the teasing smile from maanvi.

Maanvi: oohhh none of my business ha? I see then it will dadima’s business I guess. She said smirking

Maan: Maanviiiiii

Maanvi: I know what is my name. ok chalo now go dadima aati hi hongi.

Maan: nope, I want to meet geet 1st then

Maanvi: oye mr romeo itna mil liya dil nahi bhara. Mujhe to laga abhi k liye itna kafi tha. She said winking at him. he seriously feel like killing her seeing her eyes on his neck on the love bite. But he can’t as maanvi is full filling the place of a sister. The sister maan never had but always wanted. So she had become his official sister. But in teasing she is a devil and always takes geet’s side.



Finally geet came in a different dress coving her shoulder and neck as it already turned red. Maan gave a intimate glare to her and her cheeks become red with that. finally giving a last peck on her lips in front of maanvi he finally bid bye. Maanvi shook her head in disbelieve.

Maanvi: I can’t believe he is so romantic, wish virat bhi aisa hota. She said pouting her lips just then virat came and slipped his hand on her stomach making her face widen in shock.

Virat: who said I can’t be romantic, chalo abhi dikhata hu.

Maanvi whined: virattt….. geet and Vicky broke in laughter seeing her red cheeks.

Dadima came there and gave a large plate of jewelry and dresses saying geet have to wear this on her haldi. And then on her marriage.






Maan is frustrated seeing his own family is going against him. he is banned in KM for few hours, as geet’s haldi ceremony is going there. He wanted to see her glowing face. captured this memory with his eyes but all went in vein. His haldi ceremony had done 1st so now he is free with this 2 devil Vicky and virat where geet is still in the middle of crowd.


Geet was all shy with the teasing and praising. All the women were praising about her beauty and innocent look. Geet was smiling and giggling with her family and frnds, some of her colleagues of sanjeevani. Just then she saw maanvi looking at her and all tensed. She signal her to come close and then she informed her that maan is hell angry and shouting on everyone. Geet knew why it is so. He wanted to apply haldi on her but it failed as dadima and maan’s mom was always with her. so she had to go with them and her 1st haldi applied by her mom only. Now geet is seriously worried because it gonna be tough to manofy her angry would be husband. She remember his threat last night where he said if he doesn’t get the 1st opportunity to apply haldi on her the aftermath gonna be difficult for her.


She silently prayed for her safety and entered the room. She sighed relief finding no one is there. She had returned to outhouse where she is staying with maanvi and her full family is staying at KM only. They wanted her to shift KM and maan in outhouse but maan was adamant he will not leave KM then geet said she wanted to stay with maanvi Vicky and virat as its her only few days of unmarried life so all agreed.


Geet: babaji aaj bachalo uss dust danav se.

Impossible, aaj to tumhare babaji bhi nahi bacha sakte tumhe iss DUSHT DANAV SE geet.

Geet’s eyes widen as the realization of his voice right behind her.

She turn and before she can anything he cornered her on a wall.

Geet gasp: maannnn. But he already dipped his face in her neck. The strong turmeric essence hit his nostril but still he held her tightly to him.

Maan: I told u u will have to bear my wrath if u let anyone touch u before I touch u.

Geet: maan listen to me please.

Maan bite her fresh skin turning it red: how could u ha?

Geet knew he hate turmeric smell. Infact he always puked if it hit his nose but here he is so lost in her that he forget her whole body had covered turmeric paste.

Geet: maan let me fresh 1st, u can’t take the smell. Maan was amused that how did she know about it. his look said it. He hates turmeric that’s why everyone played a little pinch of haldi on him and he washed it immediately. Wo Vicky ne bataya tha. She said softly lowering her lashes, knowing he will catch her lie. Well its not lie Vicky had told her but not today its years before and she caught it in her heart.

Maan lift her chin: kab bataya tha? Barso pehle? She nodded softly. Hmm now as its on u I love it. geet’s face turned red and she pushed him from her in a reflex. Before he can catch her she ran in the room.

Maan was fast he catch her exactly the time she tried to enter the washroom.  I m coming.

Geet’s eyes widen: noooo

Maan: punishment for not giving me 1st chance to apply this on u.

Geet: but

Maan pulls her close to him by holding her waist: its just the starting jaan, ur punishment just started.


Without saying anything he scooped her in his arms and entered the washroom. He placed her under the shower opening the tab. Cold water rushed down her body awakening the wild desire to touch her forbidden places, to be touch in his sinful lips.


Geet twirled and leaned on the glass wall. Her dress was already drenched and hugging her perfectly. The wet yellow suit with deep cut neck wasn’t helping him to control his desire to savor her right now. both of their heartbeat mingle with the sound of shower but still it was way too loud for them. His white shirt was giving a very clear view of his well toned muscular body through as it become wet when he stepped closer to her. her breath raged as he pressed his heating body against her back.

Geet: maan.

But her voice stuck in her throat as he touched her knuckle first. Slowly rubbing the haldi with his thumb. He traces his fingers through her hand going up to her arms rubbing it slowly, the water pour down on them washing the turmeric paste and leaving a new glow on them. She closed her eyes as his lips touched her nape. He was drinking her smoothness through his M shape lips which is wet due to continue pouring water. He kept aside her hair over one shoulder and kissed her earlobe.

Maan: u r looking beautiful. Her wet cheeks form a pink shade but next set of word raised her heartbeat.  But I need my right, to make u beautiful I want to touch ur forbidden places. She shudder with the intensity of his voice. I want to mark u as mine with my own color. She smiles knowing its impossible to deny him and go out from his magnetic pulls. He kissed her neck and came on her back kissing her spine and rolling his tongue on her zipper of kurti. Geettttt….. he groans leaning on her back.

Geet: I m all urs maan.

It brings a naughty smile on his handsome face. he unzipped her kurti in seconds. She gasps at his urgency. In matter of fact he tore her bra leaving her bare back to be feast with his nude desirable eyes. She left a heavy breath. His hand slipped in her stomach puling her close to his body then only she realized he is also bare. He had left his shirt long back. he undid the thread of her patiyala, and it falls on her toe like a ring. He took out it. she was already red with his heating gaze, she thought her heart beat can’t rose more than this. it proved wrong when his lips touched her back spine. He kissed her forbidden places where his hands were playing on her panty line, the slight barrier between them. He kissed her full back with hungry mouth till the point he felt satisfied. His palms were rubbing her thighs and hip. She moans in his magical touch.

Geet: ohh maan.

His hands went upto her breast cupping them harshly making her wild in passion. Till now he knew what she want. He turned her to face him and his eyes got the full view of her milky white body which is glowing with his single touch. Without wasting anytime he captured her mount in his mouth teething them. She cried in pleasure as he rubbed her lower part. Its totally new to her. his hands were doing multi tasking. His tongue tasted her hard bud. He can’t have enough of her sweetness. He left her one mount to attack her 2nd one.

She arched her back and held his hair in her tight fist. Her moans were going wild. But he was having more dangerous idea than only this. he took her lips in his kissing her hard. She tried to breath normal but his hand went on her panty and in swift moment he tore that also.

Geet shriek with the realization where they are heading. Its not that she is fearing or doesn’t trust him but she want it to on their special night. She tried to say it to maan but he was having his own plan. She felt something around her wrapping. She opens her eyes and saw maan smirking at her and she was in towel, not only she but he was wearing a towel around his waist.

Maan whispered leaning on her: don’t worry, I m not going to leave it here. U have loads to see jaan.

Geet gulp hard hearing his sensual voice. He lifted her in his arms and made their way to bedroom. She was worried for the door being lock, Don’t worry I had locked it the time u entered the room. He said with a mischievous glint in his eyes.

Geet: but how did u came in my room.

Maan: my sweet sister helped me.

Geet: maanvi.


Its true when u said anyone brother u need to fulfill his dream also and here maan had emotionally blackmailed maanvi to bring geet there, glaring him maanvi finally manages to fulfill her promise.


Geet gulps seeing the tray with frozen fruit salad with chocolate syrup. She remember last night when he was asking fruit salad she had finished his desired food with showing her tongue and when he cribbed it in front of his mom she simply ignored him and said his everything firstly belongs to geet and she loved it so took it full. He had threatened her that she will repents this action. Looking at maan’s smirking face she can say yes she is repenting.


Geet: maan ye-ye-sab kya hain?

She said while gulping her saliva and stammering a little.

He whisper in her ear: Punishment for last night for teasing me and now not giving me the right to apply haldi on u.

She pouted her lips and he throw her on the bed a little harshly. She looked at him annoyed knowing his intension and pouting her lips cursing him under her breath.

Maan leaned on her: don’t do that, u look utterly delicious when ur lips pout like that, he said rubbing her lips with his thumb. She closed her eyes in sheer ecstasy with his warm breath falling on her lips. Maan was bowled with her innocent surrender. She felt his finger tips leaving her lips and going down tracing her throat and then on her chest. She tremble in his touch knowing where he is going. She tried to stop his hand but it was too late he already twisted the knot of her towel and it slipped out leaving her nude infront of her hungry predator.

Geet: maannnnn. She shouted and tried to cover her petite body with the pink satin bed sheet. Her breath was already on higher level and knowing his intention she can’t help but blush a deep shade of red.

Maan: geet. I said no hide n seek. He snatched the sheet and pinned her to the bed. If u don’t want it to be more hard and I won’t tie ur hand stay still sweetheart. She bite her lips as he played with her nipples. He kissed her lips softly. I’ll not cross the limit jaan, I know u r waiting for our SR. she instantly looked at his eyes in admiration and immense trust. All she can see mischief and love. Insane love for her. but that doesn’t mean I can’t touch u like the way I want now, it’s a little punishment u see.

Geet: maan what do want to do? She asked bluntly and the cursed herself.

Maan: geet now when u r asking let me tell u what I want to do. She closed her eyes as she felt him pushing her down on the bed fully and covering her body with something thick. She snapped opens her eyes as she saw white creams on her cleavage and he was looking at her curves hungrily. her eyes widen as she felt his tip of the tongue wiping the cream in his mouth but in a sensual way over her hard nipples. He draw a circling line over it.

Geet: maannn,, she moans his name giving him immense satisfaction. He splashed some more cream on her other breast cupping it in his hand and massaging it with cream. She gasp as his hard manhood pressed on above her womanly asset down. She felt the naked skin above her cell making her va**** warm. He was kissing her one breast full latching it hard and biting it till it feel sour. He came down still untouching the second one… he kissed her full stomach and then placed some fruit cubes above her naval and down on her abdomen, he poured some chocolate fudge on it making her lips quirk.he licks it full with his tongue. She pressed her lips firmly to suppress her moans. He bite her naval taking the cubes in his mouth and then coming above her. she felt his soft lips on her and she opens her mouth to invite him. he pushed the chewing fruits in her mouth but taking her tongue inside his mouth and playing with her lips. He did it quite a time making her wriggle to get an opportunity to take the command but he was merciless and pinned her hand on the mattress. He came on her neck and nibbled the fresh skin turning it red, then poured some strawberry sauce on her milky white skin. He licked all the sauce from her neck and throat making her arch her body and then took the 2nd curve in his mouth tasting the white cream deliciously.


Geet: maan please let me free, leave my hand please. She couldn’t talk much as he turned her with a force and pinned her both hand above her head. She felt him pouring something on her back. it was chocolate syrup with chocolate chips. She shivered as he starts tasting them with her skin above her hip only. Maannnn, please. I can’t take ur torture please lemme free, I want to hold u. but he ignored her plea and continue showering his assault.

Maan: u were enjoying ur food last day, now lemme enjoy mine geet. He whisper huskily. And kissed her whole back nibbling her skin and biting them in the process. She was trying to free her hand frantically. He finally turned her and pulls her hands aside then tied them with the bed rim.

Geet: Nooooo…. maan what r u doing? Let me go. please. Noo,, don’t do this, let my hand free na.

Maan: nope, now whatever I wanna do u will not let me do it.

Geet was scared with his smirk. Her eyes popped out as she felt something chill on her toe. She looked at maan who was smirking then her eyes went on the ice cube he was holding and tracing it on her slender long legs she twisted her toe feeling the chilling sensation on her leg but he was lost in his game. He placed his mouth on the cube tracing it above making geet moans louder.


His hot lips and her hot skin made the ice melt too early and he got her skin to feast. He cherished her each cell of her body nibbling it and biting it thoroughly.. she twisted her legs as a reflex and he pinned her legs apart seeing her forbidden part. She closed her eyes tightly in shyness. But soon her all shyness replaced by heavy moans as she found his rolling the ice on her inner thighs and finally on her core.

Geet: ohhhh maan, aahhhh.

The warm juice was making the ice slip and he touched her most secret place. She held the bed rim tightly as he tasted her warm juice with his tongue. He blew the area and entered her with his tongue making her quiver under his touch.

Geet: ohhh maan I, I need u, please maan. I,

Her throat went dry as he constantly touched her sensitive labia lips. He felt her warm juice coming and pushed his index finger in her va****

Geet moans his name wanted to feel his lips on her breast and he obliged that, he entered her inner world with his 2 finger with rapid movement when his moist mouth devour the most blissful place giving her pain n pleasure. he wanted her to see the height of insanity and he moved more deep making her cry n pain n pleasure. he kissed her lips and untied her rope. She hugged him instantly feeling her whole body shivering as she comes out with a jolt. She bite his lips harshly taking the blood in her mouth and panting heavily.

He hide his face in her neck kissing it softly making her relax. She felt exhausted.

Maan: I love u.

Geet smiles: love u more.

Maan: I m still hungry. She hit his chest and he bite her neck.

Geet: ouch…. Maan.

But he kissed her pain away….

Geet: just wait for tomorrow night maan, I will take my revenge from u. she said panting heavily.  Maan raises his eyes brow. I mean it, u have to pay for making me so wild and wanted, still leaving me like this.

Maan: but u only wanted it to be special at our SR so I was fulfilling that but aside it I wanted to eat u alive, seeing u there in those ceremony and couldn’t touch u it felt so hell.

Geet: I will definitely show u hell mr khurana, just wait for tom night,

Maan: I will be waiting for ur revenge mrs khurana.

She blushed profusely with the remark.

Maan kissed her forehead and she dozed off soon feeling tired where maan took her to bathroom for freshen up so that she can take a good sleep in clean self.

After like ages both comes out from the washroom. Geet was sleeping in his arms . maan settled with her min the bed and looked at the clock showing 12.30pm. they have ample time for rest. So both dozed off for some time….



Precap: rest of the ritual and mrs khurana’s revenge, now think what more wild can be out sweet seductress.


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