Kaisi Kashish Hain Yeh Part 45




Likes girke 216 agaye,, grrr I have to set my likes again kya??? Seedhe tarike se tum log kabhi nahi maan sakte na??? chalo now condition apply. 225+likes and 20+ comment on IF and 75 likes on FB, warna update vul jao.. tichu crying on top of her lungs itni mehnat karke update di. Only 11 pages comment n 216 likes k liye, band kar dungi ff likhna dekh lena…..


Warning: weak hearten people stay away from the part though it’s the most important part in the ff. still I don’t want to get blame of sick health because of it.



Part 45


love needs sacrifice but I m bound to give hatred to save my love.

She smiles through tears, armaan looked away feeling something tormenting in his heart. He again looked at her with painful eyes.

Armaan: say him about your condition geet. He made her stand up and then settled her on the bed. He himself sat on the floor in front of her and cupped her face. Gudiya usse bata de apne helath ke bare me isse pehle ke bohot der hojaye.

Geet: u marry her 1st.  Armaan felt frustrated, he stood up tried to leave when geet held his hand. tell her about ur feeling for her before I made her the daughter in law of khuarana. My baby will need its mother and she can be the perfect one. If u r not interested in her at least u can help me, hain na?

Armaan looked at her angrily and shouted on her: Just shut up geet. Just shut up. band kar ye sab. U r playing not only with ur life but many of them. How can u think about giving ur place to her. do u think its so easy to take any one decision. She will choose die before taking ur place and for god sake ek baar chance lele, u will be fine. Think about Maan for once geet. Always u took decision in hurry. Always u took everyone’s life’s decision. Why can’t they take care of themselves. Stop all this geet. Please. They loves u and they won’t accept the fact that

Geet: that I m dying. I have BRAIN TUMOR and final stage.


There was a complete silence between them.


Geet: mujhe bhi kaha pata tha ye sab armaan, but see my baby shows me the decision god had taken for me. armaan closed his eyes remembering the day he had confirmed the news on same day of her pregnancy news. He said the report is positive for both case. Geet knew this from beginning still she was happy as she is going to be a mother of maan’s child, this child who will bring happiness in their life, she had only heard about the happiness that she was going to give him, but destiny played games and she broke down before that. and took the opportunity to mark herself as god’s forbidden child. Dekh na armaan my baby is so lucky for me, maan again started trusting in love and relation but I m leaving them alone in the hard world. Leaving my baby to be suffer, leaving my baby’s dad who will be shatter after my

Armaan: bas kar please.

Armaan said with choking voice.

Geet: I want to see them happy but I know they can never be happy without me. but main kya karu armaan, knowing maan will be shatter either way I have to see the best for him and for my baby. When he will get to know I had never mistrust him, I always loved him, I never took his closeness with sasha truly, I had noticed his regret for me every time, I know he would have drowned in guilt. Trust me if that was in normal position I would have taken him in my arms and said I never hated him. I knew he had loved me beside his hatred. But in my condition I bound to give him pain only. And ridz. Why she have to bear my harsh words. I can never imagine to hurt her in my dreams also but I had to. I knew when she get to know the truth she will die thousand time.


I can see them live in guilt but can’t see them destroying their life because my grief, because of my departure from their life. Ek taraf wo dost jisne zindegi dedi mere pyar k liye aur ek taraf wo pyar jisne apne aapko kurbaan kar diya sirf meri zindegi loutane ke liye. Main kya karti, nafrat k ilawa mere pass kuch nahi tha dene ke liye.


Do u know armaan when I said those harsh words to ridz what I felt? Armaan looked at her with teary eyes. Geet tried to suppress her hiccups. I felt god is punishing me for the right reason. I don’t deserve such friendship or love, whatever I did to maan still he gave me only love.


Armaan: don’t forget he gave u the pain also. Don’t forget because of him u were nearly on death bed for 2 times. Because of him

Geet: because of him I m living armaan. Those 2 times he only brought life in me. he was the savior for me every time and I m the darkness of his life. Maybe God is punishing me for the sin I committed breaking a heart, an innocent heart of maan. who only loved me, never tried to manipulate my heart. Every time presents himself as he is, never tried to betray me. he was always true, his love was always truth yet I was blind didn’t saw his love. Aur dekho na jab pyar ka pata chala wo pyar hi dard bana diya maine uske liye. Today he is suffering because of me and I can’t help it, chah ke bhi wo dard nahi mita sakti. I know I don’t deserves his love. His love is a bliss, even pure than god’s gift. Yet my destiny again snatched the little happiness from him. I know he loves me so much that he will sacrifice his all life on my name but I can’t give him the remnant. I have to see him living in remorse rather than dying with me. I can’t live him but my baby needs father. It deserves to be loved by parents. And I can’t give that.


Armaan held her arms but she lifelessly looks away knowing she will break down if she look in his eyes

Armaan: u have chances geet, yes the two time gave complication but u still have

Geet: only 10% armaan. U know very well I m in the final stage of Brain tumor which can anytime throw me on death bed. I have the time for my baby’s birth. And after that if the operation gets successful also I have to live in with a lifeless body or in a mental asylum. Because the chances of my well being is less than what we r thinking. I had no life and staying with me only will destroy more lives. Maan will be shattered knowing the truth of my health. Atleast he is living in remorse. Will survive with this at least. That’s why I said I want to live him and his baby. I thought if I give condition me n baby at least he wil think twice what to do but do u know what he chose? Armaan looked at her with blank eyes. Geet smiles through tears. He selected me armaan. He loves me so much that he is ready to sacrifice his baby for me. our baby armaan. He is ready to kill the last resemblance of our love to get me. he can’t live without me. main kya karu? Bolo na armaan main kya karu? I want to see my baby alive happy with his father but he is not ready to leave me. itna pyar main kaha samayu armaan. I don’t have enough place for his love. I had seen him suffering day and night in his remorse. Trust me I had died each sec seeing him like this but just think when he will get to know I have only limited time. he will lose me in few month what will go on him?


Everyone had blamed him for doing injustice on me. but tell me do I deserve his sacred love. Knowing I was playing with his emotion he still loved me. waited for me to come and forget everything, cocoon him in my warm love, did I met with his expectation? Do I deserves to be his love? He showed he is merciless but no one tried to see his heart where he drank every night to forget his pain, to forgive me but he couldn’t. he had trusted me with his every ounce but I destroyed with my own hand, still he was there for me when I need him. I know, 2 times in hospital I went because of the stress but did he deserves to be blame? Didn’t I pushed him to the edge to be like that? and see every time he took me out from the darkness.


The 1st time when I blackout in his room, I never knew I was going in a darkness. He knew it. he masked his love as dark to fight with my darkness. And then the second time also. He was there without knowing my love, without any expectation he just stayed with me. he was holding me, fighting with god for me to never let me go. how could god not listen to him. when I saw his eyes after regaining myself I wanted to hug him console him, tell him yes I m angry to see u close to sasha but I know u can never break my trust. I know u only love me. I did all that because I was frustrated on myself that I m not enough worthy for u, I couldn’t made u believe that I love u and my love is not hollow. I will not tell lie but yes I felt something burnt in me seeing them and I took out my all frustration on myself and others. I thought it was good to let everyone go from me that time. but yet maan held me. he couldn’t let me go. I prayed for death and he fought against my fate. But today what can I give him. only pain. Today its remorse tom it will be regret pain and a wish to meet me. I can’t let that happen armaan. I have to detach myself from everyone who love me because when I will leave them they can live atleast. I know maan can never lead a life of happiness but he will be living knowing I m somewhere happy staying away from him though it will be a lie. Geet apne maan k bina adhuri hain. lekin maan ko adhura banke jeena hoga apne bacche k liye.


He loves me to the height of insanity but I have to give him pain to break him insanely. Maan have to lead a life for our baby, and he will be the best father in the world.

But I want ridz settle in life. Tum chaho ya na chaho u have to hold her hand,, because she need u. and if u ditched her I will tie her with maan, atleast my baby will get a mother. But listen mr armaan malik I will never talk to u again making me this hard. Because I know my frnd loves u insanely. For once I will let my motherly love away for u and ridz because my maan will be enough to take care of my baby but ridz she needs someone to hold her after my

Armaan placed his palm on her mouth

Armaan: chup kar geet. U can’t leave me. I have no one except u. someone I always desired to be with, a family who loved me, a SISTER who gave me a meaning of life. A frnds who taught me what called happiness. I need u and dare u say anything. ridz is mine.

Geet smiles: my plan works always. Dekha bola tha one day u will claim her with ur heart. See the mere thought of losing her make u so darpok.

Armaan: hey don’t call me darpok ha

Geet: to kya bulau sher?

Armaan: wo to tera pati hain,

Geet: sambhal lena usse armaan, I want him happy and safe, its ur duty.

Armaan: that what I m doing for past so many months.

Geet: thank u.

Armaan: best frnd and brother, 2 relation hain fir bhi thank u.

Geet smiles and hugged him.

Geet: why life is so unfair?

Armaan: I don’t know yaar. But I will make sure it won’t be unfair for u. I had talked to doctor Johnson. He said u can come to London for treatment but

Geet: there is less chance in fact no chance. Armaan dipped his head. Geet smiles.  God gave me enough time to treasure my life. In this time maybe I will give everyone pain but for me this time I will take in my heart as my biggest memory and cherished life time. but I need my maan to be happy. u wll take care of him na?

Armaan: I promise.



Geet tried to suppress her cry but it was oozing out in her tears. But then they heard a sound something breaking. Both rushed towards the door.

Geet’s ground slipped seeing the scene. She leaned over the door,, Just a mere whisper came out from her lips.


Geet: MAAN…….



Precap: more clarification and reunion?? Or painful love?




Before u take ur juttis and chappal let me say few words. Someone said God can’t be so cruel and this is a fiction so we can add anything but in reality god can’t punish a person so much. I guess it was samia. Right?

Hmm let me tell u something.

This track or let me clear this BRAIN TUMOR with PREGNANCY track is REAL for someone. A friend whom I truly respect from the bottom of my heart, I truly love her and praying every moment to be her well being, she may stay safe when I know its difficult. I can’t take her name as i didn’t even consult her saying all this.

When I thought about this TWIST as I said much earlier I never thought it can be a reality.. I always thought stories are fascinating and we can give anything to a fiction. I never thought someone’s life can be like this fiction. But its TRUE no hindrance. I got to know few days back about a frnd who is suffering this, she is pregnant and have brain tumor. She had less life. I was in dilemma to start this new track or not. Because I DON’T WANT TO HURT MY FRND…. Without saying anything I started and today I got to know how much pain she is having. We can just cry listen someone’s story but the person who is living it can only say how difficult it is. So my frnd life is not about bed of roses sometime fiction can take a shape of life.

I had these things in mind from a long time and I wanted to say to that frnd no matter what happen I will be ur frnd and ur baby needs u so u have to be strong.

I will not say any further details about her and please frnds we don’t need sympathy or pity, I didn’t share it for that but yes I will ask please pray for her and her babies, its TWIN. Wish I can give some portion of my life to her.


And if u say god can’t be more cruel I have my another best frnd who has suffered from tumor in her womb. I just hate this disease. It takes some precious life but makes the love ones a hollow from inside. I wish God be more cruel but I know HE IS.


One response to this post.

  1. tich thank u for clearing my confusions.. m really happy to know tat geet never mistrusted him… n felt really very bad tat y she did this…

    n now m dam sure maan’s love wil get her back… pyaar toh har dard aur har darr ka marham hai toh tumour kya cheez hai??

    n grt work tichu.. u hav explained her turmoil so emotionally n beautifully tat i loved this pain.. awesome dear… n superb goin story..

    1s agn u proved u r simply best… wit loads loads loads of love…


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