Kagaz Ki Kashthi Luv tht Sacrifices Life Part 63


Part 63




Saanjh came in the center with a mike, soham looked at her with fury, but she gave a damn about it.

Saanjh: the day shiv had beaten soham I knew something terribly will be wrong because i had seen Kajal their another group member crying. I shouldn’t be bother like u guys, it was enough that shiv had beaten him enough still I had to do this, because I definitely don’t want to see any more kajal here who fell in his trap, bastard like soham can never repents his deeds, and I didn’t had any proofs with me. I know maybe u guys thought I m another bechari so did mr soham, but guess I m not. Saanjh smirks seeing soham’s lost color. And u had seen the pics and heard the voices is 100%authentic not because I m showing u but it did by ur Maan singh Khurana only.


Every head turn to see maan wo was baffled that why she is giving him credit now, yes he tried to trap soham but he slipped out.

Saanjh: maan don’t look like that, its because of u I could did that. I was in dilemma because soham was my frnd and I never get to know about it but then ur words and ur effort fell in my deaf ears and blind eyes. Yes this is the same tap u recorded by ur one frnd but at the last moment it stolen and u have to wait for another chance. I found it 3 days back in rashi’s locker in which soham had put it. I can showed it to principle but that wasn’t enough, I couldn’t talk to u because of ur white cat(sam), and here it is, I got an opportunity to show it.

Soham tried to say something but suddenly few police walked in and took charge of all the boys who was in the video. Soham literally ran to saanjh but maan and shiv came forward to hold him. saanjh slipped out and held his shoulder.

Saanjh bent on soham a little and then with a jerk hit his manhood with her knees making everyone gasp. Soham lied in pain.

Saanjh: that what u deserves.

Rashi came forward and asked sorry to kajal, she said sorry to maan n shiv but they maan said its not her fault that she is his sister.

Saanjh: thanks rashi for helping me, maan she is the one who gave me the CD. Ur one of the informer sold it to soham in a large amount of money. Maan’s blood boil to see his frnd whom he had given the work to track soham and his frnds because he was having a doubt. Before that guy escaped maan’s few frnds captured him and took him away. Saanjh smiles at maan. sorry for behaving rude but I had to show him I m his frnd not urs.

Shiv: u are not also,

Maan: shut up shiv

Shiv: oye hello u said shut up me for this chipkali?

Saanjh: oye mr genda chup raho warna?

Shiv: huh warna kya

Maan spoke in his ear: warna tera bhi haal vohi hoga jo soham ka huya.

Shiv irritatingly look away. Maan extended his hand towards saanjh.

Maan: welcome to our gang saanjh, i will be obliged to have a frnd like u.

Saanjh’s eyes twinkle and she took the approach gladly, and then maan nudge shiv to d the same, unwontedly shiv too extended his hand with a pout.

Saanjh looked here and there: isse hath milana jaruri hain kya? mere reputation ka faluda ban jayega

Maan gave a stern look to saanjh and she took his hand.


The collage was silent spectator of this new bonding friendship. Everyone gasp to see MSK and extending his hand to any girl and giving credit to her. knowing him he is a hell possessive lover of sam who can never eyeing on any other girl, but then everyone saw the frndship lying on and they knew saanjh is indeed a special person to get the 2 most genuine guy’s friendship.


Shiv: umm saanjh.  logo ko impotent banana kya tumhara favorite hobby hain?

Saanjh looked at him with red angry eyes.

Saanjh: nope, its not a hobby but I gave special treatment who take special advantage of THAT place.

Everyone broke in to laughter where saanjh smirks seeing shiv’s face which was wide and red.

Saanjh: kamal hain I didn’t know u can blush so much, actually I haven’t seen any boy blushing to such an extent that his full face become red.

Maan couldn’t hold his laugh but can’t show his smile because it will embarrass shiv more, so he gave a warning glare to saanjh, to which she only wink at him and waved a bye to shiv.

Saanjh: chalti hu warna teri izzat ki dhajiya udh jayegi, maan take care of that bastard. Maan nodded.


She went out from there with rashi and shiv gave his attention to maan.


Shiv cribbed to maan: yaar ye ladki ye kya cheese, aur hamesha mere hi piche kyun padhi reti hain,

Maan: hmm good question, u should ask that ur destiny, lagta hain itni jaldi picha nahi chutne wala tera.

Shiv: I wish I would be safe around her,

Maan smirk: u should take protection around ur, ahem u know.

Shiv gave a murderous glare and maan ran to save his life, shiv ran behind him.






Shiv recalled the incident which made 3 of them bound in a sacred relation together, though shiv and saanjh was more like cat n dig rather say tom n jerry but saanjh’s bonding with maan had grown each day each moment. She shared an unnamed bond with him which no one can explain, and from that day trio had become best frnd. Maan and shiv was always protective about saanjh.

Friendhsip doesn’t seek permission. it’s the most sacred relation that doesn’t need to be God’s creation but our heart is the main creator.

Family members left the trio to solve their problem. Saanjh looked away from shiv and heard mahika’s cry. She cradle her in her arms, and soon maahi found solace. It was amazing for maan n shiv that how in few moment mahika become so close to saanjh. Saanjh smiles and kissed her forehead. Aniee came to take mahika, and abruptly saanjh handed her.


There was a complete silence. Maan wanted them to talk because it is the only thing that can make the old thread strong.

Maan: saanjh ye sab kaise? He asked in a choked voice. We tried to search u but forest officer said they didn’t found ur body but some cloths and we,

Saanjh lept her palm on his face and tried to say something from her eyes.

Shiv tried to go near but saanjh put her head on maan’s lap. Maan understand she want to sleep and she want to be asleep like before. Whenever she was upset or tensed maan used to make her sleep like this. no one can guess the cruel MSK has a soft side also. He eyed shiv to go out and shiv obeyed but he stopped at the door and leaned on it. maan sighed and patted her head to sleep. In no time she was asleep. Maan make her sleep on the pillow and then saw her tears. Ofcourse she is not ready to face shiv now. and shiv need ot understand that.


Maan was walking out when shiv held his hand.

Shiv: can i

Maan: pls shiv, she needs rest and time also, pls don’t pressurize her on anything.

Shiv: do u think I will do something like that?

Maan: I m saying she is not ready to face u, so give her time bas.

Shiv; I will not talk to her but can I stay with her, promise I won’t disturb her, I will be far away from her.


Maan sighed knowing he will not budge from his decision and agreed.





In the morning,


Geet wanted to see saanjh first. Last night play were ringing in her head. She slightly pushed the door and the sight made her stop in her walk and thoughts. She blankly looked at the couple. Shiv was sitting beside saanjh and holding her hand, his head was on bed rim and one leg was swinging out of the bed. Saanjh was in deep sleep maybe because of seductive. She wanted to hold saanjh from him, but something in her stopped her. she slowly turn and walked away from the room closing the door


As soon as she stepped in her room she saw her handsome husband coming out from the bathroom bare body. A blue towel hanging from his neck and black track with lower waist. No matter how difficult the situation become but her hot husband always makes her all tension vanish in few mins. And now this torture. Though she doesn’t wanted to think wild things but he is diverting her mind now with his gaze.


The moment maan entered the room he had observes geet’s dumbfounded face, he knew she must have seen shiv and saanjh, he knew shiv. He wont leave saanjh alone again. He was wipping his nape and coming towards the cupboard but felt her intense gaze on his bare body. He smirks knowing his effect on his beautiful innocent wife. No matter how many time they had seen each other without cloths but sometime in few second their body felt a pull. The need and urgency can be count in their vein which need to be together.


Geet was standing beside the bed. Maan started walking towards her. unknowing geet started twisting her pallu. His intense gaze was intoxicating for her. like only his gaze can make her shiver. She wanted to stop this thoughts because now she want to know about saanjh. What happen to her that force her to take such a step. She made her mind stop and tried to say something only to caught her tongue tied. Maan leaned on her and she took heavy breath. She was leaning backward and losing her balance, that’s why put her hand n his bare shoulder. His cold body shivers with her touch. The water dripped body was craving for her hot touch. He automatically touched her soft petite waist with his manly rough palm. she looked at his eyes which is showing love and concern for her. She wanted to forget everything and live the moment but could she? Knowing everyone doesn’t even think of making her a part of their life could she forgive everyone and walked ahead with them?


She tried to move from the place but he held her firmly plastering her body with his. he saw the tint of water in her eyes remembering her sorrow. She never wanted anything from him or anyone, she always tried to make place in everyone’s heart but today she is feeling alone. She is thinking so unneeded here. No one found enough time to tell her their past where she had opened her heart and life long time before. She just wanted to know his life, she never give importance to past but couldn’t he tell her once about his memorable past. Was she so insufficient in her duty as a wife and a lover that he never found it necessary to told her about his most important phase of life. She is not angry on him but sad on her fate that no one needed her in their memory.


Geet lowered her lashes and few drops fell on her rosy cheeks. Maan felt something stabbed in his heart. He wiped them with his thumbs cupping her face in his palm.


Maan: mishty pls.

Geet looked at his pleading voice, his eyes that are showing how much regret is there. She instantly cursed herself for making him guilty.

Geet: wo main, I was thinking about her treatment. Nothing to worry bas

Maan softly kissed her lips like a peck. She stopped at her track.

Maan: I m sorry mishty, I couldn’t told u before, I was so afraid that maybe u will also think I m at fault. I didn’t want to make u sad or worried. I can’t take those fear or hatred in ur eyes for me. I was afraid that knowing about the past u may hate me. I had lost her once but I can’t lose u geet. I will die without u.

Geet instantly kept her palm on his lips. Her eyes became moist. She knew he love her immensely but the realization of the depth of his love left her dumbfounded. He was always worried for her reaction. But the look in saanjh’s eyes said he was never at fault. She had accepted him like the he was and is so why can’t she. What had happened that made him so scared that he fears to lose her.


Her touch just awaken his inner self. Her pale color saree complimenting her skin tone and the small blouse with deep cut neck, her open hair that always make him lose his last bit of self control now its making him to want her. geet read his desired eyes. A deep shade came on her cheeks.

Geet closed her eyes and took out her palm but he held it and kiss her palm.

Maan: mujhe chodke nahi jaogi na? His voice was full of pleading that made her snap her eyes. She nodded in no immediately,

Geet: never say something like that. he brought her closer and pecked her forehead and then coming down, her eyes one by one. She held his shoulder tightly. Her soft chest pressed on his bare hot masculine body. His one hand slipped in her bare waist pulling her close and making pattern on her back. where another hand was cupping her face kissing her every inch.

He kissed her cheeks going to her earlobe slightly nipping them. Her breathing was heavy and eyes droopy with pleasure. his hands went on her back rubbing her every curves. His lips travelled down her neck kissing it softly.

Maan: I love geet.

Geet smiles but felt her tummy doing a little summersault. Its not new to hear those words but everytime with the feel he said it makes her feel special. He kissed her nape and she moans his name.

Just then they heard a loud wobbling sound. And both turn to see mahika crying her lung out and throwing her legs and hand in the air. Maan smiles knowing his angel need her feed and geet looked at him pleadingly. He gave her enough space to escape and she run towards her.

She took mahika in her arms and settle her one breast in her mouthe here mahika was sucking her milk like she hadn’t got any food in a yr. geet chuckle as mahika held her another breast like claiming its her food. Just then geet felt two cold hand slipping in her tummy, she felt a rough stubble placed on her soft neck.

Maan: my baby is becoming demanding ha?

Geet: MSK ki beti hain. geet smiles as mahika gave a gummy smile to her dada. And geet settle her on her another breast filling her tummy. After her feeding maan took maahi and geet settle her saree just then she saw the most beautiful sight. Maan with maahi. He was talking to her and maahi was enjoying her dada’s company, she was showing her excitement by throwing her chubby legs in air. Maan kissed her leg and then her tummy. Mahika giggles loudly. A beautiful smile adorned geet’s face making her look angelic. No matter how much sorrow n worry take place between them but the sacred relation and the beautiful gift they have for each other can never fade or break.



Precap: umm abhi socha nahi, so NONE.


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  1. me first superb udate past is fab maneet scenes sanjh didn’t told anything about death confusion love sanjh maan bond and maneet scenes awsem as always


  2. Posted by laksh on August 8, 2012 at 2:03 pm

    Nice update. Waitin to hear abt sanjh shiv and maan relationship in past and present. update soon


  3. Posted by Meena on August 8, 2012 at 3:41 pm

    awesome dear
    loved it


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