Kaisi Kashish Hain Yeh Part 46





Part 46



She looked at his red eyes which was looking at her, he was sitting on his knees, head dipping. Just then her eyes fell on something and she saw a little far someone was watching her with blank face. her red churidar with red eyes making her looking so painful. Armaan ran to riddhima who was going to fall any moment. He held her petite body in his arms. riddhima looked at him with  pain. Armaan himself was in pain. He shook his head saying her to take care. She needs them. She looked at geet who was looking at the broken maan. maan sat on the ground. Geet trembled in her track, she can see the tear drop falling on the ground from his chocolate brown eyes. Those eyes which always showed immense love. She walked towards him with small steps, fearing if she takes big step she he might collapse any time. her heart was raising like a volcano that want to burst but if it burst it will take a lot of destruction in it.


Get sat on her knees infront of maan, the mere look is enough to say how much pain he is going through still he is blank. His eyes is blank. Pain anger hatred all were present still nothing can be count as he is blank, a hole from inside. She took her hand and touched his rough face softly. Unknown to her a mist of layer of tears takes place in her beautiful hazel eyes. She slowly rubbed her finger on his cheek to get a reaction but all she saw helplessness and pain.

Geet: Maan, she said in a choking voice and he closed his eyes breaking the last barrier. His tear that he had been stolen from the world comes out as reality hit him hard. She instantly hugged him, cocooning him her warm embrace to protect him from the harsh world. With shaking hand he reached to hug her but he stopped at the air thinking does he have any right on her. she had snatched his every right from him. Maan please. She cried and hugged him tight, without any more words he hugged her as tight as he can, like engulfing her in him, soaking her all pain in him. geet smiles through her tear. She never recognized the solution of her pain was always right infront of her. both hugged each other as much tight as they can, maan finally broke down his all fear and pain where she was happy to found her maan in her arms. maybe for few time but she can feel him close to her heart.


Riddhima placed her head on armaan’s chest and sobbed hard. Armaan tried to make her calm, tried to make her understand they need to be strong but nothing went in her head, all she knew her life is going away from her. she is losing her baby, the one person whom she loved beyond her life. She couldn’t take the pain and ran out from there. Armaan looked at maaneet who was lost in them and taking final decision he ran towards riddhima. Riddhima ran towards the main road crying frantically, not seeing anything around her. for her world had just stopped there. She was walking and half running in the middle of fast vehicles when a sharp sound came to her ear, she looked at the front and a truck was approaching her, she couldn’t think anything but stood there as a statue but as the track was going to hit her a strong pulls she felt in her arms and next moment she crashed on a hard chest.

Armaan: pagal hogayi to tum? What r u doing? Why the hell u ran like that

Riddhima sobbed: its all because of me na? its better I will die but save her armaan. Save my frnd please. If god want to take anyone then why he didn’t choose me, anyway I don’t have anyone, my own parents had disowned me saying I m just a burden, yes I m, I m for my frnd. Then why god is playing with my best frnds. What had done maan n geet. They deserves to be happy armaan. The most lovable couple, who love each other madly is suffering why? Its all because of me, I should have died long before atleast no one would have suffered like the way they did, why god can’t take my life whyyy? I don’t wanna live armaan, I can’t live without her.

She was screaming and pleading, crying her heart out, armaan tried to say something but she kept chanting those words finally armaan slapped her hard taking out her senses and hugged her tight. She kept crying hiding her face.

Armaan: didn’t u thought if anything happened to u what had gone on geet? She loves u so much. Ridz everything happens only for reason. God can’t take a precious life when it belongs to someone else. Geet’s life is not her own but maan’s, dekhna god would be helpless infront of his love, just trust on ur frnd. Will u? she shook her head in yes and he took her to his car.





Geet took maan in there room and made him sit on the bed. Maan just obeyed her dipping his head. Geet tried to go for some water when he held her hand still not looking at her.

Geet: just a min maan. but he didn’t let her go. she was feeling so feeble seeing him like this. it was the very thought that forced her to do all this. it was the very reason she tried to aloof herself. She knew once he get to know about her disease he wont be able to take the pain yet it happened, piercing him it took place and tormented him.

Maan suddenly hugged her from waist hiding his face in her stomach.

Maan: mat jao geet, don’t leave me alone.

The set of words were simple but it had deep meaning. Hot tears made their way from her eyes and she hugged him hiding him in her. 1st time after his mother’s death he is feeling so lonely and powerless. He can’t think life without her. whatever it was pain, hatred, bickering but they were always together but in front of the universal truth there is nothing. He is weak today and the very power to make him this weak is with his love only. Geet was dreading for this moment from a long time. She knew when he will come to know the truth he will leave everything, he will leave life if love decided to ditch him. geet ruffle his hair to sooth his pain but felt something wet on her stomach. She closed her eyes knowing it’s the holly water of his eyes. Her heart cried to see him like this.

Geet tried to break the hug so that she can talk to him but he increased the pressure of his hold.

Maan: I need u, I can’t survive without u. he said while kissing her stomach, she closed her eyes and took heavy breath, then broke the hug somehow. Geet sat on the bed beside him and made him face her. he looked at her eyes deep. Those hazels who always manages him to lose his control but concealed her from him for so many days today finally he can see the pain and love in them. Geet cupped his face in her palm, his lips were dry and eyes was full of tears. He touched he knuckles which was on his cheeks.


Geet: maan I m sorry, But he placed his finger on her lips preventing her to talk. He wanted to say something but geet stopped him. can’t we forget everything? She said in a pleading voice. Can’t we start a fresh without any pain or remorse? I want to cherish this moment of my life, can’t we be happy like normal couple without any bitterness only love? Without any complaint and sorry?

Maan: can’t u talked me for once?

Geet shook her head in denial: I was afraid to see u like this.

Maan: can I love u without questioning or feeling any pain?

Geet: I want that only. She smiles and he hugged her instantly.

Maan: I won’t let that happen geet, u will be beside me in every phase of my life. Holding me like this.

Geet: I want to forget any worry about past and future, I want to live this time with u in our present.

He kissed her neck softly and she smiles hugging him more closely. But soon she felt his tears soaking her skin. She sighed knowing he will drown in this sorrow again. She wiped her tears and broke the hug softly. His eyes were close and few tear drop glistening on his cheeks. Geet leaned over him and kissed his tears away, then softly pecked his eyes one by one. He opens it only looking at her eyes. And then smiling lips.

Geet: can u love me without the pain?


How can he say no to her when he need to love her, when his heart is paining to love her, when his soul wanted to touch her with the fear if he doesn’t hold her tight she may vanish any moment. Her pleading eyes and painful face was showing how much she had missed his love, how much she wanted to feel his touch yet masking herself in a hard shell was really tough. Now there is no place for any regret and accusation when his heart is full of love and pain. He can’t accuse her anymore or with anything. his heart need the solace of her arms.


He brought his face close to her and peck her lips softly.

Maan: I need u more than u can think. Don’t let my heart feel the pain again geet. She closed her eyes in pain thinking about his love, just then she found his soft lips on her. she instantly looked at his face which show love and only love and a smile form on her lips, he captured those rosy lips more strongly and bite her in the corner founding her smiling. She pouted in the kiss and he sucks her lower lips more demandingly showing what he want now. she hit his chest as he was not bothering about her pain. But he held her wrist bringing her more close almost on his lap and sneaked his one hand in her waist making pattern on her waist. She moans in the kiss and he deepen it nibbling her whole mouth. tasting her every hidden corner with a passion that she is failing to match his level. She opened her eyes to see him content and love was oozing out. after so many month finally both got each other in love, but she is afraid for how many more month she can give him this happiness. After few months she have to leave him. the mere thought is enough to bring tear in her eyes. She doesn’t want to leave her maan alone. But fate had played so cruel game with her. she closed her eyes and hot water came down. Maan tasted the salty water.


Maan: did it hurt? She shook her head in denial with a smile, he again captured her lips in a sensual smooch, don’t think much geet. I m not gonna leave u. anyone who want to snatch u from me I will burn his entire clan to get u back. u will live with this devil only.

She smiles on his self claim love and hugged him closely where his lips was busy in nipping her already swollen lips. She moans in the kiss it ingested him more and he kept hold of her whole mouth nibbling her juice in his mouth. both wanted to forget their pain in this moment. Both wanted to feel each other in love. Without any boundary or calamity. Its them and their loving era.



Precap: Loving YOU.

I LOVE YOU saying together. 


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  1. very emotional


  2. Posted by Meena on August 8, 2012 at 3:31 pm

    awesome dear as always


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