Kaisi Kashish Hain Yeh Part 47



It’s a treat from my side on my bday, I got many beautiful gifts that can’t express the feeling today, all those gift are precious to me that gifted by my FB frnds,


To cheer up ur mood here is an OS by Dazzling Divz’s which is on ME,,, grrr its hilarious and I can bet u will laugh ur head off in it.

I seriously loves her imagination as she knew me toooooo well.

A Day For You_Tich’s Bday OS


seriously DIVZ jaan, jab bhi ye os padhti hu, face pe smile ajata hain, sometime blushing, sometime laughing and something throwing rotten tomato on u, for paresh rawal… hehehhe u know my mom asked today why ur cheeks are so red? what should i said, its the two hottest hunk and this kamini who made me blush, then my mom got idiotic idea and asked m i chatting with my BF(boyfrnd) hhahahahhahahahah i couldn’t help but laughed n laughed on her and she was embaressed but she was also laughing when i narrated this, muahhh, this is one of best gift i will cherish my life long.


(whoever is unhappy of sharing my thought here, pls out of here, be happy niche hain update 🙂



@heytal thanks sweety for the wish and now here is happy happy update after a LONG time,

@aashuluvmaan ha re meri pyari kamini happieeee wala bday hain, thank u for the wish


Part 47



Geet slowly brought her fingers to unbutton his shirt, he groans as her finger brushes his chest. She smiles seeing her effect on him, she slowly started unclasping the button where her long fingers were brushing his skin continuously making him mad and groan more. he left her lower lips and took her upper one. she took his lower lip nibbling and biting it harshly. His hands were on her back pulling her close n close to that extent that there is no place of air also. Her soft breast touched his hot bare chest, something shudder or maybe both shuddered with the touch. He broke the kiss and nuzzles in her neck placing soft kisses around her jaw. She rubbed his chest with her palm awakening the beast. She was breathing high, her hormones were on peck which badly needed his touch and it was making her wild. She bite his neck in pleasure where he let out a soft moan feeling her touch after so many month. She sucks the places turning it red. He couldn’t handle her torture and push her pallu down so that her upper cleavage came to his vision. He held her petite body which is glowing and placed her fully on the bed lying on the mattress. He looked at her growing figure which is more prominent now. the pregnancy was making her more beautiful. The look in his eyes made her blush a deeper shade and she hide her face in her palm.

Geet: don’t look at me like this maan please.

Maan: don’t stop me today geet, after so many month I get my geet for me. its my right to see u and to love u.

A tear drop slipped from the corner of her eyes but her face showed how much happy she is, he leaned on her and kissed the tears licking her cheek making it crimson red. And then places soft kisses on her neck and upper cleavage, he lift her a little and almost torn her blouse just like he used to do in passion. She let out a small chuckle but he gave her a deadly glare still she couldn’t help but smile. he kissed her prominent breast and bite it above her bra making her moan his name, and then kissed her alley between her breast slowly coming down. He kissed her tummy and stopped on her abdomen. He looked at it closely, staring at her growing stomach admiringly. His vision blurred as the realization drawn here is the place of his baby, it is growing in her. geet sensed his pain and saw him staring at her belly. Tears misted in her eyes remembering his hopeful eyes to touch his baby once. She felt guilty for doing all that but she was helpless. She knew if he came close to her she would have lost herself long back and pushed him in the pool of sorrow. But still she had deprived him from the most treasure thing in his life. The mere thought made her shiver.

Geet cried: I m sorry maan. Maan who was lost in his thought comes out from his revere and saw her face which is covered in tears. She stares at his eyes as he came close to her face. because of me u couldn’t touch our baby, believe it pained me a lot.


Before she can say anything maan silenced her by kissing her lips again but this time harshly complainingly. He showed his all anger in his kiss, in his love.

Maan: u said not to bring any past or pain then? he caresses her tummy softly. Thank u geet for fulfilling me and making me the happiest person in the world. She smiles a little, he bent on her kissing her forehead. But I will be the most happiest person when I will get my both angel, baby and baby’s mamma. I know her mamma is mine only but as God is poking his nose here I want to cut that 1st. geet smiles almost giggles hearing his cute talk and wrapped her hands around his neck pulling him more close. He kissed her full face softly making her breath hard. He bent down on her stomach and kissed it every inch. Cherished the place where his baby is. Geet I need a girl. geet who was lost in his sweet assault brought back to reality and pouted her lips.

Geet: I want a boy like u, no girl. she said with finality.

Maan bite her lips; I said only an angel like her mamma, he saw her trying to say something. But he cut her, boy next time lenge, I was planning a football team, cricket to har koi banata hain.

The remark was so sweet that geet almost laughed at him but the reality is more harsher. He saw her teary eyes

Geet; maan I,

Maan placed a finger on her lips: kuch mat kehna geet, I said I will make a football team and I mean it. u will help me in it. he said while kissing her neck, geet smiles at him and held his back pulling close to her. his hand played with her soft curves above her bra. He kneaded the hard nipples above the cloth and kissed her arms with passion, he kissed her whole hand coming on her finger and softly kissed the finger-tips sucking it in his mouth. he left it and did the same with other hand. she was feeling wet between her legs. Her moans were driving him crazy. He lifted her a little and in few second freed her beautiful mounts from the barrier. His naked eyes feasted her glowing white skin. Her face was red with his staring. His hands played on the thread of her petticoat and in swift moment he freed it taking it out from her body leaving her in only panty. He hovered her body with his but not placing his full body weight on her abdomen. He kissed her forehead coming on her nose and bite it snapping her eyes. She pouted her face and he kissed her lips softly pecking it again n again, then coming on her throat and placed open mouth hot kisses around her throats making her arch her body more to give him access of her white silky body. He came on her chest nibbling and making it red with his passion.


She arch her back more and he knew what she needed. He kissed her hard nipple softly. Peck it then wet it with his hot saliva. She moans his pleasure where he was drawing circular lines above her poking bud.


Geet: maan don’t tease me please. She said pleading, he bite it and she scream in pain. Ouch u monster. He smiles and hold it in his mouth sucking it hard making her go crazy in pleasure. the contentment on her face was giving him unknown strength. He kneaded other breast with his hand and squeezes it harshly. After like ages he finally left one breast to give his full attention to the other and did the same.   He came on her stomach again kissing it numerous time.

Maan: r u sure u will be alright? He was sounding worried, she smiles at his cute gesture.

Geet: yes maan, I will be fine. Maan smiles and came on her panty line. Geet sucked a deep breath as he started placing wet kisses around her length and going down.

Geet: maan, ohh…

She was moaning his name and rushing her fingers in his hair. He kissed on her panty and rolled down above her thighs then her slender leg finally dropping it from her toe. She shied like a new bride and closed her both legs together. He kissed her toe coming above her knees still placing wet kisses. Finally stopped on her thighs. Frowning at her shyness. Then a naughty idea popped in his mind. He held her hand and placed it on his belt.

Maan came on her ear: don’t u want to undress me? u left it in the middle. Her face turned red in embarrassment,, but she wanted it. she held his belt and unbuckled it. slowly opening the button of his jeans. Her hands were shivering as she opens the zip. He comes out from the jeans kicking it out from his way. and then throws the boxer from his skin. Her eyes shamelessly roamed on his manhood. She touched it when he bite her earlobe making her shiver. She slowly rubbed it making it hard with each passing sec. she kissed his chest where her fingers were rolling in a circular motion over his hard manhood. He was groaning inward but held himself to let her enjoy. She kissed his every inch of skin biting licking doing whatever her heart desire. He forcefully made her laid on the bed again and pinned her hand beside her head. Then with his knees he parted her legs.

She gasp as his tip of manhood touch her hot moist place slowly rubbing it making her mad in pleasure. she bite her lower lips to suppress the moan, and begged him to be enter, finally he positioned himself between her legs and pushed it in her. her head wobble as the pleasure took place. He wanted to confirm she is ok and she assured him with her eyes. He moved in a fast rhythm occasionally slowing it letting her feel his length and then again taking the rhythm in fast speed. She screamed in pleasure giving him more power to go further, beyond the horizon of ecstasy.  He kissed her chest and hide his face in her sweet smell of her neck moving in her deep and deep. Thrusting like never before, loving her like never before. She hit the orgasm with a loud moan where he followed her few minute later still moving in her slowly finally collapsing on her chest.

Both took breath as much as possible, both panted heavily. She kissed his forehead and wiped the sweat beads from his forehead. He kissed her chest and rolled down over his side taking her in his chest. Geet covered both of them with a black silky satin sheet.


Maan: I LOVE YOU, he whisper, she smiles and closed her eyes feeling the moment then peck his chest above his heart.

Geet: I LOVE YOU TOO. this is the 1st time they voiced their feeling together. Both felt content and happy. he held her tight in his embrace promising her and himself to never let her go. yes it will be difficult but when u r in love u can fight with God also, here he is fighting for her to never slip her away. He promised he will be always infront of her if death also come their way.



Precap: fighting together and meeting with past.


@impoojaverma, thanks dear for sharing ur side of story and i wish some miracle come to her path also


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