Kurbaan Tere Ishq Mein Part 20



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Part 20



She was waiting in the room looking the last time towards her surroundings, cloud of tears couldn’t dare to left her eyes yet she wiped all and looked at herself the last time, after this moment she will never look at herself because after today she will not be Geet Handa, she will be Mrs Geet rounak Bhatia, the name itself felt disgust for her. she have to wear those marital signature which every girl desire for her prince charming but she will wear for a guy who is nothing but a name only. She doesn’t know what life has store for her but in her living she may not trouble anyone anymore. like she had lost the choice of life, lost the need of life. Maan had taken it with him permanently. The mere thought not seeing or feeling maan around her gave her an unknown pain that felt niddle piercing her heart, squeezing it to some point that pain felt nothing in front of it.


Maan hadn’t called her once after last night, she knew he will be regretting his words, he should be. how can he say all those words, what does he think of Geet Handa. Well it GH’s thinking not the Geet developed in her heart only for maan. Maan with the name only her tears started rolling. remembering his shattered heart. She knew whatever she is doing is wrong, well not fully because as a daughter she is doing right but her life is not only her but its belong to maan. still she can’t do anything. she took a small bottle, very thin and small and hide it in her blouse so that no one can see it in her hand as she will not carry any purse.


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She looked at herself, her bridal attire giving her angelic look. Once she wanted to do all this only for her maan but today she have to wear this for someone else. One difference is then she was feeling blushing with the mere thought and today no happiness or glow is on her face. she is a mere dead body with blood bone and flesh. Her heart is long dead. Not with this event but his words also. she had made him the man he is today. Because of her he had sacrifices his whole life. He loved her every time but she was never able to recognize it. today she felt ashamed of herself. But still she loved him beyond everything. Maybe she have to wear those marital signature for someone else but her mind soul and body is for maan only, she can’t let anyone touch her the way maan touched.


Pari marched in her room as usual with her angry glare and words, geet didn’t said anything, she is waiting for her massi who will take her to the temple where the dulha is waiting, everyone is there only, maybe Maan also. she plastered her eyes with blankness and took pari’s all blame.


Pari: what the hell do u think of urself ha? Mahan banne ka bhoot chadha hain tujh pe, why u r doing this. just let uncle be good 1st then u can decide what to do but no, Miss Handa is hell bent in ruining her life. Jo karna hain kar, teri zindegi but don’t think about the person who gave his all life for ur family and u, the most treasured happiness for him. le ja usse bhi apne sath. Make him a lifeless body. Tera kya hain tu to khush rahegi marega to sirf wo,


Geet couldn’t take her words and shouted on her: Pariiiii.. not a word on maan.

Pari: kyun geet, did u felt the pain, think it will be reality if u do this.

Geet ignored her: I have to do it, he only said na, till now I haven’t done a single thing for my papa, he was always depended on him. so now I m freeing him. from now I will take care of myself, maybe I m not a good lover, infact a worst lover but I can be a good daughter.

Pari: and u? where is u in between all?

Geet smiles painfully: I m lost pari, geet kahi kho chuki hain, abb sirf Geet handa hain who need to do this for her father.


Before pari could say anything geet’s massi entered the room, she told her to get ready they will leave in 15 mins, pari was frustrated and marched out from the room. Geet sat on the bed taking a photo from under the pillow. She caresses her photo.


Geet: I m sorry maan, I have to do this. for papa, for u. u both had done so many things for me, now its my turn. She tried to suppress her cry but few tears came out, she tightly bite her lips making it bleed but didn’t flinch in pain.


On the other hand someone was flinching in pain seeing her like that, his eyes were red in fury but face expressed the vulnerable side of him. maan clenched the curtain in his hand to stop his fury but it was oozing out. pari placed a hand on his shoulder and looked at him helplessly. Maan lowered his lashes and left the place. He was standing behind the door hearing her every words and regretting his words of last night.


Geet sat in the car, and her maasi also sat beside her. geet was feeling restless. Sid took the driving seat and pari sat beside him, geet tried to see maan from the window but he was nowhere to seen. Disappointment and pain can clearly seen in her eyes. The temple was 1 hour way from the khurana mansion. After 30 min geet was feeling restless and her palm was sweating, she felt dizzy, her maasi saw that. she asked her how she is feeling but geet told she is feeling suffocated only, sid stopped the car.


Pari: aunty u made her drink that juice na?

Maasi: ha bête, geet was already week so I made her drink so that she can get some energy till all ritual.

Pari: I think she drank it with empty stomach so might be its acidity. Sid take us to the medicine store, 5 min from here by car,

Sid: ok.

Sid was trying to start it but engine doesn’t start. He tried n tried and at last felt frustrated.

Pari: abb kya kare, I think we need a mechanic.

Sid: no need of mechanic yaar, I will see it, give me few min,


She came down and checked the bonnet.

Sid: pari, it will need 30 min at least, but geet ki halat kharab horahi hain, i think u should take maasi to buy some medicine till then I will arrange something.


Geet’s maasi wasn’t ready to leave geet, but seeing her state she couldn’t say anything. sid told her not to let pari go alone and she went with her. sid was checking the wires but felt the car need water as it become too hot. He told geet he will come in few min, and not to step out from the car.


Geet waited n waited, its more than 15 mins still sid isn’t coming, she came out with her heavy jewelry and ghagra and looked here and there. Getting the fresh air she was feeling good. She was thinking about maan as he haven’t come or talked to her. the mere thought she is going away from him made her cry silently. But then she felt something odd. She turn to see but get shocked, her eyes widen but she couldn’t scream or react as someone put a handkerchief on her face, she fainted instantly and fell on a hard body. He took her in his car and made her sit on the front seat where he took driver seat. Then drove off from there.


Sid came with the water and saw geet wasn’t there. he instantly called someone. The kidnapper took the call and smirk.


Sid: thank god. 1 min k liye to main sach me dar gaya tha.

Why? Don’t u know MSK ki life ko koi hath bhi nahi laga sakta, how could I let anyone touch her? even she doesn’t have the right to snatch herself from me.

Sid: ok ok MR MSK. Take care of my frnd  mr kidnapper.

Maan chuckle: its only because of her stubbornness, she want it to be adventurous so be it.

Sid: maan u know the address na?

Maan: by heart.

Sid smiles: ok then, I m disconnecting the call and u switched off it then throw it out. her phn has GPS, and brij knew it, he will track u.

Maan: hmm ok, take care of pari, wo aati hi hogi.

Sid: hmm waise idea accha tha, how can she manage for such a brilliant idea.

Maan: for a moment I was scared with the plan, MSK n scare do u blv it

Sid: hmm jab baat geet ki aaye maan kuch bhi kar sakta hain.

Maan: it wouldn’t possible if pari hasn’t mixed the slipping pills in her juice, I hope its only 2.

Sid: don’t worry I m doctor yaar, only 2 won’t harm and ur chloroform also isn’t so powerful, so relax and take care of urself.

Maan disconnect the call and smirks seeing his angel sleeping beside him with a serene calmness. But he knew its only for sometime, after it there will be a storm that he have to tackle alone. He took blessing from geet k babaji.






Brij shouted: GEEETTTTTTT,,,,

Maasi: shant hoja puttar.

Geet’s maasi told him that when she return she saw a tensed sid and sid had explained geet is not there, her phn is unreachable. Now brij is thinking geet had run away with maan as maan’s phn is also unreachable, he tried to search about him through his mother priya but she was also not here, infact she is in Chennai for some function.


Brij: how can I mom, how can I, ye ladki hume kahi ka nahi rakkhegi, how can she escaped. Now what will I tell mr Bhatia. Uska wo abnormal ladka pagal hain geet k liye, he is mad and psycho, maar dalega hum sabko. He was ready to make me the owner of the company if geet had married him. rounak will never leave geet but with that he will kill us also.


Just then they heard a gun shot and brij was petrified to see rounak bhaita standing with his guard and a gun in his hand, brij looked beside him, his one man is lying on the floor with blood.

Rounak held his collar: where is GEET?? He said dangerously.

Brij: i-i-I don’t know, sayad kahi phas gayi hogi

Raunak: u don’t know? Or u don’t want to live ur life? Tell me where is she, u know she is my life, I want her, I WANT HER NOWWW…. He shouted making everyone frighten and pari clinged to sid more who engulfed her in his embrace.

Brij: I m sorry, I m reay sorry, wo apne ashiq(lover) k sath bhaag gayi, I m really sorry. mujhe maaf kar dijiye. Brij falls on his feet but rounak kicked his stomach hard making him spit blood.

Rounak smirks: where will u go geet? I m ur fate, will capture u wherever u are. My sweet geet I m coming for ur hunt. It will be sweet and spicy to make u mine with chasing. He laughed like a maniac. It gonna be fun GEET.




Precap: geet’s reaction and where is she?



Hahhahaha, so how is the twist?? Yaar tum logo ne soch bhi kaise liya I will let her marry with this psycho, she is meant to be with maan only, but yes lots more hurdle to come in their path and what do u think about the reaction of geet when she find her KIDNAPPER?


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  1. finally maan kidnapped her ronak mad haye how could her family think of marrying her to someone like that hope maan will beat geet family soon specially brij kami… bas…


  2. Posted by Meena on August 9, 2012 at 3:18 pm

    awesome dear
    loved it
    continue soon


  3. of course geet toh khush hi hogi lekin i cann’t say abt geet handa..


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