Love for You Part 52



Part 52



Geet was waiting for rudra restlessly. Naina had seen her agitate behavior with other frnds, arohi had tried her level best to cheer her but she was lost in her own thought, at least rudra came and saw geet’s gloomy face. he went to her and seeing him geet instantly pounced on him.


Geet: where were u, why ur phn was switched off, do u know from how many hours I m waiting for u?

Rudra: calm down mishty, huya kya hain, why u r so hyper? Then it hit her she had talked in front of everyone. She looked at her rudra’s eyes. He doesn’t need to know anything, he assured her and told everyone they need to talk about something. Everyone knew something is fishy but no one dare to say anything in front of rudra.


Rudra drag her from there, no one said anything, they knew this 2 very well, if they had decided not to say anything to others, then they will never disclose their secret. But one person who was not so comfortable was maahi. She knew their frndship and geet’s love towards maan and now a days she is seeing love for her in rudra’s eyes, but still some corner of her heart always felt insecure, maybe its rudra’s over possessive love towards geet. Just the fact she missed he was always protective and now he is extra possessive because some where he knew she is his brother’s love.





Rudra: what was that?

Geet: where the heck were u?

Rudra glared at her to control her language and she got that, she pouted her lips sorry.

Rudra: kya huya?? Gussa kyun ho?  I went to meet Mohnish Raizada.

Geet: what??? how can u, u didn’t even tell me anything now a days. she made baby face. rudra sighed and held her arm facing her.

Rudra: mishty I need to talk to him for last warning, he had planned a meeting with maan and my informer told me today.

Geet eye’s widen: exactly, I wanted to talk about it only, maan told me he have some meeting with mohnish raizada tom, but he didn’t remember he is his uncle, which is good.

Rudra sounds worried: hmm,, he forgot the exact one yr but Mr Raizada doesn’t, he will try to make him remember everything, geet looked really torn out thinking about maan’s reaction. Don’t worry. We will manage. U can make him busy na?

Geet: no rudra, maan said its very important as he is ready to sold an important land to him, so he is going to meet him. I tried a lot. But,

Rudra looked at her worriedly. Then he come with a plan

Rudra: mishty u have to do something.

Geet: what? rudra smirks and told his plan, and with every word geet’s eyes widen.





Maan dev and neha came to singhania resident. Arjun had called him and neha too wanted to go there, dadima also accompanied them as geet had specially invited her for dinner. It was all packed up.


Maan saw geet clad in a yellow churidar, hair tied in a pony and dupatta tied over one side of waist. She was looking utterly delicious for his eyes. Somehow he controlled and entered the place. Arjun was already there lost in arohi who was helping geet to set the dinner. Geet saw the khuranas coming, she gave a sweet smile which literally took maan’s heart. He grinned foolishly, geet approached them but passed him with a teasing smile, he felt annoyed then saw her taking blessing from dadima and hugging her. Naina welcomed them warmly and dev gave white lilies to her as its her fav flower.  Unknowingly a tint of pink shade came on her face as she took it, dev grinned sheepishly. They were lost in their own land without knowing 2 pair of eyes silently observing them and smirking inwardly. Geet winked at dadima who hide her laugh seeing her grandson in love with her desired girl. she is feeling really happy. finally dev had fallen for a girl. but she was upset because she wanted maan to be fallen in love. But her expectation doesn’t go unheard as she turn she saw a amazing sight. Geet pouting her lips showing the flowers to maan who was looking away showing attitude.

Geet cursed him under her breath and left the place for kitchen. Everyone was lost in themselves to notice maan had slipped from there and going towards kitchen only. Dadima grinned seeing that. finally her both wishes had comes true.



Maan entered the kitchen and saw his angel cutely cribbing and making few noise with throwing the spoons and plates here n there.


Maan: geet aram se, sab barbaad hojayega. Thik se karo na.

Geet turn to see maan grinning and eating an apple from the fridge. He sat on the slab and started eating the apple.

Geet: what r u doing here maan? and how do u come here, everybody must have watched u. maan maan I m talking to u,

Maan: uffoo geet, how much u can talk, let me eat the apple, waise bhi tumne khana banaya hain meri to shamat aani hain, so let me enjoy this only.

Geet made a O: hawww how mean, what do u mean by maine banaya hain so u can’t eat? Iska matlab main buri cook hu? Maan u

Maan: ohhoo jaan maine aisa kab kaha?

Geet: ha ha tum kab kuch kehte ho, its me who fascinated things.

Maan: exactly, he said chewing his apple then realized what blunder he did and gave a nervous smile seeing her fuming in anger. She took a knife from the shelf showing it to maan who was already afraid and put his hands up. GE-GEETT. Ye kya kar rahi ho?

Geet didn’t said anything and took a cucumber to chop it for salad. She started chopping it with speed. At first maan was trying to calm her calling her with sweet names but then got worried seeing her cutting them in so much speed. He again tried to say something

Maan: jaan I was just joking, tumne vao nahi diya so I thought to make u a little annoy but,

His voice stuck and a shriek comes out seeing the blood oozing out from her finger.

Maan: GEETTTTT,,, he held her finger but geet put her other palm on his lips to prevent his shout, he looked at her confusingly then his eyes rolled on the blood,

Geet: maan dheere, kisine sun liya afad ajayegi, please don’t shout.

Maan took out her palm: u r saying don’t shout, did u see what u done? Its bleeding damit. He took her finger and placed it on the sink and took the cold water from fridge then poured it. geet hissed in pain with it. the cut was not so deep yet not so light. Bleeding was not stopping, he poured more water and then took her finger in his mouth. her eyes widen as its not a small cut which will stop the blood. But then she closed her eyes feeling his tongue rolling on her cut and sucking softly making it normal. He was so much in panic that couldn’t think beyond. He took out her finger when the blood stopped. And then took the dettol on cotton, she hissed in pain as he touched it softly. Slowly slowly he did all bandage and she kept looking at him. he sighed in relief and kissed the tip of the bandage.

Maan: I m sorry ye meri wajah se huya.

Geet: no maan, I was mad at u and then u said so its my fault, I shouldn’t have taken out my anger on my finger, she made face and cutely pouted looking at the big bandage which will surely noticeable.

Maan: but why u were mad?

That brought back his teasing in her mind, maan cursed himself for making her remember but before he can say anything she left him and stomped her foot on his, he cried holding his leg but she comes out from the kitchen. Maan smiles thinking about her cute face.

Maan: pagal.





Maan saw the whole family worrying over a small cut and specially naina who was literally crying. The hard girl who can make any man cry on her feet is crying for a small cut. Geet sat in the middle with a grumpy face looking at maan and cursing him for all the melodrama. Maan slightly smiles looking away then his eyes caught maahi, who was smiling looking at the scene. Thank god rudra was not there or he would have killed him for that, maan mentally laughed seeing rudra’s anger filled eyes. He adored the love geet was getting not only from her family but his as well.


Samir just joined them with sonali, geet hugged sonali tightly. But sonali was worried seeing the bandage.

Sonali: ye kaise huya mishty?

Geet rolled her eyes: kuch nahi veggy kat te waqt thoda sa kat gaya, nothing serious but dekho na

Sonali: what is this mishty, I told u na not to work, why u can’t listen to anyone. Dekho kat gaya na

Geet: sabke sab over protective pagal family hain meri.

Dadima worriedly: geet bête apko kya zarurat thi khana banana ki,, servants were there na.

Geet smiles: dadima u were coming here, how can I let any other person touch ur food. So I made it. and please guys I m fine, its just a small cut and no one will tell rudra about it. everyone gave a nervous smile but getting her glare they agreed, but she knew it will be impossible to hide it from him.



Maan: so now tell me yaha kyun bulaya yun achanak? Geet almost chocked her water. Naina passes tissue to her and checked if she is alright. She nodded.

Geet: wo ha, kyun hum aise dinner k liye nahi mil sakte kya?

Maan looked at her suspiciously: no, no that, but u called dadima just 5 hour back to come at dinner, so its sudden. So I thought

Geet: tum itna kyun sochte ho maan, kabhi kabhi break lagana accha hota hain, u know isse dimag ko shanti milegi aur hume bhi, she murmured the last words. Maan raises his one eye-brow.

Geet(ST): uff ye apna MSK wala brain ghar pe rakkhe nahi asakta.

Geet smiles nervously just then they heard rudra’s voice. Geet saw maan was curiously looking the guy beside rudra. She smirks.

Geet: Abhiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii,,,,

She ran towards him and abhi gave a huge smile to her.

Abhishek was rudra’s frnd and manager who takes care of his all meetings and project. Inshort everything. He and geet met in rudra’s studio and both instantly clicked it, how can anyone left out from Geet’s charm.

Abhi: how r u geet?

Geet: ekdum perfect, aaj hi aaye na tum.

Abhishek shook his head and then rudra introduce him with other who welcomed him gladly.

Abhi: rudra said u are planning a picnic with frnds and family so how can I say no, I was anyway coming in india,

Geet: OMG, u will come tom, but u must be feeling tired na?

Abhi: nope, how can I fell tired with my chutki.

Geet smiles warmly.

Just then her eyes meet with a fuming pair of magnetic look. Maan gave her a murderous glare, she only smiles at him weakly.

Maan(st): can’t she told me once.

Geet(St): bolne se aate thodi na.

Maan(st): poocha to hota.


Just then rudra asked: dadima geet called u to ask u whether u would like to join us for a family picnic, its long we didn’t spent our time together. Dadima gladly accepted, so was neha arjuna nd dev.

But maan interrupt

Maan: I m sorry, I can’t

Geet cursed him: ha he has meeting, and MSK dumping meeting for picnic it doesn’t suit him

Dadima was angry on him: ha family function chorke jana for parties,, frnd and drinking, its all normal but for picnic he doesn’t have time.

Geet looked at her painfully but dadima couldn’t controlled herself, yes its right that maan had changed a lot but she can’t forget those days when she was feeling lonely without her family but he was nowhere. Maan felt bad and he looked at geet who was equally angry and hurt. She looked away feeling a lump hearing dadima’s word.

Geet: choriye na dadima, maan nahi ayega to kya huya, hum hain na. and now abhi is also here, u won’t believe but he is an amazing footballer. We can watch his and rudra’s match tom.

Maan was burning in jealously seeing her close with abhi. Then decided he can’t let her alone with this fellow. His eyes burnt seeing his hand on geet’s waist and she was standing carelessly.

Maan: I m also coming.

Geet smirks and looked at rudra who winked at her.

Geet: but tumhara to meeting

Maan: aadi will handle. If dadima want her grandson to spent time with her I should not steal her wish.

Dadima smiles at him affectionately and kissed his forehead.

Abhi: ok geet baby, I m going to hotel now, need to catch some sleep, jetlag, he cribbed cutely.

Geet giggle: so u can stay here na, bahar kyun jana hain bhai?

The word clicked in maan’s head and geet mentally kicked herself for blabbering.

Abhi: baby, I would love to but my luggage is there only, and ur bhabhi had packed dozen of cloths only in that one.

Rudra: don’t worry abhi, u can share mine and stay here, kal chale jana directly.


Abhi agreed and retired for room. Maan gave a dangerous glare and geet knew its an warning, next day she is gone. She prayed to her babaji to help her. and gave a sweet smile to maan who couldn’t help but smirk seeing her nervous state.


Precap: same.


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  1. Lovely update…
    Geet and Rudra sumhow managed maan from meeting that devil..
    Abhi and geet toh gaye kaam se.. 🙂
    Maahi s still insecure…ds will create more pblms in maahi-rudra relation..


  2. Awesome Update …Geet n abhi toh gaye ..kaam sae


  3. Posted by spvd on August 9, 2012 at 8:12 pm

    part 52
    so Maan is not going for the meeting………..
    cont soon dear………….

    Deepa (spvd)


  4. Posted by nandy on August 10, 2012 at 1:05 pm


    loved it

    now what will maan ddo?????

    cont soon


  5. Posted by Meena on August 10, 2012 at 3:18 pm

    awesome dear


  6. Posted by tabby on August 11, 2012 at 3:52 pm

    loved it
    thankgod maan not meeting manish


  7. Posted by hinalmaaneet21 on August 29, 2012 at 5:22 am

    awesome part
    geet toh gayi
    ha ha maan jealous
    n geet’s family is so over protective n they will be with such a sweet n carefree angel they all have to be over protective only
    n they succedded in stopping maan meeting from mohnish whewww


  8. poor maan ……….. because of his jealousy he agreed to go for picnic by leaving his meeting bt nw look geet called abhi as her bhai…..tich y u nt updating this in IF………the u will get more readers for it………


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