Devil’s Darkest Possession Part 10



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Part 10



Geet opened her eyes to welcome the bright sunny light with her devil’s smirk. Last night instantly flashed in her mind and with a reflex she hide her bosom with her hand and looked for a duvet. But what amazed her was maan’s chuckling. Then she saw herself which was nicely covered with a white fluffy duvet. She turned her face to find her night gown or anything that she can wear and go away from his clutch but alas, it didn’t happened. Soon she found his hands on her stomach, her bare back touched his chest and his lips touched her nape softly.

‘Good morning sleeping beauty’ maan whispered in her ear softly kissing her earlobe and nibbling the flesh in his mouth.

For a moment she felt a shiver ran in her spine, but how can it be. it should be only disgust that she feel for him. maybe its just physical, yes this devil knew seduction that he used for many women for his bed. The mere thought was so filthy for her. she tried to jerks his hand but he held it tightly.

‘don’t u think u r on my mercy and I can do anything that u will never like’ he said as his fingers started going upward towards her nude curves, she gulp hard and stopped her protesting, he smirks and again held her tummy bringing her close to him, ‘Good. Now when u r awake, we can continue the thing we left in the night’ he said naughtily making her eyes open in shudder. She snapped and turned forgetting her state.

‘u said u will not force on me till I m ready for it then?’      

Maan smirks seeing her fire full eyes but the soft white skin of her neck caught his attention. He hovered on her, then only she realized what she had done, she cursed herself mentally and tried to cover her front making him chuckle.

‘ I had seen u last night geet. And yes I had said it, but seeing u like this isn’t helping keeping my promise so, I thought to cancel the promised right now.’

Geet looked at him confusingly, one time he said he will not force her, other side he said it lust but why isn’t he just get what he want for once and throw her. he was 1st mercilessly assaulting on her but then became soft. Once he said he will wait for her consent now saying he can break his own promise. WHAT IS HE? Why he changes his mood and color so frequently.

The thing she missed to recognize. HE IS AN ENIGMA, a merciless predator who hunt his pray with his own manner. Who is king on his own den. Who is a devil of his dark live. A Dangerous Devil.


Just then they heard a bang on the door. Geet was petrified with the thought if somebody see them like this what will they thing, but in one corner she wanted to know how she came here, where is her parents. Doesn’t they get suspicious or questioned him, specially her mother. Her thought become an halt when she heard a sound BOWWW BOAWWWW…

Geet whisper ‘gugule’

 ‘I hate ur gugule, he said greeting his teeth ‘Someday I serious will kill him’ Maan sighed in frustration..

Geet eyes widen in shock n fear, and that maan noticed very well. he smirks seeing her weak nerve.

‘I never knew a small puppy can be ur weakness’ he chuckle and geet felt ground slipping and its indeed. He was taking her in his arms lifting her but 1st he covered her with a soft satin sheet. ‘get fresh 1st, last night I told ur parents u r very sick and I need to take u in ur house, they were reluctant but who can save themselves from MSK’s charm. So get ready fast before they get to see us like this.’

‘where is mamma?’

‘she is busy with anjali’s bidai’s preparation and dadima also is here’

Geet felt weird as her mother will never left her in this situation. Maan saw that.

‘wanna get a shower from ur devil jaan?’ he said with utmost sensuous voice making her come out from her thoughts.

‘Nooooo’ she chide

He left her in the bathroom giving her address of his choice. Geet felt irritated as some unknown person is making decision for her life which she never approved.





Geet comes out wearing a red anarkali suit which he gave her from her closet. Gulgule ran to her, she saw maan sipping his coffee standing over the window, he is looking fresh. That’s mean he had woken up much earlier and got freshen also. she took gulgule in her arms and saw the timing its 10 am. Gulgule must be hungry as he only with her. she quickly kissed his cheeks, if cheek is visible. Maan saw her carrying gulgule. He felt like killing the small puppy like creature. And when he saw her kissing that creature, anger rushed down. He marched close to her with anger. But geet tightly held gulgule close to her chest. Fear was visible in her eyes. He held her waist, with that her hold loosen and gulgule slipped out, he ran out for his life and hide somewhere close to his wooden basket. Geet looked at his hold on her wrist, it was hurting her.

Maan roared ‘I told u I don’t like anyone near u, then how can u let that creature touch u? ha? Bolo?’ he pulls her petite waist close to him and she bang on his hard chest. She looked at his eyes, seeing the anger somewhere she found her confident back. its amazing that his anger always woke her angry self but his soft side always scared her.

‘he is just a puppy, and dare u put ur filthy eyes on him, I won’t tolerate anything on him’ she retorted making him smile a bit.

He leaned on her ‘ok I will not’ Geet was confuse as he is taking her words seriously, is she dreaming or it’s a miracle, but his next word broke her trance. ‘but’ ,,, he said with a smirk making geet knotted her eyebrow. He came on her cheek close to her ear, he whisper ‘but I will maintain it till u are close to me. if u try to go away from me, trust me I will KILL ur dearest possession’

she blinked her lashed realizing the intensity in his voice. And she can say yes he is very much sure about it.

he kissed her cheek softly. And nuzzle his face in her neck kissing the alley. Geet become stiff with his assult and it made him more angry. He started nibbling her skin more vigorously and few became red with his biting. She hissed in pain he mercilessly nipped her skin over her neck and coming on her chest. She couldn’t take it and pushed him, but the force wasn’t enough to push away the best. He grabbed her arms and pushed her on a wall, then covered her body with his, then threw her dupatta. She tried to wriggle but he pinned her both hand above her head.

‘I said don’t try to ignore me, I m ur destiny geet, why don’t u accept that and dare to try to push me, it won’t be good for u’ he slammed his lips on her taking her all juice from her lips in his. she was feeling trapped. Her weak body didn’t have the strength to shove him and her dignity doesn’t approve to agree on his terms. She closed her eyes feeling the pain he was giving her, his hands moved over her body touching her rubbing them. But it stopped as he felt some salty thing in his mouth. he groans realizing its her tears and saw her eyes close. Her face doesn’t showed helpless or pain, but anger and hatred. He smirks ‘not every time ur tears will help u’ and captured her lips in a urgent smooch. She was baffled with it. she thought he is leaving but like awaken the beast. But the thing make her more shock was her body. He is indeed a devil who knew her body to well. he caresses her waist going inside her suit. Her soft flesh of waist made him mad and he softly touches it making her shiver. His tongue was playing it’s own game with her. she tried not to divert her mind and soon something came to her rescue.

Someone is banging the door. He left her after few second groaning and going mad on the person. She collect her dupatta but as she was going to open the door, he pulls her again by holding her wrist.

‘I don’t like this sadness on ur face,’ she looked at him mockingly like who is saying this, the same person made her sad is saying this. he wiped her tears made her messy hair proper and placed the dupatta rightly on her body. ‘and ur mother also doesn’t like u like this’

The mere thought of her mother catching her like this made her scared. she would never forgive herself if her mother see her like and this and feel guilty for anything. then it hot her, her gave guglule entry in her room then again locked it so no one can come to see them like this.


He leaned on the wall giving her space to run. And she made an run to the door. As soon as she opened the door her mother with nandini and dadima came inside.

‘geet itni der kyun laga diya? How r u beta?’

Geet panicked to see her mother and others.

‘I m ok mamma, but where were u and’

Dadima spoke between ‘beta we just get to know about ur health last night, ur father said u r not feeling well so went in home. But we thought maybe nandini or mohinder ji is with u, later we found they were their only and u were alone here.’

Nandini was worried, she checked her and said ‘I m really sorry geet, I didn’t knew about it, papa didn’t said anything to me, just today morning he said u r alone as he was quite busy but he made sure u r ok.’


All the time geet’s eyes were on maan who was smirking on her. that’s mean he never told anything to her mother but only her father who was himself busy in those marriage rituals and preparation, she knew her father believes him and let him take her away. She cursed her fate and him.

Just then her father entered with his few frnds and anjali’s parents were also there. anjali came with her husband and relative. Geet hates anyone entering her room and now its look like kinder garden.

‘actually maan beta said he is taking geet at home, she was not feeling well and I knew he will take care of her so I let him. geet was alone but his security was outside of the house and I personally checked that. I was busy in the marriage and so was her mother and sister and so I didn’t feel like telling it knowing rano get worried in silliest matter.’ Rano gave a angry glare to him which he ignored. Just then anjali’s brother in law spotted maan who was hearing everything still no one had noticed him till yet, he said it to his mother means anjali’s MIL.

MIL: was he here whole night?

Everyone’s eyes went on maan who was seeing the family drama. Dadima was shocked to see him there, but maan and caring for a girl is poles apart, he only used them and she can’t do anything about it.

aap yaha kya kar rahe hain maan? dadima enquired being little stern

Rano looked at geet who was looking at maan only. Maan walked towards them and made his place right beside geet. He held her waist possessively.

‘how can u think I will left alone my would be bride?’

His statement made everyone gossiping.

Anjali’s MIL: its good they are going to be married but before it spending night, chi chi inhe sharam bhi nahi aati.

Anjali’s husband tried to stop her as talking infront of MSK is talking with own death.

His frnds started eyeing on geet lustfully; the look maan didn’t missed and greeted his teeth.

Anjali’s FIL: hoga MSK apne shaher ka but ye ek small town hain where a girl’s dignity is her ornaments and here the girl is standing with him so shamelessly.

Maan couldn’t take it anymore: not a word more, ‘its none of ur concern with whom and why she is spending her time. I think u have better think to worry about now.’ he looked at anjali’s husband nitin. Who gulped in fear knowing what power MSK possess.  ‘Now can u leave so that I can take my future wife away from this chaos.’

Without trying to hear anything maan dragged geet out of there who felt trapped and helpless in this.





Geet was getting frustrated sitting in a car for almost 40 mins. And only silence is there. she got calls of anjali that nitin had lost his job and now everyone is blaming her and maan, geet could careless but still being a frnd she would never want her frnd’s misfortune and its not their fault that they doesn’t know MSK well. its normal for her town to accuse a girl for nothing and she had accepted it long back still seeing maan’s reaction something skipped in her.


‘where are we going?’ She finally asked feeling irritated.

Maan didn’t said anything but drove faster, his face was blank but anger was there. she again n again asked still he keep the driving fast n faster. Geet doesn’t like speed so she closed her eyes leaning on the seat closing her eyes.

As soon as he stopped the car she came out and started puking. Maan hurriedly came out and held her shoulder. Seeing her puking made him worried. If anyone else was in her he would have made disgusting faces and turned his face, maybe walked out but here something jolt in him and he held her tightly possessively in his embrace. He held her waist with one hand and other was on her forehead. She tried to shove off his hands but he again held her tighter.

She felt weak and leaned on his shoulder, maan somehow took the bottle and splashed on her face. she was looking at him intently, why he is doing this. he is not a loving caring prince who would do this for her but its devil who know how to gain. But her all thinking came to halt as he scooped her in his arms, she protested but he gave a glare. He slowly walked inside a haveli. Geet was mesmerized with the décor and maan saw that. she was looking at every corner and the architecture.  Then it strike her where is she and what her devil want to do with her here.

‘wh-what are we doing here and who’s is this place.’

Maan leaned over her face ‘whom do u think geet?’ His husky voice was making her fearful for something. ‘Do u think MSK would taken u anyother place? Its my haveli.’

Geet: what I m doing here? She said coldly.

Maan smirks: to enjoy ur time, spending some time with ur devil.

She gulp hard knowing what he want, but she won’t give in so easily. He placed her on her feet and leaned over her. take some rest I m coming. She looked around to see she is in a large room, looking like the master bedroom. Absolutely maan’s choice, she shivered thinking it might be maan’s room. She looked at her phone and called her mother first.



Precap: engagement. And fighting with devil’s lust.


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