Kagaz Ki Kashthi luv tht Sacrifices Life Part 64






Part 64



Saanjh opens her eyes slowly steadily, she need time to adjust the bright light on her face and then felt something in her hand, she looked at the joining hand and then lifted her eyes to see the source of the hand. she was shocked to see shiv sleeping in sitting position placing his head on the bed rim and his hand tightly holding her hand. she jerks his hands and went far from him on the bed. The sudden jerk broke his sleep and he saw at saanjh painfully who was looking everywhere except him. he felt a pang but knowing he is the cause of their distance made him more guilty. She wanted to run away from him, from this place, its 5yrs still she doesn’t have the power to face him, she is not so strong to face him and his words again. Tears made their way and she tried to lift herself, as soon as she stepped out of the bed her legs felt weak and she was going to fall when shiv ran towards her and held her. she immediately shoved his hands.

Saanjh: so-sorryyy. She was breathing heavy with his closeness and tried to make a gap between them. Shiv closed his eyes in pain. He could never imagine what she had faced in past. He never realized the depth of her pain then. his harsh words that made her feel so insufficient. She started hating herself so much that broke the strong saanjh he knew. The pain in her eyes broke him. saanjh hurriedly started going away from him.


Shiv: I m sorry. he said hoping to see his saanjh back and saanjh stopped at her track, she looked at him blankly, but the blankness covered with fear and pain. She walked out from there and shiv dropped on the floor shedding his remorseful tears.


Saanjh was almost running from there when she banged with dev, she was going to fall when he held her and made her stand properly, he saw the same innocence and sadness on her face which once he had seen on geet’s face.


Dev: saanjh what happen? Why u are crying?


Saanjh couldn’t say anything but looked at the door from where she came right now, her eyes were fully teary as the person came in her vision. Dev saw shiv coming out from the room, he doesn’t know what happen but the same pain once he had seen after geet and maan’s marriage came to his thought. He held saanjh’s shoulder protectively and took her out from there, as they were coming down nt saw dev with saanjh, she was not liking saanjh’s closeness with dev, any wife would have behaved same, but dev didn’t saw that he made her comfortable, just then aniee came with mahika in her hand. saanjh saw maahika who was looking at her only and gave her gummy smile. saanjh came close to her and mahika throws her chubby hands for her maasi, saanjh forget her all sadness and took mahika. She sat on the floor and placed mahika on the floor, both were giggling and saanjh was tickling mahika. Dadima saw the scene but her eyes went on shiv who was watching them with a sad smile.


Whole family got an instant liking towards saanjh. But the one person didn’t like was nt, 1st dev’s closeness with her then geet’s sister, somewhere the sister possessiveness came inside her and she started feeling alone again.


Everyone was busy staring at maahi and saanjh when maaneet came down from the stares. Nikita took a sigh relief seeing geet all relax and maan’s closeness with her. she felt something must be wrong between them and she feared it. now seeing them together and happy she felt relief.


Geet saw her saanjh happily playing with mahika, maan was also delighted to see that. maan came close to them and sat on the floor. Seeing the great MSK sitting on floor with the uncomfortable business suit dev and aniee let out a small giggles. Maan showed them an angry glare but they soon got their support. Dev dragged geet between them who smiles gladly.


Dev: bhai don’t show us ur big eyes, we have out support. See geet bhabhi the great business tycoon MSK crawling on floor because his princess mahika want him to be her ride.


Abhinash stood up to defend his son: hello mr dev singh khurana u had also did that when prem was 5 months. U were his donkey. Everybody laughed and so was saanjh. Geet was glad seeing her smiling.


Geet: but dad prem is a kid and that time his age was that but see maan is behaving like a 5 month kid now when he have a 2 month old baby.


Everyone giggle on her statement, saanjh glared at her which geet ignored. Maan gave a murderous look to her which he smirks.


Geet went to kitchen to help nt but her eyes caught the sad eyes of shiv. She felt a pang in her heart to see him sad. Geet is a girl who can never see sadness even on her enemy’s face. she knew maybe something really drastic had happened but what? she sometime felt grabbing maan’s collar and make him to say all the past but she knew it need time. more over saanjh need to heal. Her eyes caught the eye lock between saanjh and shiv. She felt unknown pain to see saanjh’s pain. The way she avoided to look at shiv’s eyes. Without saying anything shiv slipped out from the crowd, but geet saw that. not only geet nt also saw that.


Nt: geet do u think only shiv was at fault?


Geet: I don’t know. She said gloomily.


Nt: it can never be only one side fault, if Maan veer was with them then how can saanjh forgave him not shiv? What had happened and she was ur sister, she also didn’t said anything?


Geet felt her heart is again betraying as it heaved up suddenly. She felt panic. But got a glass of water and drank it fully. Nt got worried with it. she tried to sooth her hyper self. And geet broke down in tears.


Geet: I don’t know di why everyone left me in this, there is no geet between maan saanjh and shiv. I felt so left out.


How can u think so geet?


She looked out the kitchen to see meera was standing there, sujal and jay was standing a few feet away. Geet ran to her and hugged her.


Meera: duffer vale hi tune itna bara raaz chupaya but still we are best frnds. And I will be ur sister blood ka naa sahi soul sister to hu.


Soon jay and sujal also came in the group hug crushing geet and meera in their strong hug.


Meera: ufff gendo hatho. Kinte mote ho tum dono.

Jay: excuse me darling, its call abs. a perfect body.

Meera: abs, huh, aaj kal hippo ke bhi abs hote hain.


Geet giggles seeing their never ending fight and sujal wiped her tears.


Sujal: never say u don’t have frnds when we are here. No matter what happen we will be ur best frnd till life ends.


Geet: thank u,


Jay: yelo ye to dosti ka 1st rule hi bhool gayi.


Sujal meera and jay together: in friendship there is no sorry and no thank u,


Sujal: its ur rule and u forgot ha?


Geet held her ear: abb nahi bhoolungi. She smiles, but didn’t know her smile can take his heartbeat. And there the person smiling at them.


Geet’s met with maan who was looking at her only. She smiles weakly. But maan knew how much alone she was feeling. He decided to tell her their past as soon as possible.






As soon as shiv entered kapoor resident he saw sam was sitting in the living room. He raises his eyes brow. Sam gave a smile to him which he ignored. He went towards his mini bar and sam followed him.


Sam: I need to talk to u shiv


Shiv snapped at her: what do u want to talk ha? What is ur need now? did u want to hurt Her again.


Sam looked at him with fear because this time its not one person but 2 person who had taken the 2 heart that belonged to her some day. She was ruling their heart but today both had given that to Geet and Saanjh. And for shiv its not about only saanjh now, he is worried about geet equally. Saanjh was right he can never takes out his responsibility and his heart from geet, her innocence had marked his heart and made a place innocently.


Sam: shiv believe me, it was not my fault, it was saanjh who thought all this. u know how she was, some middle class girl wanted ur money only.


Shiv could take it and shouted on her pointing a finger.


Shiv: JUST SHUT UR FILTHY MOUTH SAMAIRA. stop ur nonsense, once I had agreed with u because u showed me false proves and I was so dumb in my brotherly love that forgets about ur cunning self. But not now. that immature Shiv had died the day saanjh left him not this Shiv kapoor who loves his frnd and regret his deeds. I had seen the real love sam which u can never feel because for that u need to have a good heart. Alas u don’t have one. just leave sam before I seriously do something.


Sam: shiv please


Can’t u listen once Samaira?


Sam and shiv turn to see Maan standing on the entrance with his hand crossed over his arm. His face that showed calmness but sam knew it’s the storm inside. He is dangerous when he is calm, and the eyes clearly said what he can do with her now.


Sam felt irritated: ho kya gaya hain tum dono ko huh? In past also my happy life got destroyed with geet’s so called sister saanjh, and after ages it got destroyed with that low market Geet. I can’t understand why these 2 is always behind rich men like u.


Maan: ENOUGH, don’t try to cross ur limit samaira, I had enough of ur filthy works now I won’t take a min to throw u out from this town.


Sam: u will regret high time maan, u will regret.


Shiv: we will see that, now do u want to go by urself or I will call the guards?


Sam stomped her feet and went out from there, shiv looked at maan and then turn to hide the pain in his face. little he know his shadow sense his hide n seek game.


Maan: drinking is not a good choice in the early morning? Shiv ignored and poured some whisky in his glass then ice cubes.


Shiv: what are u doing here maan?


Maan: I think we should tell geet everything, only she can help us in this.


Shiv instantly snapped: noo u can’t do this.


Maan: I have to, I can’t see her like this, I want my geet.

Shiv: why can’t u understand, I lost my one frnd but this time I don’t want to lose geet, she will hate me maan, she will hate me.


Shiv couldn’t even think what will go on geet when she come to know that she did frndhsip and returned the most treasured frndship with maan to a person who is responsible for her sister’s misery to an extent that broke her so much what must be go on her. she will definitely hate the man who brutally snatched the ability of her sister’s thinking on herself. He had insulted her so much that regret of loving him eaten her and forced her to give away her life. What will go on geet when she will face him knowing her most treasured sister’s love had demolished under his feet.


Shiv broke down thinking the consequent. Only saanjh’s look gave him thousand niddle in his heart what will happen when the one person who showed trust on him come to know the truth of their real past?



Precap: Past starts fully.


This part is fully with present condition and next will be full past, maybe in 2 part past will come fully, but not only funny there can be sadness. And the real reason of saanjh’s misery. Once I get rid of past i can concentrate on present. But then also I will put little little funny moment of shiv and saanjh. But the main focus will land on geet and her relation with saanjh, shiv and mostly maan.


Sorry for no MAANEET scene but this part was needed to show family and frnds bonding.


Sorry for all the mistakes. And thank u for all the superb likes, last time I said I was disappointed to see the likes, this time I m flying to see 200+likes, but I know again it will dropped. Tichu sobbing hard.


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