Kaisi Kashish Hain Yeh Part 48





Hayee rabba itne sare wishes, thank u thank u thanku sooooo much for ur lovely wishes on my bday,,, loved them and specially those cakes yummmmyyyy, cards and gifts, thank uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu….. love u all, sorry I couldn’t reply individually, kaan pakad k maafi but u know na typing all updates and then replying, it doesn’t go with me, I ate my all time with typing updates and then study…..


Ok now no bakbak here is the next part. Oops only 2 left to complete 50th part.

All because of u guys.



Part 48



It was morning when maan’s eyes shot open with a mourn, he tried to adjust his view but the cry was unbearable. He instantly looked at geet who was crumbling like a ball and crying holding her head and hiding her face in the pillow, maybe to suppress the sound of her cry. His heart wounded to see her like that. he immediately sat up and held her bare shoulder. He was in full panic when he saw her tearful face and crying in pain.


Maan: geet, geet calm down, let me call the doctor. Please jaan sambhalo apne aap ko. He was going to call the doctor when geet held his hand. her face was showing how much pain she is feeling but she tried to ignore it knowing maan’s fear with her. she was taking heavy breath to divert her mind but maan caught that. jaan, wait a min.


Geet: nahi maan, I m good. Its normal, I will be alright in few hour.


Maan gasp: its normal? Geet tried to give her best smile, but maan ignored and took the phn. He tried armaan’s number immediately.


Armaan who was sitting beside ridz patting her to sleep looking at her feeling lost,  saw his ringing phn and with the id he took in few sec.


Armaan: ha maan, anything serious? He sounds so worried. Maan told him about her headaches. Armaan sighed, maan she has some pills with her, if u can give her that. and come to meet with her doctor in the morning. Doc raghav is ready to take her case until geet is ready to meet doc Johnson in London.


Maan: but tum?


Armaan: tum vul rahe ho sayad I m a cardiologist,, don’t worry Doc Raghav is very  well known neurosurgeon.


Maan searched the pills with his phn in his neck and ear. Geet refused the pills. He tried to place it in his mouth but she shoved his hand making the pills fall on the floor. Maan panicked seeing her gain crying in pain.


Maan: why she isn’t taking the pills?


Armaan: the pills will put her sleep but it can harm the baby. Geet only 2 or 3 times had taken them not knowing what can be the effect on baby, but when she got to know about it, she never touched them. I had forcefully given her because if needed in by chance.


Maan was shaken from the thought of her pain and bearing it all alone this months.


Maan: effect?


Armaan: maan with this continuous dose ur baby can be abnormal or mentally retired person. his or her many body parts will not work properly. There can be various problem. Maan was in tears thinking what to do now? he can’t see his love in this condition. Armaan sense his restlessness and tried to calm him. maan its ok, u can still help her, try to divert her mind. Take her in fresh air but divert her mind from the headaches. Our main problem is we focus too much on our pain that is the reason we think it is increasing where the truth is if we ignore the pain it become less. Try it.


Maan nodded: armaan.


Armaan: hmmm


Maan: how these months she had taken all this without letting me know?


Armaan sadly smiles: every morning she had spent hours in washroom or terrace. And as u were always tired with ur previous night vigorous work out to punish ur self in every night, u didn’t noticed her absent in the morning.


Maan looked away feeling pain and guilty both. Yes its true. It maybe his fault. Every night he would have did a lot of work out which lastly exhausted his body and sometime he had lost his conscious, what should he do. He didn’t get sleep remembering his sin so he did that to punish himself and to get some sleep as well on the other hand same was geet, guilt ate her. guilt of giving her love pain.


Both hung the phn and armaan saw ridz looking at him with pain and fear. Fear of losing her best frnd.


Armaan: she will be alright.


Ridz: when u get to know about her disease?


Armaan: few months back, when she 1st got admitted in hospital we did various check up but couldn’t come to conclusion, but once I got to see her report I was shock and baffled. I did check the report for 3 times and geet again did her full check up after 4 weeks, she didn’t knew all this because I was working with other doctors on her report. She got frequent headaches and vomiting and her reports got confirm on her pregnancy report. She get to know about it but she gave her full attention on her pregnancy. once it drawn in her she had decided not to tell anyone.


Ridz: I don’t want to lose her armaan. Please will u save her?


Armaan looked at her teary: we will fight with God for her. she hide her face in his chest and he hugged her tightly.


Ridz: but why uwas ignoring me and maan? Then its drawn in her,  she thought,,,


Armaan: she knew when u get to know about it, u will be shatter, she wanted to grow hatred for her in all ur heart, but she knew no one will hate her, so she choose to ignore everyone or she pretend, doc had said if she goes to London for her treatment maybe she get cure if god is with her but then she had minor chances to get her normal life back. she can be paralyzed or lose her MEMORY fully, she won’t be able to see u guys and she knew if u see her like that u couldn’t be able to tolerate that.


Ridz cried holding his shirt: what she wanted with all this armaan, either way we would die without her. but why u didn’t tell me, why u ignored me huh? Why?


Armaan: 1st I was helping her. I was always with maan to protect him so that he won’t do any silly things, geet told me to be always with him. but she wanted a mother for her baby, and it could be u only


Ridz gasp and armaan smiles: how could she,


Armaan: she is mad ridz, she wanted a good future for u, either with maan and her baby or with me, and I was helping her.


It made ridz fumes in anger: how could u think so? How could u armaan? Her eyes were showing pain. Armaan tried to touch her shoulder but she snapped.


Armaan: I was just fulfilling her wish, but trust me, I was not ready to give u for her baby, u were always mine and will be. later I found she was only testing my patience, she knew I won’t let u go and she was right, the mere thought about losing u made me jolt in fear. He hugged her from back and hide his face in her neck, ridz closed her eyes as tears began to flow.


Ridz: I m not worthy for u armaan, I m not pure anymore, I have lost everything. Her whimper pierced his heart and he turned her harshly.


Armaan: u r and will be the epitome of purity riddhima, and who r u to decide u r worthy or not. For me its ur heart that I want. i know its my fault that I didn’t accept my feeling earlier but u know ur armaan was always dumb in front of u. ridz smiles through tears. Ridz ur armaan needs u in every phase of life. Will u be beside me throughout my life? She shook her head in yes and armaan kissed her forehead. I Love you, I love u very much.


Ridz opens her eyes feeling his moist lips on her and smiles shyly.


Ridz: I love you too……..






Maan saw geet’s hand were making fist of the pillow’s corner. He took deep breath and goes close to her other side on the bed. He tried to make her turn but she didn’t budge instead held the pillow more tightly biting the pillow to suppress her pain but it wasn’t helping. He forcefully made her see his face. her face was covered with tears. He felt a pang in his heart.


Maan: geet, he whisper which was enough painful to force her see his face. she knew this pain will torn him. he took her head and placed on his lap. She held his hand but he took something in his palm, she saw him taking a portion of balm and placed his fingers on her forehead. She smiles weakly and closed her eyes. He started massaging her forehead; she felt some kind of sooth, like its relaxing her. she snuggle more close to him. he took some oil in his palm and started massaging her hairs. Though she was feeling pain but the love overcome her pain, she started relaxing in his warm embrace. He lift her a little and she placed her head on his chest as he was in half sitting position, he massaged her long hair and scalp with coconut oil, she was sighing softly and maan found her sleeping on his chest. Tears rolled down feeling her pain and he hugged her tightly. Soon sleep took over him.





It was morning when geet saw him with droopy eyes, then found her head very light and body relaxed. But then noticed where she is sleeping, that means maan couldn’t sleep properly, she saw his tired face which was leaning against the bedpost. She smiles a little, and then herself wrapped with the sheet against his body, last night played their passion and love, their confession together and then her pain which vanished with his magical touch. She smiles through tears and kissed his bare chest above his heart.


Geet: why couldn’t I see this soft heart which always loved me insanely?


Her tear rolled down but didn’t reach far as his tongue licked it, she looked at maan who was smiling at her. he kissed her cheeks one by one and then forehead.


Maan: good morning wifey. Geet blushed with the name and he kissed her eyes one by one. geet I want something, will u give me?


Geet: anything.


Maan: I don’t want to see these tears of guilt in ur eyes, I don’t want any past between us. If we start counting out mistakes then it will take eternity, I just want our present with our love. Can we start a fresh?


Geet smiles at him and nodded, she kissed his chest again.


Geet: I want to live with ur love maan.


Maan: and I want to go on honeymoon with my jaan. Geet’s eyes widen in shock and surprise as his words entered mind fully.


Geet gasp but maan kissed her neck sensually making her lost in his passion.


Geet: ma-maannn. She moans as his hands were playing with her curve under the duvet.


Maan: I have finalized the place also.


Geet smiles thinking they are going on honeymoon after almost a year.


Geet: where?




Her eyes snapped open realizing why he want to go there, she frowns and pushed him.

Geet: I m not going with u, she tried to stood up but maan pulls her again on him, her back touched as she sat on the bed. He kissed her whole back.


Maan: I m not asking jaan, I m giving u the verdict. We are going on our anniversary which is after a week and we will celebrate it there only.


Geet: but..


Maan: shhhhh, let me love my wife, u can crib later.


Geet: maan, she gasp as he bite her neck and pulls her in another passionate love making.






Maan told his family about her disease and they were broken with it, geet was fearing this from a long time, but seeing the family in tears couldn’t help her, she had cried with them thinking she won’t be with them after few months. Maan gave his best strong look but she knew what is going inside him.


Armaan set the meeting with senior doc raghav, he will handle geet’s case. He had checked geet’s case more than 4 times and came to conclusion about her treatment, along with him geet’s gynecologist was there because of her pregnancy and armaan was monitoring geet’s health which will help her in the treatment. Beside all maan is beside her which she needed the most.


Geet was getting ready for hospital, maan had insisted her he will go along with her. she thought of days when she wanted him to be beside her but she couldn’t said it. her thought breaks as two strong pair of arms slides in her waist and pulls her in a manly grip. He kissed her neck and a smile form on her face looking at their reflection. Maan saw her smiling and blushing he places wet kisses around her nape. She moans with the kisses.


Maan: ye kaisi kashish hain geet jo mujhe tumhari taraf khichti rehti hain. whenever I tried to break the pull I felt more attracted towards it. is this love?


Geet: hmm, mujhe to ye kashish 4 saal se hain. tabh bhi sochti rehti thi, kaisi kashish hain yeh, vale hi tab naam diya tha sayad pyar lekin aaj jana, ye pyar se badh ke ibadat hain ye kashish.


He turn took the mangalsutra and tied on her neck kissing the nape down her hook.


Maan: ye ibadat abb hum zindegi var karenge. Geet smiles and hugged him feeling him in her. he placed his one hand on her back and one on her stomach. Jaan I think our love needs food also she looked at him confusedly. And he bends down on his knees. He kissed her stomach. And she understood he was talking about the little life who must be feeling hungry.


Geet: maan mujhe golgappe khane hain.


Maan looked at her blankly and then made a worried face.


Maan: no, it won’t be good for ur health. Geet pouted her lips.

Geet: I want that please, in this state every woman wants to be pampered. What kind of a husband u r. maan gave a deathly glare knowing her intension. He sighed as she was making those cute pouting face and cribbed to her babaji, finally he agreed and took her there before going in to hospital.



Precap: meeting with past and present.



At 1st I was thinking about how will I add new track with it, so I thought about ending it, but now I got a new track, LOL I don’t know what will I do with my new story which I thought to make KKKHY’s sequel as its story are really similar, now I m thinking I should start that story separately and go with this one patiently with more track, so that it will not end soon. whats ur suggestion. Should I wait to make that new story sequel of kaisi kashish hain yeh or I should start that separately whenever I will find time and go with this kashish with new tracks???


Here is the 1st look of that new story, the new name and few new character and new story but same lust, attraction, pain and love.


The Hunt Begins

Who is the real pray?




Innocent that will kill you, Raw Desire that will burn you…….


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