Kagaz Ki Kashthi Luv tht Sacrifices Life Part 65

Let me clear ur confusion, Arjun is Naintara and Samaira’s brother, naintara’s real and sam’s cousin. Arjun is geet’s best friend.

Maan and Shiv are cousin, shiv’s mother is Maan’s aunty from his dad side means his dad’s sister, so shiv will call maan’s dadima his nanima.

Sam called shiv as her brother just for name sake, NO BLOOD RELATION.

I m  I clear now??

Part 65

Maan placed his hand on shiv’s shoulder but shiv instantly turn and hugged him.

Shiv: I don’t want to lose another friend who trusted me. seeing saanjh in that state  m dying thousand death, but after seeing geet, I won’t be able to take the look maan, please.

Maan was in dilemma, one side geet who is slowly becoming so aloof, and one side shiv who is suffering so much. He hugged him consoling him, shiv felt after ages he is breathing, he had lost the brother who loved him beyond his ownself or anyone in the world, today he got eth same maan.

Maan patted his back: shiv don’t u think geet deserve to know all? Didn’t u see the blankness and pain in her eyes, I m fearing if we delay more we can lose her, geet is a girl of glass doll, anyone can break her with a touch only, please shiv say her everything before its too late.

Shiv looked at him understanding his every word, and then nodded.

Shiv: I, I will say her but u will be there right?

Maan sighed and nodded: of course, how can I leave my love, my wife to face all alone. Shiv smiles a little but the fear was visible.

Just then maan’s cell rang and he took it hurriedly. He can hear a loud cry, that alert him.

Maan: maahi, shiv too looked at him in concern.

Geet: maan where r u?

Maan: main woh, I m with shiv, but maahi ko kya huya? Why is she crying?

Geet: pata nahi maan, but she is crying the time u left the mansion, actually its she because of whom we saw u were not here, I was busy in kitchen and when I came to see her mom n dad had gone for a meeting and annie was there with saanjh,, dadima was trying to put maahi sleep but she was crying.

Maan was in total panic hearing his angel’s cry, he started walking towards the door, shiv didn’t ask anything as he guess maahika must be crying for him, he ran and took out his car.

Maan while walking towards car and talking to geet.

Maan: geet she must be hungry.

Geet: no maan, I have fed her few hours back, she is not hungry I have tried. But she wasn’t coming to anyone, dev tried to hold her but she was throwing her legs on him so we have to put her on floor, infact she isn’t coming to saanjh also. I tried but she only cried in my arms please maan come back soon. maan tried to enter his car but shiv came fast and signal him to come in, without further delay he sat on passenger seat while shiv took the speed. in all this maan found the cry slowing down.

Geet looked at maahika finding her cry stop, and saw she was clutching maan’s shirt. Then she saw saanjh’s panting, she had run to their room to take maan’s shirt and gave to mahi to take the smell. Geet explained that to maan with a smile, maan too smile at his genius frnd and took a sigh. He told it to shiv and put the phn on speaker. They were taking sigh of relief but soon it vanished as maahika threw the shirt on saanjh’s face and again started crying and this time more loudly.

Saanjh took out the shirt pouting her lips and looked at geet who couldn’t hide but chuckle.

Geet murmured: uff ye baap beti itne ziddi kyun hain, kisi din inhe mera jaan lena hain, bhukamp(earthquake) bhi ayega tabhi ye apne zidd se hatenge nahi.

Maan greeted his teeth: GEETTTT, stop ur murmuring. Geet bite her tongue forgetting she is still on the phn. Shiv hide his face but soon it become pale hearing mahika’s hiccups.

Geet sat down infront of mahika wipping her wet face who looked at her with cute puppy face still with a cranky face.

Mahika: dadmmmm,, dummmmmm, mmmmmm

She said something in her alien language still taking the hiccups and ready for another ride of tornado cry when she heard maan’s voice.

Maan: maahiii,

She stopped her cry and looked here n there, everyone smiles and geet extended her phn close to her, it was on speaker.

Mahi: dummm, dmmmmm mmmaamm

Maan smiles so was hsiv

Maan: maahi dada is coming, don’t cry princess. Mahika pouted her lips more throwing her toy on the phn, and then again started crying, maahi, pleas sona, dada is coming na, dada will also cry if maahi cry. Do u want that.

Maahi didn’t understand anything, but maybe the feeling, the warmth of her dada’s voice made her relax. She tried to take the phone but it was very heavy for a small palm like her. geet tried to held her hand but she snapped trying to take the heavy phn close to her mouth, saanjh came forward and tried to held it for her, maahi slapped her hand with the phn only.

Saanjh: ouch,

Shiv got worried an spoke out

Shiv: what happen saanjh, r u alright? His panic was evident in his voice, he was really afraid if again something happen to her, she looked at the phn and then saw maahi was making weird face, like how can her dada’s voice change. Kuch bolti kyun anhi damit, r u alright? Kuch huya to nahi, he almost shouted making saanjh and maahi jump back. and then maahi again busted in loud cry. Saanjh felt like banging his head on the wall so she gave annoyed look to geet who was frustrated with all this children now. if mahi was small and cranky ,, saanjh is double cranky. And here bechara shiv was getting glare after glare from maan like he will murder him any moment, he concentrated on driving.

Shiv murmer: kaha fas gaya uff, geet k babaji help me.

Maan heard it and again gave a glare.

Just then they reached mansion, and maan ran towards the door.

As soon as maan entered the hall maahik’s cries stopped, and she looked at maan with smiling face. he took a sigh relief. Maahika is too small to even crawl, she tried to crawl on her hand but fell flat on her tummy, and again busted in cry. Everyone got worried but before anyone can take her shiv took her, he was super fast. Saanjh didn’t liked it at all. But then couldn’t help but chuckle seeing the sight, shiv standing there holding his cheek as mahika has slapped his cheek with her cute chubby fist. She gave angry glare and throw her hand towards door where maan was standing, he ran to her and carefully takes her in his arms. mahika placed her head on his chest taking her hiccups. Maan patted her back to sooth the hiccups.

Maan: nahi rote baccha, please don’t cry na, see ur dada is here. See I m here with u, I will be with u only. Maahika looked at him and then snuggle close to him still wiping, he couldn’t take those big fat tears on his princess’s face. she is too small, he felt his eyes will go moist to see her like that. saanjh only gaped at them as the rough n tough maan is all worried and getting moist eyes for this little cutie, but who can help when dear maahi is so adorable that no one want a single drop of tear in her eyes.

Geet saw the father daughter due with a smile. she went towards maan, who was panic to see maahi so teary.

Maan: geet dekho na, why she is so crying.

Geet: she was missing u maan.

Maan: but I was here few hour back,

Geet: that is the point, without saying anything u just vanished from here, and she found u r missing, so she thought u left her. she said caressing maahi’s back, maan looked at her with wide eyes, she touched his cheeks, maan sometime we feel insecure not seeing the love one even if that for few hours, it just out heart sometime feel crave for ur presence for us, for only us.

Maan can feel the sadness in her voice. He looked at maahi was was sleeping on his chest. Geet smiles and tried to take her but maahi’s hold was tight, maan doesn’t wanted to wake her so he said he will go to eth room to place her on bed. Geet too accompanied him as if he need anything.

Shiv turn to saw saanjh who was looking at maaneet n maahika with admiration, a sweet smile was playing on her face, the sight was indeed serene for him. her doe shape eyes were twinkling. Every girl want a family like this, she too wanted but destiny didn’t approved that, she sadly looked away but only to catch him staring at her, thousand emotion was there on his face but she shivered to know which expression is real, shiv wanted to say something but saanjh ran towards her room and locked it.  she sat across the door leaning on it remembering her past days.

In the room maan placed maahika slowly on the crib and tucked the small soft pink duvet on her perfectly. Geet was watching all from a distance. The time he met her eyes she gave a forceful smile to him and tried to walk away. Soon she felt a tug on her wrist. She slowly looked back only to see the immense love in her husband’s eyes. He brought her close to him. his rough palm touched her soft cheek caressing it softly. Geet looked at his eyes forgetting herself. He saw her closing eyes, and placed a peck on her forehead. She opens her eyes slowly. there was so much confusion and fear in her hazels. Maan sighed and held her hand guiding her the way of their big balcony. Both loved the place. The glass wall showing the whole city and eth greenery of their garden was a perfect. Often maaneet spent their night here in the small balcony cuddling up together. Geet saw the city where he was bust in her. soon she felt his warm breath on her neck and hot palm touching her bare waist sliding it on her tummy. She held his hand as he dropped a kiss over her neck.

Geet: Maan, she moans driving him insane. He kissed her neck deeply where his hands were caressing her waist.  He came on her earlobe sucking it slowly.

Maan: I want to tell u everything mishty. Everything about my past. She become stiff with it. he kissed her neck going on her nape. She felt her heart will explore, one side his love and 2nd side their past. He turned her and cupped her face in his one palm. mishty I wanted shiv to  tell u because he is afraid, if he lose his only frnd in this. geet looked at him shock. Ha mishty after saanjh’s departure from our life we became best enemy it was u for whom shiv changed again from bad to good. He truly respect u.

Geet tried to free her, his words were suffering her, she looked at his eyes feeling his hold on her waist.

Maan: I thought whatever happen between shiv and saanjh maybe he can tell u better but now I want to tell u what relation we 3 share and how it changed our live,, I know u should know this by now. I was afraid of ur reaction.  will u listen to me without turning ur face from me? geet looked at him confuse. He held her close and she put her head on his chest.

Geet: I can never go away from u, u r my soul maan, meri dhakan hain aap, aap se muh modhungi to zindegi bhi muh mor legi.

He kept his finger on her lips.

Maan: shhh mishty, don’t say anything like this. I want u to hold me when u hears our small story. But please don’t think ur maan wrong. I can’t take that look geet, I will die thousand time if I see mistrust in ur eyes. Please. She nodded and hugged him tight fearing if she freed him he may vanished.


Shiv tried to knock the door but saanjh wasn’t ready to face him. he sat on the opposite of eth door leaning his head on it.

Shiv: I m sorry saanjh I m really sorry. please lout aayo, I want to live with u not in this remorse.

His words pierced her heart and she drifted to the past where her life was a bliss but that past only took her life, her heart away from her, gave her the mark of loving and destroying her love in this.

Precap: same and promise iss time pakka past start hoga, actually I wanted to start here only but some of my kamine frnds wanted to see mahika scene with maan and maaneet too so I merged it.


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  1. loved the cutiee scene..


  2. love it maahi cring maan worried shiv concern sanjh reaction waiting for past to reveal


  3. Posted by Meena on August 17, 2012 at 6:08 am

    awesome tich as alwayss


  4. Posted by laksh on August 17, 2012 at 8:21 am

    Nice Mahi and mann moments. Feel little sad for shiv. Waitin to hear past. Update soon


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