Kaisi Kashish Hain Yeh Part 49

Part 49

Maaneet’s car halted in front of a stall and geet saw the panipuri with sparkling eyes, maan saw that and smiles a little, her exciting face was giving him peace. She tried to come out from the car hurriedly but maan didn’t let her do that, he immediately came against her view of pani puri, she made a golgappa face. which made maan chuckle. He held her waist protectively and crossed the road. Geet took one plate as soon as they reached the stall and the panipuriwala started giving her. geet was relishing every panipuri, she made few faces while eating. Maan felt an instant urged to pull her cheeks seeing those chubby cheeks. Geet saw him looking at her lips, she thought maan too wanted to eat some so offered one holding it infront of his mouth. at 1st maan refused but geet keep insisted and maan ate one. but the spice made him widen his eyes in shock.

Maan: geet how can u eat this spicy things?

Geet giggles and passed him water and tissue. That she was holding in her hand.

Geet: maan aapko adat nahi hain but mujhe to hain, and more over ur baby love spicy. She said shyly. Maan came close to her.

Maan: geet I really want a baby angel like u, I mean same cheeks, same nose even same lips,, geet blushed hearing her hubby’s demand, BUT,, she looked at him confuse. He whisper in her ear, but her taste should not be like u, this spicy can make anyone tasteless and deaf also. he smirks where she frowns..

Geet: aap na sach me bilkul dust danav ho.

Maan: so to hu. Geet ingored him and continues her panipuri. After like decade she completed her eating and rubbed her tummy.

Geet: now u r happy? maan looked at her weirdly to which he gets glare. Then it hit him she is talking with their baby as it is satisfied or not. He shook his head. He paid the bill and both headed towards their car.

Maan: waise geet pani puri khate waqt tum bohot cute lag rahi thi. Geet looked away feeling his heated gaze on her lips. She hurriedly sat in the car and maan took the driving seat grinning on his shy wifey.


Both entered the hospital, armaan met them on the entrance, geet hesitantly asked about ridz and armaan told her she want to meet her, her health is not so good. It makes geet worried and she said she will meet her next day, maan agreed gladly. Soon geet felt a tap on her shoulder, armaan and maan smiles at each other but geet frowns then looked at the person getting a sweet shock, she gulped her saliva looking at the angry eyes.

Geet whisper: abhay?

She knew abhay is very hurt with her behavior with all, when he get to know about her disease from ridz he was broken, no one was beside him, thank god pia was there to sooth his pain but still he is very much angry with her, without saying anything geet held her ear melting his all anger. Tear clouded in his light blue eyes and he hugged her instantly.

Abhay: kyun kiya aisa pagli, we are friends na? why didn’t u tell me ha? Was our friendship so shallow that couldn’t bear this? bol na? chup kyun hain?

Geet: tu bolne dega?

Abhay: hmm

Geet broke the hug and wiped his tears: rote huya bilkul ladki lagta hain tu,, Armaan and maan broke in laughter where abhay gave dangerous glare to her, geet giggles softly.  I m sorry abhay, I know I should have told u earlier, but I had no option, I can’t see u like this and then it would have more wrecked. Mujhe maaf kar de.

Abhay: tu sach me pagal hain, we are friends na, then why there is sorry ha? Geet smiles and then armaan told her maan had called abhay to come here early, geet looked at maan affectionately. Whatever happened, its past now, she is glad he is accepting her friends as well.

They were processing towards the doctor’s cabin when they heard a shriek sound, geet stopped in front of mental ward. Its for mentally weak ppl, from here after treatment if they didn’t recover they sent her to asylum. But geet wasn’t looking at the main ward, the sound was coming from a separate ward. She recognize the voice, its very familier but who?

Maan: lets go geet, we need to meet ur doc, but geet didn’t budge she pushed the door. Everyone tried to stop her but the scene made her eyes widen. She looked at maan unbelievingly who just shrugged it.

Geettttt,, I wil kill u, u r the soul reason of my state, u snatched my maan, I will kill u and ur baby.

Geet held her stomach protectively, her eyes were full teary. She looked at maan who signaled the doctors to take care of the matter.

Geet: maan, its,, SAASHA….

Maan coldly said: lets go geet.

Geet: how?

Armaan: we can talk later na?

Geet jerks their hand: will u tell me how can she come here? What is happening to her? maan, how did she came here and in this state. She asked maan looking straight in his eyes, geet’s eyes were reflexing fear and pain.

Maan held her shoulder tightly: SHE DESERVES THIS, his one statement made her clear that he is behind all this. how could she forget He is MAAN SINGH KHURANA. If he can show his softer side, his dangerous side is more vulnerable for anyone. It was geet who faced his wrath but she knew its was nothing in front of his rage. And here when he got the main culprit he will never leave her. he can go any extent to make his enemy’s life hell and here he is proving it. geet couldn’t takes her eyes off from his red dangerous eyes. Armaan and abhay looked at the duo and left them alone, armaan took abhay in his cabin, the hall way nearly desert as maan made sure no one will get an ounce of sympathy for sasaha.

Geet touched his cheek with her palm: Maan. she whisper. Maan soften a bit. He leaned on her forehead touching it with his.

Maan: please geet, I don’t want any discussion for her, she had messed many lives and she deserves this. pls don’t stop me or say anything, she had tried to harm u and I can’t tolerate that. I wanted to take her life but thinking about u and baby I kept shut, but not anymore. I want to destroy her.. and I will.

Geet: how did she tried to harm baby?

Maan: 2 months before when u were crossing the road she sent a contract killer to,,,  His voice was full of pain and geet gasped looking at him. she was mad in revenge, she called me if I can save u and

Geet remember an incident where maan had came running and shoved her from the road taking her on him and landed on the side of the road. She had seen a car passing through them, she thought as she was lost in thoughts that’s why she didn’t noticed it. maan’s pain was clearly on his face but she had forced herself to snap out from his grip. But later send armaan to check him to assure he is fine.

Geet’s tears rolled down as the memory of past crashing down. He kissed her cheeks on by one.

Maan: I don’t want any more tears geet. Whatever is happening let it be like this. and don’t worry she will die, I will not let her die like this. she have to bear every pain we went through. Geet heard her screaming.

‘don’t do this, let me go, what do u want, please let me go’

Geet panicked hearing those words and then maan pushed the door a little, geet saw she was tying with the bed. And screaming to let her go. but the was no one, she was hallucinating someone is ripping her cloths. She tried to wriggle but then cried loudly.

Geet looked at maan painfully who ignored her, no one can guess in a repudiated hospital there is someone who is bearing a life of death. This is the power of MSK. Geet again looked at him with hope but seeing the cold look she knew nothing can be done.

Geet: maan I and ridz was equally at fault.

It made him furious and he grabbed her arms tightly: and u both had suffered a lot, now its her turn. And don’t dare to argue geet. Don’t forget I m still the merciless MSK who can rip anyone who dare to put her of his eyes on my love ones. she had messed my life and don’t dare to come in between geet. For u and my friend I could be MAAN for rest of the world I m the same MSK, ruthless heartless arrogant. I want to be like that only.

Geet felt weak, and maan knew it. he soften his gaze and hugged her, she placed her head on his chest.

Maan: please jaan, don’t come in between. U should take care of urself and our baby. Half heartedly geet shook her head in yes knowing its baseless to argue with MSK.

Maaneet entered armaan’s cabin who welcomed them with a smile, geet looked at armaan with worried eyes who assured her with eyes that she should not worry and she sighed. Then something popped in her mind.

Geet: where is pari?

Abhay smirks: jaha use hona chahiye.

Maan: she is in dubai.  Geet was confuse as how can he left her, but how did she forget, its MSK. She had done a lot of gamble in dubai,

Geet: but.

Maan: few months before she had gone to dubai and stole some important papers from her office which belongs to a influential person, and he was behind her, I just helped him.

Seeing the smirks its not difficult for geet to understand its not true, it Him who made this and pari is in real trouble. Indeed maan is behaving like a devil. Its true pari had not done anything there but he made sure with all evidence it looked like that and his friend in dubai is helping him with it, now she is custody of dubai police, for her its impossible to come out from there in any life.

Armaan: ok lets go now, geet ur new doctor will handle ur case. Its divert her mind and she looked at him confusingly. Armaan sensed that. geet miss anahita was just a good surgeon where this doc is best in this. we were trying to contact him from so long but he was busy in his medical conference in France. Just few days back he contacted me. and he will handle it from now on. In London also he will be there with doc Johnson. Geet agreed. But she still opposes London option. Maan was looking at her intently. How serious she is for. His love was enough for her moral boost up and now she herself is ready to cooperate with her treatment….

Geet was feeling restless, but she shrugged it saying its maybe the pregnancy hormones. But the odd feeling wasn’t relaxing her. infact its increasing with each step she is taking towards the room.

As she entered the room she saw someone’s back acing her.

Armaan: hello doc Raghav.

Geet felt her ground slipping as the person turned to show his face. a man in his late twenties, good looking and charming with a light speck on his eyes. A beautiful smile adorned his lips and few hair strands coming on his temple.

Still image of Harshad Chopra http://www.india-forums.com/

Raghav: Hello doc Armaan. And miss Geet.

Maan: its mrs geet khurana doc raghav. He held her waist possessively while raghav chuckle at his possessive side.

Raghav: ok I m sorry Mrs GEET Maan Singh Khurana.

Geet: Raghav. She whisper and he gave a broad smile.

Raghav: u still remember, I thought u will forget me, its nearly 5 yrs ha.

Geet gave a forceful uncomfortable smile, while the 3 head looked at her confusingly.

Geet looked at maan gulping her saliva: Raghav Singhania. Our family friend and,

Raghav: her ex fiancé.

Now this is something that made the atmosphere really heaved up.

Precap: umm,, ermmm, actually socha nahi abhi, but what do u think about it?? tell me tell me, tichu grinning foolishly

Hahahahha now how much jutte chappal I will receive tell me. I know no one had guess this track or the PAST, actually the past in divided in 2 places, SASHA & PARI and the major part is RAGHAV.. and meeting him in present. Buahahahahha…..

Lets see how will it be in future???

Waiting for ur precious comment…..


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  1. Posted by Meena on August 16, 2012 at 5:45 pm

    awesome as always


  2. awsem update geet golgappe maneet in hospital shasha in mental ward pari in dubai jail and geet doctor raghav her ex fiance


  3. kitane raaz baaki hai hai tichu??

    but sounds interesting…

    hope is game mein imean maneet ki lyf jo kuch bhi hua usme raghav ka haath na ho…

    warna raghav toh giyo…


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