Remnants MG OS

i know after this i will receive a lot of chappal but kya kare oh ladies main hu adat se majbur, hehehhehe, u know guys typing the same story i felt bored so thought about refreshing my mood, and guys u can say its some way a real story also. yeah i have made it through fiction but somewhere it can happen also.


weak hearten ppl please stay away from this 1 part os, i don’t want to get the blame of ur sick health after it because of me. i love my frnds.






Remnants means the last bit, we can say the last pieces of the shattered heart.






Don’t leave me maan please. I m sorry, I know I shouldn’t have done that but please can’t u give me one chance?

I gave u hundred geet, I can’t tolerate it anymore, it’s better to be part way. It’s time for us to call off this marriage, we need a divorce. I need a divorce.

U can’t do this. She whispers. U loved me.

Yes I did but u ruined everything with ur own hand, u ruined my love geet. I m nothing but a empty shell now which have no feeling for u, u had erased the love for u from my heart.

She looked at his eyes, was ur love so hollow? Was ur love so shallow that erased by time?

U made it for urself geet, I was never like this, I loved u, maybe till now but I can’t stay like this, every day living being ur suspect, I can’t take it anymore.

I will change it maan, please don’t leave me. I m begging u, I will never disbelieve u ever.

U had told that many time and still u broke it. not anymore, I won’t tolerate any longer. and more over I m not in love with u anymore geet. Our love died the day u doubted my love, and see the luck, u doubted me for cheating u, when I never did and now I seriously I don’t want to be in love with someone who can never trust me, maybe I would find someone who will love me without inhabitation.

And our love?

It erased from my memory, now its remnants.

If u leave me now u will never see me again.

I had enough of ur useless threats, I m not bother anymore. good bye.

No u can’t go maan please, I m sorry, I m sorry for everything.

Its over

Not so soon. i love u

If u love me then u will not stop me. if u ever loved me u would have thought about my happiness so u will do now. do u love me geet?

She shook her head.

Then free me. I m tired being in a cage, I need my life back. let me free geet.

She smiles but a sad one, one long tear made its way then she looked at him smilingly, feeling happy for him.

U want to go na maan. go then. live ur life freely and in love. I will never bother u again. Yes I love u but ur happiness most matter to me. I had done a lot of mistake but I won’t repeat it. go capture ur love.

Maan was blank, he should be happy, but her smile was tormenting his heart. Still he went away from the door with his luggage, geet slides on the place where he was standing, she kissed the place and rest her head over it.

I love u maan. she smiles and looks at maan’s retreating figure with longing eyes and then closed it.





I always thought life need experience and planning. I always maintained that, but forgot it is unexpected. And my life turns unexpectedly. I was only 21, ONLY. But for my parents may be I was a burden and that’s why they thought about get rid of me, well I can blame them. They belongs to a conservating family very orthodox still manages to put me in a good school and college, its my last year. Being in this family no girl can dream about study but my papa help me in it. though he is scared of daarji my grandfather, still he manages all. but now not anymore, I have to leave all these for marriage. How shall I deny those hopeful eyes of my papa who only lived for me, so I agreed to meet the boy, I know it will never required my consent. I like it or not they would have force me to marry the guy.


Well I was enough lucky in this matter, I saw the family, they are really humble, dadima was very sweet and so was his brother and his wife. HE doesn’t have parents, maybe that’s why so rude. Yeah I talked to him and tried to say no but he rudely said if I want to break it I have to talk to my family on my own. I can’t do that, and by the way he is very handsome, ha thoda khadus tha but sweet bhi. I liked him. its weird how I just met him few hours back and I fell he is good at heart. Wish I could wait a little, wish I wouldn’t have hurry to take the decision, WISH only Wish, now its remnants, not for me but for him. yes it was MAAN, my husband, my love, my life.


We get married in only a month, both didn’t get time to know each other.  but one thing I admired about him is his honesty, and the way he told me he will allow me to study, I was over joyed and hugged him. it was weird, though it was our SR but we both wanted to know each other before processing further with our relation. But that small contact left some effect on both of us, I still remember how much I was embarrassed but maan never let me feel it, infact he was joking and teasing me to vanish my nervousness and I felt he is really a genuine man with soft heart but hard shell. I will not deny, I felt attracted towards him but I wanted to fall in love. I wanted to feel his love. I was enough lucky to have his love still I couldn’t save it, cocoon it in my heart, its only Remnants now, it ends from his heart and I don’t want to loose the last bit, the last love from my heart. I want to close my eyes with the love not with remnants, but still some corner of my heart is craving for his love again, I felt I m standing on the door of my past, the day I met him. there was no hope but today I don’t want to loose that hope.


It was my bidai, that’s when I got to know I m leaving to delhi as he is a well known professors in  delhi university, where his family lives in Mumbai. I was feeling scared but again his one look said its good for me. after we reached delhi he helped me to get an admission in university where he was professor, with that influence it was not difficult for him and with my marks its absolutely not a task, still I know saying to do a favor was a very big thing to his dignity, I started respecting him from that day, but the thing I didn’t knew I fell in love with him that day itself and the kind of look I got from his eyes I know he also felt something.


In the university I got to know about his link up with super hot professor sameera, uff I was burning in jealousy but why I don’t know, it was 6 month from our marriage and every day I fell for him, his sweet and caring nature just attracted me like a bee. I often dreamt of being near him and sometime without his knowing I drooled over him. well I caught red handed once when he came out in his track ONLY from the washroom, his wet bare body made me shiver. He sensed my heating gaze and I felt the ground would slip and I will drown in it. so I wanted but destiny wanted much more. I saw something in his eyes which I never seen in anyone for me. he cornered me on a wall and pinned my both hand above my head. His warm breath was falling on my lips, his hypnotic gaze made me his prey that he captivates till eternity and we landed kissing each other passionately. I felt embarrassed after the kiss and tried to run away but only to pin by his strong arms. he wanted to say something but didn’t said. His staring was giving me goosebumps, I tried to wriggle in his arms but ended again kissing him more passionately. Before we had loosen ourself more he parted and went out without saying anything. I felt hurt, was I a mere infatuation for him, was I anything for him. was that only lust that we felt, no it can’t be. for once I can question about myself but not him, I know his love is a blessing which is for a very few lucky person, I wanted to be the one in this still feared what if he doesn’t love me, I would have die. I was in love, irrecovery in love with my husband, my maan.


It was a blissful day when finally I manages to confess my love for him, and guess what it was valentines day, I was so nervous. I saw him coming towards me in a black tuxedo. I was blown over him. the nervousness was evident on my face and maybe he caught it, he so every gracefully took me with him as we entered the place, it was a resort but the place was close to nature, greenery only. Then I found he had booked the place for us, it was a sweet surprise for me. I saw something on his face, NERVOUSNESS?? Was I dreaming, MSK who can make any person shiver on their knees is nervous for the 1st time.  I got a sweet shock again as he PROPOSSED ME. I was over joyed, my tears couldn’t stop, I felt I had seen heaven in my life, well the story of my life was like a fairy tale, I fell in love with my husband who was my best friend . But ALAS, every fairy tale doesn’t have happy ending.


We started our life from then, I mean as husband and wife, both claimed each other that night, I felt bliss sleeping in his arms, I was really happy but things wasn’t in my favor. After 6 month of blissful marriage we started having arguments. Mainly because of his time schedule. I wanted sometime from him but as the exams were going in uni he was really busy in it. I had my finals but it was good for me. after exam I thought we can have some time still he was busy. And then I saw him laughing with sameera in a party, my blood boiled and I marched up to him. it was college’s party, the graduation party. No one knew I m his wife. But that day my claiming left everyone shocked as they get to know about our relation. I know I was possessive, who won’t be if u have such a hot and lovable husband. But guess he was angry with it. I know not with my claim but the way of claim.  He had to face so much humiliation after that. I had said sorry numerous time but he didn’t budge. I tried n tried and after a month he finally smiles, took me in his arms. I felt relief. I can never express how much I loved him and this love made me extreme possessive, never in my life  I had loved someone to this extent, actually never in my life I get so much love from anyone and that’s why I was insecure what if maan too leave me after sometime like my parents did.


Life was again smooth, we went on our honeymoon and had a great time in Kashmir, my desired place. But after returning he again get busy with his schedule and luckily I found a job for me. I got a job of assisting editor of an well-known magazine. It was like a dream come true. I was hard working and beside his tiny miny schedule for me I have enough time for this job. Maan was a supporting husband and he gladly accepted. But again after 8 month I started feeling lonely, I wanted someone for me,  I told maan to have a baby but he refused, he said he need more time and they need to settle down 1st and then think about baby. Disappointedly I took it as the command.


Maan was so busy in his life that he never thought I also need someone who will be mine only and baby was the best option. Then with sighing I engrossed myself in my job forgetting myself. But then I felt myself so insecure like no one is around me. I talked to maan and he did say sorry for not giving time. he started spending time with me after that still I was aloof. I felt frustrated with his over showing affection. But why I didn’t knew, I always craved for his love and when he showed it I felt irradiated still I couldn’t let him go from me.


It was one of my column I had to write an article on Maan as a brillent teacher and a role model I was happy, very happy, but searching more n more about him I found his link up with sameera again. Then found they were college friend s may be dating each other. they wanted to get married but with his family’s pressure they broke up. I felt dishearten to know all this. not that I was angry on maan but I felt hurt that he didn’t said all this. and more when he hide it after questioning him.  I wanted to know everything and he said its just friend ship. He suppressed everything from me. from that day I stared developing a harted towards sameera but why I really don’t know, talking with her only one thing can be conclude, she is a very sweet and innocent girl, very caring and hardworking. But then why I felt so insecure around her? whenever I saw maan n sameera together my whole existence burned with unknown fear and rage. Once I slapped her in front of all. That day maan tried to raise his hand on me buts topped in mid. It ingested me more and I said a lot of things. He didn’t said anything but left the place.


I know I was affecting his professional life as well but what can I do, I couldn’t conclude why I was feeling that, deep in my heart I knew he can never ditch me but I can’t trust that woman. maybe that was my mistake. From that day it was breaking only. With my own hand I destroyed everything, little by little we were going too far. Maan tried to console me and clear the fact he loves me, but in my fear I accuse him pushing him too far to come close to me. and now I can say I m successful to push him far away from me, infact I have no one to call my own now. my own family doesn’t have enough time to see me and my husband is so drown in his sorrow that he can’t come close to me now.


Finally I got to know why I was doing that, after 2 n half yr of marriage I got to know this, but today I decided to say all this to maan, he will definitely understand me, he will help me to get back in my old self. I know my maan loves me a lot, yeah he is behaving weird, very cold from few month, but I know once he get to know the reason of my behavior, he will cocoon me from eth world. I love u maan, I m waiting for u.




I lost him, its only REMNANTS now, nothing left. My maan doesn’t love me anymore, now I know god had decided the right thing. I truly deserves this. but how can I live without him, this will never leave me and if I can’t live with him, I can die with his memory. I really love u maan, really did, believe me or not I always loved  and trusted u but this heart and mind betrayed me. I m sorry for whatever pain I gave u. today I saw hope that u can love someone who will be far better than me, I think sameera will be perfect. Maan today I want to say something, she is a very nice girl, very soft spoken and intelligent, perfect for u. please maan marry her and lead a life of laughter and love. I know I was a dark chapter of ur life, only a remnant but for me u are the only light of my heart, my only love. Never feel guilty for me maan, one day or other I have to leave it,. I can’t live a life of fear and suspicion. I m tried, very tired. I want to sleep maan. yea it was a fact that I wanted to sleep in ur lap like old days, when u had caresses my hair and I would have fallen asleep. Today also I need ur arm hug to bid me goodbye, but I know I don’t deserves that also. u said if I loved u, I should let u free, so here I m letting u free from my inhabitation. Now no one will question u, no one will shout at u, no one will cribe in the middle of night for chocolates, no one will make ur life so hell that u started hating ur life. U always loved me maan, and I know it but for my love I can’t be selfish to bind u with me knowing u have no future with me. it would be easy to walk away, but where shall I go. my heart belongs to u and it won’t be survive seeing u another woman, so its better to stop here. But i will be always in ur heart. Try to take out me but I know u won’t be able to do that. but I want ur happiness, give me the last happiness. Be happy always. Ur happiness will be my smile. please don’t think the time being remnants anymore, its my cherishable time and I love it because u were always with me. maybe its remnants but for me its only my release to have a better life after this life.


I love u maan, and will be always. Good bye.





Maan we found it in her cupboard. Maan’s tears flicked on the dairy pages, where she had craved her emotion. He traces the words written by her and his tears fell on it, he can imagine her pouting face seeing his tears, he wiped it and took the envelop from aditya, ACP aditya Kashyap his friend .


Sir we have to take the body, its more than 24 hour,


Maan shout: its not a body, its my wife geet damit. He shouted feeling helpless to see her body lying on  pool of blood, her eyes are looking at him, a painful yet sweet smile adorned on her face, her wrist was slashed and a knife was on her other palm saying its a suicide.

Maan hugged her lifeless body crying his heart put.


Maan: I m sorry jaan, maaf kar do apne maan ko, please geet come back. I never loved anyone, it was just rumors, how can I make u understand, please believe me, he kissed her forehead, and closed her eyes kissing it just the way he did always when she found difficulty to sleep. A hand came over his shoulder, he looked at teary sameera.


Sam: maan.


Maan: I m sorry.


Sam: u shouldn’t be, it was never ur fault and I know u always loved her only, though u tried to go ahead with me but I never got the real maan, it was always geet ka maan. but u are late to recognize her, still it wasn’t ur fault. Don’t punish urself as it will hurt geet. U never knew about this and neither she.. but the problem is u both never tried to know the reason of ur remnants.


Saying so sameera turned leaving a paper on the floor beside maan, maan let geet go and the streture took her blood filled body.


Maan felt his ground slipping seeing the medical report, she was having Paranoid Personality Disorder.

His heart sink thinking about all these months she had suffered so much, but they never tried to know the reason. Actually both were busy to sort eth problem but never tried to know the reason of it.


Paranoid Personality Disorder A person with paranoid personality disorder will nearly always believe that other people’s motives are suspect or even malevolent. Individuals with this disorder assume that other people will exploit, harm, or deceive them, even if no evidence exists to support this expectation. While it is fairly normal for everyone to have some degree of paranoia about certain situations in their lives (such as worry about an impending set of layoffs at work), people with paranoid personality disorder take this to an extreme — it pervades virtually every professional and personal relationship they have.

She was having a tough time but she herself didn’t knew why she was fearing and assuming things that she knew can never happen, once with her friend ’s consult she went for check up and this is the report she collected. She wanted to share it with maan but destiny doesn’t give her chance. Still it wasn’t anyone’s fault. This disease is rare and dangerous, maybe she would have cured maybe not. The chances of her cure not thin, maybe none, so it was better to free from this life rather than staying in this guilt and pain. Now she is happy to sleep in eternity feeling her beloved’s love. Maybe she is seeing her husband’s love that love she knew was in his heart but she herself covered it with her own self.


No one is at fault but still remnants is there,


After 30 yrs.



Dad mom was beautiful.

He smiles: yes geet was and is the most beautiful girl I ever met abhi.

Abhi: dad how do u two met?

Maan: my grandmother fixed our alliance and we met there, I was attracted to her but she wanted to pursue her study, I said her to say no but she couldn’t I guess she too was attracted to me.

Abhi: can arrange marriage brought the love between u 2?

Maan: very much that not arranged alliance, it was geet’s affection and love that brought eth real maan and I had proposed her after 6 month of our marriage on the valentines day.


Wo that was dreamy,

Maan smiles: how was ur photoshoot pari?

Pari: it was great papa.

How can’t be afterall it was me who was the model.

Maan: yash beta how was ur day?

Yash: it was just mind blowing dad, I met some new chick.


Three of them glared at him, he gave a nervous smile and looked at geet’s picture.


Yash: see mom, how much they can glare at me, see now also they are glaring at me. Maan smiles seeing his antics. Yash smiles, ohh so MSK is smiling, why won’t he, GMSK will scold him if he try to say anything to me, right?


Maan: hmm,, ok have u done with eth arrangement tom,


Tomorrow is mom’s birthday, few children came running and hugged maan who smiles.


Abhi: how can we forget dad, she is our mom just the way u r our dad, we are not ur biological children still u gave everything to this orphanage, because mom wanted a baby and u couldn’t give that u gifted her us, we all are her children. And we love her truly.


Pari: I never seen her but with ur words I always lived with her. she is and will be our mom dad.


Just then aditya and sameera enterd with their son and daughter in law, yes sameera married aditya  and running this orphanage with maan where anyone can come here but only if they want they can leave, not maan or anyone would have said to leave anyone. This is the smallest gift he can give his beloved wife, for whom he is waiting, he had promised her to be happy and with this only he felt alive with her.


Truly he never loved anyone except geet, sameera was his friend  always, a genuine friend  who loved him but knowing his love towards get never tried to come between, he never tried to go away from geet but needed time, love is good but sometime over possessive love can destroy ur love one’s love for u.


But for maan that love is his life now, he is waiting to meet his geet but never tried to commit any sin knowing it will hurt her, he is only waiting maybe after few yr he will meet her in heaven. He saw the sky which is turning black but the shining star is saying She is very happy to see him smiling, he smiles and blow a kiss to her, the star shied and hide between the cloud like she did previous day, hiding her blushing face in her curtain like hair. Still looking at him from the corner of her eyes.


I love u geet and this love can never be a remnants.



True love stay with heart no matter a person goes far away from us.



waiting for all chappal,


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  1. catch tichhuu im throwing


    a cha….meli ka phool… its really nice os dear… ua really tooo toooo good describing d love n pain combo… love u..


  2. God .. the emotions of Geet and Maan just choked me up.. so much love, so tragic and yet life has to move on with happiness. Beautiful, wish Maan could have known about Geet’s disorder, wish they could have had their happy ending together, but at the same time you have given Maan such a meaningful life after Geet including her in it… Beautiful!


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