Devil’s Darkest Possession Part 12



Part 12



Aarrghhhhh can’t believe it’s my engagement and that too with that rakshas. How can my own family treats like a traitor. Geet chanted to gugule who was looking at her with utmost cute eyes and face that shows with how much interest he is hearing her blabbering.

On the other hand though maan was least interested but still he made sure everything will be the best and when he is getting his desired girl for life he can go any extent to prove that she is only his, she belongs to his.


‘gulgule abb tu hi bol kya karu is devil se bach ne k liye, I can’t believe he just came 6 days before and made my life a living hell. What will he do after, her words disappeared seeing the smirking maan leaning on the door, she looked at his face through the mirror which she was using to see her beauty.


‘do u really want to know what will I do after the MARRIAGE?’


Her breath swallowed feeling him so close, she doesn’t know when he came so close to her, his every step is like a hungry lion ready to devour her any moment, the thought only gave her goosebumps. Then she get it, its not the thought but his touch. He slides his hands on her stomach, her almost bare back is touching his chest, she saw his white sherwani, indeed he is looking handsome, she wacked herself mentally.




He smirks seeing her breathing heavy with the proximity, he nuzzled his nose on her neck, tracing the line of her nape with his nose.


‘geet do u wanna see what I will do after’


He left the word to geet shiver and tried to break free the hold but he tightening, her back was holding with 4 strings at back, and the exclusive lahenga was showing her waist line only, her shoulder was bare and she had put the dupatta over one shoulder to waist.






He dropped a deep kiss on her neck.


‘looking delicious’ he said slyly where she tried to wriggle weakly.


‘I don’t want your appreciation, leave me, what r u doing here?’


He chuckle at her attempt to free herself, he held her tightly and dangerously whispered in her ear.


‘if u don’t stop struggling I might eat u right here, I seriously don’t want to wait till out Suhaagraat.’ It made her stiff in her position. He turned her and saw the heavenly face, for a moment he skipped a beat. How irony, the dead heart is missing its beat or the heart is getting its beat?


He looked at her face for a long time where she was looking here and there to avoid any eye contact, something is saying in her not to look at him, she might not stable her heart then. but his touch on her back rubbing their skin force her to looked at his eyes directly. She can see a pool of desire and lust in those eyes but she doesn’t want to see much in it, because she knew once it is lust she had chance to escape but it formed in love she may never able to run away from him, because he is MSK, the thing he desire he will take that but the thing his heart will desire, he will make the thing will be HIS, ONLY HIS POSSESSION. She looked at his eyes to see if there is way to escape from this devil, a way to seek his weakness, but unfortunately there is nothing, a strong pull but what’s that no one knew, maybe the devil himself doesn’t know.


Their eye contact broke by a light growl.


BOWW bow




Maaneet looked at the source and saw gulgule looking at maan angrily, but his cute face is showing the cuteness only. Geet came out from her thought and tried to free herself immediately. Maan smirks and leaned on her.



‘just a little wait, will tell u what will  I do after marriage’


He felt a tug in his pant, and interestingly he saw gugule was pulling him off with his small small teeth.  Maan chuckle to see his effort and saw geet who was trying to say something to gulgule,

He kissed her cheeks ‘tell ur puppy his useless bark can’t take me out from u, and it won’t take 2 sec to throw him out from here’

Geet looked straight in his eyes ‘never try to touch him or u will see hell mr khurana’


‘I m more than able to see that but one problem’ she looked at him curiously yet confusingly, he smiles ‘how can I see later when I live in the real hell?’


His words sents shiver on her spine, but soon he groans as again gulgule tried to shove him…


‘arrgghh geet, I will seriously murder him,’ maan gave a dangerous glare to gulgule, he looked at him confusingly and the made cute faces looking at geet, how can he let anyone touch his geet. (ahem ahem kya competition hain )





He got a call and seeing the id Finally maan thought to leave her now as he need to go for an urgent appointment. He cut the call, pecked her lips and left her. she took a sigh relief and then saw his retreating figure.


‘what he is up to now?’






She was coming through the stairs, every head turn to see her angelic view. Maan saw the hall went so silent. Its not a big party just few relatives of savitri devi’s native place and geet’s family with frnds and relatives. Maan doesn’t wanted the news to publish in media that’s why he made sure it’s a small afire. He saw ppl’s gaze on something and she descended from heaven in her blue lahenga with red choli showing her perfect figure so beautifully. He clenched his jaw to see the lusty eyes of men on his possession. Her beautiful face is looking angelic with the neck piece that savitri devi had gifted her on this occasion with shagun. Geet doesn’t wear this kind of stuffs but her mother pleaded her to wear this as it’s a gift from maan and his dadima. Geet saw everyone looking at her, unintentionally she blushed a little, her white skin turn crimson red with all staring at her. her mother hug her and kissed her forehead so did dadima. She took blessing from them, but as her eyes met with maan she shivered. His anger filled eyes was giving her a dangerous look. She doesn’t know why he is behaving like this and frankly she care a damn about him. still the anger sometime make her shiver within.


Just then she felt a tap on her shoulder, looking over her shoulder she saw the someone who is the most dearest person in her life. Her eyes widen and lips broke in to a smile.


‘PARI’ a whisper came out from her mouth, her eyes got teary and before it comes out Pari wiped it and hugged her with life.


‘do u know how much I missed u and u r getting engaged, haw u didn’t even told me, ja mujhe tujhse baat nahi karni’ Pari told with a baby face and turned her face. geet smiles and then held her ear.



Hayee who can be angry with such a cute face. Pari sighed knowing her anger melt in second looking at her.


Pari hugged her but her face was curious, she looked at geet closely and she is sure something happened to her that is disturbing her, Pari is geet frnd and more than a sister. They met in geet’s school which she did in pune and from they are inseparable soul, they stayed in same hostel and same room, pari knew about her encounter with maan 6years back but like geet she too knew they can’t do anything against him so she too forget him. now seeing him beside her just frighten the soul in her. geet felt a rough palm entering her waist and she looked her side to see maan looking at her with intimate glare.


‘its time for the engagement darling’ he whisper in her ear and her mother too came with same words. She told everyone that the moharat of engagement had came.


The pandit chanted some mantras and did a small puja, then maaneet sat in the middle side by side. Savitri devi put a long odhni on her head, and then gave a small tika on her forehead, she fed her sweets, after it she wears her few jewelry according to their custom and blessed her. so did geet’s parent with maan who was feeling suffocated with all this still manages to cool his temper looking at his beside. Mohinder handa fed him sweet. Then gave him shagun ka gold coin. After this he blessed her.


After it they said geet to put the ring on maan’s hand. pari was observing everything, but she can see the sadness on geet’s face. though she never told about her dream marriage but pari knew her dream is something else. Not this kind of stuff was in her book any day. But what happen that forced her to marry this person.


Geet held maan’s hand and with shaking hand she put the ring on his finger. She doesn’t dare to look at him feeling disgust with all the events in her life. Everyone praises and clapped for them, and then told maan to put the ring. He extend his hand for her but she was lost in her own world. She didn’t saw his extended hand neither his murmuring her name. maan greeted his teeth in anger. He heard few people whispering in themselves saying girl must be unhappy with the alliance and then some said but who can deny MSK? He smirks and grabbed her hand in her fist gripping her palm tightly.


She flinched in pain and looked at him with confusion then saw everyone saying in them, she got his rage. Gulping the saliva she gave in. maan put the ring on her finger but destiny again tried some tricks. The ring wasn’t going fully in her. geet smirks seeing that. dadima panicked and so was rano


Dadima got worried ‘how can that be happen, I personaly gave her size number while making it. it’s selected by maan only, now what will we do?’


Rano was worried ‘we can’t change the ring now,’  she was panicking thinking what will everyone say about it, but maan had some other plans.


While geet was smirking maan gave her threatening glare knowing she must have given wrong number, but that doesn’t matter for him, he forcefully pushed the ring in her finger, she flinched in pain, she wanted to cry in pain but looking at the happy face of her mother she gulp the cry in her. everyone took a sigh relief looking the ring is going perfect. But her pain doesn’t go unnoticed by pari who herself flinched in pain seeing her best frnd whimpering in pain.


Geet gave a angry glare to maan who only smirks, he came close to her cheeks and kissed it softly making everyone whistle and clapping their hand.


‘don’t try to play with Maan Singh khurana, u will fail miserably’




After the engagement dadima took geet with her to meet some relatives where aadi came to meet maan, though geet was busy with dadima but she can feel the gaze on her back as her DEVIL was staring at her with intent eyes, she turned a little and saw him smirking, she felt pissed off with his smile but again can’t resist to look at him when a girl was talking to him, she felt anger but why? Her fist clenched and knuckle turn more white then her complexion when he touch that girl’s hand. she was leaning on him clearing showing her flirt but he was interested as much as she was, geet felt a tight slap on her cheek to see her would be husband is flirting with someone else in front of her eyes and that showed on other’s face as well. she turned her face but saw dadi was also looking at him but with confusion. Dadima knew his grandson is a Casanova but he can never be a flirt by any life.


Geet was busy talking with pari, or trying to be busy when maan came from back, she felt him leaning on her back and whispering in her ears. He chuckle and geet fumed with anger.


‘u look cute when u r angry, but don’t u thing its amusing to being jealous for someone whom u hate the most?’



She jerks his hand and tried to escape when the girl came in front of her. she felt a strong urge to smash her face but again clenched eth fist not to control her anger. Maan held her waist and the girl looked at him in confusion.


‘welcome to my engagement miss Rasika Rathod, meet my fiancé Geet Handa’ maan said while looking at geet who was confuse but didn’t showed it on her face, on the other side rasika was slipping on ground hard. She gave him a small nervous smile.


‘ohh I m sorry, I thought, umm erm’


‘I hate stammers,, now when u had shown the work to me, u can go and tell Mr Bajpai I will deal with him but be ready with the presentation.’


Rasika nodded and hurriedly exited.


She never thought it can be his engagement, aadi wanted his signature so rasika accompanied him, she knew about maan’s fascinating girl’s life and she wanted to taste it as well, but her timing was wrong, the murderous look maan gave her after tripping over him was clearly saying he is not at all interested in her, with sigh she went away.


Here geet was trying hard to release herself but maan didn’t let her go infact he dragged her out from the place without noticing anyone. She wriggle and told him to leave her but he pushed her on a wall and pressed her whole body with his. the place was deserted and a dark corner so no one can see them like this.


‘leave me, go away, I hate u and ur touch’


‘yeah yeah I can see that, u hate me, u hate the girl also because she was close to me’ he smirks as her protest died feeling weak and she turned her face knowing its useless to fight he won’t let her leave so easily. He came close to her neck and placed wet kisses around her neck and earlobe, he sucks the earlobe and nipped it, she closed her eyes and gulp her saliva as his hands slipped in her waist pulling her close. ‘admit u were jealous’


She breathed heavy ‘I was not’


‘Liar’ he whispered and placed some deep kisses down on her shoulder. She clenched his shoulder for support as this  was really knew, his touch is not so rough that it used to be, its soft and seducing her, he definitely knew her body to well which is feeling weak in front of his passion. And he is using that for his chance.


Geet knew she is losing but she doesn’t want to lose in this weak moment. She tried to take her last chance and blurted ‘Leave me’


He chuckle at her ‘I thought u forgot the word but nope u r too attached with it’


He broke those kisses to see her face that clearly said announce but lost also. he rubbed her lips sensually with his thumb ‘she tripped over me and she came here to take the sign for new project I m starting here’ he doesn’t know why but he blurted this, never she wanted to know but she looked at him an unknown emotion, she again tried to escape as she is fearing to lose something that she possess very dearly.


But her struggle made him mad and he pinned her again with harshly pinning her palm against the wall, she winched as the ring was tightly pressing her skin with his hold on her finger, but he was lost in him to notice that.


‘why u r feeling so huh? If I go around other girls why do u feel bad when u don’t like me and my closeness.’ She looked at him lost, he is right but she doesn’t like it.


‘because u r in my place and ur behavior only proves my parents shame. I don’t want anyone to say anything to my parents.’


‘Liar, u r a big Liar geet, don’t worry I will make u admit what u feel for me’


She shouted ‘I don’t feel anything but disgust and pain around u, u r nothing but a darkness which will clear as soon as some light will enter’


‘and I won’t let this light come in ur life got it? ur every presence in mine be that in darkness. I have to bear this darkness with me throughout ur life and beyond that Geet, u can’t escaped from it. got that straight in ur brain sweetheart’ with that he slammed his lips on her hungrily nipping her lips.


She wriggle and tried to free her hand on which he put more pressure and geet cried out, hearing her vulnerable cry maan broke the kiss and saw she looking at her finger, he freed her and she rubbed the ring figure, he saw the place swollen and red with the clutch of the ring. She tried to take out the ring but it didn’t came instead gave more pain.


Maan smirks ‘that what u gain messing with MSK, if u didn’t waste ur brain on that trick it wouldn’t have so painful for u’


Geet looked at him with disgust and fury in her eyes where tears were slipping freely ‘u know what u can never be loved by anyone, a person like u only need hate and disgust from other, but I loathe u, the sheer existence of u feel so sick, and trust me I won’t let u rule over me like this, once I get a hole I will rip u apart’


Maan grabbed her waist ‘I will be waiting for the day sweetheart’  He smashes his lips on her neck kissing her thoroughly while she felt only pain as he gripped her that hand more strongly like he want to give her pain, she really can’t understand him one side so sweet and seducing one side giving only pain. But before she can slip in the darkness of his passion a growl sound came and followed by dadima’s


Maan left her feeling frustrated. But before going he pecked her lips.


‘don’t try to fool urself anymore, u have to bear this with ur will or without ur consent’


She looks at him confuse but he disappear, soon she felt a light pull and saw gulgule standing on her feet and dadima was behind him and so was rano, they were searching for her and gulgule lead them here.



Precap: dadima talking with geet





Leave him maan, please leave him. wo mar jayega.

He clenched her hair in his fist, u should have think about it before u were hugging him.


‘Geet run’






Don’t u think its high time to see the real Devil, hmm kab tak sweet lovey dovey devil dekhogi, now its time to set the real story.


i m really disappointing with the decreasing likes


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