Kagaz ki Kashthi Luv tht Sacrifices Life Part 66

EID Mubarak,

I had updated Kaisi Kashish Hain yeh few hours back, see the thread,

this part has only shiv maan saanjh and mainly shiv saanjh, its one of the important part for next track its teh foundation of the beginning friendship. sorry if bored u…

Part 66

After the encounter in the party saanjh had become very good friend with maan and shiv, but still someone was not so eager to forward her friendship.

Sam: maan I told u, I hate her, still u both made her a member of this group, do u know this kind of low market girl only know how to grab’s boy’s attention and

Maan: enough sam, u had talked enough rubbish. Can’t u see she had helped us and she is genuine,

Sam: maan

Maan point a finger towards her: I don’t want to hear anything.

Sam knew its useless to talk anything else when he had put a stop on the discussion.

Shiv was enjoying their fight sitting on the car bonnet and a chewing his sandwich. Sam stomped her feet and walked out, maan left a frustration sigh.

Maan: what is the problem with girls yaar?

Shiv: the problem is They are Girls. And both broke in to laughter.


It was a week since saanjh had become a member of maan and shiv’s gang but sam was nowhere to meet her in this. she hated her and more over she can’t take another person’s presence in front of her, getting all importance.

Saanjh was junior to maan and shiv, she was doing her 1st yr collage where maan and shiv was doing last year MBA, it’s a combine university. So many time senior helped junior. Many time maan and saanjh become partner in project which irritate sam to the core and somewhere shiv was also feeling jealous not from maan but saanjh, maan’s closeness with her making him restless as he feared he may lose his only friend to saanjh. He was always irritated with saanjh, and that made him snap from her.

After 3 month of her staying it was 1st time that collage principle had given a big responsibility to saanjh, it will be the 1st time any junior will arrange a debate competition in the inter collage fest, not only the debate competition but many more events will be under her hand, maan was supervising her ofcourse how can he leave her alone here, she needs guidance. Their closeness was talk of the collage. Everyone was thinking maan will dump sam for saanjh very soon, well they were gossiping that never came on maan or saanjh’s deaf ear, they were happy to get a close friend in each other. JUST FRIEND.  Was it too big to ask or too small not to see?

Everything was going smooth till it come to debate round, saanjh was hoping everything goes well but maybe destiny was not in her favor. The debate started with their collage but whenever it goes on the other student side the mike started disturbing, and then the lights. The projector was also not moving correctly. Saanjh was gulping hard in fear. She saw the chaos and then her principal’s eyes descending in shame. 1st time she got tears in her eyes to see that. the judges said it was partiality which their collage was doing. Their principal somehow manages the problem saying some technical problem and at the end shiv and maan somehow manages the last event.

Principal ask saanjh to come infront as it was her responsibility to take care of the technical but she failed.

Principal: it was my wrong decision to give u this responsibility, I forgot u r still a kid who can’t take care of herself forget about college festivals. From now on not a single event will be given to u because of ur negligence.

Saanjh: but sir, I rechecked everything, I don’t know how this happened.

Principal: exactly, it was ur responsibility to check before it was starting. I m really ashamed that I trusted u saanjh. Thank god maan and shiv was there or I would have bowed my head infront of all the student. U broke my trust and honor saanjh.

Everyone was enjoying her insult where shiv was no else, but as soon the next thing happen he felt he skipped a beat and guilt covered his face.

He saw saanjh looking at the principal with teary eyes.

Saanjh: I m sorry, it was my mistake that I didn’t recheck, I m sorry for let u down. She said in a soft voice yet a sob escaped. She bite her lips and lowered her face. the tears made its way down but she didn’t let anyone see it except principal, and of course 2 more pairs of eyes. Shiv who felt a pang because it was his prank on her that lead her to this, he never wanted the humiliation of her, and 2nd was maan who knew who is behind all this. he looked at shiv with anger filler eyes who mutter a sorry to him, maan looked at saanjh who was still head bowing.

Maan shouted: sir I want to say something.

Shiv mutter under his breath: ye marwayega. I said na sorry fir kyun kar raha hain? please yaar, princi dad ko call kar dega, ruk ja maan ruk maan

Maan ignored everything and went on the stage

Maan: it was not her fault if the technician failed to do their job .

Principal: but u what could have happen if u n shiv didn’t handle it

Maan looked at shiv with threatening glare: yes sir. But still saanjh was not at fault, when she checked it everything was fine but after she went to backstage someone did something with the wires and all this happened.

Principal: do u know who is this?

Maan: yes.

Shiv made baby face still angry on saanjh but again his anger melted as he saw her wiping the tears.

Principal: who it is?

Maan: it is

Saanjh: mouse.

Principal: huh?

Maan: what?

Shiv: isse main mouse lagta hu?? He asked himself in confusion, where other students broke in to laughter.

Principal: care to explain mr khurana??? Principal asked in a stern voice.

Maan: sir I,

Saanjh: actually there was a lot mouse in the warehouse, and they came in the circuit room, becharo bhook lagi hogi so wire se kaam chala liya.

Everyone broke in to a fit of laughter, shiv looked at her confusion and then with a baby face not getting anything , maan was having difficulty to hide his smile. principal tried not to smile and gave a stern look to saanjh who smiles nervously.

Saanjh; sorry sir, it was my mistake I agree, I should have seen all this, but chuho ko itni bhook lagti hain mujhe nahi pata tha, she said looking at shiv and he get that she knew everything.

Finally principal agreed all this bakwas and forgave her. sanajh was leaving the hall when shiv came in front of her.

Shiv; I m sorry saanjh,, Saanjh gnored him and tried to walk away but again shiv came between. Bola na yaar sorry, dekho shiv sabko sorry nahi bolta

Saanjh: to maherbani ki? Her tone was not the same that use to be, not cheerful but pain was visible. He saw her tear slipping, he felt like someone pierced his heart with nidle. I m so grateful to u mr shiv kapoor that u said sorry to me, a middle class girl who is here to do something for her own. U never thought before doing all this that I can be rusticate from the collage, do u even know how difficult it was to get a scholarship in this collage, how do u know? U came from a rich family where money uses like water but for us it’s a very big thing, do u ever realize ur small prank could have damage my career? Did u ever consider me as a human shiv who has feeling, who has fear if something happened today what I had answered my parents who are so far away from me? do u care shiv? No u can’t because u never thought me as a friend.

Shiv was feeling short of words, he didn’t knew the girl who was always fun loving can have so pain in her.

Shiv: saanjh I,

Saanjh: don’t say sorry shiv when u don’t know the meaning. And I know why u did this? u think I will snatch maan from u, a friend who is dear to u but do u realize I also love him as much as u do, he is my only friend shiv. But still if u r so insecure about him being my friend then take him, I m happy being alone, I don’t need to snatch anyone friend. Shiv looked at her painful eyes, it was watery and so much pain was visible. All eth collage was silently staring at the duo where maan closed his eyes in pain. I m sorry maan for coming between u too, but I, I just need a friend. I thought u both are my friend but I guess I came between 2 friends. Sorry shiv I will never come again.

With that she walked away leaving a statue shiv feeling horrible, saanjh thought she lost her one n only friend but that day god gifted her one more pure soul. Shiv realized his mistakes, maan never blamed him knowing shiv he knew it will happen someday and he is glad that shiv understood his mistake. And he bowed to make saanjh happy and his friend. Next day he started manofying saanjh which was difficult. Saanjh didn’t talked to him for a week and she kept herself sloof from everyone, somewhere it was hurting shiv, he realized how much he had hurted saanjh.

After that day shiv always tried to make her friend but she didn’t gave up, sometime she felt hell irritated but its shiv, once he thought something he made sure he achieve that.

Saanjh was doing a project sitting on the grass of a deserted campus as there was very few ppl from collage, its belongs to collage campus but not so crowed. The place was serene and beautiful. A small girl came in front of her and gave a box, she refused but the girl ran out.

With suspicious eyes saanjh open the box but got shock of her life seeing a laughing statue popping out with a force, she was hell angry with the prank but then her eyes went on the note it has on it’s hand.

‘I want to pop out like this to say something but kya hain na, fit nahi huya so isse bhej diya, I m Sorry saanjh. Please maaf kar do.’

Saanjh threw the box somewhere and collected her belongings, then left the place, shiv sighed but again something popped in his mind.

Some time later saanjh received a card, she opens it and saw a scary black card, she opened the card and some weird laughing sound came to say sorry sorry sorry.

She felt frustrated. She tore the card and threw it.

Shiv laughed from behind and she gave an angry glare.

Saanjh left the place instantly where shiv rubbed his nape with his palm. maan came from behind and smashed his head then followed by some punches.

Shiv: what should I do, she is not a girl to give chocolates and flower, bhagwan jaane mera kya kya tod degi fir.

Maan: tu aisa karta hi kyun hain?

Shiv: hogayi galti abb kya karu?

Maan sighed: ok listen, saanjh is not like what she always pretends.

Shiv was confuse: means?

Maan: shiv saanjh is also a soft girl, u need to win her but soft gesture, its not always making fun u can achieve her forgiveness, be sincere and face her.

Shiv: hmm I wil try, but whenever I go in front of her she left the place.

Maan: then try something new which can impress her.

Shiv: I m not making her girl friend bas friend.

Maan: huh I know, but u have to do something special got that?

Maan smirks at him and somehow a idea popped in shiv’s head.


It was holi party on shiv’s farm house, saanjh too got invitation, though she doesn’t wanted to go but with maan’s insistence she went and 1st thing she got is bickering from sam. She care less but she didn’t wanted to make the situation worst and again separate 2 friends, she never wanted to create a wall between friends.  She was silently leaving the place when someone grabbed her hand and pulls her. saanjh almost lost her balance but she saw someone making her steady on her feet, she saw shiv and snapped her hand.

Saanjh: what do u want now shiv?

Shiv: forgiveness.

Saanjh saw the sincerity in his eyes, till now he was asking her forgiveness but it was more like prank that irritates her but seeing her sincere concern it melted her heart, she tried to go away but shiv held her hand.

Shiv: please saanjh, I know I did a mistake but u know I don’t have much friends, when I saw maan and u becoming so good friend I thought u will take him, I know it was my childishness but I m like that, from childhood I didn’t get any parents love, I don’t have a proper family, all I have is maan and sam. I don’t wanted to be detach with them. But in all this I forgot u r same like me alone here. Don’t know why I always feel irritated around u, but na chahte huye bhi ye zindegi ka ek hissa ban gaya. I felt empty when u r not around or not doing any mischief. I don’t like ur tears, 1st I never thought anything like that for any girl, u r the 1st girl who taught me there can be friendship between a girl and a boy without the barrier of society or wrong feeling. I need a friend like u saanjh.

Can u forgive me for all my deeds and accept me as ur friend till eternity?

How can she refuse so hopeful eyes. she gave a small smile.

Saanjh: itni lambi lecture deke bore nahi karega future me promise kar fir sochti hu.

(1st promise me, u will not make me more giving this long lecture, then I can think over it.)

It took a whole 2 min to understand the meaning, shiv gave a angry glare to her which she threw full bucket of water color on shiv.

Saanjh: friend banayega to sari zindegi ye jhelna parega, happy holiiiiiiiiiiiiii… and she ran out

All the spectator broke in to laughter seeing the cat n dog where hsiv ran behind her.

Shiv: saanjh ki bacchi rukkkkk…

And its begins a new dimension of friendship, but how did the paradise scattered in to fire wings? Why it destroyed a beautiful relation and make 3 life dead soul. How it changed the 3 lives in it?

Precap: how this paradise of friendship shattered in to horizon of darkness?

Don’t worry next will be last part of past, this part is needed because its the base of their friendship specially for shiv and saanjh as they were always enemy, how did they became so good frnds, it was the example.

Sorry for all mistakes, couldn’t get the time to check.


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